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In this GSG Cast, I go though how to use the Bloom tool from CSTools. The Bloom tool automates animation of objects “blooming” into the scene with rotation and scale.

Download the scene file and follow along

Download the CSTools Here

Watch all of the CS Tools Tutorials

City Kit

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  1. This Cs Tool series is such a great helper, please dont stop it, and show us all the tools ;)

  2. Fabrizio

    Great tutorial!
    I have a doubt: how you change the plane to
    XZ with a path imported for Adobe Illustrator?
    Thanks for the effort…

  3. Can I do these tuts using just the basic cinema 4d r11 or do I need the studio bundle version?

  4. giantsquid

    Thanks 4 another cool tutorial…look 4ward to learning more cool stuff….

  5. Great tool and tutorial, thnx!

    Too bad you can only put in splines and not objects :(

    I was wondering, is it possible to offset the animation in time if you have it in the cloner object somehow? And not by adding different animations under the cloner object :D

  6. hi nick thank u so much 4 your great tuts,
    i have a lilte question, hope u can help me.
    Is it possible to export 3d objects into AE?
    Will they act and be posseble to animate them as 3d with AE camwras?
    thanks alot.

  7. @Su

    You can export 3D data from Cinema 4D to AE. But what you never can do is rotate with an AE-camera around a 3D object. AE cant handle 3D, at best it can handle 2.5D. So every real 3D you import in AE is actually a flat (movie)plane.

    What you can export is e.g. camera date, so that you can set your AE camera up the exact same way as you have done in 3D, and thus maybe faking 3D-elements on top of your real 3D footage.

    You can also export lights from C4d, so that the lighting of you AE objects looks the same.

    You can also export certain positions from 3D objects in C4D into AE.

    Hope this helps a bit..

  8. Hey there.

    Is it possible to use premade mesh objects instead of just splines in the bloomer… I really want to have a building look like it’s scaling up out of the ground… can this little tool do that?


  9. Heerko- thanks alot, its a shame its not posseble.

    ScaryBasement, thanks 4 your answer; so in cs4 it is posseble to rotate around the object in ae?

  10. oh – forgot – you have to install the AE plugin that is provided by maxon in order to import the .aec files!

  11. Scout

    Love this series. Any chance you could add one going through the mograph set of tools? Seems like the red headed step child of the C4D world. Hard to find anything about it, and the documentation is meager to say the least. Too bad since it seems so insanely cool.

  12. The real stepchild is texturing & rigging. You can figure out mograph on your own – but Bodypaint is just hell on earth if you trial and error it.

  13. @Luke:

    To make the buildings look like they are springing out from the ground you can use the CS_SpringNull. In the examples folder is an example of using the Spring_Null to make flowers and text pop on.

    Other note about Bloom:

    The last spline graph where you can deform the scale was mostly made for doing leaves when growing from a vine. So if you have a leaf spline with an anchor point where the stem is, deforming it as it grows off the vine looks nice.

  14. hello Nick,
    with the Object library removed (for some weird reason) from the C4D R11, I’d recommend using the OLX plugin (free) from the following location:

    its pretty cool, it has lot more options apart from loading objects library alone, also it becomes easier to make the Object Library as a tool in the palette for real quick access. :)

    i hope you could mention it in the upcoming tutorials on CSTools which will be a great help for users of C4D R11.

    thanks a lot for the wonderful tutorials.

  15. Olive

    Okay, so once you put your csTool under a preset folder in r11, where can you find the tool inside c4d ?

    Amazing tuts by the way, thx !!!

  16. I think this was asked by someone else, but I have put my bloom into a cloner object and random effector, is there a way to offset the animation time so each clone blooms in succession? Thanks!

  17. Peter Somers

    Just noticed Jonathan Craft had the same question as me:

    Just like you can set a subComp in AE to be used as a particle with Particular, where each particle starts at frame 1 of the subComp at birth, is there a way to include this Bloom in an emitter so that each particle will start its own animation from birth?

  18. ttujd

    I merged an AI 8 file into my scene and tried to adjust the xy parameters and it’s not there. How do you change the XY of a custom spline in CS tools: Bloom?

  19. Hi
    Can you do a tutorial with Illustrator? I get the shape in but it doesn’t have the X,Y,Z functions so I can’t control it..
    I’m kinda new to this CS tool..


  20. the same happens to me.. :C
    can t get to the plane X Y Z when i import it as a spline

    thanks for the tutorial by the way

  21. Martin

    hey i love your stuff

    but when i try to download the cs tools i get a 404 error?

  22. Carousel

    This tool is amazing. Kinda like the one u’ve used with ur animation with cities popping out :)

  23. Nick, the downloadable file is the wrong or belong to a previous files (Areal Light & Ambient Light). Please load the right path for the Bloom tool from CSTools file.


    hi and thank you for your help
    please help me
    how can i import fbx file with texture to cinema 4d with texture
    thank you


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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.