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Cinema 4D Software and Bundles are on Sale! 46 Comments

UPDATE: These special prices are over. I will let you know though when other specials go down.

MAXON currently has some really good specials. If you were thinking of buying Cinema or upgrading your current license, now is definitely the time.

They are offering a special deal on new licenses of CINEMA 4D 11.5 Studio Bundle and Broadcast Edition. The discount is almost half price. These deals include one year of maintenance, which means you get the next upgrade for free. It also includes 12 hours of live online training.

They also have a killer special for current users of the XL Bundle for upgrading to Studio. Studio includes EVERYTHING and is really the way to go if you are serious about Cinema 4D.

For people who already own CINEMA 4D, I STRONGLY recommend purchasing the annual license agreement. Word is, the annual licensing agreement (which includes 12 hours of online live training) is less expensive than future upgrades will be.

Now let’s see … MAXON shipped Release 11.5 in September last year … and they released 11 in September of the previous year … and I’m pretty sure they released 10.5 in September of the year before. So if you are one of those people who is going to upgrade, seems to me it’s a good time to buy the annual licensing agreement and perhaps save a few bucks.

Strangely enough … all the specials I mentioned expire on August 31st. Hmmmmm. What do you think THAT means?

Buy on the Web:

Buy over the Phone:
(877) 226-4628

I’m not making money off any of these links or sales. I just want to make sure you guys get in on the sweet deal before it ends.

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  1. Just had work pick up a copy of the Studio Bundle since it was so cheap. Sounds like a good possibility that v12 will be coming out in September!

  2. MichiSchwarz

    Hi Nick, that’s exaclty what I thought, when i ordered the package for the company. And that is what the retailer said, when I was asking about the service agreement. So far the step up from R11 is enormous. Better workflow, better render times etc.
    Greets Michael

  3. Todd VanSlyck

    Was getting ready to get 11.5, I’ll wait and see if now. Thanks for the tip

  4. Chris

    Nick, looks like you just overloaded the maxonshop website. I can’t get on it!

    It’s saying that it’s “very busy at the moment”.

  5. Colortrails

    This is the kind of guidance that has no price tag. ;)
    Thanks for the tips, Nick.

  6. This is probably a rumor, but there are hints of the Arch, Engineering, and broadcast kits will be included in Studio bundle 12.

  7. danny

    aahhh i love the smell of ilegally downloaded programs in the morning.

  8. AKEman

    And I just upgraded to R11.5 few months ago.. darn me…. well it’s payed the price already so…

  9. wow… again the price in EU is twice-tripple as it;s in USA :D

    Someone ok to buy one copy for me in the US.

    • marcel


      If you are quick, you can grab the Studio bundle for just 1.750,00 euro in EU, if you select it together with a MSA for a year! It’s normally 3000 euro excl. MSA !!

      But this is only till the end of August I think ! So head over to today

      The broadcast and Architecture bundles incl. MSA are half price too!

  10. Colortrails

    The verbiage on Maxon’s site is very sparse. Can anyone confirm if you already own an R.11.5 bundle… and then buy a 12 month maintenance extension… whether that qualifies you for a free copy of R12? Or is it only for new purchases? Guessing the latter.

    • danny

      it means you will get a free copy of R12 and any more upgrades after that untill the end of the 12 months.

    • Colortrails

      Thanks Danny. That would be ideal. Sometimes developers have special terms where these things only apply to certain versions or versions purchased at certain times, so figured it can’t hurt to ask.

  11. sounds like an ad. )
    I am pretty sure 90% of people hanging around here use “web based” copies

    • tovak

      Let’s be realistic here. Most people that come here are using the pirated versions. C’mon Nick, you know that..

    • Colortrails

      I agree with Nick. Stealing software no different than stealing someone’s CD, book, etc. You’re taking bread off their table.

      I DO think that Maxon, Autodesk, plugin makers and others need to find a way to price things more affordably for 3D ($3-4K is a LOT of money for software, for a lot of people). I have no idea what kind of margins they make per copy, but hopefully with added competition in the space, more competitive pricing and a bit of pride on the part of people using the software, a good balance will be struck down the road where it’s more affordable and there are fewer copies pirated.

    • SmedleyX

      I agree some software is expensive, but if it’s a tool you’re using to make a living or training to make a living, pay for it!
      (most) other trades don’t steal their tools, like pickup trucks and powertools or whatever to do their jobs.
      Of course, people pirate $10 software, so most of the time it isn’t about price but accountability.

    • Colortrails

      You’re right Smedley, but especially right now… even people who want to learn or use this kind of software professionally, have to think carefully before dropping $4K on 3D software and modules/plugins. Unless they have people beating down their doors to buy their services of course. If you’ve got a client and you can sink that cost into their fee, then it’s a no-brainer. :)

      But times are really tight for a lot of creatives; either way pros have a lot of different stuff they could do with $4K. New Mac Pro (big investment), new monitors or camera gear (ditto), etc. So I definitely feel like the developers have to come back to earth a little bit in the years ahead. I think it will happen. All it takes is one upstart developer with a killer product and a more reasonable price point to reset everything. Just like Final Cut Studio did way back. Just have to have someone who is willing to break the unofficial “fixed price” barriers.

    • polypixel: not so smart… and I think you’d really be surprised. While I’m certain there are lots of people out there who don’t buy their software and justify it by whatever means necessary, there are also quite a few people (like myself) who paid a LOT of hard earned money for their software and still come around here to learn great stuff from The Gorilla, who is one of the masters of teaching C4D right now. I’ve been using Cinema since R9 came out, but I always pick up some new tip or trick when I watch his videos.

      That said, these are great deals… unless you’ve been pouring lots of cash into Maxon and already have the Studio Bundle, in which case they don’t offer much of anything in the way of deals or discounts, and haven’t in quite a while… it’d be nice if they rewarded their most loyal customers every once in a while, too, instead of just offering lots of deals for people who have the entry level package or haven’t bought in just yet. With all their various tiers, it’d be nice if they bumped even $100 off a Studio upgrade every once in a while… I’m just saying… the service agreement is great if you’ve already got 11.5 and know you want the next version, whatever/whenever it is. If you don’t do this fulltime yet (3D is only part of what I do), then it’s pretty big leap of faith to drop all that cash with no idea what the next version will hold, but knowing that it’ll cost more if you wait to see what it’ll have. :-p

    • The software is so expensive just to learn on it. It’s hard to justify spending $2K-3K on software that you may find out is not for you. Do all beginners buy the software outright?

    • Digital Illusions

      Hey I didn’t see all the reply’s after the first one from Nick. After I replied they became visible.


  12. I just received my studio bundle from Toolfarm this weekend. And now Mograph 2 is now consuming my life. I never had so much fun creating. I’ll be broke for a bit but it was well worth since I don’t have to worry about purchasing 12 when they release it. Although it sucks because I did not get the 12 hour live training. Thankfully you make some awesome tut’s and I have some cmivfx training too to get me started. Can’t wait to start posting renders up on my vimeo.


    Miguel aka Mr. Eyes

  13. SmedleyX

    Thanks for the reminder Nick!
    I was trying to convince the company I freelance for to buy in, I almost forgot the MSA for my own license!

  14. Phillip Leggett

    Nice deal!
    (Hi I’m a lurker :D )

    I’m very tempted but does anyone know if Maxon hold this kind of offer every year? Have they done it in the past?


  15. ollie

    Whats the difference between the studio, broadcast and architecture editions?

  16. Phillip Leggett

    Hey ollie,
    Different features of Cinema 4D are separated into modules which are sold in different combinations.

    - The Broadcast Edition contains CINEMA 4D R11.5, the MoGraph 2 module and the Broadcast Extension Kit.
    - The Architecture Edition contains CINEMA 4D R11.5, the Advanced Render and Sketch and Toon modules and the Architecture Extension Kit.
    - The XL Bundle contains the Advanced Render, MOCCA, Thinking Particles and NET Render modules.
    - The Studio Bundle contains CINEMA 4D R11.5 and the modules: Advanced Render, Dynamics, Hair, MOCCA, MoGraph, Net Render (unlimited client), Sketch and Toon and Thinking Particles. – So basically everything.

    Phew, I need get a cup of tea!
    I hope that helps!


  18. Take it easy guys. Nick, no, I don’t say that.
    I do not use C4D yet at all and have licensed 3dsmax. Greg, I didn’t say ‘all’, I meant vast majority. 3-4K priced soft is not a pair of shoes you can afford buying every other month. Even with discount.

    • That’s good to know. No, that’s not something you can afford every other month but it is something you can invest in and having done so, you’ll find that your desire and commitment to learn the software that you just spent $3k on goes up quite a bit every time you think about what you could’ve gotten instead. I do 3D part time and have a hard time justifying the $600-$800 every year to keep upgrading… it’s not really a matter of making the money with the software or not, it’s a matter of having a family and a mortgage, etc…

      I do know this. I’ve had a lot of friends and a lot of people talk a lot about what they were going to do with all the cool versions of the newest software that they had… but you know.. way over 99% of the time, all they’re doing is collecting software. When I started sinking my hard earned cash into the software I used, I had a whole new motivation for learning it, and learning it to the point where I could make money with it. If you pay nothing for something, it’s of little value to you.

      Anyway… that my $0.02 that nobody asked for. Buy your software, support the people that are making this stuff. Buy Nick’s Light Kit, it’s worth the money and helps keep these cool tutorials coming out.

  19. Thanks for the heads up Nick, called the good peeps at Maxon today to upgrade my 10.5 Studio license and pick up the MSA. Surprisingly they told me to hold tight and wait a few days for 12′s release, unless I needed the training that the MSA includes. Nice to see a company be upfront with their customers.

  20. Times are tough now. Everyone knows that… so I stole a truck…and a dozen doughnuts.

    I’m just trying ‘em out.

    If trucks weren’t 18k plus I wouldn’t pirate them, so it’s really the carmakers fault. They’ll wise up.

  21. I am a little disappointed as I just got the 11.5 Studio edition 3 months ago, I mean they should had told me (the retailers) that I new release was about to come out. Its not fair that 3 months after a 3000€ investment my software is old incompatible with a new version.

    Its very ease to go Pirate then!!!!


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This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.