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Quick Cinema 4D Experiment: Marble Pop 74 Comments

Just playing around with some physics again. I used Cinema 4D with my HDRI Light Kit Pro for the window area lighting. I then used Frischluft Lens Care for the Depth of Field and Magic Bullet Looks for the color correction.

3D Render Time: 40 minutes
Total Project Time: 2 hours

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  1. randmcnally

    I’d love to see Nick do some simple modelling tuts…lord knows the man can work a sphere though!

    keep em coming!

  2. Marijan

    Can i found a tutorial to export/import 3D movie to AE and make the DOP ? thanks and nice job :)

  3. Jason Harmon

    Sweet balls dude.

    A fracture object as a particle… that’s a really smart little experiment.

  4. I like the black and white. Do you render out a depth matte to use the Frischluft Lens Care plugin in AE? or is this something you do in Cinema. Thanks!

  5. Benjamin

    Can I ask a dumb question?

    Regarding the depth of field…can you do a tutorial sometime on using the depth in Cinema 4D to render out a depth map for Frischluft or AE’s lens blur?

    It seems to me like it should be pretty straightforward, but I always seem to have problems with getting my depth map to render out clean and convincing depth of field.

  6. Hi, can i ask another dumb question?
    regarding the render time. since i didnt saw flickering and other bugs can you tell us how many polygon do you have in the scene? are your settings of GI high, medium or else? and if you have time how can we optimize any scenes for better results in less render time in order to answer production deadline more easily. i really would like to have tips in that particular area, thx

    • Sure thing. The spheres are set to 10 segments but the “render perfect” checkbox is left on. This creates very few polygons, but still renders really smooth. As for lighting, I used the Softbox from my GSG Light Kit set to “Window”. I used Area Shadows with a very low accuracy since I knew that I would be adding so much DOF to cover it up. Hope that helps.

  7. Steve

    Nick, you could achieve the same result with only the cloner and have the count go up with the frame number via XPresso

  8. Does anyone have any good tutorials on how to get a depth map out of cinema 4d for use like this?

  9. Very nice! Reminds me of the MTV breaker that’s running right now here in Europe. :)

  10. hey Nick! another question:
    The DOF looks so nice! I do it just the same way but somehow, sometimes I get these “hard” edges, even on objects, that should be blurred. The object looks blurred on the inside, but not its “outline”, you know what I mean? Maybe you did a little compositing trick on the depth pass to make it look just perfectly right. If so, please let me know! :)

    • I use a gradient for DOF when I can. It ends up being a bit smoother than depth passes. It’s what I did for this piece. Just a ramp from top to bottom.

      • I was having the same problem today with a slightly different application of this and google led me to your GSG comments… I found the answer was to invert the DOF in the Frischluft settings :) This allows the blur to ‘spill’ out.

  11. G Man

    you splash a little red on those balls and you got yourself a lot of Poke Balls! haha The good ol’ days…

  12. Juart Little

    Nice !
    Render time for my own test : 2h30mn !! :(

    Could you tell me how many particules do you have please ?

    • believe it or not this render would take no time at all if it werent for reflections. Reflections and HDRI lighting are what always slow render times. Try decresing your reflection percentages and you’ll notice a difference in render speeds.

    • ok, thank you for the advice Shawn.
      I will try on a next test.

      PS : for this kind of render, do we need A.O or GI ?

      • No, I used the Softbox from my Light Kit Pro set to Area Light and Window. I turned the area shadow settings way down too.

  13. I got shown how to do some cool stuff with thinking particles with modynamic cloners referencing particle groups this week. Can get some really cool transforming popcorn stuff going on. If I had a mic and didn’t have a super boring voice I’d consider doing a tut for the first time but no time. Pretty cool how you can integrate Mograph with other modules seamlessly though!

  14. Hi Nick!!!!!
    How´s it goin ?

    This reminds of the last GSG live casts where people asked for a render tutorial. It would be cool if you could do a render and also Depth of Field tutorial! That would be dope stuff sir!
    See you wednesday! I am EXCITED buddy!


  15. Didn’t you enable the highlights option in the lesncare menu? It makes a HUGE difference. And Crap, for some reason I still don’t like the C4D render output quality.

  16. Ataman

    I am new to this – A simple Question

    See when I set up:

    Fracture Object (Rigid BOdy MoGraph Tag)

    Hit Run my spehere just go crazy and explode all over the place because they are born overlapping…

    IF I disable dynamics it is just not cool looking what am I doing wrong…


    Great render by the way.

    • MeatMachine

      Hey, great point Ataman, I am making a render right now where I want stuff to start out overlapping and not explode out, but just interact normally once they fall. Would love to second this question.

    • Try adding more speed to the simulation so that they move out of the way quicker and leave room for new particles.

  17. Joel Machemer

    Hey Nick, I have a question that’s been bugging me for a while now.

    Every time I try to save the compositing file for AE, it always saves as an .aec (i think that’s what it’s called) which is an adobe bridge file that doesn’t even work for AE

    I was wondering if you have ever come across that and if you knew how to get it saving as a true AE file???

  18. Joel Machemer

    Hey, I have one more question. Someone please help if they can!

    My particle source for the emitter is a cloner object when i try this, and the render is just not matching up with the preview. there are a lot of “marbles” in the preview, and i’m happy with it, but there are not NEARLY as many showing up in the render?? I tried baking the particles, but it still didn’t help!

    Do you know what’s happening?

  19. I’m pretty new to cinema 4d, and a noob, but I would love a full length tutorial. This is one of my favorite animations that you have did


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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.