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Upcoming Tutorial: Cherry 7up 76 Comments

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  1. nice bonce on the cherrys! keep it going gorilla!

  2. Andrew

    Will you be drinking it. Sounds bloody awful stuff. Look forward to the tut

  3. Mannu

    I must scream! My dog gonna bite me if i scream as hard as i wanna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Man! I saw that in your mograph reel a while ago and have wondered how you went from “cherry” into “7up”!!! Can’t wait.

  5. looking forward to seeing how you did this,looks like a spline wrap and an object cloner situation? or maybe an attractor?. i have a couple i did in a similar style.

  6. Craig

    Looks beautiful Nick !!
    Looking forward to it !!

  7. Wow Nick you are a true legend! I can’t wait for this tutorial. I’ve learn’t so much from your tutorials over the last few months! I’d never really played around with MoGraph very much but you’ve made it not only easy to create these things, BUT you’ve made it interesting. You Rock Nick, i’m real excited about this tutorial. !!

  8. When i saw this on psyop I went away and made it too. It was only possible with your help with cloners in the past, cheers Nick

  9. Daniel

    uu .. looks awesome looking forward to it ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Jeff Osborne

    Cant wait mate, looks fantastic!!!

  11. Stephen

    Don’t get me wrong, but you kinda did this already?
    Was it in your NAB presentation you explained how to do it?

    Though the “upgrades” with bubbles and different background coloring looks great!

    • Yeah, the basic ideas are in the NAB Presentation. But so many people wanted to know how to do the second move that I decided to make it a full tutorial.

    • Stephen

      Giving what the people want! I like your style! ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. AlazyPiggy

    Yes! i’ve been waiting for this. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. danny

    the second move is kind of easy, you keyframe the strength of the first effector from 100% to 0% hen then the second one from 0% to 100% and tweak it till yo get the right look

    • Thomas

      You could do it like that but I think Nick used an effector with a linear falloff and animated it across.

  14. hello, I can see the tutorial on the last post you added? comes only post final,

  15. Ramzes

    Nick you made it better then this commercial did:)) can’t wait man!

  16. Brett Perry

    Cool look. I just watched a “morphing tutorial at Pariah Studios and am wondering whether the approach you use is something similar. I’m beginning to get as excited about Cinema 4D as I was when I first started to understand AE!

  17. Ancient Darkness

    Hi Nick, very thanks for your useful & dinamic tutorials!!!
    This is my first real prj tnks of you knowledge!!!!
    of course tnks Kieran!!!

  18. grrrrrrreaaaat what i was looking for!!! can’t wait! thank you nick

  19. Yea, I was wondering how you pulled off the second move. Managing the first move is pretty straight forward, but then pulling it from Cherry to 7UP is going to be interesting. Looking forward to it mate.

  20. Just watched the NAB Presentation again….MAN! IยดM REALLY EXCITED ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. wtf_cakes

    I remember when crudely modeled balloons were big deal. It’s awesome to watch your evolution Nick, keep that quality flowing (as you always do).

    PS – The last interview was fantastic and made me realize that my work situation is a lot more common than I had previously realized.

    rock on nick

  22. Coloriko

    i can’t wait ! i can’t wait ! i can’t wait !

  23. georges

    Good stuff can’t wait for the tutorial

  24. ashcat

    wow nick, thanks for sharing this with us ?:-3

  25. Remix

    I really think you should do a tutorial on Rendering and Render Settings! ๐Ÿ˜€

  26. Hey Nick, love your site.

    Given the high level of skill and popularity you have, just curious if you will be charging for this tutorial rather than giving it away for free?

    Keep up the great work.

    Robin ๐Ÿ™‚

    • He has this tutorial up in his NAB presentation. It wouldn’t make sense for him to charge this particular tutorial, though for future tutorials I wouldn’t mind.
      btw, I’ve watched some of your business of designs episodes over at motionworks. And I’ve gotten a lot of good information from it, thanks!

    • I thought about having some paid tutorials. But, I couldn’t decide which ones to put out free and what ones to charge for. It’s much easier to just give them all away. There is much less Internal dialogue about it now. I just make a tutorial and put it out. Maybe one day when I am much much better at Cinema 4D, I will put out some sort of expert training or something as a product. But, as I’m learning, It’s way more fun to just share all this fun stuff for free.

    • Sure, I totally get that. It’s just the commercial guy in me.

      You have such top quality material; you’re a leader in your field and you have an audience. So many people *don’t* have these three keys.

      Free is great for free-seekers who love getting freebies. Cool. They love it and will keep taking it for as long as you have the energy, time, patience and cash to fund it.

      But you are in the Pro league. There’s good money to be made, Nick. Why not grow your audience AND your bank account? You could always give the money away. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Would love to continue this discussion with you. Maybe a skype with you and John Dickinson some time. Now that would be fun! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Love your work, Nick.

      Robin ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. victor

    great stuff, cant wait. inheritance effector action maybe?

  28. your rate of tuts is astonishing…. you’ll knock that andrew kramer dude from number one spot (in my list of awesome tuts dudes)


  29. when i saw this effect in your 2010 showreeel i was so excited. i was waiting for this. and i’m gonna do it!

  30. wasn’t this covered in the nab video? granted, you’d have to scrub through to find it so having you do a solo walkthrough in detail would be nice.

  31. For some reason my cherries are still exploding after the linear spline effector passes through the text. I reckon its got something to do with my rigid body tag or the size of the cherries. However not having much luck changing settings in either.

    Nonetheless Im really loving this tutorial Nick. Thanks.

  32. james

    h guys, i THINK ive followed this tutorial meticulously, but i must have missed something, basically, falloff is not working for me, everything else seems to be setup exactlyike the gorilla’s, but moving the falloff is doing nothing…
    HELP! anyone?

    • Make sure the Effector is seen by the Cloner Object. Check in the Cloner object under Effectors to make sure.

  33. james

    just to reiterate, i have set keyframes in there for the move, and still nothing.

  34. Kamaur

    Ohh man, I’ve been trying to pull that off in cinema.

  35. Tarik

    Hi, my cherrys are -totaly- exploding when i say ‘rigid body’ to cloner object, branchs and Cherrys are going different ways…they are not acting like same object.I make them group, same as the tutorial, do you have any idea what the problem is ?