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Secret Cinebench Scene Files 36 Comments

Awesome! I was playing with Cinebench and found that you can open the scene files used for the test renders and play with them in Cinema 4D! My favorite is the Aixponza file. Open it up and check out all the great lighting and textures that they use for that scene. I’ve said it before but, picking apart professional scene files is one of the best ways to learn tricks from the best artists out there.

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  1. just read your previous post a couple of minutes ago and here you are with another one!
    I’m heading to scene files right now!

  2. Pssst …. You want in on some more aixsponza secrets ?

    Download these 2 .c4d-files :

    Press play and drag the target around.
    Then drool at the clever xpresso.

    If you understand German, Manuel Casasola Merkle from aixsponza explains it all in detail on :


    • Thanks for the tip Nick 🙂

      And thanks too for that link, Douwe. And relating this last one: does anybody know something about that two plugins that are necessary to open the “Wackler_solo.c4d” file?

      I don’ find anything about that “Vector Inspector” and “Gradient” plugins :-/


    • Cristobal,
      About the plugins; I’m not sure, but in one of these videos Manuel talks about Icon, a homemade aixsponza exclusive plugin. Possibly the other 2 are for internal use too.

      The file works fine without them though.

    • Thanks for your reply, Douwe 🙂

      I need to learn German in order to better understand Manuel explanations :-)))

  3. Hey, I just want to tell you that I bought a brand new Apple Macbook Pro with the Intel Core i5 processor. I love it. I`am so happy you can´t imagine. And now I´am installing Cinema 4D. I´am so excited.
    Bye 🙂

  4. mediengestalt

    Would love to see a scene file for the full “no keyframes” scene one day. Aixsponza be generous! 🙂

  5. Tima25

    Wow this is awesome. I was watching this on Maxon’s website and wondering where I can get the scene files and how they made this. Thanks a bunch

  6. Thanks a lot for the tip. Intresting how they have done the lightning. Never thought about setting a “light” as a “floor bouncing light”.

    I guess this is to get it a little more realistic when not using GI. Or i might be mistaking?

    Been hanging around here for a long time. Think I better start comment my appreciation :). So thanks again for everything!

    • Yep, You got it. That floor bounce light is a good way to fake GI. Thanks for watching!

  7. Any idea how they did the funky spahare shapes – i see the used Sweep NURBS, but how do you make funky shapes like these ?

    The second thing is that cut-out in one of the sphares the ornament – how do you cut like this inside object? boole will do the trick ?

  8. frank

    Thanks for pointing us to these hidden files Nick.
    Digging in this class stuff , same as with monkey & beeples samples , is sure a speedy way to improve your skills.

    cheers frank

    • Good thinking!

      Nice to see that I recognize some of my own way of thinking in some setups 🙂

  9. Crack up, my Cinema 4D target was to create get to a level where i could make this scene.

    Thanks for the head start.

    Love the quality of that promo animation, I’m so surprised that AC & GI wasnt used.

  10. very very sneaky sir… but I like your style!

    Nice one Nick!

  11. Jeffrey


    Good find! I was wondering if you could maybe do a tutorial on how they make the particles/spheres on the ground effected and lose gravity as the sphere is rolling by?

  12. Niklas

    Thanks for the useful information! As mentioned above, I also would be happy if you could make a tutorial on this, especially how to make those spherified net-looking things.
    I just manage to get the spline model to line up in a circle by using a cloner object in radial mode, can’t figure out how to connect the model’s ends and make it cover a whole sphere 🙁

  13. how did they create the soft floor at the eand… i’m really struggling with soft body objects and cloth tags to create something like that…

  14. rafal

    Hi, great news! but i can’t seem to find those files inside Cinebench, maybe i’m stupid but please help!!!

  15. rafal

    I’m sorry, I asked before even watching the clip :))) there they are 🙂

  16. Hey guys,

    Having a mess about with these models and thought it would be cool if i could get the dandilion branches/strands to move about with some turbulence. Pretty new at this so might be well off course but tried applying some spline dynamics but with little success. Looks like the spline object is multiplied by some xpresso code (???) so maybe tinkering in there??

    Any help would be great!

  17. ujussab

    Nice one
    I also found a few practice files in the cinema 4d files the give you about 50 projects just go to …MAXON\CINEMA 4D R12\help\US\scenes