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Striped Text Tutorial Preview 153 Comments

As always, feel free to give this one a try on your own before the tutorial is out. Post your results in the comments.

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  1. Didarulkarim

    Dear Gorilla Nick, all I want to say You are the Guru of C4D. You maze c4d triers/ players. Your TUTS made the c4d easy. pray for more tuts say pouring water from bottle or beer cans and swap away to ocean wave, slicing orange, squeeze orange and juice comes out to the drain and the hole world absorbs and people peeing to the ground and again world absorbs and recycling.

  2. jakobweiq

    im feeling trippy just by looking @ the stripes…

  3. Mdhamiri Nkemi

    Love the look! Was this inspired by Steffen Knoesgaard’s designs?

  4. Nemer


  5. AMAZING !, me encanto weon ! la weรก bacan le pusiste. jajaja super chileno mi comentario.

  6. Love the orange “Indictment History” one. If I have time today, might try and re-create one of these. Look forward to the tutorial.

  7. Jorge

    Aaaaaaahhh!!! So cool dude!!
    Can’t wait, Up! Up! Up!

  8. Jorge

    Yes Please! Someone help Aleksandr! Ohh, this is beautiful…

  9. Christopher Scott Kn

    I have no clue how this is done but my guess is you’ve mographed the extrusion somehow.
    What the heck are you up to NickVegas?

  10. the explanation is in the comments…you don’t need a tutorial. just take that explanation and experiment with it.

  11. Jonas

    Hey Nick those renders look damn sexy.
    I just tried to recrate the effect.
    Here’s my result:
    Yeah I know its a bit sloppy but it was just a quick try. So i bet it has something to do with Caps.

  12. flyBy

    Seems that lately more and more people are interested in just copying an effect instead of learning some C4D techniques ๐Ÿ™

  13. Thomas

    Looks like Steffen Knoesgaards work inspired you ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Man, that looks AWESOME!
    I am thrilled to see how you put that cool shit together!
    See you on Wednesday!

    PS How was the presentation ?????

  15. I can’t wait. Just found your website yesterday. Amazing.

  16. Laura

    You learn a lot by copying techniques, even if your intention is to never produce a work exactly like the one Aleksandr referenced.

    Case in point, the Gorilla dissecting the Discovery channel transition effect. I learned a hell of a lot watching that tutorial, and I take those techniques and apply them to other things.

    Sometimes it takes a step-by-step walkthrough – isn’t that why we’re here?

  17. flyBy

    I’m not talking about redoing a project to learn, I try to recreate projects myself just because I like to see if I can figure out how their done, it’s a great learning tool as Nick himself said :).

    It’s the “ho to do this?” type of messages that bother me, especially when the author himself gives a mini-breakdown in the comments.
    It’s even worse on the forums, a bunch of people that don’t even know the basic tools, but want a step-by-step for some cool mograph they saw on the web.

    Sorry for the rant, hope it’s clear what I meant.

  18. flyBy

    Dang typos, I changed a few things in the message and left in “their” instead of “they’re” ๐Ÿ˜€

  19. Okay after some tinkering, failing. Rethinking my approach, failing and finally refining and much more tinkering I produced something simular.

    Can’t wait to compare it to your approach dude.

  20. First, i wolud try to do this the longer way and that is to:
    Spline, rectangle, sweep nurbes, cloner, simetry and that would be one letter.
    1. take a letter for an ex. “I”. you draw a 3d letter just a half of the letter wih as much as you want parts. You draw it with spline.
    2. Than you use cloner to get layer look with different colors inside of a letter.
    3. Use a simetry to get a other half of a letter.
    4. in animation, just use that one dot of a spline with a move tool to make a hole letter close or unfold.
    I hope you understand my tired late night English.
    Btw this is just a first thought how would i do it when i saw the animation. There must to be the simplier way!!

  21. Michael

    Here is my crazy version. used the extrusion blow out method but made stripes going a different direction and slapped on one of those formula benders and it animates like ripples.. but here is a still image..

  22. Ory H

    These things look awesome animated! You can download my scene file here. the link is on the right

    I used a random effector(placed as a child under each letter) set to point mode(under deformation), with turbulence(in the random mode) linked the back points. It also helps to make a polygon selection and restrict the random effector to only the back points.

  23. Data4D

    Hi nick,
    Thanks for all this great stuff
    what is the best way and the best format to export animation from after effects.

  24. Imran

    Very nice…. I like your stuff and do much to learn. Waiting for it tutorial.


  25. arimo

    Hi, I appreciate all the tuts you make Nick. I learn a lot from you. The video that Alexander is proposing is really nice one, so can you make a tut for it as well, please!

  26. Ashcat

    this looks awesome :-3 i’m working my way through all the older c4d tuts can’t wait to get on to these :-3

  27. Nick, that looks really great! I am pretty new to Cinema 4D and came across you blog, which I think is great and I have already learnt a bunch of cool stuff. Thanks. Look forward to the Tut.

  28. God.. I feel like a student lagging behind, I have no clue how it’s done, and little by little the others are handing in their assignment ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    Unless I figure it out soon, I’ll have to check the answers when they are posted.
    Thank you sooo much for all the help, Nick!

  29. Wow! Bad Ass! Freakin’!! Damn awesoome!! Ok, that’s all english expressions I know that can express awesomness, your renders are absolutely kick assific!!

  30. Hi Nick

    Can you do more typography based work on 4D because I’ve been truly inspired by you current work.

  31. jonnyv

    how do you animate spline points? doesn’t seem to work as described….how did you make it aleksandr?

    I made mine using sweep on a spline, cloned it about 20 times, and then offset the animation with the step effector right? For some odd reason y step effector isn’t taking any effect. I am using the time offset feature but NADA! frustrating indeed

  32. Aleksandr

    I gave spline and animated it with Bend, then Sweep nurbs and then cloner them. on cloner i used STEP (shape like Sphere) and time offset 100. Then Symmetry all of this. sorry but my english is poor, and that’s Y i can’t give good explain))

    Nick, i’m very sorry for off topic.

  33. Jon Richard

    So great! I didn’t know about the material selection preset you used to texture the caps. You said there where more, do you know where i can find a list of them??

  34. lijie

    cool Tutorial!
    i think the animation set on
    U Frequency V Frequency
    and color it will be more cool

  35. Japes

    Thank you Nick for another amazing tutorial man! I learn a lot. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Samy Guzman

    Woa, that’s some slick animation there, i rather dive into this rather than nicks tutorial, lol no offense, but this looks more interesting and Technicle indeed….I managed to pull it off with an ik chain and then sweeped it, I have noooo idea how u can get that done with the bend def. You get some quirky animations with it, Pavel Os and Aleksnadr…..send me your scene files if u can @, I’ll send you mind. I’m really interested in seeing how it was done in a more simplified manner, my ik setup is pretty complex specially with its inverse kinematics and dynamics inheritance…..

    Jonny I’ll be more than glad to send you my setup, email me at,

    Pavel or alek, I hope to hear from you all soon.

  37. Pavel Os

    Ok Samy, I’ll send two my projects(BEND and JOINS) to you may be tomorrow!

  38. hey did anyone watch that video? it’s cool!
    Nick that would be a good one to break down.

    yes there is a really basic idea of how it was done in the thread but saying “I animated splines” is not exactly the same as a tutorial showing HOW they did that.

    I for one, would still need a tutorial for this even though I’m not a complete beginner. Even for lightening techniques, it looks dang nice!

  39. jonny V

    THANKS A MILLION FOR THE FILE SAMMY….way too technical for me…Might need a tutorial to see what exactly you did…BUT ITS f$%&KN AMAZING MAN!!! This IK Chain setup you have is ridiculously difficult to comprehend…BUT works so well…

    Pavel if can you send me your file as well?


    I don’t understand Sammy’s setup. It’s way too complex for me…maybe your simple bend deformer setup might be easier for me to comprehend…

    send it if you can bro, I don’t know what I can give you in return but a whole lot of Max Tips… ๐Ÿ™‚

  40. Pavel Os

    Samy can you send your project
    I know that T promised to send my own version to you, but unfortunately I can’t because now I am far away from my main computer.

  41. Aleksandr

    oh! Samy Guzman!!! i wached video on vimeo and the first frame of it the same like your result!!! it’s not good not good.

  42. Woooo wooooaAaa!!!

    This technique blows any of nicks tutorials outta the water…..Sammy Pavel alek jonny who ever else knows how to do this
    pretty Pleeeeeease send me a tutorial or the file pleeeeeeeeseeAse!!! This is soo sick, how the hell did you guys do it? I need this in my life!!!

    My email is!!!!!!!!! Please send it someone please!!!

  43. I think you’d be better of in asking about that in a forum dedicated to C4D than asking for an entire tutorial. It’s probably too specific.. and something (I at least think) people should figure out themselves.
    Anyway, you’d easily achieve the mouth shape with an arc spline inside a lathe nurbs.

  44. Syver

    Nevermind, got it!
    First time using Cinema..

    Nick, nice pictures and good website ๐Ÿ˜€


  45. Oah Now I get it! I couldn’t figure it out until I saw yours. End Cap, Super Enlarged, with a Reg and C1 Texture, Right?

  46. Thomas

    That’s exactly how I did it. I also added a random effector to rotate the letters which produced some problems at first.

  47. Well put, Laura. Copying a technique is a great way to learn. Think of how you learn to play cover songs on the piano or guitar when you are learning. You have to know how music is made by others before you can make it yourself.

    The goal isn’t to copy, it’s to learn.

  48. very cool stuff, will have a look at this more deeeply, thanks for your post, and Nick… as usual… you know how to make people involved, you’re good, thanks both.

  49. This absolutely depends on the purpose of the animation. Broadcasters like tiff sequences (best quality) or sometimes movs in animation codec at highest quality. Some also want mpg2 or h264 (mp4) at very high bit rates (50-90 Mbit). If you don’t want a ton of files and high quality I’d suggest to use the animation codec. Tiff sequences are great though cause you have to rerender certain images only if there should be a problem with some. And don’t forget to check if your client likes progressive video or if they need real interlaced material or just technically interlaced files with progressive content. If you produce for the web I’d render a good progressive version first and then use Media Encoder to convert to h264 (there are presets for youtube and vimeo in CS5).

  50. Data4D

    Thanks alex
    i don’t have CS5, and i tried lot of formats to comparate ths quality and the size for my vimeo channel… i,ll try Media Encoder for h264


  51. Han Solo

    They have a topical cream for that. Just sayin…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  52. Chad Ronning

    Nice! Reminds me a little of Dr. Seuss ๐Ÿ™‚

  53. Patton77

    How did you get only the face of your text so reflective like that? Sweet bridge reflection!

  54. Love the polished and shiny look, nice font, colors and reflection!

  55. @patton77: I could have done it inside of 3D but I decided to just do it in post. I placed the image on the face of the type with good ol’ PS magic brush + masking! Thanks for checkin it out!

    @Alex I really enjoy that font! Thanks to Nick for sharing it in his last tut on how to create an HDR with your iphone!

  56. There’s an extensive list or rather chapter on shaders in the documentation under: Cinema 4D > Cinema 4D Prime > Material Manager > Shaders

    (At least that’s where it’s located in the German version.)


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This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.