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“Shape City” Coming soon to City Kit 60 Comments

We are very excited to announce City Kit Version 1.2 featuring Shape City. Adding a city to any shape is the number one requested feature for the City Kit and we are glad to finally have it ready in this upcoming version. This will be a free update if you already own City Kit and should be released early next week. Stay tuned to GSG for the official launch day and video showing all the new features of City Kit 1.2 coming soon.

City Shape Examples

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  1. Leonard

    Wow Nick, as always very nice work, thank you for this Kit!! can´t wait

  2. Scott Melchionda

    Will this be a free update for existing City Kit customers, or paid?

  3. Dude, you are a fuckin prodigy! You always hit the right nerve! Hard to give you some critique buddy HEHE

    CHeers Mate! And keep it up

  4. Awesome! Quick question on positioning the buildings on objects… do they always “grow” straight out from the object or is there an option to have them grow in one direction, like always be pointing straight up? I could see this being particularly useful applying these buildings to the landscape object.

    • There is an option to have them all point in one direction built into the rig. Exactly made for the landscape primitive.

    • Andrea

      Quick tip on Cloner Object when you clone onto anotjer object: To have the cloners pointing to the normal direction of the object you have to change the axis and rotate it so that the “Z” is pointing up. This is something i was going crazy to figure out. Why did Maxon decided to use the Z axis instead of Y.

  5. Bryan

    Looking pretty darn awesome! Can’t wait for the update.

  6. Shammon

    I was trying to figure out this effect with the city-gen plugin. Your way too fast Nick.

  7. Todd VanSlyck

    If only Christopher Nolan had this during Inception he coulda saved a few bucks lol

  8. Can’t wait for this update! I’m expecting lots of Inception animations popping up once this hits the streets!

  9. rolando arroyo

    Awesome nick ! saw a tut to do something similar with vue.. but this one will rock !

    Thanks in advance

  10. Linus

    Awesome Nick, been waiting for this. This will make so much easier!

  11. Wayne

    That’s quite the upgrade señor. I was back and forth on weather to get it, now…it will be mine, oh yes, it will be mine. Now, I wonder… is there something in the kit that tells the random effector choosing the buildings to limit the building size height based on the relative angle of adjacent polygons? (with respect to objects like the tube or the lifesaver looking one)

  12. Tommy

    I’m thinking of making a paradox with this!

    Great job!

    ???? from israel!

  13. Hi Nick!

    great stuff, mate! Was thinking about putting the city in a bend deformer, add more segments to the city’s plane and bedning the sh*t out of it..would that still work without the shape update?

  14. Hey guys

    I am a beginner who is learning cinema 4d R12 and I really want someone’s help in choosing the right graphics card for my pc,I was thinking of either

    Geforce GTX 560
    ATI Radeon 6870

    cuz I am still a student and can’t go for high end cards.

    So please help me out choose one.Thanks

    • Rayne


      Really there are very few right choices when it comes to the purchasing of a graphics card – there is simply what you can afford and that’s all there is to it.

      The Geforce GTX 560 is perfectly adequate.

      I’m actually running R12 on a quad with even less graphics poke under the hood and I’ve been driving C4D since at least R6. Other than the enhanced GL function being disabled, R12’s running sweet as y’please and rendering away nicely.

      You’ll never have the “right” graphics card for your PC – just what either came with it or you stuck in it.

      You’ll never actually buy the “right” card – only what other people tell you they bought.

      I mean – check out Nick. He’s running something like a 12 core MAC and CityKit spams out the graphics card on even his rig….

      Still. It’s a terribly pretty box.

      Conversely the crappy GeForce 460 the motherboard came built with on my poultry effort (about which Windows 7 tuts and quietly shakes its head in dispair over in assessment) routinely copes with Vue Xtreme scenes, often pushing poly’s way into the millions around without so much as slowing.

      If you want a recommendation – go for the Geforce. It plays nice with all the other kids – you may loose out on R12’s Enhanced GL option – frankly, you can live without it. Not going to get in the way if it does, y’just have to render to check your textures if you’re doing higher end work requiring shade effectors.

      I wouldn’t sweat it for now.


      That’s all actually anyone has.

      • Thanks a lot “Rayne” for such a good and professional response.I am still at the learning stage so I don’t even think I could do any kind of complex modelling now,so as you said I will go for the GeForce GTX 560(had a liking for that card for a long time though).

        My Current PC Specs are:

        Processor :AMD Phenom II X4 945
        RAM :2GB (will upgrade to 4GB)
        Graphics card :GeForce 9400 GT (Current One)
        Motherboard :ASUS M4A785T-M
        Power Supply :500 Watt SMPS

        I know it kinda sucks but that’s what I am stuck with right now, may be with the new graphics card(GTX 560) my performance will improve….

        Let me know if I have to make any more changes for the C4D R12 to work a little smoother.

        (I am still a beginner so don’t need any huge changes though hehe!!)

        Thanks again!

        • Rayne

          :)… My pleasure, Troy.

          The spec’s on you’re machine are fine. More RAM would be better but – look at it this way – as y’say, you’re starting out. Hell, y’don’t even know if you’re going to take to this stuff yet.

          As and when you get the chance, upgrade the RAM to at least 4GB – more if it will take it.

          But other than that you’ve enough machine to cope with most things. Just get stuck in, enjoy yourself – see how far y’can go. You’re only going to need bigger and more powerful the more into the whole CG thing y’go – and that’s the way it should be.

          Starting out with a rig that can animate a whole movie – it’s a waste of rig, not needed. And, when I think of the machine I started out with – trust me, you’re starting out with NASA in comparison.

          Just, like I say – up the RAM if you can squeeze the extra bucks for it – things will run a lot quicker and smoother the more RAM you have.

          Other than that, you’re good to go.

          Have fun.


          • Thanks again Rayne 🙂

            Will definitely do as said above and upgrade the ram as much possible.

            you are 100% correct about starting off with a normal cpu instead of a fully powered cpu as I can’t fully utilize the potential of that cpu.

            I have completely set my mind on learning 3d animation,motion graphics and all so will upgrade the machine as per the requirements.

            It really isn’t easy to learn when with just video tuts though hehe 🙂

            Really thanks a lot 🙂

  15. william

    city on text been waiting to do that the simple way ….the work around sucks

  16. stevie

    Very nice, some standard street ensembles would be nice too.

  17. hi,

    how can i change the number of segments without changing the radius of the object which the buildings are cloned on? whenever i try to change the value in either segments or radius, both values change…

    help appreciated.

  18. Hi Nick, was wondering if there was going to be a tutorial for shaping polygons with the cinema kit? or perhaps there already is one? sorry to be a pest. Cheers !


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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.