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3D World – HelloLuxx Mograph Tutorial 38 Comments

The video tutorial for this project is available for download at 3D World! Tim from HelloLuxx does a great job in showing off Mograph 2 and setting up this awesome scene. Buy a copy of this month’s 3D world to see his step by step written tutorial also.

UPDATE: The files and tutorial are not available at 3D world anymore. But, you can watch this mograph tutorial on vimeo.

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  1. great stuff as always ! Thanks Nick !

    • in illustrator….try google “illustrator to c4d”

  2. James H O'Hagan

    Tim Clapham is THE shit! thanks for the heads up Nick!

  3. Thomas van der brugg

    Great link Nick! A bit disappointing that Tim didn’t show how to setup up the scene with the rotating cameras. But great tutorial!

  4. Great stuff, thanks for the heads up and thanks Tim. nice to see how other’s run their c4d files through after effects (and reassuring when you see you’re doing the same thing). Cool idea with the fractal noise stuff for a bit of randomness to the colour patches in the composite

  5. Mats Lemmens

    One huge tutorial with not only a cool animation ready at the end but also really alot of tips for using several options in the MoGraphmodule and texturing. Also the rendering (multipasses) and the compositing in AE makes a nice example how a good workflow could be and gives a good idea about some colorcorrection.

    Thanks for sharing

  6. Andre Vand

    Awesome tut definitely covers a lot of unanswered the video suppose to have sound?

    • Mats Lemmens

      what do you mean with no sound?
      On the final video above or on the tutorial, because i have sound on both…

  7. mzzrrt

    It’s awesome (it took me 15hours to render) anyway..
    when I try to import my .aec file to ae cs3 (mac) it gives me an error.”unable to create composition…” why..? I placed the cd4-ae plugin in the plugin folder.

  8. Seen it this morning on tims blog. Wonderfull stuff with Mograph. Be sure to check the blog as Tim has often very usefull little tricks he shows to the c4d world.


  9. Amazing TUT!. it took me a while to render as well. but when i import my .ace file it says ”unable to create composition…” i dont understand? i did the plugin correctly. i have the same problem as “mzzrrt” please could someone be of assistance thankyou! 😀

    • mzzrrt

      I imported it manually. I made a Reflection image sequence, RGB img sequence.. and so on

    • Hold on manually like he said to do it in the TUT?! Does that take ages.? You amde a reflection image sequence? Sorry i am still new to this so i dont really know whats what yet but i am a fast learner :). So did you save the file as RGB images?

  10. It’s ammazing!
    But…how did Tim to place all the objects correctly inside de Type volume? He said that it’s done manually…but how can u move manually the objects created by a cloner object?


  11. hostile

    awesome tut, Im a major TC fan one problem though seen a guy actually claim that he created the exact same tut… but that kinda thing tends to happen on the net….anyway

    Gorilla please come to South Africa and spread the word of Cinema 4d there’s some sick talent here but no one’s listening

  12. MoyGR

    Hi Gorilla, I’m from peru and would like to ask if you could upload this file again, I would be very useful, thank you very much

    PD sorry for my English

  13. MoyGR

    I understand, no problem, thanks equally.

    with 7up tutorial I can do something like

    Thx for All!! you are the best!!!!
    blessings and a good year for you

  14. Still looking for the project file with the objects being used in the video

  15. Where Do I Download Mograph I Cannot Find A Link Anywhere Not Even On The Forums Plz Help