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Closed: Countdown

Thanks for participating in this Five Second Project! It is now closed. We have over 150 entries! This is going to one hard contest to judge!

Five Four Three Two One! Lets start a countdown! Maybe it is a birthday? Or New Years? Who knows, lets just start counting down!
This one is all about counting those numbers, whether they be 5 seconds, or 120 frames. Rock it!

What Are Five Second Projects?
We all want to make cool shit for our demo reel right? Sometimes you just need a theme to get you started… Some rules to fight against. Use the theme “Countdown” to make a five second motion piece and enter it into the form below. Please be sure to post a link in this post’s comments to ensure me seeing it. If your new to five second projects, why not check out the Five Second Projects Archive to see all of the past themes.


1. Submissions must be Five Seconds Long!
2. Only animation is accepted. Video only submissions will not.
3. The animations has to do with the theme in some way.
4. Original Work only. Don’t cut out 5 seconds of already made work.
5. Link back to GSG on your Vimeo Post

Why Should You Enter?

1. Try new techniques or software
2. Limitations help get the mind working.
3. Make short, awesome pieces for your reel.
4. Get critique from your peers.
5. Promote yourself.

How Do I Enter my Video?
We are gonna try something different this time around. Instead of posting your entry in the comments we will be using a Wufoo form to take entries.

1. Create a five second animation based on the theme.
2. Upload your video to Vimeo. Don’t forget to add a link back to this blog post.
3. Submit your link to the Wufoo form below and I will add it to the channel
4. Deadline is Sunday, May 30th.

It is now Closed thanks for entering!

Watch the videos at the vimeo channel, or at the FiveSecondProjects Archive

Winning Entry

Honorable Mentions

Latest Five Second Projects

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  1. Jordan Cain

    You also have “Straight Lines Only” still under the “What Are Five Second Projects?” heading. I’m sure most people are able to use their noggins to deduce that is erroneous. But yeah. Just FYI.

  2. hey! its posible a countdown with only 3,2,1 or need more numbers? ?
    and, so the countdown is over, need a image or only countdown?

    sorry . i dont see the rules because i dont understand good the english..


  3. misra

    how about doing a prostitute getting shot?
    hmm? pushing the envelope here!
    making it from countdown to “cunt down”.

  4. Josekenshin

    this will be my first “5SP” i has been using C4D since i found this site 2 weeks maybe will not be a amazing job…but i´ll try to do the Best.

    Sorry 4 my bad english. T_T

  5. If I hadn’t been working so much nowadays I’d totally join :) :)
    Will join if I get a nice idea though.

    • tommieh

      there we are.. couldnt see the form @ work.

      added now :)

  6. I dont know why but I hate this guy. He looks stoned and always trying to look hip.
    I wish he wasnt so annoying so I could watch more tutorials.
    Please try to be or look more humble.

    • Jerod Bogh

      @Jack- If you don’t know why you hate him then you really should have just kept it to yourself. If your going to critique someone like Nick you should try using a little more class, otherwise you look like a fool. I think he runs an excellent site. The information is presented in a way that my brain can digest and understand WHY something is done, not just punching in the value I’m given and getting the same result. The free information he gives out on how to get your foot in the door at a studio your interested in or how to become a more successful Freelancer alone is worth coming to this site!
      Compared to what most of my teachers can deliver as far as information in a 4 hour class at an Art Institute, Nick tends to run circles around them in his two part tutorials. If you want a boring tutorial that any one of us are capable of uploading to youtube then that’s exactly where you should head.
      Nick keep up the amazing contributions to the community, your furthering our skills everyday whether you know it or not!

    • No need to be sorry, Jack. I’m not for everyone. Check out my “Learning Links” list in the side bar of the site if you want to try some other sites. Thanks for giving me a shot though.

    • Mcnulty

      The “stoned and always trying to look hip” look helps me learn.

      <3 u nick.

    • Lmao wow. I’m proud of you Nick for not giving into this guy’s rude comment. Lol imagine.. he’s on your website and blatantly insults you like that, clearly not realizing that you can only help us gain knowledge and ur not hindering anyone’s learning…really dude? That upsets me. I’m still loling at the coolness of your response though. Good attitude =]

    • anthonyc

      Nick, keep doing what your doing! We all find you entertaining as Hell….well maybe not Hell because that place is scary and no one wants to go there really….uh…youknowhatimean!

    • The future is all about reputation. Everyone needs to feel significant in some way. Jack shows himself to be petty and small and Nick used it as an opportunity to be magnanimous by being even more giving and helpful, even to a person who is rude. Srsly, thanks Nick for doing what you do, you rock.

    • DOH! I was planning something like that.. back to the drawing board..

      Good work man. I dig it.

  7. Trevor

    Hey Nick

    Just wanted to let you know how much you rock!

    Thhhhiiiisss muccchhhh!!!!!

    Keep it up man!

    • Dennis

      Yeah, good idea!
      Also i like the composition!

      NICE WORK!!

  8. Uhh, looks like people are still putting the videos up here in the comments, so I think I ‘ll do that too.

    Here goes, misspelled and all

    Oh yeah, Nick, I have to thank you for the great cast you did about the industry freelancing contracts etc.
    I showed the video to my post production students and they loved it. I also think that that’s the kind of an info package everyone should see on their first year of design studies. Make it a DVD, man. Anyway, good job!

    • Tomas M.

      I had the same issue so I wrote a message to Neal Caroll and he added my video to vimeo channel.

  9. alt64

    Hey guys, I discovered this site only recently and even though I’ve spent here only little time so far I have to say I love it!
    Really appreciate the way Nick kind of keeps a “human attitude” in his tutorials, not just some soulless guy narrating a video.
    Anyways, I thought I might give this 5sec project a shot, so here goes my work:

  10. Hello every body, I have entered my submission through the Wufoo form but here it is again :

    I may be changing or adding stuffs to it before the deadline, I am just not sure what.

  11. Quick question about the time limit (just want to be sure)…when you say 5 seconds…do you mean like up until the timer hits “0:05″ exactly….or before the timer hits “0:06″?

    • mediengestalt

      precisely 5 seconds length would be
      0:00:00 to 0:04:29 on 30 fps base
      0:00:00 to 0:04:23 on 24 fps base
      but I’m quite sure 1 noob extra frame will be tolerated ;)
      After Effects sets that right if you enter a duration of 5 seconds.

  12. Anyone cares to elaborate why the trackback on gsg is displaying my whole post instead of just the excerpt?

    I’d like to fix it, if its a mistake on my behalf. I never intendet to spam anyone with my blog entries ;)

  13. allan.p

    why is it one submission per person? Make it like 3 or so… some of us got nothing better to do.

  14. Just finished all the camera animations on my 1st 5 Second Project, just need to add a little sound before submitting it.

  15. Antoniy
    Its 120 frames but its 4 sec
    Hope you won’t mine Nick. I almost broke my neck and couldn’t work for few days so i didn’t have the time to do it like i wanted and im on party next 2 days so i submit it now

  16. I submitted my first ever 5 Sec project last night and haven’t seen it posted on the vimeo page yet. I wanted to make sure it was received as we approach the deadline.


  17. Riccardo Albertini

    …Phew! :)
    Just did it, hope I did it in time, here’s 11.30 p.m. Rome time ;)
    I see people posting their urls…
    Here is mine:
    Good luck everybody! :)

    • Well, it is set to private! I will let it slide since you uploaded it and posted if you can make it public?

    • Tiago Coutinho

      Don’t know how that happened, but it’s public now.


  18. Lawrence

    Here’s mine… I used up some old light writing stuff I had laying around, that thing you mentioned recently about your ‘slo-mo’ gig got me thinking about a couple of my own projects.

  19. Sascha Hanft

    Damn, my work is too late, thought I would have enough time because of the time-difference to Germany…
    anyway my animation inspired by the old dude gorilla!!!
    Thanks for the great tuts!!!


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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.