X-PARTICLES: millions of particles, fast render times

  1. How To Fill A Volume with Clones Without Intersections In Cinema 4D 56 Comments


    In this tutorial, I will show you how to fill an object with clones without them intersecting. Then, we will go over how to color your clones by using a plain effector. This tutorial is based on these wonderful renders by Zeitguised.

    The end of the tutorial is all about trying to get their amazing Subsurface texturing and coloring without too much crazy render time. I’m pretty sure they use V-ray, but I will show you how to get pretty close by using a pretty cool ChanLum effect in Cinema 4D.



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  2. Five Second Project “In Paradise” Winners 6 Comments


    Congratulations to Rickard Bengtsson for winning the “In Paradise” Five Second Project. His entry had buttery smooth animation, a bad word pun, a vibrant color palette, and fantastic complimentary sound design that all came together to create an excellent winning project.

    We also hand-picked a great group of honorable mentions below. Look for the next Five Second Project coming up soon.

    Honorable Mentions

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  3. 25 Best X-Particles Tutorials 12 Comments


    I recently started playing around a lot with X-Particles. It’s a super fun and robust particle system for Cinema 4D. Within hours, I was able to make the render above. In fact, I was so impressed with X-Particles, we decided to start selling it on the Greyscalegorilla Store. That’s how much I believe in this plugin.

    Easy To Learn

    I really started getting interested in it this year after seeing the two excellent presentations by Rob Garrott and Casey Hupke at NAB. I have only been playing with X-Particles for a few of weeks and it’s been very impressive so far. I’m learning very fast what is possible with this incredible tool. And like Cinema 4D, I want to show you everything I learn as I learn it.

    Expect to see tutorials from Greyscalegorilla very soon showing off more of what X-Particles can do. Until then, check out these videos below. These tutorials have gotten me up to speed with a lot of what X-Particles is capable of.

    Intro To X-Particle Collisions

    By Mike Batchelor

    NAB 2014 Rewind – Casey Hupke: Creating Complex Animations with X-particles

    By Casey Hupke

    Spiral Effect

    By FXchannelhouse

    Objects To Sand With X-Particles

    By Ben Watts

    NAB 2014 Rewind – Rob Garrott: X-Particle Playground: Basics to Advanced Techniques

    By Rob Garrott

    Intro To X-Particles

    By Greyscalegorilla

    X-Particles 2.5 FLUIDS & FOAM


    NitroBlast + X-Particles


    By Mike Batchelor

    X-particles Bubbles! + mini tutorial

    By Jon Bosley

    Micro Cell Animation

    By Mike Batchelor

    Procedural Growth


    Quick Guide X-particles Emitter

    By Mike Batchelor

    MotionGraphics with X-Particles

    By Mike Batchelor

    Cinema 4D – Particles Swarm – Tutorial

    By PRJECT-4D

    X-Particles WIP Fire

    By imcalledandy

    DYNAMICS FAKE With X-Particles


    Tornado Rig


    Motion Blur for X-Particles



    By Mike Batchelor

    Fireworks with X-Particles

    By Mike Batchelor

    Acid Effect

    By BW Design

    Recreating the Ray Bounce Effect with X-Particles


    X-particles Bomb

    By Mike Batchelor

    Smooth Tangential Orientation with X-Particles

    By David Rickles

    Buy X-Particles

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  4. How to Make A Hydraulic Arm In Cinema 4D Revisited 23 Comments

    Today, we will revisit the older hydraulic arm tutorial which broke in the change from R13 to R14, we will rig up a robotic arm from scratch. This time we’ll also put together the claw and wrist setup instead of ending in a stump, plus add in tubes for hydraulics that automatically stick to the proper spots. We’ll be using lot’s constraint tags, spline IK tags, and one very important IK tag.

    In part one we will setup the mechanics for the arm and claw, building enough geometry to give us the proper visual queues to know we’re making it correctly. Also, we will be paying close attention to priorities of out rig to weed out order of operations mistakes.

    Part 1

    In part two we’ll add in the pistons for the hydraulics, setup the tube system for linking different parts of the robot, and add a control for moving the base around. At the very end we’ll use this rig as raw material to put together an entire bipedal robot rig.

    Part 2

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  5. Intro To X-Particles 25 Comments

    In this short video, I wanted to give you a quick introduction to X-Particles. See how to set up basic emitters and add modifiers to start to take control over millions of particles. Look for more X-Particles tutorials very soon on Greyscalegorilla.

    Learn More About X-Particles

    X-Particle Examples

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