1. How to Offset Sketch & Toon Stroke Draw On Animations in Cinema 4D Leave a Comment

    In this tutorial I’ll be covering a quick, easy, and keyframeless way to offset the animating on of all the strokes applied to your 3D objects using Cinema 4D’s Sketch and Toon.  First I’ll go over all the different Draw options for animating S&T strokes on and things to keep in mind when it comes to animating strokes on.  Then I’ll demonstrate how you can offset the line art strokes so it’s not a uniform draw on like many of the standard Draw options.  I’ll show some of the things you need to know to have full control over how they draw on as well as providing a few tips on how to avoid lines randomly popping on and off during the animation.

    Here’s a previous tutorial where I go over the general Draw options.

    Learn how to apply this line art style look to your 3D objects using Sketch and Toon


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  2. How To Choose The Right Lighting Style For Your Project 10 Comments

    Lighting for some people is an afterthought. “Ok, my scene is all done, time to light it”. However, if you START with the right lighting style in mind you can save time and end up with better looking projects.

    In this presentation from NAB, I will be going over different styles of lighting in Cinema 4D and talking about the pros and cons of each style and how to optimize them so your render times don’t get out of hand.

    Thanks again to Cineversity for recording and posting all the presentations from NAB!

    NAB Presentation

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  3. Octane and Abstract Deformations With Brett Morris From Capacity at NAB 2015 7 Comments

    Another series of C4D goodness from Cineversity!

    Watch Brett Morris of Capacity used C4D and Octane renderer to create an undulating orb and an alien landscape. Gorgeous stuff. He even uses Signal to help easily animate some of the parameters. You can follow Bret Morris on Twitter at @bma_morris.

    Brett Morris, Capacity Day 1

    Brett Morris, Capacity Day 2

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  4. Integrating Sketch & Toon into a Typical 3D Workflow in Cinema 4D Leave a Comment

    Diamond in the Rough

    In this tutorial, I’ll show you how you can integrate Sketch & Toon into your typical sexy, shiny 3D renders in Cinema 4D.  I’ll go over alternatives to applying outlines to individual objects that you may have done in the past and each of their shortcomings.  Then I’ll show you how to apply outlines using Sketch & Toon and the benefits going that route.  I’ll cover how to apply different types of stroke styles to an object to get different thicknesses to the outline of an object and it’s edges.  Finally, I’ll show you how you can render out your outlines as a seperate pass by enabling Post Effects in the Multipass Render Settings.  If you have any questions, be sure to hit me in the comments below!  Have fun and if you make something with this technique, be sure to share it!  Have fun!

    Check out the animated GIF of this render here!

    Learn how to apply this line art style look to your 3D objects using Sketch and Toon


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  5. NAB 2015 Cinema 4D Presentations Batch 5 2 Comments

    Time for another batch of NAB 2015 recorded presentations! These project breakdowns of Motion Graphics in Cinema 4D are by Barton Damer, EJ Hassenfratz, Robyn Haddow, Jeremy Cox, Kevin Aguirre and Julia Siemon.

    Barton Damer from AlreadyBeenChewed.tv demonstrates how simple Cinema 4D workflows can achieve dramatic results in projects for MTV Fantasy Factory, Street League Skateboarding and Nike Flyknit.

    EJ Hassenfratz of eyedesyn shows how he utilized Cinema 4D’s MoGraph and PoseMorph features in three separate motion graphics pieces: Ford Tough Science, Newton Awards and Sacramento Kings Court Projection Mapping. You’ll learn how to use Cinema 4D’s Sketch and Toon, MoGraph and deformers to create 2D ‘flat design’ animations in this presentation from EJ Hassenfratz of eyedesyn.

    Robyn Haddow shows how she and Scarab Digital use Cinema 4D’s fast workflow to create fantasy user interfaces within the quick turnaround of episodic TV for CW’s The Flash and Arrow.

    Jeremy Cox from Imaginary Forces demonstrates how Cinema 4D was used in titles for WGN’s Manhattan and the SXSW Gaming Awards.

    Cake’s Kevin Aguirre demonstrates Cinema 4D workflow techniques used in the creation of show opens for DirecTV’s Red Zone and Fantasy Zone.

    Kevin Aguirre from Cake Studios presents Cinema 4D techniques used to create energetic effects in stadium graphics for the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Julia Siemon demonstrates techniques she used creating low poly mountains via the Displacer deformer and layered noises and gradients. She shows how Cineware makes it easy to composite and adjust the 3D in After Effects, and how to create a separate height map pass to use in compositing.

    Barton Damer

    NAB 2015 Rewind – Barton Damer: Blending Impactful Motion Graphics with Live-Action from Cineversity.

    EJ Hassenfratz, 01

    NAB 2015 Rewind – EJ Hassenfratz, eyedesyn: Workflow for Sports Motion Graphics from Cineversity.

    EJ Hassenfratz, 02

    NAB 2015 Rewind – EJ Hassenfratz, Eyedesyn: Adding Cinema 4D to your 2D Workflow with Sketch and Toon from Cineversity.

    Robyn Haddow

    NAB 2015 Rewind – Robyn Haddow: Breakdown of FUI Shots for the Flash and Arrow from Cineversity.

    Jeremy Cox

    NAB 2015 Rewind – Jeremy Cox: Designing WGN's Manhattan and SXSW Gaming Awards Ident from Cineversity.

    Kevin Aguirre, 01

    NAB 2015 Rewind – Kevin Aguirre: How Cinema 4D Simplifies Complex VFX from Cineversity.

    Kevin Aguirre, 02

    NAB 2015 Rewind – Kevin Aguirre: In the Zone with Cinema 4D's MoGraph Tools from Cineversity.

    Julia Siemon

    NAB 2015 Rewind – Julia Siemon: C4D/AE Workflow for Stunning Motion Graphics from Cineversity.

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