1. 11 C4D Presentations at NAB 2014 Rewind 5 Comments


    The first batch of videos are up from NAB 2014. Head on over to Cineversity and start watching some of the great presenters who showed off their tips and techniques inside of Cinema 4D. We will post again soon when they put the rest of the presentations up there. Thanks again to Maxon for recording and posting all these great videos!

    Watch NAB 2014 Rewind Now

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  2. Render Challenge – Natural Formula Grape Bottle 55 Comments

    I found this 3D render today and I thought it would be perfect for a new Render Challenge. Try to copy the render above EXACTLY and see how close you can get. I love learning this way because it forces you to look at some of the smaller modeling details and it teaches me to try subtle lighting tricks to get a render just right.

    Share Your Results

    Drop links to your renders in the comments below. Let’s see how close we can get. Also, if you get stuck, we can use the comments to ask questions and share techniques. Have Fun!



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  3. Casey Explains It All – Tutorial Ideas Needed Below 121 Comments

    I was talking with the Super-Great-And-Talentedâ„¢ Casey Hupke at NAB this year and he mentioned in his enthusiastic way that he had an idea for a video series on Greyscalegorilla. This guy Casey is so talented and a great teacher so of course I was all “Heck Yes!!”. He calls it “Casey Explains It All” and here is the idea he came up with.

    Post your Cinema 4D questions in the comments below. Then, Casey will pick his favorite one and make a quick, helpful video about the topic. It’s that simple. So, can you help us get this going? Check out his reel below to get and idea of the type of crazy cool stuff Casey makes. I’m so excited to have such a talented, helpful guy want to give back to the community. Stay tuned for the result.

    Casey’s Reel

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  4. How To Fix Missing Textures With Light Kit Pro 3 Comments

    In this quick video, I answer a question we have been getting in customer support for Light Kit Pro lately. Many have you have been asking about how to fix missing textures in older scene files where you have used Light Kit Pro. We made a script to fix exactly that and it came with your latest version of Light Kit Pro.

    Check your Light Kit Pro install folder to find the script and use it any time you see a missing texture error for older Light Kit Pro scene files. The script is included in version 2.0 and up. Keep Rendering!

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  5. New Plug-Ins, Prizes, And Tons of Cinema 4D Presentations All This Week at C4DLive 15 Comments

    You don’t need to be in Las Vegas to be a part of NAB. Watch all of the Cinema 4D presentations live from the Maxon booth all this week at This is the biggest year for the Maxon booth with twenty different presenters. Join us over the next four days of presentations and tutorials from leading Cinema 4D artists and designers. Check out the full schedule and watch live at


    I’m so excited to be presenting Greyscalegorilla’s upcoming animation plugin, Signal on Monday Morning at 9:30AM PST and on Wednesday at 3:30PM PST. Watch Chris Schmidt close out the show on Thursday at 12:30 with another amazing set of Cinema 4D Quick Tips. Learn a bit more about Signal over at our new Signal sign up page.


    Also, sign up for the ongoing raffle at to win prizes from Red Giant, Videocopilot, Lynda, Greyscalegorilla and more great sponsors. See you on the live-stream.

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