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NEW Texture Kit and Greyscalegorilla Bundles 194 Comments

So excited to launch the new Greyscalegorilla Texture Kit today. It’s a collection of custom textures made by Cinema 4D artists to use in your projects. Right now it features Textures from Pariah Rob and me, The Gorilla. We hope to add more textures over time from other artists though free updates. Check out the demo video above and the new info page and see if it’s right for you. Quick heads up, the Texture Pack only works for Cinema V12 and above since that’s what version the textures were made with.

Also new today are special Greyscalegorilla Bundles. Get more than one Greyscalegorilla Kit or pack and save. The “Lighting Bundle” Combines the Light Kit Pro and the HDRI Studio Pack for only $99. Also, check out the “Ultimate C4D Bundle” that gives you all four GSG Cinema 4D Packs and Kits for over 30% off. All the bundles are available in the GSG Store.

Working With A Team Or Render Farm?
Buy one license for all of your machines. Check out the Multi-User Licenses available at the bottom of each product page in the GSG Store. Useful for studios or for render farms where you need every machine to run the GSG Kits or packs. There is also an “Ultimate C4D Bundle” that will get you everything for your entire team for one price. See more bundles at the GSG Store.

Thanks for checking this stuff out everybody. I’m always trying to make products and tutorials that make Cinema 4D more fun and easier to use.

Light Kit Pro
HDRI Studio Pack

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  1. Great work Nick..i got my copy lastnight and i have to say its one of the best Texturers i seein for C4D..agin amazing work.

        • Michel Drube

          I love your tutorials, ali!
          I really look up to you and your work :)

          • Except he takes tuts from gsg… and blocks people that point it out so no one knows

          • i cant reaply to your comment bam.. but i hope you reading this..Nick do Great tutorials and everyone know GSG you think if i copy his tutorials no one ill know.??? i mean if Nick did light tutorial does this mean i cant make light tutorial..everyone have his own way of makeing like Nick tutorials good for you man..but there is 1000 or site that make the same kind of tutorials Nick did evin sometime Nick take some of his ideas from videos & tutorials..does this mean he copy.??no its just he have his way & i have my way..if you like it or not ppl still gn follow my channel. have nice day hater. ;)

        • Is the channel “ali” refers to the same one that was closed down by YouTube for multiple copyright infringement complaints?

    • flyBy

      Dude, shut up, you may not be stealing stuff atm, but you sure did in the past. The tutorials are not on your channel anymore, but you can find plenty of your followers posting results like the one below.

      • how is that stealing??he made that with is 20000 videos on youtube.!!

        • flyBy

          Did you check the comments? How did the guy confuse Nick with Ali?
          I’ll tell you how, he had a tutorial on his former YT account, copied after Nick’s no mention of GSG anywhere.
          Here’s another one mentioning him specifically in the video description.

    • So using the exact same project file and just going through how to make it like in nick tuts, is okay? You make it look like you’re a gfx god to all your gullible subscribers, but really you’re just taking other people work and explaining it like they did..

    • Meh, this guy is just a thief. Most of his tutorials are just a copy of other tutorial on the net yet he always act as if he made it and never give credit to original creator. He give away stuff as a thank you to his subscribers that’s actually a copyrighted stuff. He even try to sell materials that he downloaded probably illegally from the net. He downloaded scene file from the net and make a video and act as if he made it and spent weeks to make it. I could go on and on, he makes me want to puke, oh and he always monitor the comments on his channel and delete all comments that try to warn other people about he stealing stuff.

      To Ali, Fuck You,

      regards, Mike

      • theman

        You speak the truth Mike.

        As long as Ali can get away with it, he’ll continue doing it.

        • It’s fairly well documented that “ali” takes the piss big time and is already falling foul of Mike Marcondes over at CMIVfx. He didn’t even have the intelligence to change the basic settings or even the names of some of the textures/lights/models in some of his early “tutorials”. On top of all that he was claiming sponsorship from the likes of Dpit Effex – coincidentally, the day he showed of his new “sponsored” Dpit work was the day after it appeared cracked online. An asshole.

  2. Trevor Williams

    Thanks Nick. Always looking forward to what you produce. Hope that you have some more things cooking up to impress us with soon.

  3. wish it worked with 11.5 :( … looks awesome though

  4. Hi Nick and Rob,

    congratulations, another nice product.To me the textures look from ok to good, the preview didn´t exactly blew my away. But I bought it anyway. It´s a fair price and you can learn a lot about texturing with this kit, and thats what I want.

    One Question, could you or/and Rob do someday a tutorial on those “special materials”(like nukei ect.) inside C4D. I never could figure out to handle them…

  5. Dr. Strangelove

    just watched the video… and sorry, but this is ridiculous. Nick should teach his community how to use “layer material” instead of using those silly “scratch alpha map materials” …
    and what about those 20 materials… that are just green, yellow, orange, blue, … maybe every a little different than the other. More shiny, more bumb mapping, whatever. Its absurd.
    And those basic wood, glass, metal material. You can get those one for free.

    Sorry, but this is a “cash cow product” for stupid gorilla followers.

    I’m really a big fan of your stuff. Your tutorials, etc. Everyone seems to know you tutorials, your website .. all over the world. Cmon… this texture pack is…. aargggg… I’m speechless. Its so fucking wrong.

    (excuse my bad english)

      • Dr. Strangelove

        as someone post before… greyscalegorrila more and more became an “apple” feeling. As long as its shiny and cool, people will buy it. So many “awesome” comments on the last “texture kid is comming” posting. No real discussion anymore. Just praise Nick again and again.

        I’m definitly not a troll or a hater. THIS Is just to much. And someone have to say it.

        • I’m sorry but I disagree.
          If you don’t like the kit, well just don’t buy it.
          Let people decide what they do with their money.

      • MichiSchwarz

        Qwhocares: Very good argument there, didn’t get your point….Somebody writes down his opinion in a comments section, makes some points and all that one answers is “shut up”. That rises up the coolness level a lot I imagine…

    • Thanks for the feedback. I always try to show people how to build things themselves in all my tutorials and other videos. In fact, I don’t give out my project files for exactly that reason. But sometimes, you just need textures standing by when the deadline is approaching or when you just can’t quite get it right. Sure, with unlimited time, everyone should make everything from scratch. But just as the light kit makes it easer to light, I hope that these make it easier to texture. My products are never for everybody, but I think they will help many people get the job done easier, make it look better, and make it more fun.

      That said, I don’t mind critique of my products or me, but please try not to call others names in the community. We are all here to learn and have fun with this stuff. Calling people stupid doesn’t help anything… Unless you want to call ME stupid, then that’s fine. :)

      • highfive

        I think this also brings up the issue of “everything looking the same” in mograph that youve mentioned in other posts, and the dumbification of entry-level motion designers these days.

        The Light Kit is a great product for what it does but this product as well as motionworks ‘movietype’ thing coming out feel too much like preset bundles. The Light Kit’s cool cause it’s reminiscent to real-life lighting scenarios and makes for an easier, more natural workflow when lighting. These textures, movietype, and even the city kit somewhat remind me more of the preset style product you see in VCP optical flares, Twitch, Starglow/Shine, etc. It may speed up workflow in a tight spot, but anyone who’s used cinema 4d for a while can make these textures themselves in just a few minutes.

        Sorry if I’m off base or just being a dick, I’ve just always really liked your talks about problem-solving, not following trends, being resourceful, hard-working, etc. These kinds of products just seem to kind of go against that I feel; they take a lot of the creativity/discovery out of the process. I really like your site and I’m not trying to bash you by any means, just sharing my thoughts.

        • I totally agree actually. I hope everyone has time and skill to learn how to texture, light and make their own lens flares. But sometimes that’s just not possible. I use plugins all the time that save me time (and money) by making tedious or things I don’t like doing easier. If your a texture expert, then this pack isn’t for you. But, if you want to have a texture collection to start with and then maybe tweak and learn from, this may be just the thing you need.

          Discovery, Creativity and Originality are always encouraged. But you don’t always have to start from scratch every single time.

          • Mr Rayne

            Nick, any professional when faced with a deadline does exactly the same thing, universally. When it comes for reaching for the pre-made materials – they crack open their own previous projects and adapt.

            This isn’t aimed at working C4D users, it’s for people who should be being taught how to knock these things up and could do with a half descent grounding in the subject.

            Materials are a badly under-covered tutorial topic in C4D – and, lets face it – most that venture into the territory can’t even pronounce Fresnel correctly. And don’t even get me started on the pronunciation of phong

            There’s an old saying: give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, etc

            This isn’t even giving a man a fish, Nick, its flogging him one. A tiddler at that.


        • «…in fact anyone who uses the free tutorials might want to think about supporting Nick…»

          I think that’s not the point. Absolutely unworthy of discussion, Nick deserves the highest amount of appreciation for his massive output of free tutorials. In my opinion you can’t get better c4d stuff on the web. I would even pay for Nick’s tutorials or buy a subscription if there would be such a system over here in order to support Nick.

          But in this kit I’m missing exactly the quality reached in the tutorials. It’s just not the usual and highly appreciated GSG standard. Really seems like a cash cow product to me. At least with the actual content.

          I’m ready to pay for quality but not just for some oddly assorted texture pack.

        • Hey highfive, as a I designer I will be the first to get excited by a product like this, working in a broadcast environment I am always under a deadline or being pushed the limit of what is achievable within the timeframe given. Products like these can of course look ‘same same’ but used creatively can excel production time… I am a big fan of anything that speeds up production which doesn’t restrain creativity… like Nicks products.

          Your more than welcome to critique my work, you may or may not be able to see Nicks products being used… they are in there.

          Best wishes,

      • Phaceless

        Totally right Nick. Its unfortunate the name calling and lack of politeness. After all you don’t force anyone to buy your products. Continue your good work. Cheers.

    • I’m sorry, but Nick is under no obligation to give anything away for free. The fact that he does is a bonus. But lets not forget that Nick is a VERY SMART person and gives away just enough to drive traffic to the products that he sells. It’s a calculated marketing move on his part, not any kind of philanthropic complex. Quite brilliantly done, actually.

      • Mr Rayne

        @John Dickinson

        “Where is it written that Nick is under any obligation to give any of his dozens of free tutorials away for free?”

        By yourself referring to them as “free”, John. You’ll find the term’s generally covered under the Trades Descriptions Act. Most country have something similar.

        Might I suggest wikipedia should any further lingering homilies remain…

        Now Dave on the other hand raises an actually insightful point – indeed, yes. It’s a conclusion unfortunately becoming increasing apparent – which is a shame (and by this, I refer of course to your latter points).

        This is (dispiritingly) branding and the selling a brand – pure, plain and simple.

        This “product” is of no particular use to anyone other than Nick. And, I’m sorry – but I happen to believe Nicks actually better than this.

        I’m a wanton mercenary – I exploit clients on a daily basis and that’s how I make my living. The old fashioned way.

        This however is exploiting civilians, basically. People who want to learn CG, Graphic Design and Computer Art.

        What these people need is knowledge – help, tips, advice. Addressing these needs is an endeavor anyone can applaud – but flogging them tat, please…

        There are more applauderble ways of making a buck. And, dear Lord – its not even for that many bucks – I think in the end that’s possibly one of the things that offends me here the most.

        Nicks been doing something commendable here for a good long while and ahead of the curve – but ones money should come from fee-paying clients.

        That’s how professionals make their money: or should.

        At the very least, when it comes to product, produce something indispensable and useful.

        And this is simply neither.

        • Mr Rayne

          … and whoops – screwed up a end-tag there. Oh boy, is my face 255,0,0….

        • I am in no way exploiting people. I offer full no questions asked money back to anyone not 100% happy with any purchase from me. I want to make products that help speed up the work and that are fun. Anybody that doesnt want or need to buy anything can do just that.

          • Mr Rayne

            @ Nick

            “I am in no way exploiting people….”

            Nick. You’re telling these guys this product is useful, helps speed up work, etc. And you’re a nice guy with an honest face…

            Do you know the single commonest criticism most art directors come out with regarding the showreels they get subjected to?

            That, basically, 90% the reels submitted all have that, now, ubiquitous, GSG look.

            And there’s a reason for it – you’re market honestly believe that, by applying your lighting rig using your kinds scene set-ups and adding the kinds of materials you use – that that’s going to get them a job: because what they produce looks like what you do, and you’re the closest thing they understand as being a professional Motion Graphics Designer.

            You’re a role-model, Nick. And a very personable one too. A chap easily identifiable with in terms of where your market see’s itself and wants to be.

            A conscious choice on your part.

            Not criticism in that, I actually find it commendably entrepreneurial – but these GSG Brand products of late, Nick – they’re underdeveloped tat.

            Your tutorial endeavors are exemplary – but this venture is of no genuine professional use: the ability to be able to produce materials is of genuine employment value and should be explained, walked through, taught.

            That’s useful. Utilitarian. Servicing a need.

            Everything eventually comes down to what matters the most, Nick. You have the style thing licked – but where product is concerned it has to come down to substance – and this has non.

            I’m not the only person trying – I hope, tactfully – to tell you this. Look around you.

            If you’re going to continue down this route, you simply have to produce a product of substance.

            Seriously, Nick. This isn’t it.

            Kudos is one of the hardest things to acquire from others – and your tutorials and your approach to them have earned you that unconditionally. And that extends well beyond simply chaps wanting to learn C4D. It goes much further.

            There’s no contesting that nor, I hope, would anyone want to.

            People want to support you, Nick. Help to try to go some way of doing so at the very least – and by this, I mean financially – but I can’t find myself being prepared to do this in this instance. Or even pretend to be enthusiastic to try.

            It’s like I say – everything eventually comes down to what matters most.

            I look at this frankly outrageously overpriced re-brand of basically Rob Redman’s previously already marketed material collection and I’m not impressed.

            It’s not a case of this simply not being a product for me – it’s just really not impressive you going this route.

            Only reason people are trying to put this over to you Nick is because they give a monkeys. Only half the pun intended.

            If you’re going to teach, teach. If your going to sell, sell product worth buying. Worth the brand.

            One only ever gets three strikes at these things.

            This could possibly the last time anyone bothers trying to tell you that. Hope it isn’t, but people – they’re fickle.

            Like I say. Look around you.


        • Jeez, man, is there anything else you can say? Or do you think this actually cuts all of discussion on the subject and makes you an instant winner? Feels like talking to a Christian. Or a Mac user.

          Of course he can do what he wants, the point is if what he does is good or not. Or is the man beyond criticism and nobody is allowed to say anything bad about this work?

        • And what patronizing? If someone actually brings arguments and writes more than two platitudes glued together (“Nick is free to do what he pleases on his site. If you don’t want his products, don’t buy them.” for example) then he’s patronizing?

          I know arguments are a bad thing, but hey, try some tolerance, huh?

        • Mr Rayne

          @John Dickinson

          “Don’t patronise me please”

          :) … What a prodigiously sound caution, John. I honestly couldn’t have put it better m’self.

  6. Good stuff!

    For me the only reason to get this pack is to dissect them and have a look how they are made.
    I do hope we dont get to see to much stock used textures. These GoMedia vector packs seamed to have conquered the world, lets just hope buyers use this more wisely :)

  7. I’ve been looking into setting up a render farm and I’m curious as to which situation someone might need extra licenses (extra licenses when working with a team I understand). Basically I have some money to spend with you and when you mentioned multiple licenses for a render farm I got confused. I have a lot of my own custom textures and materials and I’m now wondering if I’ll have to consolidate and copy all of my stuff as well before getting my hands dirty on the farm. I didn’t know a render farm included anything more than the NET render client. Maybe I just haven’t done enough research yet.

    • Hi, Nate,

      My products are usually sold with a Single User license for one person and their machine. The multi user licenses allow you to install the kit or pack on as many machines as you own. Either other parts of the team, or in your render farm where you need your textures. Hope that makes sense.

      • Thanks for taking the time to answer and putting out some great products. I’ll have to do some more research. I’m not 100% up on the technical side of a render farm at this point but setting one up is important to my productivity as a single user. I’ll be
        following your updates closely and let you know how it works out. thanks again Nick

  8. what i see:

    gumball red
    gumball blue
    gumball green
    gumball etc.
    plastic red
    plastic blue
    plastic green
    plastic etc.
    candy red
    candy blue
    candy green
    candy etc.
    Glow red
    Glow blue
    Glow green
    Glow etc.
    Shiny orange
    Shiny yellow
    Shiny blue
    Shiny etc.
    Greadient pink, orange
    Greadient blue
    Greadient yellow
    Greadient etc.
    Soft blue
    Soft orange
    Soft yellow
    Soft etc.


    wood, glass, checker, hair, brick,
    scratches, splashes, x-ray.

    applause, not.

    • We are working on more textures for sure. Do you have any suggestions for the next version? I would love to make it useful for you.

      • i collected materials over the past years. Sometimes i need some plastic look… but even than i have to build it complete new… i don’t think it saves me money to use some “texture presets” … because i also have to change it.
        Any suggestions… hmmm. not really. If i really need some specials texture i buy those separately at some texture websites.

      • Thack

        Hey Nick,
        Some suggestions :
        Materials that are more advanced, like sss shaders etc.
        Clouds etc more shaders and less materials is what i’m saying.

      • Whats about setting the materials in a correct manner? Saw a diffuse channel cranked up to 100 %. So with GI and a reflection the material reflects more light then it gets. Thats pretty basic knowledge.

        Sorry dude, I really like your tutorials and I own the light kit, I´m really happy with. But this kit does not have the quality I´m used from you.

  9. “But sometimes, you just need textures standing by when the deadline is approaching or when you just can’t quite get it right.”

    oh boy. Poor Nick. Allways the “time is money” argument.

    • Time IS money… would you buy the lesser versions of C4D and animate/clone your own objects… or just use MoGraph?

      Plus, does putting the kit down really require 2 separate posts?

      • When we are thinking about creativity and art “time is money” is a stupid message. If you just want to place a product in a shite room. Sure. A light Kit will help you to save time.

        But it’s not good for the “design bussines”. If someone needs a photo from a “businessman”. You can hire a photograph, find a location, a model, spend thounsands of dollars. Or just browse the Stock Market Cataloge, and you will finde a picture of a businessman.

        If more and more people using those kits, more and more “Clients” will think… hej, its so easy to light up a product in a 3D Space… whats the big deal. A wodden floor, no big deal anymore.

        I’m not a friend of these “timesaving solutions”. Its only “timesaving” if you are only selling standard 3d things… but not your creativity and not your idea behind it.

        Do you really think those kits are helping for a real 3d job? think again.

        • Time is incredibly important, as is creativity. I don’t think Nick is diluting anything here and if he was – wouldn’t the original work stand out more from the presets?

  10. rippr

    I am waiting for an object pack with sphere, cube and a cone

  11. GiantSimon

    Just purchased it -Thanks Nick and Redman…

    Downloading now, I sure hope there is some Gorilla hair in here..

      • Manny

        Hi Nick, I been reading all of the negative BS, and commend you for keeping your cool and responding like a true congenial person… I bought the kit only thing is that I have Rob’s kit from his site…. I wish there would of been some sort of option to purchase them separate. What ever the case Thank you!

        • krswid

          Agreed, Manny. Way to keep it cool, Nick.

  12. GiantSimon

    OH- and if you want to expand the next round of textures. I need stuff for data centers and New Energy products…Usually a tile floor/ceiling, and a variety of metals, plastics and LED’s found in industrial, enterprise-class data centers (HP, Dell, IBM, EMC, Oracle, etc.) — Solar panels mostly – (Conergy)

    I get by with a few photo-based resources for now…

  13. GiantSimon

    And Fish/reptile scales would be good. (My company name is ThunderFish)

  14. In principle a good idea to have instant access to a fresh texture pool. But I’m not sure if this pack is really worth its money. On the one hand you can get equivalent textures on the web, on the other hand most of the textures could be done in less than a minute. For me this is not really time-consuming at all. If the kit grows and gets some more good looking and especially more complex textures, I’ll consider to buy a copy. Looking forward to it.

  15. pistolfun


  16. Wesley

    It’s a cool texture pack, but I think is still preety basic stuff for 69 bucks.

    • This is just the beginning. Just wait till you see what we have in store with it next.

  17. Memedai

    Well, Nick’s materials suck. Rob’s are good.

    • Brandon

      Jerk! Stop crying and complaining!

  18. Memedai

    Well first I was like thinking you are good. But every new video of yours teaches me otherwise.

    I see only basic videos and products:
    - Vintage Film Looks: Well, it’s jus a bunch of presets for a plugin
    - City Rig: It’s your idea but not really your work, as you mentioned in one of the demo videos.
    - This Texture Pack: Well, your’s suck, as I said earlier. Its more a texture pack of Rob’s and not yours.

    Your articles in the last months are just sucky.

    I don’t want to see what CS Tools do all the time.
    I don’t want to see your products all the time.
    I don’t want to see Inspiration all the time.
    I don’t want to see 5 Second Projects all the time.
    I don’t want to hear Podcast all the time.
    I don’t want to see you experimenting with MoGraph all the time.
    I don’t want to see Cinema 4D all the time.

    Well I do want to see them, but not in that mass.

    What I want to see is tutorials. It’s been a while since your last tutorial. And I want to see After Effects tutorials.

    I know, some kid will reply “If you don’t like it, then go and never come back!”. Well, you’re right.

    You lost me as a reader. I don’t learn anything anymore. Unless you stop playing around with your balls and make quality tutorials and not crappy products.

    Until then, over and out.

    • Sorry I lost you, Memedai. I kind have gotten away from AE Stuff lately and am concentrating mostly on C4D but still using AE as a compositing tool. If your not learning anything anymore, I totally understand that you need to move on. In fact, I love it. Try out FXPHD for some more advanced training from people doing awesome work. Thanks for sticking around until now.

    • flyBy

      Wow, someone needs to take a chill pill :) .

    • theman

      Memedai, your right.
      I want more explosions.
      I want to see 3 tutorials once a day.
      I want the prices for the products to go down.
      I want a forum for this website.
      I want less talking more clicking.

    • Memedai, in case you didn’t notice, this site is focusing on Cinema 4d – not After Effects! If After Effects tutorials thats what you’re after, go visit or something. Your critique is totally unwarrented.

      Go play with your own “balls” somewhere else ;)

    • Manny

      F***k DumbAss!! LOL then don’t watch Nick’s tut.

      Sorry Nick I had to post on this person Stupid rant!


      • I appreciate the support, Manny. I do. But let’s try stop calling people names for no reason around here. It’s not helping anything or moving the discussion forward.

    • I want a mochachino making pony… with some shiny spheres… get to it nick!

    • The Texture Kit isn’t for me at this time. I recently bought a bunch of procedural textures from the excellent texturemaat (, but I think your kit is pretty decent.

      I did want to mention how much I admire your grace under fire as Generation Entitlement’s ire is raised. I’m puzzled by Memedai’s list; it pretty much describes what makes GSG the great site and brand it is.

      Keep on trucking Nick, I’ve been in the creative professional game a long time, a thick skin is better than all other talents combined.

  19. flyBy

    There are some very sexy looking materials in this pack, but most of them are pretty close to what you can get for free on sites like c4dtextures with a minimal time investment.

    I guess I will skip this one for now :\

    I do like the hair ones, it’s pretty hard to find good ready-made hair.
    Maybe add some more options for hair and some medical related shaders (cells, blood vessels etc) those are a pain to create when you’re on a tight deadline.

  20. philistymon

    Just bought the pre-release, and though i have the Robert Redman Textures already from his site (bought last month) All of Nicks products are a great help. Plus more importantly, i have learned so much from his tutorials that have directly helped me on jobs and have earned me money, that you gotta support the Gorilla. Thanks for everything Nick, great products, attitude, and learning resource.

  21. Like or dislike the product, you have to respect a guy for giving to the community as much as he is. Kudos, Nick, for being gracious and helpful. Takes a big man to do that with some of these comments. All the best, Joren

  22. chris

    good christ, guys… it’s like 70 bucks or something..? If you use it a few times as a starting point and it saves you ONE hour of work (let’s say you’re charging 70 an hour) doesn’t it already pay for itself?

    It’s like a photoshop brush.. a stock image… or a color correction preset.. or presets that comes with hundreds of plugins.. they get you going quickly, then you do the rest.

  23. andyweak

    Interesting comments so far. I picked up the texture kit yesterday and actually was more impressed than I thought I would be. But I didn’t necessarily buy this because I needed it. I mainly bought this to support Nick. I remember watching one of Nick’s talks about motion design a couple years ago and that talk inspired me to attempt to do this as a career. I appreciate Nick running this website as he does. (the guy quit his job to do this fulltime) It’s the least I can do to support the site. And it’s a great kit!

    Thanks Nick!

  24. visualsushi

    It’s a product.
    If it’s not for you, don’t buy it!
    Remember, not every product that’s not perfect for you is necessarily crap – It’s just not for you.

    And if someone decides to move on because he’s not entry level anymore… well, to me that actually sounds like good news!

    I haven’t bought any of these kits.

    I built quite a few set of lights over the last years – so I don’t need any.
    I don’t need a city right now but i would consider buying the kit if it was of any use for a job.
    And I use my own HDRI Setups.

    But they are still good, useful and a great start.

    I had the chance to see a few the studio setups and HDRIs in the lIght kits and I think they can give you a lot of ideas and understanding – especially if you aren’t a skilled studio photographer.

    I don’t know about prices in the US, but I think two books about studio lighting would cost pretty much the same.

    The problem is that you can’t drag and drop all that knowledge into your project.

    Just saying…

  25. tstroke

    Nick is diabolical like that isn’t he?

    Dont you see his jar of moustache wax next to his Wacom?

    Lets face it. If you’re bent out of shape about a texture-pack here’s the top 3 reasons why.

    1) You are a dedicated artist;

    I feel your pain on this one.
    True story: Michelangelo was once offered a paint set that wouldn’t necessarily affect his creative output in any way shape or form.. it just made it a tad easier for him to get to his paints when he needed them…..
    And what did Mike say? “Fuck you!” is of course what he said.
    And ONLY because of that do we have the Sistine chapel and whatever the hell else that guy did.

    2)You are worried about “Everyones Mograph looking the same.”

    Big deal.
    You’re better than that. Aren’t you?
    No really.. Aren’t you?
    Then stop bitching and prove it.

    3)And finally…(and this ones probably the most true)

    …you failed to think of it first…

    Thanks for your time ;)

    Hey Nick whens the next 5 seconds project coming out? They used to be like once every two weeks but now I dont know which way is up. Come on, this is bullshit, man

  26. Stephen

    I bought this today for very similar reasons, partly cause I wanted to play with it, partly cause I wanted to support Nick.

    Nick doesn’t just do tutorials, he gives us his gift of enthusiasm, encouragement and a willingness to share everything that he knows with no guarantee of anything in return. I think Nick would do this even if he didn’t have any products to sell, same with John Dickinson and Andrew Kramer. At their heart they are teachers first, salesman second. They have a passion for story and it is this I value more than the products they sell. (however don’t get me wrong the products are pretty cool)

    Technology always relentlessly drives for simplicity, what was impossible yesterday can be achieved with a few clicks now.

    The only competitive advantage an artist has is his/her creativity. These tools help me get the technical aspects out of the way quicker and allow me to focus on the making cool shit!

    • Yes that’s also my opinion. Just calm down folks. I want to support Nick as well. And it’s a great 3D playgarden. And I don’t have to spend creative time to build everything new. I have many many materials in my stock, but heck man. Shut up and play ;-)

  27. Brandon

    Nick im so stoked on this texture kit!!! Thanks for all the great products and great tutorials! Keep up the excellent work! Thanks!

  28. Interesting comments… firstly,

    To the haters: if you can do BETTER than Nick can – then do it! Instead of wasting time vomiting negativity, use that time to be productive, browse for other tutorials or plugins or shaders. Find OTHER resources. Dont sit behind your ivory keys and start showing hate. You are obviously here because you like 3D applications, be progressive about your interests and dont be negative and hateful – that will ONLY take you backwards, when you should be moving FORWARD to achieve your goals.

    Nick: keep up the good work! and remember these people are only here commenting (whether it be good or bad) because you had the tenacity to build a name for yourself and the ability to produce products for the masses.

    I look forward to v2 of the texture kit and more products to come… i hope.. nick?

  29. mikesd

    Nick, Rob, Texture Kit works for me. Staying on top of 3D, motion graphics, video, photography, image retouching, and all the associated plug-ins and hardware is getting ridiculous so any time saved is totally worth it. May actually give us more time to be creative. Thanks.

  30. Hi Nick

    For what it’s worth … I am just beginning to learn how C4D works and your website is a great inspiration.

    I am a graphic designer and plan to implement more 3D into my work. And as you say, in the end it has to look sexy and that is often the hardest part. Good textures and lightning are key to achieve that.

    Your texture pack is great I think. Great for learning. I have to buy it yet but I will. It’s amazing how fast you learn when looking how others put things together.

    Some people here think your are a wank for bringing out that texture pack and point out that you have nothing special in store.
    It’s a matter of perspective. For me, as a beginner, this place is awesome and I learn a lot from you. Chances are that I will outgrow your website and find nothing new to learn. But hey … that’s how it works, isn’t it.

    Anyway … Keep up the good work. I like the way you bring your video’s. Clean, simple, understandable … I always have the feeling I sit next to you when watching. You have a cool optimistic vibe. There should be more guys online, making C4D tutorials like you do.


  31. Hi Nick, you ever thought about moderating the comments? I enjoy your site but it is starting to get a bit like YouTube with kids just abusing each other. I know your main focus is inspiring beginners but I wish the general tone would just grow up a bit, if you know what I mean? (sorry, don’t mean to come across sounding snobby) I think the comments section could then attract more experienced people which would benefit everybody. Check out the Creative Review blog – – which moderates comments – there’s still healthy debate on there just without the juvenile stuff.

  32. Alexander Lufi

    What is with all of the horrible comments on this thread? Nick takes time out of his busy life to create tutorials and respond to questions asked by the community, which he is a huge part of. If you don’t appreciate other peoples work, then just don’t come around here; or at least don’t say anything if you do.

    Nick provides the building blocks to create your own masterpieces. Take what he provides and build off it. He didn’t get to where he is now by faking his way through anything, or taking other peoples ideas.

  33. Denny

    I got it yesterday.
    Thanks Nick..great pack!

  34. I can not believe that this pack will cost $ 69 regular.

    iIt would be nice and useful if you would point out that the texturepack contains the old “pariahstudio texture pack pro” from rob redman. I was not paying attention so now i got it twice. that is really boring.

    I appreciate your tutorials very much and also your lightkit was a very good investment for me
    but with these TextureKit I am very dissatisfied.
    in my opinion it’s not worth the money. sorry for the harsh words but when you look at your materials, one should not wonder about such comments.

    • Sorry about that, Oli. Please email and let me and I will get your refund going right away. Thanks for trying it out.

      • Hi Nick,
        thank you but there is no reason for a refund.
        no problem! :-) i got the 30% off so this was not too expansive at all. now i handle this puchase as a donation for all the good and free stuff you are sharing with us.

  35. bullo

    Bullshit Product….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. mediengestalt

    Haters gonna hate.

    Ever went to the lobby and yelled “bullshit service” at the receptionist if you got a substandard room?

    Comments like “Bullshit Product” only disqualify yourself. Rude attitude, impolite behaviour, bad education.

    Feel free to NOT spend $69 on products you don’t like.

    I didn’t buy the textures but I feel really grateful for all that Nick has given to us!

  37. hello

    Do not, I repeat do not moderate comments unless they are explicitly vulgar. Why? Because that is the reason I am on your site today, the comments are creating a little storm around the cg world.

    Look at Andrews site. The comments are so heavily regulated all you get is some kiddy saying..its awesome. That’s partly why I don’t go there anymore and like some others my work is above advanced, its also that I don’t want my work to look anything like the many copycats there.

    I like to hear all views which do not procedurally represent what I have said.

    Well I’m going to have a look around your site now. It better be good or else…a sense of humour is a prerequisite for a good life.

    Lastly, if you don’t like something here and write a comment go easy on the f**k s**t the English language is very advanced I hear!

    • Don’t worry, I don’t moderate comments unless they are explicit or rude just to be rude. I welcome all constructive criticism, especially with my paid products. I’m always trying to make them better and more valuable to artists.

      • OK so you do moderate some rude comments. Then I’m surprised at how a few of these comments have made it through.
        Having a zero tolerance on swearing when it’s used in an attacking way, eg. “Bullshit Product” or there was a “Fuck Dumbass” further up doesn’t exclude anybody – it just makes people engage their brains properly. Also, some messages just don’t make any sense! You say yourself, very diplomatically, that comments have ‘lost you’. If someone can’t type a sentence that makes sense then I don’t really understand why you feel they deserve a voice – it just clutters the discussion.

  38. Franck CASSAGNE

    Mr Campbell, or Nick.


    I just wanted to say thank you for what you’re doing for us.
    And I mean the quality too and your kindness.

    I’m just a Cinema 4D user for rapid showing of still images in architecture or jewelry, and I haven’t got time to be a full time designer on C4D. So I appreciate your libraries and tutorials.

    As it was said, nobody forces people to buy your stuff, it was Mr. Dickinson . And also nobody focus you to spend free time for us with tutorials.

    I come to your site often and I just see what new things you propose, as if you were a supplier.

    You make us happy to provide quality tutorials,
    and your prices are reasonable.

    But I was shocked by the way people talk to you and criticize the work, your work.

    If they don’t like it, they don’t make a fuss like that, just go on another supplier, as in real life.

    Also, I was really disgusted to see that most of
    flamers here, are known as hackers, “pirates”
    and it bothers me that these people have the audacity to steal and criticize. Especially with such vulgarity …

    No, these people are not welcome, they rob us of our
    work, I’ve been robbed to, and I know them well.

    So I think it would be good if they remain at their level
    that is talk too much, do nothing but steal.

    In any case, Mr Campbell,
    Keep on,

    Best Regards,

    Franck B. CASSAGNE.


  39. Think the problem is with the light kits we’ve all been a bit spoiled, perhaps? Agree on the face of it this looks less value for money.

    But then again, this cost me around £30.
    I charge more than that an hour.
    If you’re a hobbyist, it’s really not much to pay for your hobby (and you do know you’re under no obligation to buy, right?).

    Sure, I can make my own textures but it’s a time-saver, a learning tool and, hey, a bit of fun to play with.

    There’s a bit of support-Nick in my purchase as well for all the FREE tutorials we get here – I remember when I had to send off for Thorn’s vhs pack back in the R6 days.

    You spoiled lot. : )

    • I can see that. One thing to keep in mind is that this is a version 1.0 product that will be updated over time for free for current users. So, if it’s not useful to you now, hopefully it will be in the future.

      • Hey Nick,
        I meant £30 isn’t that much. It’s a small investment afaik.

        Useful / worth it to me (bit of a tweak here and there and some of them are being used on a job right now in fact), sorry if that didn’t come across.

        I was questioning some folk’s perceptions of relative value.
        But then again I’m not from generation free…

  40. I really don’t understand the hate expressed in some of the posts. You don’t like the product don’t buy it. You think it should be improved, well give some constructive criticism. Insults don’t really help anyone.

    As a few before have mentioned, The Gorilla, is under no obligations to give anything away for free. He does so with the tutorials and that may be a marketing tool. Big deal! Everyone who watches the tutorials has profited from them. Yeah, I get it. The tuts are a lost leader for John. But they are a godsend for many of the beginners – like myself.

    So Mr. Campbell places his products for sale on his site. One of them is not up to scratch. It’s his site, I think he has all the right to do that. I don’t see any thugs on the home page pressuring me to buy anything. You don’t like the material kit. Tell him the reasons. He’ll improve it. I know John is smart enough to listen.

    But what I don’t get is this attitude of entitlement from some of the posters. We are all guests. We are not entitled to anything.

  41. goodbye

    Your site has been infiltrated by the dicko. Can’t do this man I’m out but have a good life.

  42. goodbye

    Seriouly I’m a max man that’s really it but stay away from trolls who spam their wares on the backs of others. Peace out.

  43. im trying to leave

    No your site is great I just like different creative tech. I respect you.

    Do you know why people say these things…its cos they seperate business from art without understanding that the two can coexist. People also attack success.

    Gorilla I’m a little anti john and andrew, they are a bit overly opportunistic for my liking. They have contributed immensely and that is mainly why I am a little anti because people take what they do and are reducing the industry down to a base which is not where I would like it to be. What I mean is they have given too many secrets away. It just an opinon of course.

    Your product looks good though I think it is a bit expensive.

    • Wait, so you saying by giving away secrets is a bad thing???

      I guess you know everything and dont need to be taught anything at all, right? I wish I was like you… Sadly I am not, I thrive on these guys giving away their ‘secrets’ being generous with their time and allowing an open door to their processes… This should be applauded, not discredited…. maybe, just maybe by selling some tools/presets generates enough money for them to make the time spent sharing these ‘secrets’ worth it.

      Buy what do I know, Im just an anonymous person shouting all my thoughts before thinking.

  44. Zachary O'Connor

    I am disgusted by what some people are saying here. It’s almost as though some individuals think it is their right to have Nick provide content for them. Nick has done so much for everyone here, I learnt everything I know about Cinema 4D from Nick (I bet there is a hell of a lot more people in the same boat) and I respect him for that. So what if you don’t like this particular product? Nick offers a full refund to anyone that is not satisfied with what they’ve bought. All you have to do is tell him that! Don’t come on here and be blatantly disrespectful calling the man an idiot and so on. Excuse my French, but if I were Nick I’d be telling some people to Fuck themselves.

    I appreciate what you do Nick and I do hope you continue to do it.

    • Zachary O'Connor

      I shouldn’t have used foul language, it’s not needed. I was just really angry at some of the comments here. Sorry.

  45. Thanks again for all the feedback everyone. While I like to hear constructive criticism towards me or my products, the name calling and arguing for no reason is getting way out of hand. I seriously love a good debate, but throwing anger and hate towards the other side certainly isn’t a very persuasive tactic for getting your point across.

    I love this community and I would hate to see it digress into Youtubian comment hell. Keep the critique coming please, but be nice about it will ya? Can’t we treat each-other as part of a community instead of enemies, even if our opinions are different?

    I think this video sums it up perfectly.

  46. Kristian

    hey nick i wanna ask something everytime when i watch a cinema 4D video you have made then when it is example when you make a tutorial about city kit how do you then put the city kit folder down in the corner in cinema 4D??

  47. Classic internet threads, digressing to a place of loathing the success of others, and forever fearing the leveled playing field we have been entering for the past half decade.

    It’s becoming increasingly easier to become educated in digital media arts. The internet is an outlet with hundreds of sources for dozens upon dozens of tutorials for every program from PS to AE, Nuke to Realflow. The other factor is the ability to get so much of these materials in a ‘dishonest’ way.

    As our markets become more global and bandwidth speeds increase, the markets we once held a stake in will now be open to the world, and people globally that have the same access to software and tutorials as everyone else.

    Some people may see this as a negative, I see it as the balancing of button pushing, and the insurgence of genuine creativity and talent. The cream has always risen to the top, thats why GSG, VCP, and several others have become the ‘players’ in the market. They see the potential in resources sharing, and I’m sure it’s done nothing but bring good exposure to them, and helped develop they’re craft. Aside from making them feel good about sharing, and creating an online community.

    To anyone who says all motion graphics look the same now, and the on-slot of users using lighting kits and texture packs giving them all the same ‘look’. This means there is a huge opportunity to create new looks and stand out as the different style in the market. Whenever you create a project ask yourself… Does this look like a GSG project? Was this done from a VCP tutorial? Or does it look distinct and unique to yourself? Maybe I’m just an optimist, but at least I speak honesty through keystrokes instead of trying to belittle and be cynical towards others.

  48. Magic

    I really look up to you and your work Nick

    Thank you!!!

  49. Hey Nick,

    I like the way you handle some of these comments. I wish I could be that calm sometimes :) I never really understood the bashing anyway, I bought your light kit which was great for me but skipped on the city kit because I didn’t see how I could use it right now but that’s the way it works, no need to be disrespectful to you for that. Anyway, keep up the great work!!

  50. TheOracle

    Hi there Nick,
    Above you asked for improvement suggestions.
    i do have two that i personally would find extremely usefull.

    1) That would be te recreate an online materials database in the same way i can find in the Maxwell materials resource page (free) based on this product.
    What i mean is that every material collection starts with the basics. (colored plastic, glass, wood etc) But after having lots of materials people start getting creative. That’s something you might want to aim at with this. (maybe even with help from community and fans to add to a database as well) Maxwell render and Octane render also going more and more in this direction) In octane render you can acces the online materials database from INSIDE the software.

    2) Maybe add some expresso time saving functionality to position this product. “what are the ways people use materials? what expresso functions are there to work with regarding materials etc?”
    (In the same way Digital juice offers layered stock music. The music is fine, but the fact that you can do something with it that you othersise can not by buying competitors stock music is a smart move. + a more creative approach for users.)

  51. Its so easy to say:
    if you don’t like it, don’t buy it, etc…
    It more than “like” or “dislike”. If Nick puts up some candy textures, or plastic textures… with 4 different colors.

    This is sooo strange. because you can change the color just with one click. So, there are maybe 40 textures.. which looks very similar.

    of course: if you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Nick is great, blah blah blah. He did so much with all the tutorials. blah blah.

    Fact it. Nick wants to make some easy money. And thats okay. People who are to stupid to create their own material lab, or search the web for basic wood, glass material will spend those 70 dollars. sure. thats fine.

    What really sucks is the Idea behind this product. Still the “you don’t have to build it yourself” , “time is money”, blah. Its just wrong.

    Stupid Followers will buy it, and thats okay. And its easy money for Nick. Sure. I think the product sucks. But the Idea behind it sucks even more… its like the “opposite” of what Nick is teaching “us” (his community) with this site. And it just don’t feel right.
    Call us all haters, etc… thats sooo easy.

  52. VFR3000

    You are good at what you do.
    You are genuine and sell good stuff.
    You put a lot back to the community.
    You also spent a lot of YOUR free time showing others how to make a living.

    Thanx for it all including the quality you put in to it.

    On a lighter note, thats some lady you got there……lucky guy…..but then she is too…no I am not gay lol

    Good luck and stick with it even if you get the flamers ….it shows you work.

  53. Ok a few comments

    Yes I agree that the cost is high for this product, compared with other professional texture packs.

    Nick’s comment that this is a pack that will grow, is I don’t think clearly enough stated nor clear enough stated that the additions will or will not cost.

    Textures are inherently a product that no longer deserve premium prices due to the fact of DIY with digital camera’s and the abundance of Free Texture Sites.

    Yes people do use textures found with google and do ignore limitations and/or copyrights on these ‘finds’, which also reduces the perceived value of these items your selling.

    Plus there is the personal growth, as people learn the value of product becomes less, so it has to be an entry level product.

    Honestly Nick I think you are clearly smart enough to know this, but i dont think it was any maliciousness on you part, rather a sin of omission, and pricing a product is always a difficult thing to do, if those items had been evaluated and explained i think / hope that some of the comments here would not be found or necessary.

    That said, your calm and professional behaviour is particularly worthy.

    As for me saying what should be added, i too think that is ALWAYS the hardest thing with textures as there are so many possibilities.

    Do you generate
    Generic materials?
    Cartoon type textures?
    Professional architectural materials;
    such as a 100 types of wood and 100 types of steel; 100 types of brass. Etc.

    And if you do the professional will the majority be happy, or only a select few.

    Therein also lays a problem for what ever you choose to do, there is always a limited, ie these are no good for me, so the probability of maximizing revenue and individual usefulness from these and future textures is always going to be problematic.

    I hope that gives you some things to think about. I wish you success in resolving it.

  54. Samuel

    If all of you haters put as much commitment and effort into your lives and career as you do hating, you might be a little more accomplished and successful.
    It’s great to have strong opinions, but at some point you have to focus on yourselves and creating great things instead of ripping apart other people. Because while you guys are commenting and trying to one-up each other on here, other people are making great stuff. Feel free to reply to my comment as well, but I’m not going to answer – I’ll be over here working my ass off.

  55. Internet is full of tutorials, a difference that made me come to GSG is the simplicity and clarity in its arguments.

    prices are acceptable, especially considering how many videos made by professionals or less, use its products and are sold at a lot of money.

    GSG is strong because its tags are fast, friendly and cool. (Sometimes FRESNEL ahaha)

    do not forget that each preset can be modified and customized.

    This is a great reference point, both to learn and to push yourself
    not destroy it!

  56. hi nick, i have been following your website for more than half a year now and enjoy most of the tutorials and talks you post. i have been in the graphic business for almost 20 years and i hate admitting it, but i have learned alot from you. i have learned how to handle cinema 4d to a certain extent, even enable it into my work, pleasing tons of clients, and thanks to whom? well, to you nick.
    i may not agree to all you say in your talks and presentations concerning fundamental of the graphic-business, but compared to the things which have opened my eyes its so marginal and not worth mentioning.
    i bought the city kit, i bought the light kit, because they are both powerful and very handy. whether you developed them or not, doesnt interest me, but you brought them out here and for that i am, and many others aswell, are damned thankful! i wont buy the texture kit, mainly, because i have learned enough through your tutorials to make my own. especially those that i really need.
    what i will do, even if it drives my wife nuts in the evening, is continue watching your wonderful tutorials (the nick campbell show), so grab those balls of yours and stay rocking for me, for us.

  57. I like the texture kit so far, but I think it can be a really cool one in the future. I would like to see more textures and maybe a way to save your custom textures within texture kit or maybe a place where you can view and download other textures may by other people. I’ve seen other texture sites and they are cool but over the years I’ve downloaded too many and its so much a chore looking for textures, so this will be a big help. Great job!

  58. sebastian

    Hi Nick,

    I’m really sad after reading some of the comments. You brought me a lot of joy in the past few years. And that is not only because of your great tutorials but also for all kinds of little advices. I’m an IT manager in the Netherlands in charge of a department of 110 people, I’m older than you are and have a lot of experience in software development. And still I can learn from you just because you ran into things and solved them in a way that I can also use in my work. Reading these comments makes me sad because what I like about your site is the honesty and the sharing of experience.

    Just wanted to give you a big thumbs up. You are ok Nick. Thanks for everything. And keep up the good work!

    Thanks man!


  59. javier

    Nick u are the best keep up the good work

  60. Gokhan

    Hey Nick;
    Congratulations my friend really-great work :)
    Very nice pack,thanks again for this great pack.
    Please take care of yourself ;)

  61. great work nick, but it is a little too expensive for this amount of textures.

  62. This blog has certainly turned many heads here in the studio, especially in the CG world. So thought we’d check out what all the fuss is about.

    Great stuff!

  63. Personally I feel that the texture pack is overpriced. They are really nice and they are a time saver but the price point is a bit high.

    With that said. I’m really shocked at some of the anger directed towards this site. It is a subscription-free site offering FREE tutorials. If people have outgrown this site then perhaps there is a business opportunity to offer something more advanced yourselves. But there are THOUSANDS of people using this site and taking advantage of all the FREE tutorials it has to offer. Including David Lewandowsky who just recently did a lot of graphics work for Tron Legacy.

    ATTENTION you lynch mob of freeloaders. Do you have any idea of what it takes to run a site such as this? The effort it requires to build a community? To get the equipment and software to offer tutorials? The time it takes to rehearse, record and optimize a tutorial that you are going to give away for free?

    Can the administrator get something back for all his efforts? Can he put something for sale on his own site?

    • Mr Rayne

      :) … Well, of course he can. He can produce and market professionally usable products – exactly in the vein of Andrew Kramers Videocopilot venture.

      If you compare and contrast the sort of product marketed by VC – the difference is palpable. With Videocopilot you’re looking at the production and release of genuinely professional level tools as well as a great standard in free tutorial production.

      The Products are properly conceived and developed – many of them considered essential and worth the asking price.

      Now, when it comes to the marketing of a product – this is all anyone wants and, for that matter, all they expect.

      A not unreasonable expectation, one has to add.


  64. Volker

    I like looking into other people’s shaders to see how they work.

    The problem I have with adopting shaders to my scenes is that they always depend on light setup and the scene itself, so a lot of tweaking is always necessary.

    I bought a tutorial from vertexpusher’s site, who describes a way of calibrating your scene lightning setup, so that white is as white as it gets but not overexposed. This way he has less tweaking around in shadersettings because after a while he knows better how one setting affects the scene in general.

    I’m just a hobby user, so that calibrating stuff is something I always skip because it seems like extra time to spend, but afterwards I always end up adopting shadersettings a much longer time
    I wonder if you pro guys know or use such a workflow, I like the idea of it.

    (well I hope my english is good enough that you even understood what I was talking about^^)

    Have a nice day,

  65. Where does all this communistic mentality come from? Why do people expect to continuously get content for free? Isn’t Nick entitled to earn some money for his work?

    I don’t know where do the ideals of many of the haters here come from, but how the free market works is this: The author sets a price for a product and the consumer decides whether to purchase it or not. If the demand meets the price point, the author makes a profit, if it does not, the product gets discounted or abandoned. Simple as that.

    Let me tell you a little story: I run my own set of tutorials (for After Effects) on my site. They are all free. From time to time I also release downloadable presets, free of charge as well. I do that not because I believe in some great ideals (well, I do like to share the knowledge), but simply because I like to motivate myself towards making money off directing TV ads and keep the tutorials as a side hobby.

    I also have a donation box on my site linked with my pay pal account. You know what my profit has been over a 12 month period? 10 US dollars (thanks to the single person who made the donation). I am not bitter about it – I have no business model for my tutorials, because I do not treat them as a business.

    At the same time, however, I do not devote as much time to creating new content as I would if I have been fed back by the system. I release a new tutorial maybe once a month, maybe once every few months – whenever I feel the urge to share some technique or trick I found out. Except for this urge, there is no real other incentive for me to do what I am doing.

    Personally, I will most likely not purchase this kit. I simply do not need it, and I feel I am competent enough to create shaders by myself. In other words THIS PRODUCT IS NOT FOR ME.

    Having said that I applaud Nick at all the work he has put into his site and for the products purchased by many other satisfied customers. If he wants to say the kit, if he wants to set the price – he is well within his rights to do so. He is the author of the product and he can do with it whatever he wills.

    I think he build a very successful business model here, and I only hope to see it grow. Sales of the products will help support the further development of this site which has become one of (if not “the”) main places to turn to for C4D info.

  66. Ok all this has to stop. People are arguing over things that don’t even relate to this product. For example, the argument at the top with Ali, and people saying he copied Nick’s Tutorials and then the people saying “TUT FIGHT”, grow the fuck up for fuck sake. I’m sorry for the language but it’s so annoying to see this kind of shit on here.

    Moving on. Fair enough if you don’t like this product, you don’t have to buy it. After all it’s your own opinion and Nick is not forcing anyone to buy any of his products. But, don’t go saying Nick is ripping people off. As Nick has said, “If your a texture expert, then this pack isn’t for you. But, if you want to have a texture collection to start with and then maybe tweak and learn from, this may be just the thing you need.”

    Nick, I admire you for keeping your cool and responding in a calm tone because, if that was me after reading true most of this bullshit, I would of said allot of things that would have put me in the wrong. Thankfully you are not like that.

  67. Back to the Topic:

    Hi Nick and Rob,

    congratulations, another nice product. Probably not the best GSG produkt ever, but I bought it anyway to dissect it and learn something about texturing.
    Two Questions:

    1)Could you or/and Rob explain those “special materials”(like nukei ect.) inside C4D. I never could figure out to handle them…

    2) I am having Issues with the scaling of the textures. For which sizes/units where they exactly setup?

  68. Nobody has asked for a refund because they thought it was a bad product yet. But, just to be sure, if you are unhappy for any reason with their purchase, please let me know in the support page and I will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

    I have high hopes for the future of the Texture Kit and didn’t expect so many comments and discussion about it’s value. I do appreciate good feedback. Needless to say, I am pushing to get Version 1.1 out as soon as i can to add more textures from more artists to make this kit as valuable as possible. All updates will be free to existing users of the Texture Kit.

    I take creating valuable products very seriously and am trying to make stuff that is fun to use, makes things look better, and is valuable to people. Sorry again if this isn’t for you. I will have more free tutorials, podcasts, presentations, five second projects, and random rants on the site soon.

    Thanks again for visiting at least checking out my stuff. That’s all I can ask really.

    • Andrew

      Dude forget about the Texture kit and City kit with xpresso.You should focus more on making the Lighting Kit Studio as a real Plugin with C++ or Python,increase the price promote it and make money.

  69. I really hate Rob Rebmont right now. I’ve bought his texture pack and he give horrible support and always promise for material update for months and he never fulfill his promises. And now on the preview of GSG texture kit i saw more materials from Rebmont’s folder than what i’ve got from actually purchasing his texture pack. Rob Rebmonth you’re a liar and you just lost my respect, i will never buy anything from you ever again!

    There, i feel better now.

    • Hi Mike,
      sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the support you have had. I’m more than happy to give a refund. Email me with your transaction number and I will sort it out for you.

      As for your other comments I must disagree. You do of course see more materials in the GSG pack than in my original but that is because Nick made them. This kit is a combination of mine and Nick’s, with more to be added in the future as Nick says.

      Thanks Mike, looking forward to hearing from you.

      Now, my thoughts on the rest of the thread.

      It’s been said before and I strongly agree; nobody has to buy this or any other product and that is more than fine.
      However if it helps you learn or speeds up your workflow then maybe you will get something out of it. Perosnally I’ve been doing this a long time and I have a huge amount of assets I can repurpose but people starting out might not and they may find it hard to know where to start. Packs like this can really help.

      It’s a case of take it or leave it. Nobody will be upset if you don’t buy it but the complete lack of respect for the community some posters have demonstrated brings us all down.

      Critique the kit by all means. I encourage it, as it helps improvement but please stay civil and polite.

      All the best


      • I’ve bought your material, took you a couple of months just to make the lib4d works but i can tolerate that cause i know that you’re a busy guy, but you promised for more material updates that never came even though that’s one of the reason why i bought your texture pack. You said that there will be an update really soon And now i see your materials in this texture kit and from the preview i can see that nick separate your materials with his materials and i can see that there’s more material in your folder than what i’ve got from actually purchasing your texture pack months ago. What i’m wondering is, are you actually gonna give that material update that you’ve been promising about or does this means that there will be no updates and for those who wants update can just buy this texture kit? I like your material pack Rob, and that’s why i bought it, and to be honest its a lot better than what nick have to offer in his texture kit, what he have is basically just a material with fresnel reflection and some pattern, even though i know that he will update it with some awesome and kickass looking materials later on. I’m no graphic designer, i just do this for fun as a hobby, i don’t want to spend more money just to get those material updates that i supposed to get. I don’t want a refund, i just need those updates that you’ve been promising about. Please answer my question so i can stop bitching about this.

  70. RyanRoehl

    My favorite post on this website is Nick doing a bit on his Dad. I am a guy that was dealt a pretty crappy hand of cards in this life, and I didn’t have a dad to look up to. So when Nick interviewed his Dad to give us a perspective on where he learned to work hard at his craft, that meant the world to me. Nick, you make a connection between the real lives we live and the passion we have for motion design, and I sincerely appreciate it.

  71. Polo-

    Wow, lots of haters making stupid comments.
    As Nick said, this is basically to get work done faster, there are a bunch of tutorials right in this site to make textures like this. You can even find the images for free in the tutorials. Do you want nick making the all the work for you too? goooosh…

    And about all the mograph and stuff looking the same, well, some people just doesn’t get that Nick gives you the information about the tools so you can make anything you want with them, it’s on you if you want/can make something different.

    About the kit, looks pretty awesome for me.
    But i think the light kit pro and the city kit are WAAAAAAY more valuable than this textures, and also those two requires more work than this textures. So I think this should be just a little cheaper than the Light Kit Pro/city kit as well. Just what I think :P .
    Btw, sorry about my english
    Keep it on with the good work man.


  72. It looks like a lot of people here didn’t get the fact that the texture pack will grow in the future, for free for existing users. That sounds cool to me, even though I probably think at this point Nick, that you could have wait a little bit more and added a little bit more textures to make it feel like a “full” product from the beginning. Just my two cents. I’m looking forward to version 1.1! Cheers.

  73. Nick makes money by selling his products.

    People make money by selling their Cinema 4D works they made thanks to Nick’s tutorial.

    Where’s the problem?

    I agree that sometimes things are overrated and, sincerily I believe that this is the weakest of Nick’s products, but if you’re jealous of Nick’s succesful website, why don’t you start your own one instead of complaining here? :)

    Nick, keep rockin’!

  74. Holy Crap! It’s a texture pack people.. I don’t think it was ever supposed to be the second coming.

  75. Hey Nick.

    Thanks for your great tuts! I’ve learnt so much this way!

    I looked through the comments and your post, but i couldn’t find an answer on how this great realistic »gums-stick-against-glas-look« is done. (In your picture above these comments) Perhaps I’ve overlooked something.

    Are there two spheres with different refractions and some gums stick through the inner one… or… or… i don’t know. it looks so damn realistic… :-)

    Greetz from Hamburg

    • Yeah, basically, the sphere is thicker than a normal sphere. That’s what gives it that effect. Also, ambient Occlusion helps give it that look. I should do a tutorial I think. Great idea.

  76. dwight

    Whenever I try to open it, it says “you do not have permission to access the required source.”

  77. Someone

    Hey nick the materials look good but i dont think they are worth $69
    anyway how did you make that object at the end i know it is probably very easy but i just want to know because it looks very good for testing materials and lighting

  78. both Nick C and John D have gifted a literal TONNE of tutorials that elsewhere would be costing considerably more than the products you might choose to buy here or over at MotionWorks. There is ZERO virtue in poverty so if Nick does well out of this and his other projects then so he should. Too many people are expecting too much for fuck all these days. Were it not for the likes of Nick C and John D i’d have gotten nowhere fast with Cinema 4D so buying a few of their respective products goes some way to pay for everything i got for free…

  79. SkepticOne

    Ah, I see whats going one here. A couple of guys that are “professionals” or consider themselves “professionals” are mad because Nick is doing a great job of showing “amateurs” how to produce slick looking renders with minimal effort. All of the sudden there are lots of people creating in C4D and the “professionals” feel that this is going to start stealing work from them. I have seen this happen everytime there has been a release of software or technology that makes it easier to make something, the people that spent time learning the outdated way feel cheated and their work cheapened. Progress happens, get over it. There is always going to be people making things that make our lives easier, and thats a good thing. As I have heard from John and Nick, people are going to steal tutorials and make it look like their own work. Its just how it it, people are lazy. Its much easier to rip-off a tutorial then to go through the creative process to create something new. This is where you seasoned guys out there can step up! There are always going to be clients that want just cookie-cutter work, and then there will be those that appreciate unique work. Its YOUR choice to decide what kind of work you want to do in this regard.

    Nick thanks for making these awesome tutorials and products that make creating things easier and faster. I could probably create all of these materials myself, but when I need to quickly get some style frames to a client, they really help.

    Please keep on doing what you are doing and don’t worry about the negative comments here. Its always the negative people that seem louder, but I guarantee there are far more people visiting your site every day hoping to learn something new or a new way of approaching a problem.

      • I think your looking at it the wrong way. It’s not about feeling cheated because somebody learned it the hard way, the major critique is that “everything will look the same” because it offer something that look good without effort or learning.

        It’s not nick fault (or somebody else because it’s not really fault) but i feel like sometimes, it’s not pushing some people forward. Because they have something looking ok and they will not push it to make it really sexy.

        It’s kinda like when you see someone work or reel and you can tell that every single piece come from videocopilot or gsg. It does not level up our community, it just make it boring seeing the exact same things everywhere.

        I recently seen a c4d thing on vimeo, a nice piece with displacement, i could easily tell the guy has checked nick tut about it but it got personality anyway and that is fine.
        But we all remember the 3d strokes era, the 3d-explosion/break-thing era, etc.

        Really, iam not blaming on the tool or the one who create it, iam not really blaming anyone in fact. It just kinda sad to see something good turning cheap because people don’t want to push it trough.

        It’s just sometimes, it rips creativity out of it and that what we’re about, if not, we’re just monkey pressing buttons in the right order.

        And again, critique is always a good thing even if some comments here are really beyond criticism (feel like bashing just for the sake of it).
        Kudos to nick getting his shit done and handling some harsh comments with a lot of nerve.

        • tstroke

          Try not to feel threatened by everything looking the same.
          True Im about as sick as anybody with shiny spheres and roll-face-on-keyboard “abstract” 3D..(which are most often quite shiny as well)

          But creatively challenged individuals do not last in this biz. The job demands that they think on their feet and not just follow recipes.

          Sadly though sometimes the occasional “tut-slut”(tm) will slip by and that’s not anyone’s fault but the person who hired them. They’re the ones who must deal with the messes they make. :)

  80. Irrespective of all the other doophus comments above _ I still think you, your tuts and your products are über cool.

    BUT you never touched on the _rigs folder on your intro – soooo [to be said in a Brad Pitt stylee from the closing scenes of the film "7"] “what’s in the (_rigs) box?, Come on man, what’s in the box?”

    • Mr Rayne

      The rig or “Texture Maker” is basically an elementary expresso set-up – simply put all it is is the material channels from the standard material editor pruned down to just those relevant to making glossy, shiny surfaces and set up as a user data-tab.

      And I kid you not. That honestly is it. Absolutely nothing more to see there.

      Instead of simply dragging a standard New Material onto your objects and going on from there, you drag the material produced by the Texture Maker expresso node onto your objects and work the simplified user-data sliders instead.

      The base material has Color and Reflection pre-enabled- Luminance and Transparency have to be manually enabled (just like you normally would have to in the standard material editor) and your options are basically just the very bare essentials for the production of a simple glossy, primary color material.

      IF you want to add noise, any other form of shader other than the Fresnel already added to the Luminance Chanel – basically, anything approaching something resembling and actually interesting looking material – you have to use the standard material editor exactly as you would have to had you not bought Texture Kit.

      And that really be your lot.


  81. mikel

    I’m new in Cinema 4D and I don’t know how to personalize the material window. I have all the extension but I can only select it throw “load preset material” How can I put this windows to watch it as miniatures?


  82. hi ,
    sorry for my english / and cheers from morocco
    i think Nick is a very very cool person , smart and nice :)
    people like us in third world with no Motion design schools and no many options to learn.
    our first destination to learn is internet..with people like Nick now its possible to learn for free…now i have my website … i work in freelance…now am working in projects with national Tv .3D 2D PRINT AND MOTION.cuz of people like nick am building my career without going to school …i even start to speak english :)
    so i just want to say that if there is support people can give…we have to do it with a big smile …cuz sharing its a beautiful thing. now we have to keep this website alive and if we like a product we buy it if not dont do it . :)

    thanks nick

  83. The comments on this post are getting way out of hand, so I am shutting them down for now. I love critique for me or my products, but so many people are just attacking each other at this point. It’s not the kind of community I want to foster on this site. Greyscalegorilla should be a place to share opinions and thoughts and learn from each other, not a place to get attacked for what you think. If you like that stuff, to hang out on youtube.

    If you have any critique or something to say to me or about thoughts in this thread, please use twitter or email me direct. I would love to hear it.


    PS: Some Comments were removed upon the commenters request. I don’t remove comments unless they are offensive or if asked directly by the poster of the comment.