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Perfect Product Studio Renders – Introducing HDRI Studio Pack 126 Comments

Introducing HDRI Studio Pack
Hi, everyone! I’m really excited to launch my new lighting product called HDRI Studio Pack. It’s made to help you render perfect product shots very quickly. It includes over 50 HDR Images captured from professionally lit 3D studios. you can see examples and more at the product page.

As with all my products, if you try it and you don’t like it. Just send me an email and I will give a full refund. I have a feeling you will love it.

As always, I would love to hear what you think. Please, leave any questions or comments about the product in the comments. I will be sure to answer them.

Check out the HDRI Studio Pack

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  1. Looks great Nick! Might have to jump on that combo pack as a little digital stocking stuffer…

  2. Jorge

    Amazing product!!! It seems really easy to use and helpful.

    Just one question, a little bit offtopic:

    ΒΏHow can I get that Eames chairs models you have in your models folder?

  3. Alex Parsons

    Sold, Come pay day I’m getting this! A great christmas present to myself!

  4. Great stuff Nick. You just helped increase my productivity and creativity exponentially. Everything is intuitive and sexy. I hope to maybe see a folder with light probe images in future updates πŸ˜€


  5. Great stuff. Looking forward to getting this. There is a typo under multi user licensing section. You need ‘your’ not ‘you’re’.

  6. Wo Rilla

    Luv the new set. just trying a little animation with this. seems to work. i guess if u havent too much going on in your scene and u keep it fairly simple, it works… even with IC * QMC Stillframe…

    will post it up here, when its finished rendering and post…

  7. Benjamin

    Hi Nick,really cool stuff.
    I have some questions: Is there any effect without GI or is it based on GI? I have to turn on GI? Whats about animation? Can it just be used for still images because of the flicker of GI?

    • Thanks for the questions, Benjamin.

      You need GI to use this specific pack. It works entirely with Global Illumination.

      Animation is always tricky with GI. Simple animations with a mix of 3D AND Hdri Light should turn out alright.

      This pack is primarialy made for stills and very simple animations.

      Let me know if you have more questions!

  8. When you say – “captured from Professionally lit 3D product studios” does this mean you photographed all your HDR’s in a studio with all the different lighting and colour set ups?

    I’m confused. Plus I’ve never created my own HDR.

    • I think Nick created the HDRI images using his other kit called Light Kit Pro. There you can place different lights, such as softboxes and stuff in your scene and then bake the light setup to a HDRI image. Very simple.

  9. athime de crecy

    Are you gonna light all the scene of your next tuts with that or the HDRI light kit pro will stay useful ? ( I don’t really want that but it should be a good way to make the septics buy it πŸ˜‰ )

  10. How many seats does the multi-user license enable? I’d like to have my company purchase it for us.

  11. Fab-Berlin

    .. instant buy for me .. great job .. it will replace my keyshot2 workflow for studio renderings.


    Fabian, Berlin

  12. By the way, itΒ΄s funny that the beginning of the video is made with kramerΒ΄s optical flares.

    • Kramilla, or Andrilla. Can’t remenber which babe it was that I met at the bar last night. Gonna wait for my friends to tell me what I should do and who I was all over.
      They were both so hot!

  13. soflow

    I’ve a little problem rendering with the hdri from the studio pack – final render is not possible because of “GI Irradance cache file cannot be written” (preview rendering is working…) – installed the package library / browser… gimmy some help, please πŸ˜‰

    • soflow

      okay – my fault. In the GI menu I selected the wrong save path. now it is working. happy again.

  14. Stephen

    Hey Nick;

    Love the awesome new tool. Solved a big problem I have. (lack of talent with lighting)

    By and large it works great, however when I load the seamless floor I get this error message “Several plugins used in this scene are missing. Saving will cause loss of plugin data ! Plugin “Sky Material”

    Any thoughts ?


    • Stephen

      Forgot to mention I’m running R12 Broadcast on a Windows 7 system.

    • Stephen

      Hey Nic;

      Sent you an email and posted here with this weird error message I keep getting any thoughts around this one?


    • Rob Bayne

      I’m getting the same “error”. This happened suddenly.

  15. Francisco

    Oh my god!!!
    Just downloaded the HDRI studio pack and it’s the best thing ever. It’s so easy to use it blows my mind, the rendered images are fantastic. I highly recommend this kit to whomever wants to speed up their lighting set when rendering images with GI.

    Thanks Nick!

  16. Speaking of the Best Present Ever… I dare someone to buy this for me. Anyone out there have the chutzpah to take the challenge? lol. This is truly a “gotta have” item.

  17. i just buyit the HDRI Studio Pack…looks amazing..good job mate..cant wait to play with homo.hahha

  18. ist okay if i did some tutorials for this one?

  19. If I ever make the transition from max to c4d gsg land is my one-stop-shop for awesome.

    Keep up the great work Nick!

  20. James Scialdone

    Thank you for being awesome.

  21. Norman Auble

    IM IN LOVE!!! Nick this is the best thing ever!! I’ve always had poor result when dealing with GI renders but this make my world!!! Great JOB!!! Well worth the price!!!

    • Looks awesome. Was that floor reflection automatic or did you add it? Also – do you have a custom material on those models or is that how it renders with default settings?

      Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Nick and Allen.

      For the floor I just edited the floor material adding blurred reflections.
      The cups both have very simple materials applied. The paper part uses an almost white material with illumination set to Oren Nayer. The plastic part is also basically white but set to Blinn.

  22. I think that I’ll buy it, your preview is very exciting ! Nick, very good job πŸ˜‰

  23. hiya Nick

    This is GREAT! Just making it faster to get the final result!
    just gotta speed up modeling time! πŸ™‚

    One question – I bring in the seamless floor and have GI on, when I render their no shadows! can you help please


      • What version of cinema do you guys have? There have been a few people reporting no shadows and I’m trying to figure it out. Stay tuned. Ill get it sorted.


    • Same here. Running v.12 no shadows on the floor. Love the kit other than that though! Hope you figure it out…

      • You’re getting it in 12, too? What is your cinema version? Email me too. We will get this sorted.

    • guys try to re instell the kit..cuz thats what i did and worked fine..

      sorry for the bad EG.. πŸ™‚

  24. Haven’t purchased your pack (yet), but I was toying around backing some of my own lighting setups into HDRIs recently, and after a single malt, or two, one of my tests ended up like this:

    Happy holidays, Nick!

    P.S. Is pseudo HTML allowed in these comments? I was attempting to shorten that horrible URL into something more manageable, but my comments never showed up.

  25. hiya Nick

    Earlier said about getting no shadows with the seamless floor, I am running version 11, good luck in sorting it out

    cheers malc

  26. im usein R12..but i try to use it in 11.5 but stel i have no shadows. πŸ™ help.!!

    • I’m getting this from a few people now. I am trying to figure out what it is. I have a feeling it’s a switch somewhere. I will help figure it out. Can you email me? I would love to talk more to try and get this working. Sorry for the problems.

    • its okay dude take your time..ill send you msg with email that i used to buy the kit..i know its nothing big and you ill find the problem..take all the time you need.

      thanx for the reply.

  27. Jasper

    Nice pack! It’s gonna save a lot of time too!

    Btw, check out this piece. I did an environmental animation, creating a spinning cube That melts In the end using displacement and the melt deformer.


  28. the server is soooooo painfully slow. Two attempts in two days, the current one says 18 hours remaining (and it’s been active for about 6 hours). Reminds me of the other light kit product. Had the same problems.

    • Hmmmm, sorry about the problems. I just tried downloading it and it worked fine. Let me know that you get it. I will make sure you do.


    • try to re instell the kit..cuz thats what i did and worked fine..

      sorry for the bad EG.. πŸ™‚

    • Still looking into it. There seems to be a hand full of people where it just doesn’t work for them. I will be working on it today. Anyone up for some trouble shooting?

    • I don’t have your kit but for the last couple days I’ve been working on a scene that has a HDR sphere and trying to composite floor shadows. So far the info I’m getting back from the forums is that a shadow catcher needs to be created. I’m going to be working away on it today also, will post my findings later on

  29. I just bought the bundle pack, really looking forward to play around with it πŸ™‚

    Happy to support the site, and all your great work nick πŸ™‚

  30. Volker

    Hi Nic,

    one question about the bundle option,
    is valid for “old” hdri lightkit pro buyers or just for new customers that now buy both products?

  31. Here’s a montage of some stills after playing yesterday:

    Top Tip for the day: open each of the three presets and copy and paste the render settings (render settings dialog, bottom left) into your ‘new.c4d’ file. Then they’ll be there whenever you need them. Of course you can edit them to suit your workflow etc.

    • Awesome Renders!!! Send me more if you have them. I would love to show them off if I can. Thanks again!

    • Charlotte

      please could I take a peek at the scene file for ‘Soft Slow Motion’, would love to leanr from the setup. hope you can help. thanks.

      • Hi, Charlotte,

        Thanks or getting the pack! I made that scene entirely with the studio pack using the SoftboxTent2.hdr in the HDR Rig. The glass material is a 95 percent transparent material with 1.2 refraction. Try opening up one of the presets. It should be pretty close.

  32. Willem

    Just wow. Just bought it! Maybe maxon Should intergrate this into c4d. Very very useful, and pretty clever.

    This is a really good time saver, and very easy to use, wich makes it perfect for beginners, and pro’s with an tight deadline.

    What can i say more!?

  33. Hi Nick !
    Just great !
    Just a question: is it a way to have reflection in the seamless floor ?

    • Sure thing Just add a little reflection to the floor material. Remember, the studio lights will also be reflected, so you may want to exclude those.


  34. Hello there.
    So cool stuff, i overdosed the last kit πŸ˜‰
    Bought the new and i’m playing around with it today.

    There is just a question i have, how to save my scene using the presets with the textures ?
    I tryed all saving option, there’s no way for me to save textures with scene !!

    I must do something wrong but what ?
    Thanks for help/

    • By textures i mean light materials and reflect materials like Softboxtent2 and kinostudio2.hdr
      Thanks for answers

    • The HDRI Textures are always referenced from the pack itself. There is no external file.

    • Thanks Nick that’s ok.
      So if i understand, there is no way to save scenes, with lightings.

      My pb is, if i save a scene,close the scene and try to render it later, c4d says me there are material missing. It’s like links to materials are broken.

      Am i doing anything wrong ?

      • The links should stay connected to your HDRI Studio Pack if you are rendering on the same computer. Send me an email if you are having problems. I will make sure we get this working right.

    • Thanks for the new version Nick.

      That fixed it !

      Thanks again.

  35. Hey Nick, your kit rocks!

    It’s never been easier to light a scene for me and the Cinema noob I am. I just tried your kit with a short dynamics animation and I’m getting really nice reflections with one of your studios:

  36. Stephen

    Hey Nick,

    I’ve been having a lot of fun with this the past couple days. Thank you!

    I have been using my personal library of outdoor HDR images with amazing results.

    When this product is upgraded (not to say the product isn’t great already), it would be awesome to get a collection of some outdoor HDR images.


  37. Lucas

    Hi Nick, I got a couple of questions:

    1. How big is the pack? because my home connection is pretty slow and i might have to download it from work.

    2. Is Paypal the only payment option availabe?



    • hi, Lucas,

      1. The download is about 250mb.
      2. Paypal is the only option, but you can pay with a credit card through paypal without signing up.

      Thanks for checking it out!

    • Lucas

      1. Ok, 250Mb is not much.
      2. I’m gonna check it out…

      Thank you Nick. πŸ˜‰

  38. JONNY V

    I don’t want to spam, but I feel this thread is better suited for this question:

    what font did you use for the opening titles – reading: HDRI studio pack, not helvetica and not futura and certainly not avant garde….which one is it?

    thanks bro

  39. Had to throw in my two cents for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of owning any of Nick’s products.

    First of all, they’re great. Secondly, he’s very responsive by email. I own both HDRI Light Kit Pro and the Studio Pack, bought them both within hours of their release. Like any brand new product, there were a couple quirks…which Nick fixed immediately.

    Producing film and TV with crazy time restraints and tight budgets means you have to work choose products from companies you trust. I’d buy anything from this guy. These days, I don’t open Cinema 4D wtihout using something Nick created. Keep up the great work, Gorilla!

    • Fuggin A! Thanks for the awesome comment there, buddy! So glad to help. I know how it is to never get a reply from some other plugin makers, so I do my best to stay on top of things. Cheers!

  40. Hi Nick!
    One of My Friends bought your latest Product – HDRI Studio Pack.
    I checked it out , and it is the Coolest HDRI light Collection for a 3D Program!
    We made A few renders out of it , Impressed some clients , and it is a great alternate to The Light kit when it comes to GI Animations!
    I am looking forward to buying this product and will surely do soon!

    The Link Below one of the Renders I made recently.Please check it out!

  41. Sorry if this is a really stupid question, but can you briefly outline the differences between your two HDRI packs? I’m mostly an AE guy but am trying to use Cinema 4D more and more.

  42. Ramzes

    Nick hi, is this studio pack only for MAC ?

  43. Just want to congrat and Thanks you becuse this outstanding product, iΒ΄m right now working with it and dude this is awesome!!!!!

  44. Sandro

    If I had the money, i’d instantly buy this one and the LightKitPro. But since I’m just a poor german student who needs every Euro I just can’t afford it. But still thanks for your great Tutorials!!

  45. andrewG

    Hi Nick, loved the cherry tutorial.
    Any way to add the kncocking together sound as the clones colide????

  46. Is there a way to upgrade to the bundle if i already own the Light Kit Pro?

  47. Aybchan

    Hi there Nick, your tutorials ang great as well as your products… Keep it up and more power! πŸ˜€

  48. Hey Nick!
    A couple things… I really really like your products, your enthusiasm, and ingenuity. I’ve almost purchased all your products for some project or another (Professional and iPhone). I bought the Vintage Looks the other day just to save time and have fun with family photos without having to take the time to do it all manually. Thanks for all the inspiration and contributions you make to our industry.

    1. I bought HDRI Kit a little earlier today and noticed you may have been able to give me a ‘Light-Kit Owner’ discount. Is it possible you could do something for me here? (Should have asked before I bought-sorry)

    2. Have you figured out the shadow issue for the HDRI Studio Pack? I am working on a project I need this for right now, and could really use an answer.

    You Rock Nick! Thanks Again

    • Hi, David,

      Thanks for picking up my stuff. I’m so glad you like them.

      1. The Light Kit Owner Discount was only for people that bought the Light Kit before the HDRI pack came out. The discount is now essentially included in the bundle price. You can buy both for $99

      2. Can you send me a scene file that shows the shadow problem? I will try to help.


  49. Jaime

    greyscalegorilla! you are the best designer man πŸ˜€ saludos desde chile πŸ˜€ buen trabajo y material exelente πŸ™‚

  50. Santosh

    hey nick…no doubt an awsum handy pack…but sumhow am getting softboxtent 2.hdr errors on light material and reflect do i fix this..i have to copy all the scene and paste it into a new file with the studio pack and then render which is very annoying.
    thxx mate for all your products..

    • I’ve also had this same issue when trying to do a “Save Project…” export when saving my project to a Networked server for my NETRender workflow to start.

      I’ve never had any issues with the standard GSG Light Kit Pro as that KIT came with a folder of materials that C4D was able to pull them from to transport into the exported ‘tex’ folder that goes out with the .C4D File for NETRender to reference.

      I think the issue is that we can’t do a ‘Save Project’ or file collect because C4D is looking for the file path that’s embedded into a .lib file and .lib is not an option to relocate your specific ‘softboxtent2.hdr’ file because the .hdr file is not a physical file but a referenced file some how.

      There is no ‘GSG Textures’ Folder like there was w/ the standard kit and this is all I can figure is the issue? Care to answer that Nick?

  51. Hi Nick:

    Thanks for all the great advice. Your site is really cool.
    I bought both the lighting products. I used the Hdri studio-rig to help finish a packaging project I had for college. I’m a noob to C4D so you studio-rig saved me a bunch of time. Your tutorial on how to optimise rendering in C4D was a total lifesaver also. If you want to have a look at some of the packaging shots you can go to my homepage

    Cheers again Nick.


  52. Anthony Jones


    Love the products, I purchased the HDRI Studio Pack last week and like it a lot, although every time I add the seamlessFloor or save a version from one of the presets I get an error:

    Several plugins used in this scene are missing. Saving will cause loss of plugin data ! Plugin β€œSky Material” .

    I am running R12 Broadcast on a Mac.

    Can you help?

    • Hi Anthony,

      Sorry about the problem. You can ignore the Sky Texture Issue. It won’t effect the render. However, we are still trying to fix the error because it’s annoying to get popups. Please contact us though support if you have any other problems. Thanks for using our kits.


  53. f0xer

    hi …after trying to render using the city kit scenes …cinema 4d tell’s me that i have a plugin error …missing ones …how can i solve it !!

  54. I quite like looking through an article that can make men and women think. Also, thank you for allowing for me to comment!