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Closed: Monster Bash

What Are Five Second Projects?
We all want to make original work for our demo reel or portfolio. But, sometimes you just need a theme to get you started… Some rules to fight against. Here is your chance. Use the theme “Monster Bash” to make a five second motion piece and enter it into the form below. If your new to five second projects, why not check out the Five Second Projects Archive to see all of the past themes and winners.

Watch a Video about the rules

1. Submissions must be Five Seconds Long!
2. Any animation is accepted. Video only submissions will not.
3. The animations has to do with the theme in some way.
4. Original Work only. Don’t cut out 5 seconds of already made work.
5. Link back to GSG on your Vimeo Post

Why Should You Enter?
Watch The Video about why to enter

1. Try new techniques or software
2. Limitations help get the mind working.
3. Make short, awesome pieces for your reel.
4. Get critique from your peers.
5. Promote yourself.

How Do I Enter my Video?
1. Create a five second animation based on the theme.
2. Upload your video to Vimeo. Don’t forget to add a link back to this blog post.
3. Submit your link to the form below and I will add it to the channel
4. Deadline is Sunday, Nov 6th.

SUBMISSIONS ARE CLOSED. Thanks for entering.

Now What?
Watch all the entries at the vimeo channel, or check out old Five Second Projects in the FiveSecondProjects Archive

Winning Entry

Honorable Mentions

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  1. pedro soto

    hi…any of you guys could be sokind to tell me what its mean monster BASH ??…not good at english and icat find the meaning of this word…ty

    • Bash in this case means “Party”. Think of it as monster party, or also, like mark said, bash can also mean “hit”

  2. Many of these projects are open to interpretation. The theme is provided to get you thinking along those lines. Monster Bash could be anything….A party where monsters are in attendance, maybe a monster is bashed with an object? It’s really up to you.

  3. Heh-heh. I have no idea what to do for this one… I’m going to eat some ethnic food and go to sleep. Maybe I’ll wake up with a cool theme!

  4. Damn Nick,
    this one is challenging! Really excited about the contributions this time. Hope, I’ll have a good idea over the weekend.



  5. Jimmy

    Isn’t it supposed to be Monster Mash, like the song?

  6. joyboy

    Why does 90% of the submitted projects always look the same, they contain the name of the theme and some flashy effects learned from earlier tutorials.
    You’re supposed to be creative and create something relevant to the theme.

    Just had to speak my mind.
    Fun theme this time, well make something “halloweeny”.


  7. Yea JoyBoy, It sucks that people are learning and trying to get better. But I cant wait to see your super unique entry…

  8. JoyBoy, I actually agree with you. Don’t just used the words and some Mograph balls. Do something original.

    Also, stop using Nick’s likeness in order to suck-up to him, people. It’s so lame.

  9. I’m rendering the C4D animation right now. After that put it in to After Effects for some nice eye candy and cool sounds.

  10. Done! Looks like the last entry “untitled yellow” breaks all the rules. It’s longer than 5 seconds, and was made for another purpose :D some people should read the rules!

  11. I’ve just submitted mine. First time I’m submitting. It’s cool to see what others have created.

  12. Sergio Trindade

    Remo Gee that was awesome loool really funny one ;)

  13. Here is my clip:

    Made for Five Second Project “Monster Bash” from grayscalegorilla. i startet with a cementary looking city and ended up with this blade runner like city because i have watched gorillas:
    “The Importance of Compositing: A Layer By Layer Breakdown in After Effects”

    so this was just for fun…


  14. There was a problem with your submission.

    Sorry, but this form is limited to one submission per user.

    It gave me this, after giving me an error that said i had to put in a descent url (which it was, except for the www.)

    Now what to do!?

  15. Hey,
    I uploaded a 7 seconds video with 2 seconds of my logo at the end, yesterday. Now I saw that only 5 seconds overall are permitted.
    I changed it and reuploaded it, but I can´t send you the same link again.
    Please add this video to the channel

    Thanks very much.


  16. Hi, I´m having problem with sending my video… It says that the form is limited to one submission per user. But I havent submited my video yet… Any idea? Thanks…

  17. Can someone help me? My vimeo video looks like crap.
    The compression comes out bad no matter what. What am I doing wrong? I am uploading 640×340 mp4 , h264 compression at 4000 data rate.


    • Bobo. Try rendering it at least 1280 pixels wide. Vimeo will compress it for HD and it will look much better.

  18. I forgot to mention my mp4 looks great before uploading to vimeo.

  19. Same for me. The original mp4 HD file I uploaded looks better than the vimeo’s stream. And when I download the qt source file from vimeo, it’s great too. Strange.

  20. huh, what do you mean, i got the cookie monster footage from and ol ad found on internet but I completely changed it : /

  21. Agent1815

    Damn, I just found out about this one and the deadline has already come and gone! Can’t wait to see everyone’s videos though.

  22. Grace

    Florian, no offence meant. I cant do any of this fancy things myself. just thought it had to be all original work

  23. It’s so tight, I hope the deadline is tonight at Midnight so it’s still open. I just wonder by which time zone it’d be determined. 12AM EST?

  24. Antonio Silva

    Hi Nick! I’ve sent yesterday the Vimeo URL but it seems they’ve not yet accepted the upload. This is the URL:
    Hope it’s not too late!

  25. Antonio Silva

    Hey Nick. Sorry to bother you again. Although i’ve entered the animation here on time yesterday, Vimeo only made it available only now. Hope it still counts! If not, hope you still get a look and like it!


  26. alex bower

    Hi Nick, i tried contacting you on fb. but no luck. I did submit my video to you for this yesterday night. And i got it in just before 12pm uk time (before US deadline) (not sure on rules about this) Can you please tell me whether my video has been accepted or it is too late? Cheers Alex

    • Alex,

      Submissions may take up to 48 hours to be accepted. If you put it in the form though, you should be all set.

  27. alex bower

    Ok, thanks for that. Was getting a bit worried. cheers

    • Dan, It’s because your videos aren’t allowed to be entered into channels. Fix the setting and we can add it.

  28. Oh, I just saw the 48hr comment Nick, guess I’m still in the time window. Sorry about the spamming.

  29. Doh’ I just checked this thread and saw that I got DQ’d. Anyway I put in enough work, so thought I’d shorten it up and try to resubmit. Understand if the bus has already left, but if there’s still a seat, here is the short version


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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.