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Tutorial Sneak Peak – Inception Totem 45 Comments

I have been working on a new tutorial this week and I wanted to give you guys a quick look at the final render. It’s based on the movie Inception. It’s a pretty simple animation, but I think I will get more in to texturing and lighting on this one. I hope to have it out by tomorrow. Can’t wait!

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  1. Rigid Bodies and maybe a random effector or something to make it keep spinning ?

  2. Is that actually spinning? Or a piece of cleverness?
    Damn nice though!

  3. Clearly the top wobbles when you cut to black, meaning that all these GSG tutorials are….


    • Hans Zimmer – Time

      Great, GREAT sound track.
      Can’t go wrong with that track in a piece like this πŸ™‚

  4. Olivier

    I don’t know what it is, but I am really not buying it…I think it might be the way it falls and bounces at the beginning.

  5. I love the texture and lighting on that. Is this going to be a C4D and AE tut nick? those are the best.

  6. I don’t have any comment… sorry. Just checkin’ my gravatar.

  7. lol the totem just keeps people in the dream because in a dream you can make it spin or fall. and dont even need it cuz you can make walls explode in dream land. fail totem. thanks for upcoming tutorial

  8. MarcelMedia

    Wow! can’t wait..i loved the movie!

  9. That’s definitely what’s happening! Super cool. Less tutorials about making stingers and logo work is always appreciated.

  10. Doesn’t really look like it’s making contact with the floor on the first bounce imo. There should be a smaller shadow under it like there is on the second bounce and trough the end.
    But I am looking forward to the tutorial and the render looks sweet.

  11. Cookie

    The texturing and lighting are great. The animation is very poor.

  12. DDStudios

    Really well done. Love the ending sound effect, really reproduce the movie effect.

  13. Nick! You kill me! How’d you get that audio? I love that movie so incredibly much! I’ve seen it 3 times in theaters and have plans to see it at least one more time in theaters.. I bet there are a hundred ways to do this I’m interested to see your way you got this to work!

  14. danny

    looks great, but i think it should be a little more bouncy.

  15. Was trying to figure this out. I modeled out the top then put it in a fracture object. Put in a plane for the floor and gave both the fracture obj. and the plane a rigid body tag. Cranked the Initial angular velocity in the x axis for the fracture obj/top. Worded out alright. Doesn’t look quite as pretty as this though. Need to play with the physics settings.

  16. Nick, that’s so cool. One of the first things I thought about after seeing the movie was if I could make that in C4D.

    Why is everyone so confused about the music in this clip though? The score has been on sale for a while now…

  17. Sebastian

    Dude! This will be fantastic!! I love this movie! I can’t wait.

  18. OMG! its already looking so good. can’t wait to see the tut.

    All d best

  19. If you settle this by hitting the ground and spins fasts and come to rest, then it’ll be fun to watch.

    All your tutorials are challenging, and iam hoping this too. I learned lot from you


  20. blue recluse

    Can’t wait Nick. Maybe the next tut can be on the cafe scene where random objects explode and the fragments explode again. Love the lighting and textures you’ve chose for this tut. I’m going to try and create this effect myself before watching you do it. Some others where talking about rigid body tags, but I would try and mimic the dynamics using simple keyframing, maybe using an Align to Spline tag and adjusting the angle and rotation of the object over time.

  21. Magic

    well… uhm wait… i think with what you showed me so far I should be able to at least figure the thing turning out… without tutorial.. ;O)

    • Ricardo Villalobos

      I like the first one, nice renders!

    • Great work, Mike! I would LOVE to see your files and renders when you are finished. It looks incredible. Way better then my POS. πŸ™‚

      Can’t wait!

  22. Ricardo Villalobos

    It is great, I just think the animation at the end must have a staggering effect to create suspense along with the sound.