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AT&T End-Tag Tutorial Sneak Peek 70 Comments

New tutorial coming soon based on the excelent new AT&T work from Prologue (site)

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  1. Padraic

    sweeeet. looks awesome. i was wondering, what the heck this yould be^^^

  2. zkaziee

    great tutorial 😀
    (i just think that, the transition from the 3d logo to 2d looks kinda harsh).

    anyway great tutorial, looking foward to learn it

    • yeh, it’s just like a 15 frame dissolve from the sphere to the logo. not very pretty.

    • Yup agreed. Brutal.

      No blue stripes coming in? Something smoother please…..

    • Justin

      To Jason, Tiago, & Josh.

      Since Nick is too nice of a guy to say it, I’ll say it myself. You guys should back off a little bit. What he’s trying to teach is a technique that you should be able to take and make your own. The goal is not to make a piece that is production ready, it’s to learn a very useful and flexible tool that you can then put in your toolbox and use in your workflow. Just look at the rest of Nick’s stuff guys. Do you honestly think that if he was doing this for commercial use that he would have over-looked that detail. Give the guy a break. He’s taken valuable time out of his life to spread knowledge and give people the tools they need to make their work better. It’s up to us to take those tools and do something with them and not expect to be spoon fed every single detail about how to be creative. All this awesome stuff he’s done and you’re going to give him grief over 15 frames of a tutorial you don’t have to pay for? That’s really sad. Even sadder is the fact that when he releases this tutorial, despite your critiques, you’ll still do it and probably throw it in your demo reel. Do this, build a following and the awesome work that this guy has and get back to us about those 15 frames. Not saying that Nick can’t take a critique but with no mention of “Thanks for what you do” or any gratitude of the sort, you sound like whiners. You need to do better.

    • Justin,

      Great comment on this. Its a tutorial and with that you ought to be problem solving and exploring with Cinema 4D or AfterEffects or whatever it may be on your own. I had a professor who used to say “Put it in your Pipe and Smoke It” meaning inhale whatever information you want and exhale what you don’t want but then use that “high” to your advantage and do something impressive. In this case, take what you want from the tutorial and make it your own. Don’t critique it.

  3. Sweet! Can’t wait, Nick. I really love Prologue’s work and wasn’t surprised when I found out they did the new end tag.

  4. ohh great! This reminds me something of the glass mesh tut.
    by the way.. how do you get the youtube url at this specific time? that’s a wonderful time safer 😉

  5. From the first time I saw the commercial I was wonder how you would make that. I was thinking spline deformer or something along those lines?

  6. Austin

    so… im thinking a lot of subdivisons (octahedrons), then some extruding in any sort (subpoly displ. or manually) then simple camera rotation then into after effects for the strokes and the fade to logo?
    Not sure im no professional but its fun to guess! :p

  7. Nice !
    I gave it a try. I started with a iso sphere with a random effector in polygon mode. I applied a brown to blue gradient. I dupplicated this randomised sphere and use an atom object to make the white lines. I think I would use a shader effector to manage the gradient on the sphere but my knowledge didn’t let me get to the point.
    I’m dying to watch the tutorial !

  8. MattthedR

    The only part that seems difficult on this one is texturing the polygon. After Effects for the spirals?


  10. Humm, I not got my cinema machine near me; but here are some thoughts, random effector on geometry atom array on 2nd object….the balls could be meta balls on motion paths?

    Not sure on the textures…might try put it together tonight.


  11. jonny V

    use a sphere – modifiers stack and use poly reduction – wallah…..and use a random effector with point deformation OR a formula modifier to have it move randomly….

    make sure for the random effector you have it set to turbulence with animation speed of about 20 %

    boom there you have it….as for the comets..use a tracer object

    • you don’t think you could make a high segment icosahedron sphere, convert to shape and then randomly position the points instead of using the polygon reduction option? you would need to have a really bumpy sphere or metaball shape in order to reduce it to look like the video.

      either way, this tut looks really really easy. well, it’s not so much a tut more than how to replicate what has already been done/be trendy.

    • there’s a plugin called chestnuts that will randomly select stuff. so if you select all of the points and then randomize the selection you could then scale them as a whole to make mountainous surfaces across the sphere. maybe that’s too time consuming but i think that would look better than dealing with metaballs and poly reduction which might actually be more time consuming due to the calculating your processor would have to do. then again, it’s not animated so maybe it wouldn’t be too bad.

    • DillanJ

      Jason, good point, however, with Jonny’s technique all you would have to do is change the spheres phong angle to 0 degrees, and wallah. There you have it. For the comets I would use a cloner object instanced to a an object and then rotate the object, to give the illusion as if the atoms/comets where flying along the surface. Chestnut’s tool is a good source as well.

  12. JLuser

    awesome ^_^ cant wait to see the full thing

  13. Ximdoom

    Slow day today, so gave this a go.

    Potential spoiler alert!

    The bulk of this was already covered in Nick’s glass mesh tutorial, which gives you a very elegant solution to creating the geometry. Everything can be “live” (no conversions to polygons needed!). The big sphere is set to octahedron, deformed with a random effector, little spheres & cylinders added via cloner objects. Still trying to figure out the shading. I know I can adjust the phong angle to get that facet look. Maybe render greyscale & use Colorama filter in AE?

    Electron thingys are probably a combo of tracer on the “electron’s” motion path & sweep nurbs.

  14. What a coincidence, I am currently developing the graphics and title sequence for a documentary which features a wireframe globe with white dots on the intersections.
    I recon I can really take notes on how to simplify my workflow.
    Cool, and can’t wait!

  15. Hate to repeat this BUT!! this preview is very bad… its NOTHING like prologue’s work, the cross fade dissolve is so obvious and its not intriguing, better take it off or put something thats actually good, it feels like a joke.

    • Brandon

      no one is forcing you to be here.

    • dropqube

      Dude catch some breath here, it’s FREE tutorials here. FREE. Nobody claims to do a perfect copy. Nick is doing this for FREE!!!

  16. True, no one is, but I’ve gotten spoiled within the past year and this has to be ridicule.

    • Markus Bürster

      C’mon this is a sneak preview for a tutorial, so it’s just fine.
      You need to consider how much time and effort you put into one particular aspect of your work and if it is worth to do so.

      Show what you’ve made, then we will judge what’s ‘very bad’.

  17. Macduff

    Hmm? This looks like a good exercise…I am just not all that sold on doing tutorials that copy adds. I suppose coming from EU I prefer the idea of motion graphics being an art and learning the tool set in an open way is the best way to learn then apply rules after…I suppose it depends On what you want to get out of it right?…I would like to see some more contemporary graphics being done though? 🙂

    • Matt Lewis

      It’s just showing how to make a certain thing that you may have seen, you can apply these skills to anything and that is when the creativity and art come out. Not so much from the tutorial.

      • For sure. Use tutorials to figure out how the tools work. Then apply that knowledge to your next project.

    • Macduff

      Ye sure dont get me wrong I think there great and what you do nick is free and professional, which i applaud. I just think learning that way around seems stifling and I dont know about you guys but one day I would like to work in a world where motion graphics is an art in itself where we are paid to be just creative, like a musician or and film director.

    • Cameron

      Aren’t all tutorials copying something that has already been done, trendy or not trendy, ads or not an ad, paid for or free?
      Comment wasted.

    • Macduff

      Yeah sure, but the world of advertising is surely the most thought out and designed of all sectors of our market and not truly the designers creation in most cases. free or artistic work is more free in its approach by definition, which is ideal for learning and pushing our art further.

  18. This is outstanding Nick! I wonder if you could show us a tut on creating those really cool dots that are motion tracked on the rest of the commercial?


  19. i’d say the preview isn’t bad looking. everybody know the whole tutorial is about teaching tools, and not aesthetic. its your own role to develop your own aesthetic. lets appreciate what nick did here, will ya?

    my idea is a sphere zero phong angle, spectral+colorizer shader with random effector in color mode and deformation point mode, some tracer objects

    easiest way, you could use colorchanger plugin by bobtronic

  20. Naysayers irritate me because it’s so easy for them to slam someone’s efforts without providing any better results. It also pisses me off that they don’t understand that the Gorilla, while a Gorilla, is only ONE Gorilla… meanwhile the thing he’s trying to replicate was likely worked on by a team of lesser apes with weeks if not months of time.
    Stop crying like little beotches and take each morsel here with gratitude.

  21. Kamaur

    I can’t wait. I was thinking of trying to pull that off myself.

  22. sharaa

    I love it good!!!
    I like CINEMA4D GAGS””!!””.

    • also, for the “globe” i used a sphere and set the type to icosahedron and deleted the phong tag, then i put the displace deformer in it with a noise shader

  23. Chris192

    I know i’m rather late to the “party” but i wanted to try this out before the gorilla posted the full tut, and i finally got time to do it. So heres my attempt.

    Looking forward to the tutorial. and rough explanation is posted on the vimio link.

    • Chris192

      Looks Like I was Just In Time 😛

  24. Mohammed kundkly

    Nice Tutorial ….. Thank So much