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    • - you can see it is a vimeo link.
      - go there and you know who created the video.
      - a small look on the tags will tell you which programs were used.

      you need a tutorial for putting your panties on in the morning too ?

      • Jack, they were asking a simple question. You could’ve said yes or no instead of being insulting.

      • Jack: do you need a tutorial to be nice with people that are just asking questions?

        • Are you people serious? Yes he was asking a question, but it was one a 12yr old could work out for themselves. This is a C4D site, that alone answers his question, then as jack said, vimeo tags say it too. Such a stupid question deserves such an answer.

          • alguti

            remember no such thing as a stupid answer lets not pick sides here. lets be helpful and if someone is giving criticism’s that are not helpful in anyway lets keep it to ourselves.

          • Dude relax yourself, if a person speaks to you in real life do you never answer them if the info they need can be found is some of ther way? No nobody does, it was more effort to be unhelpful like you then just answer the question, if you dont want to answer then dont but dont be an arse. its all love here so chill!

          • sorry mate, mis-clicks that is aimed at dan above.

          • BlkNNerdy

            As we are learning, we all ask questions that someone else finds simple. It’s always nice to be nice.

          • Dan! It’s not a C4D Site it GREYSCALE GORILLA and everything 3D on this site is not from C4!We are all here to Learn and as Guest we are all at the Same Level when we are on This site.We all Need to Respect Each and everyone .Thanks Nick for Sharing Your Knowledge…

          • Geez. Thats a bit harsh! Maybe the question was a bit rhetorical, but theres no need to be so sarcastic. Have you thought about the possibility of him not being of the age of 12 (and therefore not being able to work it out)?

          • Soooooo…..did we ever determine weather this was built in Cinema or not:)

            Sorry, had to do it.

      • Brandon

        I could use one, I always forget if the string part goes in the front or the back

        • Kamaur

          Haha Brandon wins. I love that spot. That channel is my weekend church.

        • I got my arm stuck in a panty hole this morning so lets take it to a vote

  1. Trevor Williams

    You should break down some of the pieces for a challenge like the iPhone 4 render, and then do a tutorial on it.

  2. Throck

    Pretty darn impressive. How many people we’re involved in a production like that?

  3. Waouw Love 3D Sport Promo i Love Capacity !
    And really love their Northwestern spots “tower Styled construction stuff”

    tuto ? their Northwestern render looks really cool !

  4. Marty

    Hey! bud, can you do a tutorial on this promo that would be AWESOME!..:)

  5. I would like to know how they make such an environment / background. Is it done insider c4d or After Effects..?? Nice spot!

  6. awara

    yeah jack its obvious you watched a lot of tutorials about how to be a perfect ass hole

  7. Herbert

    This movie is wonderful. The pace is excellent! Very good indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Peter Beurskens

    Helemaal geweldig… it means… Superrrrrrrrrrrrr

  9. Olivier Masson

    motion design should move away from this style. Very early 2000 ish. Overdone. Uninteresting in its flashyness. Not taking anything away from the execution though. Very well done, especially the transitions, which are flawless.

  10. Nice animation, great transitions. But the overal quality and detail in the environments, models, and rendering is not there. Not to take anything away from the talented folks at Capacity ( they crush it ), We don’t know all the details – timeframe, budget, ect. .. but you can easily notice there’s a huge difference in quality from this and the rest of their portfolio. Just compare the rendering quality and detail to the Thursday Night Football spot.

  11. JeNgFX

    Awesome! Does anyone know how do they get everything lit so clean its like they used one light rig to render everything but I know thats not how its done. I know compositing plays a huge part but lighting is done in the 3d side of things, so I wonder how much is done in 3d lighting wise for something like ESPN, Sports Center and the video on top.

  12. Bohemten

    Awesome…would love a technique tut on the globe spin transitions!

  13. This is great.
    Love how the net and the soccer ball come together in the middle of this spot.
    Really good stuff.

    Reminds me a bit of this.
    Posted the old video for you last March.
    Really good use of C4D.
    Olson Nailed it again in my opinion.

  14. Elmar Luijmes

    Is there gonna be an tutorial about this??
    if so im waiting at the tip of my chair :D

  15. How about picking out a short little part and doing a tutorial on just that one short part?

  16. Karan Singh

    So u made in CINEMA 4D..?? Its too cool i like the camera animation its kind of tricky part right?

  17. This is shockingly good! thumbs up jack. lets have more of this. i’m just coming up in 3d via c4d.
    So, i guess u’ll be my mentor. where can i get a reel of your work?

  18. There is a mis-spelling in there Nick…Its spelt “football” not “soccer” xP actully on that note isnt soccer from sock? why isnt it called socker? You crazy americans! ^^


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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.