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Limited Edition Greyscalegorilla T-Shirt 49 Comments


T-shirts? YES! We made our first T-Shirt to celebrate the excellent new Greyscalegorilla logo and branding from Jeremiah and Danny. It’s a soft, slim-fit, comfy, dark grey shirt with our new brand logo front and center. Finally a logo to love and wear.

The T-Shirt Sale Has Ended

Thank you to everyone who bought a limited edition shirt. We will begin to ship them during the week of April 15.

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  1. MarsCell

    Ha! Great!… *ding ding ding ding*… 2 M Sized Shirts for Germany ordered… 😉

    They really look great BUT (haha… here comes the rant… 😉 ): Where is that cool stylish “greyscalegorilla” writing? Didn’t fit on the shirt? Looked “rubbish” together with the logo?

    I guess you guys played all possibilities and came up with the best looking shirt anyway…

    Can’t wait to get my parcel… 🙂


    • Hey marscell,

      Did your order already arrive? I’m still waiting for mine. Beeing in Germany too.


  2. Pelle , LogicDutch

    Looks awesome! , but I agree with Marscell why not the Greyscalegorilla writing?
    and why not a popping colour? But guys this looks wicked !

  3. Gustaf

    Realy like the t-shirts, but I’d like to make a hoddie with the logo (cause i live in the notrh) can i use the loggo?

  4. oscar

    i’d buy one in orange! (just ordered this one too though)

  5. Remington

    I’d love to see one with your name on it somewhere. I feel like no one would really understand why I’m wearing a shirt with a gorilla on it up here in North Idaho 😉

  6. Robert

    Yes, but that’s the whole idea.. The majority of people will just think that’s a cool looking gorilla on your shirt. But, the few that come up to you and say “Hay! Greyscalegorilla, I love that guy” You’ll know a true follower.. Love the shirt Nick, just the way it is.. hoodies aren’t cool.

  7. oh only the shipping to Dubai cost 14 box, but more variation on colors would be great thou.

  8. Will go great with my C4D shirt. I love the design, it’s very GSG.

  9. Todd VanSlyck

    I see the threat of “Occupy GSG” worked. Muhahahaha! I will be purchasing one soon!

  10. Tony Mueller

    Slim fit? You skinny people think you’re so cool. I guess no shirt for me then.

  11. Christopher

    Are the eyes and nostrils diff colors on the printed shirt?

  12. melon seeds

    I’m from China?I’m learning Cinema 4D.My English is not good?You have always been my idol?I just want to say I love you?

  13. Lex Wily

    Fuchsia would be hot. But yeah wait til the $$$ rolls in from this sale. It’s all about branding.

  14. TJ Rogers

    Love It! Can’t wait to receive it in the mail! Love your tutorials and talks! Love, love, love me some GSG.

  15. jonny

    want one but any chance you can make a ‘small logo’ version ? less is more

  16. Dave Angelini

    Love the shirt…..the gorilla’s hair style looks oddly familiar 😉

    Please unpack this statement: “This Batch 01 shirt color will never be printed again.”

    Does this mean there will be future batches with different colors?

    Any thoughts to polo shirts?

  17. massta

    Looks too much like the band Gorillaz. Especially with no name.

    Also, your a graphic design artist, can’t you do better? Sure simple is good but it’s only a gorilla head. Adding some artistic detail to this single idea would of been better.

    Price: $20 sounds like to me like your more interested in making money than promoting yourself. I’d pay $25-30 for a t-shirt that had more colors/graphics and was union made and organic.

    Hope my comments help. Just bought the book T-Shirt Profits by Andreea Ayers and look forward to reading it. Seemed like the best one on this subject.

    • You’re coming down on him for not charging more money? Why don’t you go ahead and donate more money, then?

      • massta

        Hey John,

        Sorry you feel like I’m “coming down” on him. I would like to apologize for the “your more interested in making money than promoting yourself” comment.

        Everything else I wrote should stand. I like the design but I wouldn’t wear it. I think the design would be better as tag or small logo printed on the shirt (thinking of Johnny Cupcakes cupcake logo on a tag located on a seam).

  18. When can we expect delivery (ordered Mar27)? I live in LA… How many of these did you guys print anyway? Glad I got this limited edition…

  19. Justin

    Just wondering when these are going to ship out. Ordered mine on the day they went on sale and haven’t gotten a shipping notification yet.

  20. Alexia

    The shirts will be shipped out around April 17th. If you have questions about your order, you can email support. 🙂

  21. Tremain


    I just popped on the site to buy one… Well, I was gonna two…


  22. Paul Lery

    I ordered 2 t-shirts on 4/7. The money was taken and the order confirmed. It is now the 29th of April and I have not heard anything about the t-shirts. I would like to know where my shirts are. Please email back. I have also emailed the support email account about this.


  23. Charles Lamour

    Hey Guys I purchased my T-shirt a long time ago and I’m still waiting 🙁 I believe I’ve been waiting for a month now… Help me out Nick!

  24. oscar

    just got my t-shirt yesterday! its awesome. thank you!

  25. Myles

    Just got my t-shirt in Melbourne. Love it. Thanks guys!

  26. Ordered mine Mar27, I went to Manila mid-April and will be back in LA this weekend. Just wanted to know if I should expect something in my mail since I didn’t get any info if it went out… Thank you!

  27. Bai Yin

    Hi Nick, can you please do this t-shirt thing again soon? And add some more options such as hoddies and different colors, or even hats?! Motiongraphic designers nowadays lack apparels identify ourselves as a community and Greyscalegorilla do have a good name among a lot of people.

    • Yea I’d order another, it’s basically my favorite shirt.


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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.