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I Phone 2.0 First Impressions or The App Store Rules! Leave a Comment


Quick post: I downloaded the “leaked” iPhone 2.0 update from engadget and it WORKED! Here is a quick list of the apps and how they worked for me so far.

Super Monkey Ball: This is the only app I paid for so far. Its REAL Monkey Ball plain and simple. It took a minute to get used to twisting and turning the phone to steer, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Grade: A

AIM: It works. All your contacts show up including your current icon (cute touch). It stops accepting messages when you close the app though… Boooooooo. Grade: C

Remote: Everyone at the office freaked out as I was controlling our AirTunes with my iPod. Totally awesome! Kinda sucked though when I put my phone in my pocket and accidentally turned the volume all the way up. My fault though, not the apps’. Grade: A

Midomi: Not sure how accurate this thing is, but its desiged to help find songs based on your voice. Sing or hum a song into your phone and it will find the title and artist. Perfect for that “what’s that song” moment. Good = I sang Papa Don’t Preach and it got it in a few seconds. Bad = The whole office belted a harmonized version of Shout complete with the “hey ehhh ehhh ehhh” part. The software did nothing. Grade: B

Light: This simple app turns your whole screen white to use as a flashlight. Photo Tip = Use this to light your subject in a pinch. Grade: A

Evernote: Not much play time with this yet, but I synced it to my Evernote account and it worked great. I hope to have a full review soon of Evernote. Grade: NA

I’m sure I’ll have more to report soon. If the first few hours of playing is any indication, the apple store is gonna be quite the hit for me.

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