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Do you have an idea, problem or a suggestion for Greyscalegorilla? Try searching the FAQ below to see if it has already been answered. If you have a Product specific question, please check the FAQ below or drop us a line in Product Support.

General Product FAQ

Can I install your software on more than one computer?

Yes. Our Single User license products can be installed on up to two computers as long as they are both owned by you. Our Multi-User Licenses are made for larger teams and render farms. You can get Multi-User Licenses for any of out products.

I’m having problems downloading the files. What do I do?

Some of the products are pretty large downloads. Depending on your connection, it may take a while. Try restarting the download if you have problems. If you run out of download attempts please email me and I will send you more.

Help! My hard-drive crashed and I need to re-download my product. Can you Help?

Sure thing. Hard drive crashes suck. Just drop us an email below using the email address you bought the kit with and we can send you a new download.

I’m missing textures when I render with NET render. What Can I Do?

You need to have our products installed on any machine you plan on rendering on including NET render machines. You may need to purchase a Multi-User License for use on your render farm. Contact us below to learn about affordable pricing for render nodes.

Can I use your products for commercial work?

Absolutely. Our products were made for production work. In fact, we would love to see what great things you have made with Greyscalegorilla products.

How Do I Install these Packs and Kits properly for Cinema 4D or for Cineware?

We made this video that shows you how to generally install our plugins properly for use with Cinema 4D, Cinema 4D Lite, and Cineware.

Light Kit FAQ

What Versions Of Cinema 4D is Light Kit compatible with?

Light Kit Pro works with all versions of Cinema 4D R12 and up. Including Prime, Visualize, Studio, Broadcast and Lite. Runs on Mac or PC operating system.

My Old Light Kit Pro Scene Files Are Missing Textures

Scene files made with older version of Light Kit Pro will throw up texture errors when using the latest version. But, we made a script to update your scene file to the latest high-rez textures. You can download it here. Install it in your Maxon/library/scripts folder and restart C4D. Then, open the old scene and use the script. The script can be in the Script/User Scripts menu at the top of Cinema.

How Do I Install Light Kit Pro?

Watch our install video to learn how to install Light Kit Pro on your system.

I don’t have the latest version 2.0 of the Light Kit. Where can I get it?

Just drop us an email below using the email address you bought the kit with and we can send you a new download link for the latest version.

Sometimes textures show up as missing in my scene files when I use the kit. What do I do?

Be sure you have the “GSGTextures” folder included with the kit installed in your Cinema 4D “tex” folder.

HDRI Studio Pack FAQ

What Versions Of Cinema 4D is HDRI Studio Pack compatible with?

HDRI Studio Pack requires Cinema 4D 11, 11.5 or 12. You also need Global Illumination. How do you know if you have Global Illumination? If you have the Advanced Render Module, or R12 Broadcast, Visualization, or Studio bundles, then you are ready to rock! Runs on Mac or PC operating system. NOTE: HDRI Studio Pack is fully compatible with Cinema 4D R14

Help! I’m not getting any shadows at all when using the Studio Pack.

Be sure you have global illumination turned on and that you have a floor in place to catch the shadows. If you still are having problems, try reinstalling the Studio Pack.

Where did the seamless floor rig go in the latest version?

The Seamless Floor Rig is now built in to the HDR Rig. This allows you do some cool things like add reflections to your seamless floor and other compositing tricks. If you need just the Seamless Floor, just turn down the HDR Brightness to zero and it will behave the same as it did in previous version.

Transform FAQ

What Versions Of Cinema 4D is Transform compatible with?

Transform requires Cinema 4D Version 12 and above. Works with Broadcast and Studio Edition Only. NOTE: Transform is fully compatible with Cinema 4D R15.

How Do I Install Transform?

Watch our install video to learn how to install Transform on your system.

My Effects Don’t Work After I Install

This usually happens with the plugin isn’t installed properly. Make sure on the “Transform” folder is the only folder under Plugins. Be sure to watch the Install video that was included and make sure it’s in the right place. Then, everything should work perfectly.

It says that I’m in Demo Mode. What Can I do?

If you have purchased a licence, then it may mean that the plugin isn’t installed properly. Make sure on the “Transform” folder is the only folder under Plugins. Be sure to watch the Install video that was included and make sure it’s in the right place. Then, everything should work perfectly.

How Can I Transform One Object Into Another?

You can do this by using two Transforms in one scene. Set one to OUT mode and one to IN. Then put two different objects in. As long as they are of similar sizes, the effect should look like one is Transforming into another. Here is a tutorial that shows you how to set it up.

Does Transform Support Dynamics

Transform does not officialy support Dynamics. However, if you are using Cloner Mode, then you will be able to add dynamics to the clones with no problems. (It works pretty great with Motext, too). We hope to have it working fully in a future version.

Im Having Problems using Motext

With the latest C4D update, Motext has a bug that breaks subdivided text with quad caps. Until that is fixed, we suggest using the spline text and and extrube nurb for now. We are working with Maxon to make sure it’s fixed ASAP.

What versions of Cinema 4D does Transform work with?

Transform works with R12 and up. It requires the Studio Edition or Broadcast Edition.

Are there any ways to change the shape of the chunks?

There are a few ways to get the chunks you want with Transform. Chunk mode creates chunks by cutting apart existing geometry. So, first try adding more interesting geometry to your model to allow for more interesting breaks. Triangulating your geometry also helps. Transform also works with other breaking tools. Just break apart your model any way you wish and use Transform’s Existing Parts mode.

Texture Kit Pro FAQ

What Versions Of Cinema 4D is Texture Kit Pro compatible with?

Texture Kit requires Cinema 4D 12 and above. All versions including Prime, Broadcast, Visualize, Studio and Lite are supported for most materials. Special materials like hair, displacement, and sub-surface-scattering materials will only work with Studio. Less than 10% of the included materials require Studio. NOTE: Texture Kit is fully compatible with Cinema 4D R15 and C4D Lite.

How Do I Install Texture Kit Pro?

Watch our install video to learn how to install Texture Kit Pro on your system.

It says that I’m missing Textures When I try To Use Texture Kit Pro. What Do I Do?

Texture Kit Pro’s install is a bit different from other products of ours. Be sure to install not only the lib4d file, but the textures and texture path as well. If you get stuck, be sure to watch the included video that came with your download.

When I render the “Battered_metal”, why do I get a texture error saying I’m missing “scratches_001.psd”?

For some early purchasers of Texture Kit we mixed up one .psd for a .jpg. Download the missing texture and simply add it to your /Applications/MAXON/CINEMA 4D/tex folder.

Do the original Texture Kit textures come with Texture Kit Pro?

Yes. All the original ones are in the new Kit.

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