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Gauntlet Bumpers With Match-Move And Compositing Breakdown 41 Comments

Michael Jones and his team (full credit list here) sent me this beautifully shot and composited spot they did for a youth retreat in Daytona beach.

Be sure to check out the great series of videos Michael posted on his blog showing a full breakdown of one of the scenes. He shows you how he uses Camera Tracker, Cinema 4D, Light Kit Pro and After Effects to composite one of the animations.

Watch the Breakdown Tutorials

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  1. 6ranit

    I think this is called Camera Tracking,a tutorial would be Fun !!!

    • There is a link in the post to a series of tutorials about how he did the scene including Camera Tracking.

      • Nick. I just recently sent you an email asking for a tutorial like this. Thanks so much for the post. Really good stuff.

        Cheers to you man!

  2. sweet! i love bts stuff! this is just what i’ve been needing today to keep my mind off of the background renders!

  3. Thanks for posting the piece Nick…your daylight rig was used to light pretty much every scene

  4. markST

    This is really nice work. I like the pacing and feel, as well as the integration of the 3D elements and live action.

    My only critique would be that some of the Gauntlet shadows don’t seem to line up with the lighting in the composited scenes. And especially the color of the shadows is quite different from the color of the shadows in the video.
    The final logo scene shows that very well, with the gray Gauntlet logo in close proximity of the lamp post shadow, which has a light blue color.
    Also, the shadow on the railroad tracks is very flat. Would be nice if it had some displacement to make it feel more like it’s really in that environment, bending up around the rails.
    Those are just things that stood out to me.
    Overall, some really nice work! 🙂


    • thanks mark…i def agree about the shadows…and i didn’t think of displacement of that railroad scene, good thought…

    • Yup, the shadows bothered me too. To the point where I basically had to close the video. Shame.

  5. benmrx

    This was really great for a beginner like me. Nice, simple workflow. Nothing too intense. Some good ‘cheats’ to get the job done quickly and effeciently.

    Not to mention (as I’m mainly an audio guy) that the voice was nice and clear, properly compressed and leveled so as to keep a good, constant, easy listening level. This is extremely crucial IMO when doing tutorials, and gets overlooked quite often.

  6. M.Bilal Malik

    oooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ….

    Amazing tutorial

    Thanks Nick Sir .

  7. I also made a piece which covers the same technique. But my workflow was a bit different because i had to track the geometry. check it out and tell me what you think.

  8. Thank you Michael & Nick ! This is a very nice Tutorial i watched all and they were very helpfull , well explained – perfect ! I work also with camera tracker and i have this ae to c4d plugin which i found incredible in the first place but had a lot of difficulties in the work process. honestly i was hoping to find an answer for this in your tut but unfortunately this step is not explained. it would be so cool if you could explain the workflow tracking data from ae to c4d and back – that would be so cool.

    Michael : I watched some more of your tutorials and found some very helpfull tips ! Thank you very much !

    Nick : Thank you for all. City Kit is a beauty and Thx for the great Communication over the past 3 days

  9. I wanna make stuff like that!

    Ahhh, the possibilities of combining match moving with mocap…

    I need to get myself a Video Camera!

  10. Wesley

    Its a beautiful work, but, really, is more of the same. There are tons of bumpers “abstract-geometry-flying-in-real-scenario-with-a-glitchy-music” like this beeing done these days…

    Again, this doesn’t take the merit of the execution, wihich is well done.

    • second that, there`s loads of new possibilities of combining real world information and cgi with technology like autodesk`s photofly.

  11. tchsam1

    Nick your the Best! Thanks again!!!!

  12. Danner

    Are you sure it’s supposed to be for Daytona Beach? The footage I see is of Columbia, SC and Myrtle beach, SC. I was kinda shocked to see footage of the backwards city I live in (Columbia, SC) in such an awesome promo.

      • Yeah Def check out Darrin’s site…We both shot footage and did the comping…he did all of the animation and compositing work on the night version as well…

        The relevance of the locations: These were all the different cities the kids were from…and the scenes are in hopefully recognizable locations to them…It wasnt a promo, it was used during the event as speaker bumpers…

        • Danner

          Ah I see… That makes sense about the locations – for the kids to relate to them. Cool idea!

          I used promo only as a loose general term.

          You 2 guys have a new fan of your work!!

  13. Nice work!

    Just gave me the push to grab my camera first thing tomorrow after work and start a small project with our company logo!


  14. Nick…love ya, learned so much from you and got a job from what I learned from you..heres a showreel I did for my new workplace. Let me know what you think. Notice some of the inspiration?

  15. Cabbe

    why on earth did they not use the shadows from cinema 4d??? that makes no sense.

    i get that using the copy of the render as a shadow can work with stuff like particular and other plugins that doesn’t cast shadows.

    but when you have a program like cinema 4d to make the shadows why would you make fake shadows??? i don’t get it

    other than that it was a nice spot

    • I think the results of using c4d shadows are better but it does cost you more time. You’ll have to set the ground plane in the camera tracker and must export the whole scene from AE to C4D.

      Again maybe the results would be a bit better but I think this workflow is a nice cheat!

      • yeah def render time was the issue…cheating on the shadows allowed us to only render the 3d objects with an alpha channel, instead of doing full renders out of cinema…but your %100 right, shadows out of Cinema are better…had to render about 25 different scenes in a matter of 4 or 5 days

  16. tom s

    hey sorry i might being a bit dumb,,,
    but how to you get the camera data from ae into after cd4.. i tried using that ae-c4d plugin by selecting the camera layer and running the script but nothing happened in c4d when i imported the script file txt doc

    thanks if you can help

  17. tom s

    oh and yeah i couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to set a ground plane in camera tracker.. its driving me nuts

  18. Personally I feel they could have done a better job of the shadows/reflections on the C4D objects themselves. I think taking some HDRIs of the scenes and matching the lighting of the shots better would have grounded the CGI much better in to the piece.

  19. I love this kind of animation, bring cg to real footage. I already made 1 of this kind a couple of days ago, its a lot of fun ^^

    I dont know how they did with the light and reflection, but for me i took 1 frame of the video and fake it into the sky :). Its not so hard to make, you can just spend some hours to learn syntheye and export .dae into C4D. You’d better give a shot! have fun ^^

  20. I almost peed when I saw this thumbnail! I have been to the building in the first shot! I live pretty close to there! 😀 So cool to see Your world and my world meet up!

  21. jp dizon

    i really want to learn hot to do that. mixing cinema 4d with those kind of videos. i just started using cinema 4d 11.5