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Closed: CMYK

UPDATE 2: Hey everyone this is Neal. So here is the low down on what is happening and why a lot of entries have not been posted. A couple of days before the deadline Vimeo updated their privacy settings, and that screwed up everyones videos that they uploaded. I was not able to add any videos to the channel. I had tried to message everyone that entered and ask them to change their settings but it was very time consuming and I am sure everyone didn’t get the message that I sent out. I still have all the emails in my inbox, so what I need you guys to do is go to your entries and make sure the privacy settings are set so that I can add the video to a channel. Over the course of the next 24 hours I will go back through and add all the ones I can. Thanks!

UPDATE: Hi everyone. We are reviewing the comments right now to make sure everyone gets added. Keep in mind, the form in the blog post is the only official way to get your video added. As far as I know, everyone that has submitted though the form has been added. Either way, we are looking though the comments and double checking. Sorry about the problems. We are always trying to make this easier for everyone. But, with over 150 entries, some people fall though the cracks. As always, thanks for all the awesome entries. Winners will be announced this week after we get this all sorted out. Cheers!

Four colors constantly surround us: Cyan Magenta Yellow and blacK. Everything you see has been printed with CMYK. Let’s see how you can rock these four colors out and make a sick animation.

What Are Five Second Projects?
We all want to make cool shit for our demo reel right? Sometimes you just need a theme to get you started… Some rules to fight against. Use the theme “CMYK” to make a five second motion piece and enter it into the form below. Please be sure to post a link in this post’s comments to ensure me seeing it. If your new to five second projects, why not check out the Five Second Projects Archive to see all of the past themes.


1. Submissions must be Five Seconds Long!
2. Only animation is accepted. Video only submissions will not.
3. The animations has to do with the theme in some way.
4. Original Work only. Don’t cut out 5 seconds of already made work.
5. Link back to GSG on your Vimeo Post

Why Should You Enter?

1. Try new techniques or software
2. Limitations help get the mind working.
3. Make short, awesome pieces for your reel.
4. Get critique from your peers.
5. Promote yourself.

How Do I Enter my Video?
We are gonna try something different this time around. Instead of posting your entry in the comments we will be using the form below to take entries.

1. Create a five second animation based on the theme.
2. Upload your video to Vimeo. Don’t forget to add a link back to this blog post.
3. Submit your link to the form below and I will add it to the channel
4. Deadline is Sunday, July 25th.

Sorry we are no longer excepting entries. Be sure to participate in the next 5 Second Project!

Watch the videos at the vimeo channel, or at the FiveSecondProjects Archive

Winning Entry

Honorable Mentions

Latest Five Second Projects

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  1. Joe Barone

    I think I might actually do this one. Why haven’t I been doing these? What’s wrong with me? Don’t answer that.

  2. That’s a really cool theme!
    Does the animation has to be related with print stuff (books, printers and so on) or just by using the four specific colors is fine?

  3. Jeff Thomson

    Think I will make my first attempt after lurking for the last 6months or so :)

  4. I think I’ll do an animation where we first see the four colors and then the whole screen says “CMYK” in the final 5th second.

    I’m truly original!

    Joking, nice theme Gorilloh.

  5. Juuso Helander

    Now THIS is awesome! I seriously have to join in on this one :) Nice going Nick!

  6. Following the 5 sec projects for a while now..
    And now hopefully actually taking part of it :)

    Nice theme

  7. sounds like a ‘trick question’ project to me…..print=subtractive & tv/monitor=additive, thinking, thinking

  8. Connor E

    Great stuff nick. This will be the first 5 second project that i am going to enter it should be fun! Already got a idea down of what i might do. Great blog keep up the good work.

  9. Hey Nick i’ve bben watchin all your videos and i think this time i’ll enter i probably wont win but it’ll help me maybe discover something new.

  10. Mine is up to. My first time 3D tracking,had some issues but i learned and that’s why we do this projects!

  11. hAAAAA i have several ideas and interpretation, i have to make a choice for my first contribution! Anyway i HAVE TO do something!

  12. I’ve just read only 1 entry per person, if I get another one done before the deadline can I change the video to the one I want to enter?

  13. rfbat

    Great theme. It’s my 1st 5sec project. soon i’ll up my entry

  14. i didn’t recognized the deadline.. Already posted my entry.. by the way thank you Gorilla :)

  15. Thanks for all the great tutorials and advice The Gorilla! Very much appreciated. Love your skillz and style!

    My first submission … was happy lurking but your 5SP this month planted a creative seed in me that I couldn’t shake.

  16. ray houghton

    great, i suddenly want a crunch berry… cap’n crunch has to be the venus fly trap of awesome saturday morning cereals… you love it until you realize it has ripped the crap out of your mouth

  17. Wow… it really does make you produce some stuff you never thought of making!

    I am just uploading mine now… but wow.

    This is my first 5sec project entry and I really enjoyed it!

  18. Okay… I have a question which has probably a really simple answer but here goes…

    How do you change your avatar pic on this site?

  19. Damn Vimeo… “Your video is in line waiting to be converted, but we can´t provide an accurate guess when it will start”

  20. rfbat

    This is my first 5 second project…

    …and my first video on vimeo.

    Does anybody knows why my video looks so low quality? The original is so sharp and clean…
    Anyone help me!

  21. hi all!
    here my first submission:

    That was my first project including C4D. ok it’s a little bit fail i know…
    i don’t why my letter werenot transparent in Ae. I set them as glass in C4D render with transparency etc…

  22. I’m pretty excited to have this be an entry as its my first. Vimeo is having issues with converting videos right now so I am stuck waiting for the conversion right now… I may just upload to youtube so I can share until they fix their problem.

  23. Steven Jenkins

    Hey, Gorilla,

    Had some problems getting my first upload working on vimeo – had some kind of error and I had to delete it. The form wouldn’t let me submit again. Here is the link to the working video.


  24. Hello, It’s me once again ))
    I had uploaded and submitted a video yesterday,
    but there were some weird buggy results on Vimeo.
    I’ve tried to re-upload video with no success.

    So I’vedeleted the video I’ve posted, and here is the new URL

    Hope theese troubles won’t kick my work out of the contest ))

  25. mediengestalt

    I’m so curious about the final channel for this contest (some still missing in the channel, some dupes) but is there a way to play them all (i.e. without clicking all the videos manually)? Or to have the hubnut widget without those 5 seconds pause after each video?

  26. mentosane

    CAN ?
    something goes wrong with my animation ? it is not added … did I miss something, or should I do something more ?

    thank you

  27. Hey fellow motion designers !

    Thank you for the opportunity of working on such great projects ! I hope you will appreciate my entry, that’s all that matter !


    ( My video is on vimeo since 11pm but it has to be converted or something like that, hope i won’t be out of the challenge for that matter ! )

  28. Hey,

    I encounter some troubles to register my video on Vimeo ! But I swear I was finished before 11pm ! I hope you will be able to add my video, because i cannot do it with the formular ( only one entry per person ) !

    I pray for this one to work :


  29. Hey Nick,
    I submitted mine earlier today and have been checking but noticed that it wasn’t showing up. So I looked here at the comments and found other people having the same problem. I hope that you will still accept this entry. For some reason I have trouble with the sound. I will have to figure out my problem later and post it then. But here is what I have which is my first 5 second project. More to come!

  30. James Grochowalski

    I published my video last night and this morning it didn’t show up??
    I uploaded it again this morning. I had finished before 12pm but Vimeo was being a bitch I guess.

  31. mediengestalt

    Seems as if closing of this contest heavily collides with Siggraph (25th-29th)… :)
    I truly hope there will be some free Siggraph videos, I can’t make it there this year.

  32. Kosolax

    Here’s my CMYK link.
    Submitted yesterday but missing here in the channel… I think we’re out of this :S

  33. Unfortunatelly I suffered an accident and hurt my right ankle and because of that I haven’t ended my animation…but I’m almost a few days I’ll put my link here for you guys. It would be my first enter here. :(

  34. mediengestalt

    Nick twittered:
    “There have been a few technical problems getting everyone in the CMYK Five Second Project channel. Hold tight, yours will be added soon.”

  35. chris

    I found out, that the setting “Allow other people to add this video to groups, channels and albums.” under the settings/privacy option was unchecked as default. That was strange, cause in all my other vids it was checked as default. Maybe that was the problem.

  36. G Man

    What’s the status on Is that still in the works?

  37. Submitted my Sunday around 10:30pm CST, looked like the form worked but don’t see it on the channel.

    Hopefully it’s just that the Gorilla is busy with the Siggraph gig. Wish I could make it out to LA…

    In case my link got lost:

  38. aurica_tiganu

    no one give a shit about it.
    grey size of the holly crap

  39. Can you imagine how disappointing it can be to work hard to get into that contest and see a dozen of videos not even published a week after the deadline is reached? Maybe you should get a surrogate, Nick :) What’s your co-moderator Neal Carroll doing?
    Why did you set the deadline right at the Siggraph dates?

  40. That is weird how a couple people’s have been getting added… but I have faith. People get busy sometimes. Once nick gets back around I’m sure he’ll tell us he was busy.

    and then he’ll add everyone videos… and mine


  41. Rounin

    Hi Nick,

    Can I suggest on your deadline dates you set an hour time. Setting a deadline day is more vague than saying 12:00am CDT on July 25,2010. Just the day gives you more or less 24 hours wiggle room. Maybe your form only accepts at 11:59pm CDT July 24. Setting a deadline with only a day can be confusing considering the many timezones.

  42. aurica_tiganu

    in the way the movies are added to the videos chanel cmyk i think we will wait another two months. shame on you mr blue scale money because you should take care of the people work and send the videos on this topic. what for ? for a f***g short ? for a further business lol ? we are blue eyes once but you think will be enough twice ?

  43. aurica_tiganu

    dear Pietr and Stephen Keller stop kiss this boy ass because you will not get any candy or attention from him. also please suck my respect, something that miss to this little four eyes yellow scale monkey.

    if the peoples spend their time to follow this ideea I was thinking that will be someone on the other side to show a little more respect and add all the work from people that join and add them asap they come.

    shame on you two also. cock suckers

  44. Korbant

    I used the form on saturday before the deadline…don’t know why I am not added … can anyone tell me please? because in the next fsp i would like to be part of the channel…

    here is the link again

  45. All right. Since everyone is going in for another round, here’s mine again as well ;-) I also submitted through the official form before the deadline AND I added a link in the comments. It’s been over a week and I’m still not added. Please add me to the channel. Here’s the link again:


  46. Hey Nick, I submitted mine on the 25th using the form on this site and got a “success” reply, but I don’t see it on the Vimeo channel. Please add it when you can and consider it for the competition.

    This is my first time entering a 5SP, so it’s a little discouraging to be left out. I still learned a ton though, and I have something to add to my reel. Thanks dude!

  47. aurica_tiganu

    nick ( Im the gorilla ) maybe cut his cock and try to cook some nice stuff to all the friends from this fucking wordpress shit website. I saw the people start to repost theyr work. stop doing this. this is a piece of shit idea to make a good chanel with lot’s of blue eyes people. do you think someone EVER will come and hire ONE from here ? :) ))))

  48. Hey Nick! I added mine before the deadline and I still don’t see it. (: Its totally cool. I know You are looking through the comments and I just wanted to make sure i’m not missed. (:


  49. Hmm… well let me try this too… Posted this on the 25th but somehow it has not appeared on the channel as yet… Was hoping it would get added eventually. Guess it won’t hurt giving a shout out here as well… here’s my entry:

  50. Konami

    -> Winners will be announced this week after
    -> we get this all sorted out.
    Looking forward to the results tonight. I’m really curious how you’ll decide, Nick!

  51. Both are important when it comes down to picking a winner. But do whatever you are feeling. The projects are here to help you improve. Not just to have a contest.

  52. Really?
    Has that always been the case?

    Since this isn’t really a “contest” at least not when there aren’t prices I always thought making more stuff was encouraged.

  53. Yeah, one entry per person. I’d rather see one polished piece than many different ones. It’s better for your reel too.

  54. I didn’t realise you could only submit one so I uploaded a simple quick one I did while I worked on a more complicated idea. Is it possible to change my entry to my newer one?

  55. thats cool, i would of ended up doing more anyway, was working on object buffers for the first time. so many things possible when you split your project up. thanks for all the tuts and hope to see more.

  56. Hmm sometimes it doesnt seem to work though, as I’ve entered my video on Friday last week. Maybe I’m just a bit paranoid though.

  57. “Sorry, you do not have permission to watch this private video.” check your video settings to allow anyone to watch your video

  58. rfbat

    oops… sry, but the vid is now ok.
    my submit is before the dead line, am i in the contest?

  59. mediengestalt

    Nope, vice-versa, dlshepard is right :)
    CMYK=subtractive (start with white, subtract brightness)
    RGB=additive (start with black, add brightness)

  60. c´mon everybode can fix it….deadline 25th,it´s a sunday ;)
    take your time and vimeo is u´re friend :)

  61. hey, buddy :]
    cool entry! though there seems to be a Bug with vimeo or commenting [as u asked] is impossible. its blocked and only your contacts can do so. i think this Bug is on my entry as well.. :P

  62. mediengestalt

    Be assured, Nick will read at least one of your …5?… posts… I don’t really see how your entry is related to CMYK but you’ll know soon.

  63. Very cool design, you have certainly got me interested in this ‘Processing’ technique.

  64. mediengestalt

    Thanks for sharing the link and some details! I love Processing but I’m just getting into it.

  65. Thanat

    Thanks guy :) , I tried to open your website but it’s not work.

  66. Kleon Zissimopoulos

    Its my first try and I would love some critiques advices etc etc!!
    Feel Free to comment guys!! :)
    By the way, Mr Nick your videos and everything here ROCKS! :)
    Good Luck everyone!!

  67. chris

    Yeah, I saw all the others now, which had the same problems. Maybe the Gorilla get stucked with the adding to the channel, because there were so much entries this time.

  68. yea, Chris. its Raining-entries this time around :] hope its not gonna be an issue of quantity vs. quality, as this 5sec thing is getting more mainstream.. :]

  69. TehRi

    For me, YoYo, without any discussion… you winned this contest !!!!!!!
    First Place !!!!!

  70. mediengestalt

    Strange, they seem to have changed the default setting. Thank you.

  71. Both the paint roller and the squid piece look great! I would have liked to do my entry in a 3D program, but I don’t know blender well enough yet to be quick, or even slow.

    When I watched your squid, one of the sponsored links at the bottom was for BP about how they’re helping with the oil spill. Humorous in a FAIL kinda way…

  72. mediengestalt

    >When I watched your squid, one of the
    >sponsored links at the bottom was for BP >about how they’re helping with the oil
    LOL, I hope it was coincidence…

  73. I heard there was some technical issues… hope all is fixed soon. One they go on that channel the view count goes up GREATLY.

  74. mediengestalt

    Since yours, Manuel, has been the only one that has been added in the last 6 days, I try mine again:

    please add:
    (uploaded, submitted and commented on 24th)

  75. Hi everyone. We are reviewing the comments right now to make sure everyone gets added. Keep in mind, the form in the blog post is the only official way to get your video added. As far as I know, everyone that has submitted though the form has been added. Either way, we are looking though the comments and double checking. Sorry about the problems. We are always trying to make this easier for everyone. But, with over 150 entries, some people fall though the cracks. As always, thanks for all the awesome entries. Winners will be announced this week after we get this all sorted out. Cheers!

  76. mediengestalt

    Winged Yeti,
    your entry should win, played it 3x and laughed harder each time. Hope to see all the missing ones (including mine) added soon but yours is a must-have on that channel.

  77. Wow! Thanks!

    I did have an amazing time making this one and can’t wait for the next topic. Your Squid Vid is pretty awesome as well. A definite MUST WATCH for “CMYK” viewers.

    Thanks again for the kind words.

  78. “mr blue scale monkey”? You’ve got the wrong site aurica, this is

    Not sure if your post is supposed to be humorous, but if not, it’s time to chillax a bit. The point of this is to have a project to work on. I’m happy to have completed and learned something even if my entry never makes it to the official group listing. As an added bonus, I get to see how other people worked on the theme and the techniques they used.

    So what if the Gorilla doesn’t get everyone added? Last I checked, he’s doing this for the love of his craft and the desire to see others develop their skills.

    And I aways have blue eyes, although I don’t understand how that applies to the conversation. ;)

  79. I agree with Pietr.
    Mine hasn’t been added yet too and I’m not upset with it. I learned a lot by doing this 5Sec Project and added it to my demo reel. So I think this CMYK project had a lot of benefits to me even if it don’t go to the channel.

    Just drink some water and relax!

  80. Steve

    What an attitude? I guess you get a kick from it. For your interest, every mail I send to Mr Campbell got a reply, even the most basic questions got their answer. My 5sec did not get added, but as stated before, that is not the issue. You are free to leave this community, I would take the opportunity….

  81. Hey Guys, just relax…!
    Give him a little time and i bet all of your works will be honored… And @ aurica: please stop writing so ugly… The Gorilla spend so much time in showing us new techniques and ways to get things done! Talk a walk through the forest and talk some deep breaths… that may help you!!!

  82. This platform is cool. Of course the author gets a lot of fans and he might be an antetype to many of the new people. But that’s no reason to disrespect him. It’s great to have resources like this. Maybe you’re envy. Are you? What are you doing? Post some stuff!

  83. chris

    deadline is set to 11:59pm at the day. but still the timezone problem. so take it easy and post it before the end of the given day in your timezone.

  84. Konami

    Sure! Thank you! Forget the ‘tonight’, I’m still looking forward to the results!


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