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  1. Mel Massadian

    i was so excited to discover a new gorilla video… now i’m sad… :’(

  2. jester

    What would be the easiest way to have the camera move with this rig? Parent camera to null and null follow same spline?

  3. George

    I had no idea this thing was free. Thanks a lot Nick! Looks like some good fun.

  4. I like these stuff.
    I learn from them, I know they are free but when the time comes to get something similar I always try to recreate all these automations on my own.

    But I sure learn from them, I like how I can finally use some math :P easy logical math :)

  5. Grr I just had a project with ribbons, why didn’t I think to use this?!?! I love CS tools! :D

  6. Randy Geske

    Hey, Nick, this is a great tool! I noticed at about three minutes in when you used a helix as a spline that you got some ugly twists in the ribbon. I’m getting them with my own splines, too. How can I get rid of them them? Thanks!

  7. New 5 Second Project soon?
    So our lives temporarily have meaning again?

  8. Sweet! Can anyone drop some science on making some ‘solid’ dashed lines (i.e. with end caps)? Alpha Channel?

  9. Here is a link to a scene file from something I found on this before. It’s done by cloning onto the tracer object and then adjusting the step to get however many dashes in the line that you need. This way the dashes can be “solid” because they are whatever shape you drop into the cloner.

  10. Hey Nick,

    I will be starting at Ringling College as a motion design major. After I will be out of college I will be in debt 120,000 dollars. is it worth if you’ll be in debt that much after 4 years of school?

  11. kookycoconuts

    Hey Nick, I was just seeing if/when you are going to create a GSG message board. I haven’t seen or heard anything about this lately.

    I did notice today that you have over 11,000 Facebook fansI That in itself is already a huge accomplishment and even gathering a tenth of those would be a solid start to a new motion graphics community. If you could kindly reply that would be appreciated. Here is my original comment regarding this:

    Hey Nick, I have seen here and there mentions of you starting an internet message board. I think that there is a real audience and desire for a forum that is placed somewhere in between the level of users and those of

    There are not really any places to talk about more intermediate motion graphics topics/techniques and posting comments and questions here is a bit unwieldy.

    You could further your audience and interactivity of your already great blog.

    The demand exists. I have no doubt that a greyscalegorilla message board would be successful.

    I hope that you consider implementing this sometime soon.

    Thank you

  12. Good tutorial, awful timing.

    I just last week finished a project for an organization that I’m a part of, involving ribbons etc. ( )

    Also some other elements of older tutorials from GSG.

    This one would have helped tremendously…

    As always great tutorial though, thanks!

  13. Hi, nick i have seen that when you use the helix as path, the ribbon twist.
    I have tried and got same result. How can i fix it? Thanks

  14. walter

    Big man tahnks alot for wht you do for us who are just learning cinema 4d, but i need your help because in may cinema 4d Library folder in don’t have the object folder and i did create one but still i can’t see it when i open up the app. Just help me out.

  15. hey gorilla, how r u? i would like to know if there is a way to put two tips, one at the begining and other at the bottom of the path?

    thanks !!!

  16. Jerry

    I’m very like your vedio.
    but I can’t Found “”
    the link is Not Found.

    • tarzan jesus

      You would need to go to the user data menu in the AM, then look for manage/edit user data. Find the Max. frame start setting and increase the max value.

  17. You Rock… I watch this Just in time, I am in a project that I deliver… yesterday !
    Thoses tools are great!
    But I can’t give two different texture for a line (one for the top and one for the down).
    Does anyone have an idea of how do I achieve it ? what kind of projection do I have to use ?
    thank you very much mister Gorilla !

    • the trick I use ???? duplicate the line and move it a few pixel; then two lines one white and the other purple. OLD SCHOOL WAY.
      But I’m interested in other way.

  18. al chi-town

    hey howdy! probably too late here. but maybe someone can help me, when creating a spline path, especially when using the free hand tool to draw a spline there seems to be problems with the line staying intact, as soon as you specify a path it just kinda falls apart, not horribly bad but frustratingly bad! i much oblige you to provide me with some help.,na jk. if you can thank you . :)

  19. Bobbobob

    wondering if anyone knows how to modify the arrow head thickness/height independently from the body thickness/height. they are snapped together in the settings however the width of the arrow body is independently modifiable. Is this something you can mod in the the user data management settings??


  20. Works cool, but how do you rotate the line or make it go the other way? I put everything in anull and rotated everything, it breaks apart. Any ideas? I want it to go right to left when in my scene.

  21. Could have sworn I had left a comment on this…

    Anyway, thanks for these. CSTools do so much while being so simple. It’s great!

  22. Johnny English

    In R12 and higher you can add the CS Tools folder to your favorites in the content browser for easy acces.


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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.