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  1. New Bonus For Patreon Scene File Members: Award Icons Leave a Comment


    We just added this icon set as a reward for our Scene File Members over at our Patreon Page. All of these scenes come fully lit and ready to render in R16. Of course, you also get all of the scene files from all of the live shows every week. Just a little added bonus for becoming a Scene File Member and helping us get the ads off the Live Stream. If you are already a member, you should have received an email with the rewards.

    It may not be for you, but I appreciate you learning about our page. We have a lot of fun stuff planned for our members at every level. If your a fan of picking apart scene files, you definitely want to look at becoming a Scene File Member. Thanks again for checking it out.

    Visit The Patreon Page To Learn More

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  2. Ask GSG / GSG Live Recordings and Scene Files are up on Patreon 10 Comments

    Yesterday’s Live Stream / Ask GSG is recorded and posted to our new Patreon Page. If you missed it, now is the time to watch it and also contribute to remove the ads from the live stream.

    If you aren’t familiar with Patreon, it’s a way for you to be a member of Greyscalegorilla by contributing once per month toward our goals of getting the ads of of Ustream and to eventually get some of these videos up as Tutorials.


    There are also rewards for members including recordings of the Live Shows, Scene Files from the shows, and other goodies. Check out the page for more details. Get cool stuff and help us make more stuff in the process.

    Here is some of what we made yesterday






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  3. Half Rez 3 11 Comments

    Greyscalegorilla, Chicago C4D, and Maxon US are proud to present Half Rez 2014. Yep, it’s that time again in Chicago. This is our Third Half Rez event and it will be our biggest one yet.

    Last year, we had to turn people away at the door, so this year we wanted to be sure there was enough room for everyone to hang out, meet, greet, learn, and party. Visit for more details and to register.

    What Is Half Rez?

    We started Half Rez to bring together 3D and 2D artists, animators and designers for a night of learning, drinking and hanging out.

    We have presentations planned from local designers and tons of fun games and prizes to give away. Come hang out with like minded folks and let’s us celebrate our craft and learn from each other the fun way. Check out the videos below from the last two years to get a vibe of what Half Rez will be like.

    Head on over to our official HalfRez page to register. There you will find the details for the show and by signing up, it will let everyone know who is coming and also help us out to make sure we have enough food there for everyone. Did I mention there will be free food to soak up the beer?

    OK, so who’s coming?

    Visit to Sign Up

    Video From Half Rez 1

    Video From Half Rez 2

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  4. Wisps of Wind with MoSpline 36 Comments

    In this simple tutorial we finally use the Mograph modules MoSpline. We can easily tweak a handful of parameters and get a lot of variation. In a brief tangent we’ll look at using blend mode in a cloner create some versatile patterns. Finishing off by emitting the wisps as simple particles.


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  5. HDRI Studio Pack Update For R16 17 Comments

    We made a new download of HDRI Studio Pack just for R16 users. If you use R16 and HDRI Studio Pack, you can download a new version at our Updates Page right away. Watch the video above to see what is new in the R16 version.

    What Has Changed?

    1. We fixed a Floor Reflection bug that some people have been getting with R16. Now floor reflection works perfectly.

    2. We changed the way scene files load into the scene in this new version. Now, new HDR Rigs are brought in to a separate scene file instead of coming in the current scene. This isn’t an ideal workflow, but it fixes a texture problem that Cinema 4D has.

    3. We also included new R16 Animation and Still presets that work exclusively with the new Reflectance channel.

    Don’t have HDRI Studio Pack? Learn what it can do for your renders.

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