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OFFF Year Zero 45 Comments

Since I was a speaker, OFFF asked me to make a short video with the theme “Year Zero”. This is what I made. It was released as part of the OFFF 2011 packaging and promotion.

Music By: Adams Castle

Texture Kit Pro
Light Kit Pro

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  1. Skipr

    That looks great! I like the compositing at the end especially. (I mean the sync with the music.)
    Lighted with the HDRI Light Kit Pro, right? :P
    haha keep it up.

  2. Andelko

    You manage to work with spheres and knock them out of the park. The dynamics used along the transition worked well. I can only image how awesome you could make other shapes look and feel.

  3. Göran

    Spheres! Who could have guessed? ;)
    Super awesome as always Nick!

  4. Okay Nick, how does that pertain to year zero? What is the connection or thematic point? I’m not sure I get it fully.

    • highfive

      the theme is super vague and ambiguous itself, probably on purpose so the artists would have a ton of free range for creativity. nicks idea here reminds me of something like the big bang/evolution where a world starts off as nothing in ‘year zero’ but grows and grows into something magnificent and beautiful through collaboration with one another.

      • julio luengo

        Oh yeah… Highfive, your imagination runs free.

        I personally think Nick has lost a incredible opportunity to produce incredible work, considering the high standards in Offf.

        I`m a big Nick´s fan though.

    • qwerty

      hey everybody, it’s sam welker posting comments on GSG’s blog. i think the world might explode now.

    • i like the idea of evolution behind it, i don’t know if i like the piece, maybe incorporating something else into the piece, like the spheres melting into metaballs, or some form of distortion, reckon it would have made me wonder what the heck was going on

      what would you have done for year zero?

      • actually, watching it back, i think the transition from the piece to the round white circle could have been less sudden, if the red/orange balls turned white and filled the space of the circle, or the circle could have appeared the same way the spheres did

        • i retract my last statement. the sound was off on vimeo, so the circle was so out of context. Worked well with the piano and I eat my words

  5. w00dy


    Everytime I see an orange ball, I´m reminded of Greyscalegorilla.
    You knid of ruined the sunset for me Nick ;)

  6. kamilkite

    It’s so boooooring. Where all the creativity goes?

  7. Thomas

    The whole concept around of this years OFFF was very dark, agressive amd depressing (see main titles from PostPanic for OFFF).

    Maybe it was something that is trying to remind us of trying to have a better time in life of human kind and of course remind us that this will be our – and our kids – future if we don’t start to contribute harder to make a change around us, for everyone of us, little by little

    Thanks for beeing at OFFF Nick, pretty early but i’m sure there is more to come.

  8. I dig it. I kind of expected more of The Gorilla (he is a talented and skillful man) but this looks way simpeler than it actually is. I really like the transition from the first few balls to the ‘bigger balls’. (Wow, that’s not a sentence you want to say out loud when somebody walks into your office all of a sudden)
    The whole transition redefines the actual scale. At first the white/black spheres look pretty bulky, but then all of a sudden the scale is redefined and black and white are just tiny particles of a bigger concept.
    I really love the first part. Second part was less impressive/entertaining. Love the part though.
    Would love to hear your inspiration/ideas behind the piece. Why did you choose to do this?
    Good job! (Any chance you’d do a little breakdown of how you built the animation?)

  9. looks rad man, did you use soundkeys? Been using them loads recently, such a good plugin.

  10. Wesley

    Is a cool effect. but I think those “abstract-animations-with-mograph-balls” is enough already…

  11. Dave Woodhull

    Hi Nick, as usual very creative. Can not wait for the tutorial on this one.

    • I really hope you’re not implying that he’s ripping off or stealing this from Zhestkov…None of those projects looked like this project…did some of them have a similar feel? Sure, but that doesn’t make it a rip off. Do you know how many painters have painted similar paintings in the style of the people they admired? all of them. That’s how we learn, that’s how we grow. This is a stepping stone for him he will find other people that inspire him and he will develop his own unique visual style.

  12. I dunno why but you always manage to make spheres looks great.

  13. nicely done but can’t help feel frustrated by the lack of originality or substance, search cinema 4d in vimeo and every second post will be a sphere, metaball or some cube exploding! not to pick on you nick, you’re an absolute legend and have thought me a huge amount! Just a general observation.

  14. Ritesh

    hey nick great work as always

    i was try somthing in paper folding style animation nothing good came out
    can u plz feature a tutorial for particular paper folding style animation


    • Raoul van Maaren

      Hey, awesome video. I havent tried anything like it, but it seems to be fairly possible by first using the boole object to cut the figures out of the paper/plane, then create seperate objects which fill the figures and at last use the bend deformer to bend the figures :P . Ill definitely will give it a try, thanks for the inspiration.

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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.