1. The Easiest Bit Of Xpresso You Need to Know in Cinema 4D Leave a Comment

    In this tutorial I’m going to go over one little bit of Xpresso that does some big things! That bit of Xpresso I’m talking about is Set Driver/Set Driven. Throughout this tutorial I’ll cover a handful of examples of how to use it to speed up your daily workflow and equip you with enough knowledge to take the concept and apply it to your own workflow! This is some of the easiest and most helpful Xpresso to learn so if you’re completely new to Xpresso and intimidated by it, this tutorial is for you! If you have any Set Driver/Set Driven examples that you’d like to share, please post it in the comments!

    Thanks for watching!

    Here’s the tutorial on the Spline Shader mentioned in this video


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  2. Five Second Project “Mini Golf” Winners 11 Comments


    The votes have been tallied and we have our winner! Congratulations to Sam Turner for taking the cake!! Your creative and clever take on mini golf went over quite well with our judges!

    There was a plethora of awesome entries, so check out the Honorable Mentions section, as well. What a strong start to this season of Five Second Projects!

    Special thanks to our amazing sponsor TarDisk. Make sure to check out how they can help you get extra space on your hard drive!

    Never done a five second project? Not sure what it is? Check out this page and we will see you back here soon.

    Honorable Mentions

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  3. How to shoot your own custom 360 HDRIs for less than $360 24 Comments


    In this video, I will show you how to make your own custom 360 HDRIs to use with HDRI Studio Pack. You will need a Theta 360 camera and a new app we developed called Simple HDR.

    See the full SimpleHDR Page here to learn more

    What You Will Need

    1. A Theta 360 Camera: This camera is a lightweight simple camera that shoots and stitches 360 photos with one click.
    2. Simple HDR: I collaborated to make this app with my friends over at the excellent Built Light team. We made this iPhone app to make shooting the correct bracketed images for HDR photography very simple. Choose from Pro or Auto mode and in less than 30 seconds you have a series of photos to combine together to make a full 360 HDRI.
    3. Photoshop: Use Photoshop to combine all your bracketed photos together and save as an HDR to use in your 3D program or to archive.

    Quick Note From Nick: If you shoot your own 360 HDRIs, either with a Theta or more traditional ways let me know in the comments. We need you for an upcoming project!


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  4. Greyscalegorilla Podcast: Interview With David Brodeur 6 Comments


    TOPIC: Today, I talk With Art Director, Designer, and Educator David Brodeur about how he got into this industry and about his experience freelancing.

    Look for tutorials made by David soon. I think his excellent design sense and passion for teaching will be a perfect fit for Greyscalegorilla. Please welcome him to the site.

    Show Notes
    David On Behance
    David’s Everyday Render Project on Instagram
    Five Second Projects
    Identity Transmute

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