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GSG Flag: Free Customizable C4D Flag Scene File 100 Comments

Download the GSG Flag Scene File Here

Just a quick video showing a quick animation I made yesterday. I was playing around making a flag animation and found a pretty simple, stylistic way to do it. It renders super fast and is customizable. Just change the PSD file attached and you can make it whatever you want. A Fresnel on the diffusion is handling all of the shading. I show a bit of the compositing in After Effects at the end of the video too if you are interested. Drop a link in the comments or on the Facebook Page if you make anything cool with it. Enjoy!

Sample Renders

Based on This Current TV Logo Animation.

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  1. Krist

    Hey Nick,

    nice “Vigo The Carpathian” painting…. thanks for sharing and inspiring.


    Krist (ze german)

  2. jonathan krebs

    Hey there, I was actually making a flag for something and I kept having a problem where the flag would blow and bend over on itself making it look silly when it just went right thru the flag. basically it wasn’t colliding with its self and just flapped right thru it. How can I fix this so that when the flag blows on its self it will physically collide with it and not go thru it?

    • well, thats because the scene is based on it (as stated in the post)

  3. If anyone is interested in the real story behind how the Current TV logo animation was developed, check out While Wolff Olins (and Ghava) were involved in the design/development phase of the project, the execution of the on-air package, including the final logo animations, were done here at loyalkaspar. Credit where credit is due.

    Sorry for the interjection. Great post and thank you for sharing your work.

  4. ThaiPrayBoy

    Hi Nick

    thanks for sharing.
    and i want to ask you to looping this flag

    i’ve tried to learn this cloth simulation for looping but…. Not things

    Sorry for my bad english

    • William

      Don’t think you can make the dynamics loop
      But if you go under Dynamics bake you could just flip the animation have not tried it but should be some way to get it to work that way

      guess you could render out frames 0-100 then in AE or some other editor put your render in then behind it reverse the video
      so be frames 0-100 then 99-1

      • Dickon


        There isn’t really a good way to loop the dynamics and playing the frames backwards doesn’t usually look that good either. But one work around I’ve used is to not use dynamics at all, but instead use a Shader Effector to deform the flag with a Noise shader on it – which is loop able.

        • dixone


          duplicate your baked animation, you can morph the animation together, again and again…. tadahh looped!


    • Randall Ryan

      My best suggestion to making a loopable flag is to not use Cinema 4D at all. Zaxwerks 3D Flag is so much easier to use when it comes to making flags, plus all you have to do is tell it to loop and it will do it AUTOMATICALLY! Super awesome.

    • giangianni

      You run your cloth sim, let’s say 200 frames… stop it in a cool position and set an initial state in your cloth tag, then cache the sim with a point cache tag and not with the cloth tag cache function ( right click > character> point cache) . Once that’s done you can get rid of the cloth tag. Then duplicate your point cache tag, call the first tag A and second one B and disable B. In point cache A Offset to negative 100 (half the length of your timeline). Now add a point cache deformer to your flag make it a child of the mesh (from the top menu bar> character> point cache) and drag point cache B into the deformer object tag slot. now go somewhere in the middle of you timeline and animate the weight of the point cache deformer from 0 to 100. Now you have your morph from the one cache to the other (A to B). Just shorten your timeline to 99 frames and you have it looping.

  5. Hey Nick!
    You’re sounding a little lackluster on your trademark “I am the Gorilla…” intro:)
    You rock bud, keep up the great work, thanks for all you do.

  6. actually this tutorial reminded me with a problem that i had , when i made an animated flag then i applied a texture with alpha that looks like the flag is kind of teared off specially at the edges, the problem is that, the background of the flag is out of focus, that did not work very well on the alpha channel material, i tried several composting tags yet didn’t work…. any suggestions ?????

  7. Paulo Filipe

    Nick, do you mind making a quick tutorial about how you build this scene?
    I wonder how you built the forces and how you attached the flag onto the pole.

    Thank you!

    • To attach the flag to the pole use the cloth belt tag. The belt tag goes on your flag object. Select the points you watch to belt on your pole, drag the pole object into the Belt On field on the belt tag and hit set. Those points are now belted to the flag and if you move the pole around, the flag now moves with it.
      Forces you can just play around with wind strength/direction and cloth properties as well. Hopefully this file helps you out a bit

  8. Hey Nick!
    FLASHBACK on the Winner of the Motion Graphics Vimeo Award: TRIANGLE…..
    I know he use something like CLOTH. But how can we give the effect “damaged clothing” ?
    (second 39)

    Ragards from Argentina!

    • you could try to paint a mask for the ‘damaged’ area and then apply it as an alpha in your material

  9. Nice work Nick Great flag object. I used cloth a lot doing Textile Washing simulation just lately you can spend hours just messing around with the settings but great fun.

  10. Phil Biggs

    Hey guys,
    To make a looping flag you can use the Pose Morph tag. Cache your cloth then duplicate your object (you may have to re-cache your duplicate). Then half the length of your timeline and offset the cache of your original object by the same (negative) amount. So if your original timeline was 300 frames, make your timeline 150 frames and offset your original object by -150. Add a Pose Morph tag to the first object and keyframe it to morph from the original flag to the duplicate in the middle of the animation (say from frame 75 to 105). You’re basically cross-fading the geometry. Turn off the visibility of the duplicate and you then have a looping flag. Just take off the last frame of the timeline (make it 149) to account for frame 0.
    Hope this helps,

  11. Qaiser

    Is this preset supports 11.5 ????
    It does not i think

  12. Turan

    Is there a way to loop the flag – preferably without starting from a flat position?

  13. Used three different flag sims for a semi pro hockey teams intro video.

    It was my first times using wind dynamics on cloth and I wanted more movement than wht you and current have. I love how your flag feels sturdy but I wanted something that looked as though it was being held on a pole as a cavalier galloped into battle

  14. Marco

    nick please, a tutorial on how to inflate the letters in C4D

  15. AndyJim

    ???????!!! ?? ????????? ??????? !! ???? ??????? ???? ?????!

  16. Alex Borovkov

    Thank you Nick! I love that you always try to keep things simple as possible. But i’m about more complicated stuff. When can we wait tuts from Chris Shmidt? His series of Wednesday tutorials looks kinda unfinished. And of course big respect for you and your team from Russia!

  17. isaac kinyua

    hey greyscale love your work especially the tutorials(i sent a reply earlier but can seem to find it displayed) anyway i was wondering if you knew any good references for materials,textures and lighting a scene thanks am kind getting confused when doing my own projects what to apply to make it have some umph thanks in advance(if anyone knows please help)

    • isaac kinyua

      it can be a book(most prefered) ,or a website thanks

      • isaac

        hey guys plz plz help me out in our country there no schools that teach any of these so your all i got. . . Thanks

  18. How would you go about removing the shading? As the CurrentTV rebrand shows, there’s no shading in the folds of the flag. It’s as if it’s a flat vector being warped.

  19. One of the things I like better about the currentTV animation is that they completely omitted shadows. It confuses the eye a little bit and makes it more interesting, less tangibly 3D.

  20. carlos Tejas

    I am a big fan of his work, I’m specifically for Afrca Southern Mozambique, and learn a lot from their work

  21. Marcin

    flag does not work on Broadcast Cinema 4D R13 because there is no tag Cloth … any suggestion …?, help;)

  22. Hola!! pero cuales son los pasos o la parte 1 quiero saber hacer esto que tu hiciste pero desde el principio, quiero aprender a hacerlo

  23. it doesn`t work on my pc. a flag isn`t moving. what the matter?

  24. hey, really want to have a go at this, i have the new c4d 13 but when i load the supplied file it says the cloth plugin is missing? im confused, please help!

    : )

  25. It seems like I’m the only person having this issue, but when I open this up, the flag is stationary…
    Am I missing a wind plugin?

    This looks awesome by the way!
    Thank you Nick!

    • Manuel

      uninstall and reinstall as studio not ass broadcast!!

  26. MightyZeus

    I’m having problems with my flag. I did my logo and all in photoshop cs6 and followed the video to the tee. But once I save the PSD file and import it into cinema 4d, the logo is pixelated? How to I resolve this issue or will it sort itself out once I render it?

    • MightyZeus

      How do I get an exact carbon copy of what I did in PS CS6 in terms of quality?

  27. casperz

    I can’t seem to change the overall PSR of the flag, does anyone know why that might be, I’m sure it’s simple I’m just forgetting something. Thanks in advance.



  29. Great Nick. I’m going to do the tut, but could I use your scene file for a project I’m working on?

  30. Statik

    Do you know if there would be anyway to animate a the flag position and scale. It will not let me move the flag or scale it when the cloth dynamics are on, so it is making it hard.

  31. Seems I don’t have the plugin cloth in my C4D. Strange.. How can I add it in???

  32. Manuel

    I got a problem, I go in to the simulation tag and does not appear cloth tag, I do not know what happens, Cinema R14

  33. Jessica

    I have downloaded this and done the edits ect but it wont allow the image to move its just a still flag?
    I came to this as my cinema 4d r14 doesn’t seem to have the cloth tag anywhere its frustrating me as i downloaded the studio one to! can you help?

  34. Hussein

    Great File! thank you. I was just wondering how to change the shape of the flag? Im very new to c4d, any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks!


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This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.