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Cinema 4D Quick Tips 26 Comments

Check out Rob Redman’s Quick Tip series where he shows you some of the small, but important tips to keep in mind when using Cinema 4D. Great stuff to improve your workflow.

Quick Tips 1

Quick Tips 2

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  1. Evan Stine

    Too much stuff to do, not enough time…

    Thanks for the link Nick.

  2. polerx

    Those are nice and informative.
    But he has some other real rad tuts on his site. go check it awwwt.

  3. Phil O'Brien

    Thanks again Nick for the great info. For all those people form cricket playing nations, is Nick really Dan Vettori?

    • Xavier


  4. Audrius

    Ouuu nice tips for novice like me.

    And i have one question guys.

    I’m working on intuos 4. and cant find, what short cut key to use for dragging view (like Hand tool in photoshop).

    Thanks in advance for smallest tip in the world :]

    • you have intous setup or something installed with it.?
      from there you should be able to change whatever you like.
      check the wacom site for FAQs

    • Dunbox

      If I am understanding you correctly, I would consider setting up your Stylus to the following:
      – Click = Stylus’ point
      – Right Click = the bottom click function on the side of the stylus (closest to the pen’s point)
      – Middle Click = top click function on the side of the stylus closest to eraser

      Holding third mouse button gives you some interesting motion that is like the hand tool (object manager) and holding alt/option while holding Middle Click allows for similar motion in viewport as well as animation timeline.

      Hope that helps! I really dig it.


  5. Audrius

    Thanks Bran,
    i checked that long T ago, there is a Pan/Scroll function as it should be….. and in all other aplications (cs4 package) works great,,, but in c4d it works as a zoom?

    plz plz plz…

  6. hay guys i have a problem,
    I am rendering my scene from c4d and taking project to AE CS4 as .aec file but an error message is accruing while opening .aec into AE CS4, can’t attach its screen shot, but error is like
    ”After Effect Error: Can’t import file ”camera-01.aec”: unsupported filetype or extension. (0::1)
    plz let me know that where am I mistaking ? thanks for greyscalegorilla.


    • Audrius

      Wrong place man,,
      here you can write only words like,,,:

      Awsome,, thaaaanks,,, triple thaaaanks,,,
      ouuu you all Guys are so ammmmmmazing,,,

      thanks for thanks.

    • Yeah, make sure you have the newest plugin from Maxon installed in your AE Plugins folder.

    • Dunbox

      Indeed make sure you have the correct plugin installed (latest and greatest that is specific to your versions of AE and C4D) but ALSO make sure that you do not have multiple instances of the same plugin or similar plugins nested anywhere within the plugins folder or there subfolders.

      We had an issue for month’s where it was crashing AE and I finally found that some of the machines had another instance of a C4D to AE plugin nested deep in the AE plugin folder hierarchy.


    • Thanks for the video question. I love these! This is an issue with the new Mograph 2 MoDynamics. Basically, It doesn’t recognize the hole in the middle of objects. Others are having the same problem trying to make a chain animation. I am working on how to do a workaround. There should be a tut about it soon. Cheers!

    • great thanks. I am wanting to build machine like animations and it is getting frustrating, fun but frustrating, when it seems it should work but does not. I have spent hours trying to figure out how to make a gear drive another gear. I think it has to do with the same problem. Thank you for your time I am sure you are busy, By the way welcome back, hope your trip was fun.

    • Brad Grimm

      1 – Add a null object and XPresso tag to the null object.
      2 – Double click the tag to open the editor. 3 – Drag your gears into the editor.
      4 – Click the pinkish box in the upper right corner of gear 1 and select Coordinates-Global Rotation-Global Rotation.h
      5 – Click the bluish box in the upper left corner of gear 2 and select Coordinates-Global Rotation-Global Rotation.h
      6 – Right click in empty space in editor and select New Node-XPresso-Calculate-Math
      7 – while the new node is selected, change the function to multiply in the node attributes.
      8 – drag the output of the gear 1 node to the upper input of the math:multiply node
      9 – drag the output of the math:multiply node to the input of the gear 2 node
      10 – with the Math:Multiply node selected, click the Parameter tab in the Attributes screen and input your gear ratio as a decimal number in the Input(2) field.
      11 – rotate gear 1 and gear 2 should rotate appropriately.

      • thanks! worked great. be sure to put a negative gear ratio though 😀

  7. this was posted as a comment on my video

    BRODZELi’s comment
    “my tutorial how to fix this problem”

  8. someone please tell Rob to turn off his ichat/email/everything notifications when he does tutes.

    i keep thinking it’s my computer.

    • Sorry. I didn’t realise for the first bunch of videos but all alerts are turned off now. I also bought a new mic, so the audio quality is better now too.