Cinema 4D R18 Is Announced!

  1. C4D R18 is HERE! 29 Comments

    Maxon just announced the much-anticipated R18 update and we are breaking down all our favorite new features!


    We are excited to bring you these quick breakdowns and we promise more in-depth tutorials are not far away. Also, be sure to check out Maxon’s site for a complete list of new features. So enough talk, let’s see what’s NEW!

    New Mograph Object: Voronoi Fracture

    New Mograph Effector: Push Apart

    New Viewport Enhancements

    New Mograph Features

    New Knife Tools

    New Mograph Effector: RE:Effector

    New Thin Film Shader

    New Bump Map Feature: Parallax

    New Vertex Color Tag

    GreyscaleGorilla Transform R18 Integration

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  2. The Best GIF Optimization Techniques for Photoshop 5 Comments

    In this tutorial, I’m going to cover the best GIF optimization techniques in Photoshop to help make your Cinema 4D renders look super nice with the lowest file sizes possible so you can easily post them in GIF form anywhere on the interwebs!  GIFs are all the rage these days and its important to learn how you can make them look as good as possible no matter what type of image you’re dealing with!  Oh, and GIF is pronounced GUH-IF.  Get outta here with your jifs! 😉

    In this tutorial you’ll:

    •  Tackle 4 unique animation scenarios utilizing different optimization
    techniques for each one

    •  Learn all about color reduction algorithms, Diffusion options, and Web Snap

    •  Optimize each scene balancing low file size with best image quality

    •  Pronounce GIF the right way

    If you have any questions, be sure to post it in the comments section and if you create any fun GIFs, I’d love to see them!  Thanks for watching!

    Be sure to follow me on Dribbble to see more of my Cinema 4D animated GIF renders!


    Visit for more from EJ

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  3. GSG @ Siggraph 2016 1 Comment

    gsg_siggraphIt’s Siggraph time again and GSG will be in Annehiem with live shows, demos at our very own GSG Booth, and maybe even some new product teasers! Below you will find all the information you need. Find out the When, where, and how to see all things GSG at Siggraph!

    General Siggraph 2016 Information and tickets can be purchased here.


    When is Siggraph?

    The Exhibition is from July 24th to July 27 and is in Annehiem California.

    Who from GSG will be in attendance?

    Nick, Chris, Chad, and EJ will all be speaking, demo-ing, and hanging out.

    How can I see all the action?

    Easy. You can either be there for the real-deal OR you can tune into for streaming content! We will also be streaming from time to time via Facebook.

    I heard that GSG has a booth, is that true?

    Why yes it is! GSG will be in a corner booth that is part of Maxon’s big ole’ booth. It’s the first time we’ve had a “booth” at Siggraph or any other event, so stop by to chat and pick up some swag!

    GSG Siggraph Demo Schedule:

    Tuesday, July 26th @ 10:30am PST : Chris Schmidt

    Tuesday, July 26th @ 11:30am PST : EJ Hassenfratz

    Tuesday, July 26th @ 1:30pm PST : Nick Campbell

    Wednesday, July 27th @ 11:30am PST : Chad Ashley

    Thursday, July 28th @ 12:30pm PST : Chad Ashley

    Get Social!

    We will also be live Facebook streaming throughout the show, so be sure to keep an eye out on FB for that. Feel free to tweet at us during the show as well @gsg3d. We’ll also be posting to Instagram as well!



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  4. Create Melting Objects in Cinema 4D 24 Comments

    After many requests it was time to jump in and show you all how I created my “Asymmetric Melt Series”. We are again going to dive into Cinema 4D’s awesome Sculpting tools to make our objects drip and melt!

    In this Tutorial you will:

    1. Use modeling tools to prep your object

    2. Jump into Cinema 4D’s sculpting tools to refine your drips and add detail

    3.  Set up some materials and lighting in Octane

    Below are select frames we will be able to create from the tutorial:

    Preparation For Excellence: “Mustard” Day 202/365 #everyday

    A photo posted by David Brodeur (@lockedandloading) on

    Preparation For Excellence: “Euclidean” Day 210/365 #everyday

    A photo posted by David Brodeur (@lockedandloading) on

    Preparation For Excellence: “Blood” Day 187/365 #everyday

    A photo posted by David Brodeur (@lockedandloading) on



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  5. Millions Of Reflection Combinations – One Plugin 8 Comments

    Topcoat 1.5 is out and it’s the best version of Topcoat yet!


    New in Topcoat Version 1.5

    • New Modifiers Tab displays Accurate Feedback.
    • New Blurs section adds realistic blur effects to your textures.
    • New Anisotropy effects give you that brushed metal look in seconds.
    • New Vertical Layout option. Perfect for docking the interface in your Cinema 4D Layout.
    • Texture Colors Can now be picked in the main interface.
    • Instantly rename your layers by double clicking.
    • Layers can be easily dragged to rearrange.
    • Easily Solo Layers.
    • Bump, blur, and mask presets can be right-clicked to add to other channels.
    • Transparency Reflectance Channel can now be accessed and modified in Topcoat
    • New “Invert Bump” button in Modifiers.
    • New “Color to Bump” button in Modifiers.


    • Easily add realistic and eye-catching reflectance and color to your scene with our new easy to use interface.
    • Speed up the process of adjusting your render settings. Choose from over 14 Render Fast™ Presets included with Topcoat and get to your final render quicker.
    • Add realistic worn textures to your objects with our new Blurs presets.


    Free Update

    Topcoat 1.5 is a free update for current owners of Topcoat. Just go to the Updates Page to download the latest version.

    Don’t own Topcoat yet? What are you waiting for? Learn more about Topcoat and Version 1.5 here and get your reflection and reflectance game rocking for your next C4D render.

    Some Examples…




    All images are made with Topcoat and rendered using Physical Renderer and our GSG Render Fast™ Presets.

    Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

    Here is what some of our customers have to say about using Topcoat in their C4D workflow.

    Topcoat is great for adding realistic wear and grunge layers that give objects that extra punch to look real. Mike Hjorleifsson – C4D Instructor and Freelancer

    Reflectance got to be too complicated. Topcoat simplifies my life just like HDRI Studio did to help get the look I wanted. – Travis Turner – C4D Freelancer

    I love HDRI Rig and Topcoat. The tools you provide are real time savers. – Jim Rodney – 3D Design Engineer

    I have it docked in my layout, I use it so much. If my models don’t have the right reflectance, i’m always throwing on and layering a few things. It’s optimized well, too. – Ryan Daniels – Freelancer

    Learn More About Topcoat.


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