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Intro to Hair in Cinema 4D 268 Comments

In this tutorial, I wanted to get you started with the hair settings in Cinema 4D. I go over how to set basic hair up, change dynamic settings, change the hair render settings and light for hair. I have been spending a lot of time with Hair lately trying to learn more about it, so I hope to have some more Hair tutorials soon. I’m always learning as I go with CInema 4D, so if you have any Hair tricks or tips you would like to share, please put them in the comments. Thanks for watching!


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  1. I canΒ΄t read any of the comments here on this tut. IΒ΄m only able to write this one, see nothing of the comments. ( Mac, Safari).


    • Ulysses

      Great hair tutorial Nick I learned a lot more about hair today than I ever did Searching the web even More so than YouTube. I would definitely like to see how you can Transform Hair from one color to another or to a different hairstyle.

  2. Joachim Gerber

    me neather . anyway

    nick i have something i made like a year ago. i didnt get the lighting and texture right but i think i found a good look to the grass.

    by the way u can use the thickness of the hair to make it in to something like leaves for a bush or something like that. try it out.. it worked for me

  3. Hi! as you can see I had a great work with hair, not that looks great but the experience was great.
    By the way this project was made in 1 week.
    What I can share is that Dynamics can be really heavy to render when you running out of time. Then If you animate the material options you can get some kind of dynamics simulation.
    It would be really useful to have this tutorial when I did this project!!!!


    T r a j a n o

  4. Harry


    Could anybody please tell me the basic techniques behind creating the blue/white hair in the second picture down in the examples?

    I’ve been experimenting, but i’m new to cinema4d and I can’t figure out how you get hair like that.


    • just edit the material of the Hair πŸ™‚ change the color, and if you want a realistic hair movement try to animate the object who contains the hair and that will make the mair move

      good luck

  5. RoVino

    interesting..says theres 218 comments. but I only see 4

  6. Adview

    I’ll use your pict’s for my phone background!
    Sorry, i’m a French guy’s so i don’t speak very well english

  7. Yonny

    Hi, awesome tut!!..anyone knows why this doesn’t work right when you do GI?? the texture turns to black, and it seens like te hair count drops down.

  8. chris

    i am sure this is a dumb question and might not even be the right place but how do i use the hairstyle presets….when i open them its a head in a studio how do i add it to my own model?

  9. Sasha Blagov

    How to make grass shader?
    Since I’m using to render Octane Render, the export scene, he does not show the grass to create a tool Cinema. How to translate a polygon object Fur?

    Thank you.

  10. Sasha Blagov


    How to make grass shader? Since I’m using to render Octane Render, the export scene, he does not show the grass to create a tool Cinema. How to translate a polygon object Fur?

    Thank you.

  11. Marcello

    Hi Nick, how would a clone an object with hair in R13 or R12? its wrecking my brain googled and experimented for the past two weeks and still nothing?? HEELLLP NICK OR SOME ONE

    • tom c

      Did you ever figure out how to get hair on a cloner object?

  12. Marcello

    Hi Nick im using R13 now, add im trying to add hair to an object that’s being cloned(radial clone). I’ve parented the hair to the object, then place that inside the cloner… when i render the hair object still shows up in the middle of the cloner…I’ve played aroudn with those traffice lights, hair tages, even trying fracture objects and still the same…. Im not that clued up on hair so you Nick or some one could help… would be appreciated…..

    • Sabrina

      Hi armando,

      I realize this post is a year old, so you may not even see this, but I was wondering if you could explain how you made your hairy text. I’m trying to achieve something similar, but am a complete noob.


  13. Randomguy

    Can you tell me where to get Hair module,i didn’t got it with Cinema 4D

  14. Arnold

    I think the guides for the hair stopped responding after brushing when you played the animation probably because the brush tool was still selected. So am guessing when using any of the hair tools the guides get into some sort of frozen state till you’re done changing anything to the hair.
    I hope that’s what it is

    • Ozzy3D

      Yes you are right.
      I always just select the move tool before playing the animation. Never stops working πŸ™‚

      Thanks for the tut Nick, you rock!

  15. Hey Nick! In your second picture with the blue fuzzy ball, what lighting did you use? I am brand new to C4D and really wanna get that effect! Your tut was awesome and I have been creating fuzz balls ever since I watched it!

  16. I’m trying to set a plane ONTO hair without having the hair go through it…basically, have the camera scan a photo laying in the grass…how can I keep the hair (grass) from poking through the plane?

  17. sreejith

    Sir, i have c4d r13…and I cant find the simulation menu nor the objects menu. Where is it.? Plz help

    • Logan

      In the top right corner, just below the top of the window, there should be a “Layout” button. Click it and hit “Startup” or “Standard”. If that doesn’t work, or you can’t find a “layout” button, you might not have those features in your version.

      • Hi Nick,

        I bought a mop model, but the mop head, the “noodles” are totally stiff and when the mop hits the ground it looks awful, no hair dynamics…i added hair to the mop model, but the hair is everywhere on it, even on the stick…how do i add the hair to just the mop head, isolate the hair. I really need to know, it will make my Title animation look waaaaaay better =)…i put a hair collider on the ground

      • mario AgustΓ­n

        hi nick. thanks for all the lessons. Sorry as I can renderear by multipass render and physicall hair that when the post does not look like you can help me??

  18. Hi GreayScale, great job there. However, how can I make a realistic bass short hair with Cinema4D? Can you make a tut about that? Thanks.

  19. gaspar

    nick! i know that this tutorial is old, but, anyway, this is f*cking amazzzziiiiiingg! i just test this hairy sphere and its awesome. thanks so much for be may mentor in C4D.
    greattings from argentina! gaspar

  20. Srjdan

    hey man just wanted to ask is it good to use hair object on human characters ..couse i saw a lot of human models which hair is made of polygons…and it’s tricky deciding which parts of head to mark for hair object becouse the length is not same everywhere.

  21. andy pages

    like what you did.
    do have any tutorials on using all the hair tools.
    i found that c4d feather object has some problems so i am building a feather using hairs, but i need to be proficient in using hair tools to make this work.
    any help would be great.
    andy pages

  22. Hey, Nick!

    I noticed a small error in R13, although it might just be my rig.

    I modeled and rigged a polar bear, i added a hair object to a selection on the bear.
    In the editor hair stays where it is supposed to be, it calculated its dynamics correctly with the movement of the bear.

    The problem occurs when i render – the hair decides to stay in its prior shape, not move either.
    Like it is on a phantom object of the bear.
    Kind of looks like the bear before rigged.

    Anything being done?
    My proccess was modelling – Texturing – Selection setting for hair – adding hair – rigging.
    I tried re-adding the hair after, yet it did not help so much.

    Thanks, Nick!

    – Tom

  23. Angie

    hey i like your videos!!
    maybe you could help me with a problem im trying to solve since 10 hours now and prevent me from having a nervous breakdown: i wanna put gras on top of an object (spline i extruded) just on the top surface, but it will just go on the sides (where i dont want it) and not on top where i desperately want it. ive been trying EVERYTHING and nothing would work and i cant find any solution, although i think this must be relatively easy and basic stuff. argh!!

    thanks πŸ™‚
    best regards

  24. SijoThomas

    I am a beginner of C4D and I was watched your tutorial and i was very fantastic.
    I would like to get a small advice from you.

    I have a Hut C4D model. I need to make a roof with dry grass like stuff.
    So, can i use hair engine in C4D?

    because it should be falling on the roof and not necessary the movement.

    So, can you please help me to make a roof with grass?

    Thank you…

  25. To make the simulation run after you use the brush tool to sweep the hair above the plane so it stops penetrating, you simpoly need to deselct the Hair object in Objct Manager, then the sim will run.

  26. Cebiso

    Just the tut I needed. Trying to make a Gorilla… Gorilla… hehehe

  27. midhun

    Hi Nick,
    When i work with text extrude NURBS, it is like some of the polygon area is blank with out hair fill.Can u explain the method of applying hair on a text .!

  28. KorruptKat

    By the looks of you, I think you ARE pretty comfortable with hair man

  29. Thanks Nick, great tutorial again.
    You should talk about RPF format exported from C4D, it’s really useful for compositing in AE without having multi passes.

  30. David

    Hey Nick,

    Do you know if there is any way of getting Hair with the non-studio versions of C4D? (Broadcast, for instance?) The results here are phenomenal and I would love to try it, I just never got the plugin with the Broadcast version and can’t seem to find a download (paid or unpaid) from Maxon.

    All help is appreciated πŸ™‚

  31. TIP – If you don’t feel like using sweep nurbs, you can render the splines by just adding the Hair render tag. Good for really thin lines. (And you don’t need to actually be using hair)

  32. Thanks for this one Nick. I recently started messing with hair a little bit myself and you definitely helped clear some things up that I was having trouble with. Looking forward to more on the subject!

  33. i think that, to get a zebra or cow hair efect, you need to add the noise color to the root, not the main color, aaaand, you might need to add a texture tag, not sure about all that though

  34. @KorruptKat

    What do you expect? He’s the gorilla. Of course he’s comfortable with hair.

  35. Hi Nick!

    Great little tutorial. Nice intro to hair for everyone πŸ™‚ Should get us started πŸ˜€

    On another note: On some level I was constantly feeling like in a fashion show or something :p
    ‘Sometimes I mess up my hair and then I have to redo it all over again…’ Does that sound like 3D to you? :p

    Have a nice day!

  36. Lawrence

    Hey Nick, I did little bit the other week whereby I had to animate the growth area… Check out this example (should be online in a few minutes) just by animating the sliders on the gradient πŸ™‚

  37. Roberto Carbonell

    Hi Nick, excellent introduction… I think that for the second tut you can talk about the modifiers, for example you use lenght in the material, but there’s also the option in the tools, for example cut. I would love to see more of the dinamic interaction of hair with wind and all that… Nice that you talk about the ilumination that is the key for good hair… I forgot it would be nice to talk about passing the color of the geometry to the hair… Thanks a lot, nice to see c4d tuts again, and waiting for the next 5sp… Cheers

  38. Roberto Carbonell

    oh one more thing… I think it woul be nice to talk about the plug-ins for fluid simulations in c4d… like dpit effex or turbulence… (maybe a guest could be)… i feel that with this plugins c4d have a arrive to a new level… I think we all feel like real flow is a solution, but for the day to day basis I stay with the options available for c4d… ;D

  39. Might want to mention using vector maps on things like length, density, as well as color. Really can make scenes look organic.

  40. Great stuff nick – maybe come back with some comparison of fuzz vs hair πŸ™‚

  41. hmmm hi gorilla i wana ask frm where i can get these hair stuff coz in my simulation it does not exsist

  42. John Haley

    Yay! Furry balls. I’ll take a look πŸ™‚ Hair is always fun to explore. Hope I learn a new trick or two.

  43. AWESOME… just AWESOME Nick… Hey Nick I think it would be great, if you use ONLY your preducts in your Tuts, the results are better and those who have bought your products, learn more about it…Great work… as always

  44. cant wait to dive into it more
    I already started working with hair for about 2 months. Started on C4d and went to 3ds max.

    I have to admit, cinema 4d’s hair system is a lot easier, faster and beautiful.
    I have to work on 3ds max though because that’s the program we use at school…. and I use hair on a cat model I created.

    Nick said well enough a lot of things.
    I’d just remind that 1cm is way too big for hair and thats the default value.

  45. I know what U mean with NOT comfortable with HAIR. U have plenty in Ur face πŸ˜‰ I also I must say….but hey. Great inside in HAIR anyway. I was playing around a little bit longer.

  46. Hey nick. Thanks a lot for the tutorial! Could you possible give us a future tutorial on great lighting. Like lighting in some of the screenshots you provided.

  47. There is a nice trick with hair and emitters,really cool effects.
    Add an emitter then add to it a hair material,later select the emitter,and add a render hair tag.
    After that,in the render hair tag select,path.
    You can do really neet abstract things with it,putting some wind,gravity,swirls,etc.

    This is how I designed my Logo

  48. The fun I had with hair/fur was when I was modeling Gizmo from “the Gremlins” movie, he had this unique pattern into his fur, that I was unalbe to copy into my model, up untill I found out that I could paint my model first in BP 3d Pain in c4d, export the layer into a JPG, and used it in the hair matirial, set it to grow root colour from the JPG…and right away Gizmo had the so known fur body pattern …I never used the hair collision tag…so hey…this tutorial help me all ready in a newer direction….Thanks Nick…looking forward to see the rest.

  49. CollinBishop


    Been coming here for a while but never really post anything. Don’t know why but felt compelled to help out.

    Well the first thing I notice is that in order to have the hair not freeze when using the brush tool you want to go back to the selection tool.

    As for the dynamics a trick I have learned is that you can go up to the hair menu and go to “hair edit” and you can select “set as dynamics and that will be the start osition rather than having to reset your dynamics every time. Think of it as the hair “initial state.”

    In the brush tool there is a option named “collisions which will keep the hair from going through the geometry when brushing. Very valuable.

    Density maps help with character work. Just paint them in Bodypaint once you have your chracter UV’d…

    If you want to be very precise in rest hold and drag or any other maps you can select the brush tool and under “mode” you can select “vertex paint” to create a vertex hair tag and plug them into the dynamics link directly below the sliders that Nick used.

    As for hair I generally use it on people through VRay. You have to cheat by rendering two different light setups and then using a hair alpha pass by making the hair texture solid white. Just gets me around VRays lack of good hair but allows me to exploit the SSS in Vray.

    Someone up top mentioned DPIT. It is a very good plugin and does everything in fluid terms that Realflow can do past the automatic buoyant interaction with realwaves.

    With fire the key to remember is to set the temperature rate to frame. Fire combusts at 450 kelvin. I could type and type and type. If you have any questions about anything I have mentioned just give me a shout…

    I am by no means a professional but I will help where I can…


    Collin Bishop

  50. This is probably not the proper way to do this, but I currently lined a football field….(made a green plane with white lines on it) and it worked good enough.

    Inside the hair material Color tab, scroll to the bottom and check the surfaces box…as well as the other things in that section….the hair inherited the color of the planes texture.

  51. Spijker

    This looks great!
    My next free moment is reserved for experimenting with the knowledge you just provided my good man πŸ˜‰

  52. nathan

    does anoyone know how to use hair to substract it from other objects via the boole-object?


  53. Eduardo Ribeiro

    Hey there Nick,

    Its really great to see your work out of the product kind of thing, i think you are the best making things and scenes look great, but you usualy do it with daily basis products, but let me tell you that i loved seeing a complete absrtact scene looking your way.

    thanks for the help

  54. Thanks nicky.
    Give a value to the hair > material > length > texture > Animation speed . That gives a nice wave animation to the hair.

  55. Nice job, once again. Ive been playing with hair for a minute or 2 now, and was hoping you would drop some knowledge. Good looking out!

  56. Juaner Franzius

    Nick I have to say, the connect object tips helped me with a looooot of problems that i was having with some of my projects!!! thanks!!!

  57. Whoa, nice curve ball there. Didn’t expect this kind of coverage. Hope the marriage keeps your life interesting and fresh. I’m doing the deed Saturday and then off to Seattle for us for some drizzle and C4D goodness.

  58. Harold

    Nice! I actually figured out how AixSponza did their dandelion with pollen effect after a week using hair spline and dynamics!

  59. Hey Nick!

    Here some things to consider when using hair! πŸ˜€

    Hair can recive GI but can’t send GI.

    Hair will render in the Athmosphere-channel in Multi-pass-renderings (took me ages to find that one out).

    Hair can render with pyrocluster and fog but because they are rendered in the same channel, you will most likely have problems and wrong images with it.

    Also Hair isn’t seen in the depth channel, I think (please correct me if I’m wrong!).

    Be carful with the density and length maps because even though you don’t see the hair it will be calculated! This one is very importand for big scenes and objects! I found out that when you use a frozen selection as a base rather than the hole object, you can really keep the hair count and calculation times low.

    Vertex-maps are awesome with hair! πŸ˜€

    Well I guess thats all for now! Hope it helped! πŸ™‚


  60. Thanks Nick for these tips
    Well,for the Text issue i made the text
    editable and then i don’t need to use
    connector anymore to add Hair

  61. Diego VON Diego

    Hey guys,
    Nice tut once again but does anyone can explain to me how to achieve that “foogy/glow” look we can see on example 2 ?
    Thx !

  62. i have been looking everywhere for a tag or something to get the hair to grow in animation … can anyone give me tip? its probably really simple

  63. Really nice, I love hary style and it is so fast to render.
    I just wished to seen this tut a bit sooner, it would have helped a lot in my las project.

    congrats for you new life nick!

  64. Hi,
    i’ve rendered a Grass-Hair-Test nearly one year ago. Unfortunatly i can’t remember the settings but i’ve added some turbulence-/wind-effectors (the simple ones from the standard-particle-system).

    Here you can take a look on that:

  65. Joel Damien

    Hey you should make a tut on those furry balls I LOVE the way they look. Pretty please???

  66. Just to say thanks, i’ve jump into c4d one week ago and now I’m rendering realistic fuzzy hair!! so exciting….

  67. stphn

    Hi everyone

    Maybe somebody can help in this issue

    got the hairs all set on a character but when I bind it I can see the guides in the scene but no hair in renders…

    any idea?



  68. Hair is my favorite plugin in CINEMA 4D, been playing with it since I got my hands on C4D. It’s more fun than videogames.

  69. i just wana say nick u are the fuckin man i have been doing this for 5 months and 70% of my knowledge comes from you thank again homie and im going to post some of my stuff on ur fb page

  70. fasada

    Hey Nick, show your hair without stylization after you wake up. πŸ˜‰

  71. I love hair it’s so much fun. (ok that makes me sound strange)
    Not sure it’s been mentioned above, got distracted by the arguments but the Relax hairs button is handy. Good for getting the hairs relaxed (well derr) without having to play the timeline. It’s in Dynamics under Animation.

  72. Im having problems with hair combined with depth of field. Maybe you could clear things out. Its like every hair in a scene is on the same distance from the camera undependent of the objects distance that the hair covers.

  73. Hi Nick:

    Great tutorial there man.
    Nice One.

    Congratulations too are in order.
    Best of luck.


  74. NicHD

    Can you give me link to That Layout What are you using in this Video ?

  75. Great Tutorial Nick as always, I love this site I feel like a family.

    on the other note I need a character rigging tutorial ik chains pole goals controls controllers skeleton etc.. if someone has a video tutorial please guide me to it, I am not talking about cactus dans cause he uses his own plugins and I rather buy something from this site then his.

    anyways let me know

  76. Hi Nick!
    I just uploaded my last project and wanted to say:

    Dude thanks a million for sharing! I spent last month with you and your mc and picked up many things!

    You’ll probably see few in the vid, i’ll be happy if you won’t though πŸ™‚

  77. Hi Nick,
    Thanksssss aloooooootttttt!!
    For every tutorial man!
    This one is awesome too !!
    I have learned many things from you!
    I started with nothing!!
    And now i have made a reel for myself!
    I am still a v,v beginner but here it is !
    Don’t be so hard plz :p

  78. Neekoe

    Nice Tut, Nick… keep em coming!

    I used hair to create my personal project “#FULLCIRCLE” a couple of months ago… really cool module. used it in conjunction with audio and movement. check it out here:

    Also made a written breakdown of the project, link found in the description of the video.

    Feedback always welcome. πŸ™‚

    cheers guys!!!

  79. This might be a silly question.

    But does anyone know how I would add physics to the hairy ball? I tried a few things( adding mograph rigid bodies to the sphere, then I tried putting both the hair sim and sphere in a null and adding rigid bodies to that) any ideas?

  80. If want more concentrate hair, only need to make more subdivisions to the object. That is the solution for bald parts πŸ™‚

  81. patweiss

    thanks nick. very useful and again, so much new to me…AWESOME! cant wait 2 see more. and by the way, get well soon.

  82. Thanks again Nick.
    I’m really lookin’ forward to Part II of the hair tutorial.

  83. Hey Nick. Thanks for another great tutorial. Here’s a quick test I put together.

    Also, myself and my friends have been making a short film and I did a bunch of logo idents and the title sequence in cinema. It’s just us messing about but I’ll post up the results when it’s done.

  84. andrew

    Hey Nick how are ya? first time post..long time watcher…I just followed your tut on hair,but I did some tracking in Icarus(olskool) and it came out pretty decent what do you think…

  85. Hey Nick, somebody may have already said this but I dont feel like reading through all the comments to find out.

    When you have a hair object selected it cannot be simulated, when the hairs dymanics did not work when you pressed play after brushing it was because you had the hair object selected.

    And to color the hair in areas you need to apply your noise to the root tab, as opposed to the color tab, its in the color page in the next drop down.

    Hair is a time killer in terms of playing with it, I have spent way too long playing with hair

  86. …Awesome tutorial on hair!

    does anybody know how I could have a feather effect?
    I’ve searched the comments and amazingly nobody said a thing about feather πŸ™‚

  87. Kaleidoscope_eyes

    Hi Nick,
    Thanks for continuing to make great tutorials.
    I had a mess about with making a grassy field using hair. I then had some objects (with dynamics) dropping onto the grass. Despite having hair colliders on the objects, some of the blades of grass were ‘sticking through’ my objects.
    Any clues on which settings will prevent this? More guides?

    Keep up the good work. Hope you’re over the man flu. It’s serious.

  88. The best attribute for testing the shape of the hair is to click on your hair object, go to “editor” in your attributes, and under “preview” change display type to “hair lines”.

    This will show you in realtime the structure of the actual hair to be rendered (i.e. clump, frizz, kink,…) it saves a lot of time cause you dont have to render out the shapes to see what it will look like.

  89. Antoine D

    Nick, once again you have an uncanny ability to read my mind… just when I was wondering when you were going to do a tutorial on hair, you go and make one!

    Unfortunately I’m still using 11.5, so my stuff is a little different…

  90. Tommeh

    I stumbled upon a different way to make multi colored hair by doing the following –

    In the hair texture, on the colour tab – in texture, you can add any multi colored texture, simply set the space from its original state – “texture” to “object”.

    Hope this helps!


  91. Flavio

    What App is that in your Mac OS menu bar? The icon looks like a D with a folder inside it.

  92. Thanks Nick.

    HereΒ΄s another basic video (less depth).
    Good point the “Set As Dynamics”, under Simulation/Hair Edit, tip.

    It basically makes de hair remain still based on a paused frame of the animation.

  93. Diego

    Hi guys!

    This hair thing, very interesting stuff! oh boy, new territories often end up with lots of new doubts…

    Have anyone tried to position MoGraph clones on top of the hair tips?

    I’ve been messing ’round in Xpresso with no luck…
    Hope someone more experienced with Xpresso can give me some hints.


  94. Mate, props for doing this with a cold. I know how crappy it can make you feel so doing a tute with that hanging over you deserves some praise. Hope you are all better now anyway pal, keep em coming

  95. stphn

    Someone know if there’s a way to clone hairy bal… uh…
    spheres πŸ™‚ ?

  96. Kevin

    Thanks Nick! This is so cool and can’t wait for the next hair tutorial.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem? I have a few strands sticking up at the end of my test..

    Thank you!

  97. The second pic is epic, can you show us how do you set up the light?

  98. Hey Nick,

    How can I apple this hair to a cloner object? I have a Sphere underneath/inside my cloner object but everytime I add hair to either it doesn’t work.


  99. Mauricio

    after you brush the hair you need to select the selection tool to get rid of the brush and that way once you hit play again it has no problems.
    I find that working with hair tools its best to get out of hair tool mode and that way when you play it it doesn’t choke.

    Nick this is great man.

    I do find that Hair in C4d is way easier than Maya.


  100. Cant wait for more hair tutorials πŸ™‚
    maybe u could also discuse the problem with hair and global illumination

  101. Voodoo

    Hey guys, I just put a black and white video in the length part of the the hair material and it makes the hair run around the object! Thanks Nick !!

  102. Harry

    Could anybody tell me the techniques behind making the hair in the second image in the examples please? The blue/white hair with the blue glow light

  103. Roberto Carbonell

    hi rob can you explain a little more please ;D, about the vector maps

  104. Jacob

    Do you see this Nick!!

    You are creating hordes of people like HMA! Stop it with your cheesy tuts! You’ll never be C4D’s version of Andrew Kramer, sorry. Just stick to your music.

  105. @Jacob:

    If you’re not interested why do you come here? Pretty negative the way you react.

    Nick, you’re awesome and I learn the buttons from you, not copying you or anyone else…thanks for all the hard work!

  106. I would say Nick is like the anti-andrew kramer.. Like Bizzaro Andrew Kramer if you will. Since he shows general techniques rather than a specific effect, and encourages you to “make it your own.” ..Not to mentions Nick updates his blog much more often than AK lol

  107. w00dy

    Btw HMA…nice showreel…copying every freaking tutorial out there.

  108. try to use Window > Layout > Command Manager (shift+F12) and in the name filter section type hair. if no results im affraid you dont have the Hair module.

  109. IΒ΄m completely against replicating others work but I am also firm believer in saving time and using other peoples ideas and creations to inspire and aid you in creating something original yourself.

  110. I’m not sure if you have to go even as far as to choose the selection tool, but more so just go from selecting the hair to the object that has the hair on it. Then it will all be grand.

  111. Roberto Carbonell

    Whoa… a lot of information…now that you mention dpit and vray, theres is a way they could work together??? Thanks a lot for the information

  112. CollinBishop

    You going to be at Siggraph this year? As for Chicago… Rock on, went to Columbia, class of 06. Good town….

  113. Don’t hate the player hate the game… and for the last time that’s not my reel… Good lord.

  114. Jacob, are you serious? Nick is an amazing talent who is sharing his knowledge with the world. Nick can not help it if someone is not willing to take what he shows them and apply it in their own unique way. Yes people copy and steal all the time but don’t hold that against the person who provided the information. Nick preaches all the time about being unique and not a clone. He has posted many rants about not using tuts in reels. Nick never claimed in his mission statement to be the next Andrew Cramer. He is Nick Cambell who is a true multimedia talent.

  115. Jacob>>> Who you think you are, to forbid someone to do anything… C’mon this is not the URSS or China… the knowledge that Nick share it’s priceless… You can mess with me but don’t mess with Nick… Not cool… Not cool

  116. just getting into hair now for a uni project. was thinking of shooting and compositing hair using hdr lighting. is there anyway hair can work with GI? i had a play however the hair rendered for GI seems blurred/lacks shadow. Is there anyway hair could work with GI? or do i have to look into vray?

    Thanks a million!

  117. Jeremy Frye

    Fabian –
    Holy crap – you just answered 3 huge questions for me. Thank you a ton for these important tips.


  118. Diego VON Diego

    Ok ! That was it ! I was trying to recreate this directly in C4D… And I failed !
    Anyway, thx for this quick reply.

  119. Leifhenning

    Re: Fabian

    If you go to hair render settings and change render from “Raster 8-bit” to “Raster post” you get additional multi-pass settings and can enable DOF, among other things.

  120. Leifhenning

    have you tried animating the length setting in the texture itself?

  121. Leifhenning

    Perhaps the Hair render hasn’t been activated in the render settings?

  122. Re: Nick

    No worries! Your welcome! πŸ˜€


    Awesome Tip! This one is really helpful! Thanks a million! πŸ˜€

  123. Man thanks! I wish I’d know about that DOF enabling a few months back. As far as I could find on the net… the answer was no.

  124. stphn

    yep I figure that out and because I ‘imported my character into a new scene… and feel too stupid to post

    it’s not automatic ^^ need some sleep


  125. Sure – First, paint a vector map, then in each of fields you want to apply the vector map (let’s say Hairs<Growth<Density), click on the arrow beside density and select "Effects<Vector Map". Drag (or browse to) your Vector Map into this field. This will apply this map into this property. By using a vector map, you can precisely apply (in this case) hair in certain areas, or length or even color of hair to its precise location on an object. Look for Vector Map tutorials…they are very powerful.

  126. ****PALM SLAPS HEAD*****

    I meant to say Vertex Maps, not Vector. Sorry for the confusion.

  127. @ HMA – not to continue this flame, but really dude i encourage you to listen to nick’s podcasts relating to demo reels, then watch your demo reel, then you will educated enough to not to put tutorials in your reel πŸ™‚

    Nick your tutorials are not cheezy – like someone said you teach the buttons and i learn the buttons.


  128. Create the numbers with moText, and make them editable.
    Then make a cloner and make it clone to the object, in this case the numbers. Set it to surface. Put the objects(like the christmas lights) you would like to put on the numbers in the cloner object. Now it should clone into the number. You can hide the editable motext with the 2 little lights behind its name on the top right.Add a tracer object and give it a hair material, make it trace the cloner object; make sure you change the trace mode to connect objects. When switching between numbers just animate the object your cloning on. If it’s happing to sudden you can try to add a delay effector in it.

    Think this should resemble what he created πŸ™‚ Not sure about the right tracer settings, mine goes all crazy, there must be a way to have more control over it, perhaps someone else here knows how.

  129. CollinBishop

    Yea I should be there. Only for a few days but I am sure I can swing by your way in that time… Got to get out of Dubai to begin with. I am dreading the 16 hour flight…..

  130. CollinBishop

    Digital_tutor just came out with a Character Tutorial. Pretty basic. But gets the point across. Also at C4DCafe a guy named Vertex-pusher sells a series for $25 on his site.

  131. There’s also Wipix’s Advanced Character Rigging tutorial that came with R11 I believe. Perhaps you can get your hands on that. It’s pretty extensive and complex at times but it can give you full control over your rigs.

  132. storm

    You can actually use volumetric light to recreat that!

  133. It is unfair to criticize HMA if all reels have some parts of tutorials on them, i seen a lot of reels and itΒ΄s true, a lot of people put some tuts, on their reels… good job NICK

  134. Rob,

    now, this is frakin’ awsome! Never realized that. That helps me a lot with a projekt I’m recently on!



  135. I’m not sure, what you mean, but you can add hair to every dynamic object.

    So just add a rigid body tag to the sphere and a ground with collision object tag.

    Now, with the sphere selected, simply add the hair, via the simulation menu.

    This way you should get a hairy bouncing ball πŸ™‚

  136. CollinBishop

    A individual object has no hotkey. Thus why I just press “E”

  137. i’ve been trying to hire another mograph person and I have to be honest, the last 12 reels i’ve seen have been made up ENTIRELY of nicks tutorials. it is the same thing as what andrew kramer did to AE, the same as what bloom did to shooting… its easy to pirate software and impress friends with borrowed knowledge and creativity.

    its not nicks fault though, hes only trying to help.

    and @HMA, if that is truly not your reel as you claim, maybe you should consider taking it down or atleast not linking to it on a site full of professionals

  138. may seem that I am hitting Nick, BY I DON’T,It can be misunderstood, i put… GOOD JOB NICK, and sincerly mean GOOD JOB, you rock man, really.

  139. You can’t create tutorials without someone trying to use it in their reel. Video copilot is the biggest case & point. I’ve seen so many of his tutorial files being repurposed as someone elses work, sometimes even as blatant as putting their logo on top of the same comp.

    What Nick & andrew do is a great service. Their tutorials are free and theres no clause to say that you have to buy their products. They’ve gotten a lot of people interested in motion graphics and cinema4d. It not up to them to police the people who rip them off, sad tho it is, and its not their fault people copy the work.

    If you copy the work your get found out sooner or later, sort yourself out. I hope they just keep putting out tutorials to keep people learning and inspired

  140. To all you guys:
    I put the link because it is my project, I’m trying to make a site like Nick’s reelroulette, but FOR MY COUNTRY, and FOR FREE. The reel in the site right now itΒ΄s a DEMO.

  141. not to beat a dead horse, but if thats the case, and your name is on this, you should still credit the people who came up with the ideas and concepts if your DEMO.

  142. Richard

    I gotta agree. though we all know that Nick is cashing in on people with pirated software, really how many viewers would he have and how many of his products would he sell if everyone had to dish out $4K to follow. imo Nick and AK and alike are helping to ruin the industry for those who paid for their gear.

  143. @Richard “imo Nick and AK and alike are helping to ruin the industry for those who paid for their gear.”


  144. Roberto Carbonell

    thanks, lol I was a little confuse with the vector maps… thanks for the info I gonna try what you say… thanks again… πŸ˜€

  145. CollinBishop

    Quite a few things have changed since the WIPIX tutorials. R12 has been a valuable upgrade and I would approach things through DT or Vertex-Pusher because they are R12. Cineversity is also a valuable resource but even they have older material that you must adapt to R12 techniques. Just my view on things. In all you must collectively look at multiple resources and form them into your own structure. By and far Cineversity is the best resource given their extensive library…

  146. CollinBishop

    VRay to DPIT workflow

    Under VrayBridge click “Environment Fog” under the environment tab.

    Under “color,” “density,” and “emissions” load the FSS surface shader in the DPIT dropdown on the shader menu. All shaders should sample UVW coordinates.

    Next run the color shader off of the “smoke data” and set it to a B/W gradient. Generally speaking there should be a lower value of blacks.

    Next run the “fog emission” off of the temperature data. This should be set to values that mimic a incandescent light source. A “blackbody” preset is provided and does a good job of mimicing the proper values.

    Next run “density” off of the smoke data.

    Next we set up a cube within the fluid solver and add a VRay Gizmo tag from the DPIT Tag dropdown menu. This may or may not be there depending on the version of DPIT you are running. Only licensed users of DPIT have received this update.

    Next drag the cube with the “gizmo tag” into the VRay environment linkbox.

    That’s all. You can now render your shizz in VRay….



  147. Yes you’re absolutely right, and I’ve bumped into a few problems while working in R12. That said there’s still a lot of material that works fine in R12, and at least gave me a good grasp of the methods you can use in rigging in C4D.

    I’m waiting for a few payments, and as soon as these are in I’m going to purchase Vector-Pusher’s tuts, they seem quite good indeed.

  148. Roberto Carbonell

    Thanks a lot. I tried, but I lose in the part of the Vray Gizmo. So I found a video, for Samir explaining the stuff. Thats why I love this comunity. By the way the video is in this link:

    Thanks collin πŸ˜€

  149. Wow. A lot of people with a lot of issues here. Creative industries are very competitive but each to their own seriously, you dont attack each other over someone learning. If you dont agree with people doing tutorials then do your own thing.

    Art has been copied and used as inspiration since day zero.

  150. yes, that would be much appreciated, I am having trouble getting my hair to glow, after trying to add global illumination and not getting the hair to glow, it looks flat and dull like a single polygon would from the side. I also tried adding another luminance texture to the hair, but I wasn’t sure if layering textures to a tool like hair would work. I also am curious about the second render in your post. The ones with white hair. Great tutorial nick!

  151. Hey Bestia,

    I’m trying to achieve a similar effect (linking hair to audio) but having a hell of a time finding out how online. Any pointers would be muchly appreciated πŸ™‚


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