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Using Form 2.0 with Cinema 4D 22 Comments

Chicago C4D released a video of Gavin Morrissey’s talk about integrating Cinema 4D and Trapcode Form 2.0.

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  1. TuhinBagh

    Awesome mate.!!! but i think i had knew this..!!

  2. I hadn’t played with that. Useful technique.

  3. What about splines only with no geometry? If anyone gets the chance to test that I’d like to know.

  4. at the end: “what about realflow?” LOL, would love to see how that looks like!

  5. Nice one, I didn’t know that morgaph was able to drive form…nice!

    • If you look through a lot of Nick’s older tutorials, along with hundreds of others all over the internet, you’ll be able to gather enough knowledge to be able to recreate that yourself. If you’ve never used C4D before, I believe you could still achieve it within one week

    • artkusika

      yeah i think that easy though, if u hve learned all the nick’s tutorial, u’ll know what to do to make that effect 🙂

  6. Bubba

    cannot figure out why such cool digital artists with such cool work make such bad quality video presentations…

    • yea, was a bit sloppy and VERY long for something that could be demonstrated in 10 minutes.

    • Have to agree…. ok it was videod at a public demonstration, but it could easily have had all those mistakes edited out to make for a more informative tut. i didn’t need to see him importing the wrong file again and again

      • Rafael Coelho

        I think that a tutorial with a lot of cuts won’t be as helpful as one that he continues talking to you.

        Just my opinion, I prefer tuts without cuts.


  7. Isaac

    anyone have any idea what hardware theyre using for this? The navigation through form seemed so fluid and rendered relatively quickly. Are they using a specific Video card such as a quadro for this? Or is it all pretty much relying on a possible 12 core system?

    • Gavmorr

      Hey Isaac,
      No FX cards, just an 8-Core Xeon Mac Pro, 20GB RAM and a ATI 5870. Also, the skip vertex feature helps a great deal during setup. Form (same as Particular) is just a quick plugin!!

  8. Vishal

    Can’t watch the tutorial. Is it hosted on Vimeo? How come I see only a blank frame?

  9. Hi Dear Nick. Hope you are fine.

    Nick can you please give a tutorial about how to make a glass (perfume bottle) with liquid inside. I created the bottle model and apply transparency material as glass, but still I am not getting that professional render output. Could you please gide me. Thank you .

    regards > Anil Joy

  10. Hey Gavin, you were my mograph instructor at full sail, good to see you are on to bigger and better things. Well done!

  11. This was brillant!

    Where can i sign up! A class that i can sit and do C4D work and AE work!

    That would be a dream!

    Thanks for a brilliant video 🙂