X-PARTICLES: millions of particles, fast render times

Everything Cineware: Object Buffers, Camera Settings, Render Settings, And More. 38 Comments


In this video, we will go though all the settings in Cineware including how to change cameras, bring in object buffers, use an after effects camera, and speed up render times.


Light Kit Pro
HDRI Studio Pack

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  1. James Ryan

    Hi, just wondering, how come you cinema 4D is named “Cinema 4D LITE”? Did your license expire or something? Anyway, great vid.

  2. James Ryan

    Ohhh, never mind. Read what C4D lite was on your other video.

  3. Jasper Hesseling

    Hey nick,

    Any idea how to link AE CC with cinema4d studio? When I do cmd-e it always opens lite.

    • Jasper Hesseling

      I have the default installation path for c4d studio btw.

    • Franck

      I’m I trying to do the same. AE CC only opens C4D Lite. I haven’t found any info on this yet.
      Any ideas?

      • Be sure your version of Cinema 4D is installed in a “MAXON” folder. That is what AE Looks for to see if you have a pro version.

        • Pascal

          This is also a good tip if you only have a classroom or demo version of C4d to force AFX to launch the lite version instead of the pro ones

      • Mike

        I am also having this issue and am using the default installation path for R14 Studio. If anyone finds a fix please let us know.

    • Jasper Hesseling

      Sorry for the spam, but I fixed it by reinstalling C4Dr14. So if anyone has the same problem this will fix it.

  4. Alex

    seamless floor won’t render like it should in Cineware

  5. Michael

    Why did the sphere lose its Texture when you merged the AfterFX Camera to the C4D-File?

  6. Ryan

    Texture map not showing in After Effects, what do you have to do to make the texture seen in Cineware?

    • Ryan

      Never mind figured out the textures need to be in the projects work path.

  7. Dave Larson

    Nick Awesome job on the Walkthough, the only thing I think it was lacking is for those of us with render farms, what is the best way to replace all this stuff with the actual renders?

  8. Lance Moody

    I am a newbie and also seeing that many of my textures (from your texture pack) don’t show up in AE. I see that Ryan has a solution above but I am too dumb to know what he means…Would appreciate any help.

    • Hi Lance,

      We have an update to Texture Kit and Light Kit Pro that will be out in the next day or two that will fix this. It will include a video to show you how to install it properly. Look for an announcement very soon.


    • Matt G

      Had the same problem as Lance, and solved it by re-saving the project by “save project with assets”… It seems as though cineware needs the textures in a subfolder of the project file

        • Devon

          What about native c4d materials? None of the materials I’ve made (some with animating colors) are appearing even after I do ‘Save Project with Assets’.

          I’m working with R13 and AE:CC

  9. Jesse

    Hey, i just wanted to know,… In the cinema 4D lite version i couldnt find the sub-surface scattering option, is there a way to fake the effect with lighting or something like that?

  10. Pjot

    Thanks Nick! Good overview, i really highly appreciate all the time and work you put into the tutorials.


  11. Ryan


    I can’t seem to get the Multi-pass to detect there are passes, the options in AE Cineware are all greyed out, yet in C4D (R12) I’ve enabled an object buffer on a cube and also have a specular and AO pass… Any thoughts?


    • Martin

      Hi Ryan, I have the same issue. The Multi-Pass options are all greyed out. Were you able to find a solution please?

      • mattheww

        The option goes live when you switch Renderer in Render Settings in Cineware to Standard (Draft or Final)

  12. Eduardo Narciso Fossá

    Hello! I would like to congratulate the tutorials as live in Brazil and these video lessons are helping me a lot to learn about CD4 and AfterEfects. Congratulations and keep it up. Sorry for bad English further’m not expert!

  13. Newbie question.

    Hi, I am using Light Kit Pro for lighting (awesome) and hope you guys can tell me why renders look so differently in AE. I have the Cineware render setting at Standard (final). See the huge difference, AE and C4D side by side render.

    I did your mograph bouncy text tutorial and the render is taking about 3 hours. Is that normal? Seems awfully long. I have a fully loaded new iMac.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

  14. Steve Mack


    I’ve done limited web searching but I’m working on a large project with around 50 cineware layers all separated into different comps. While I’m in the drafting stage I’ve been working with the Renderer set to “Standard (Draft)” to save on time. Any idea how I could globally update all Cineware layers to “Standard (Final)” When it comes time for a final render? I could just one by one go through all layers and adjust them but that would be super tedious and not very time efficient. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  15. Wayne Wrzesinski


    I’m just getting started with After Effects and am excited about some of the Cinema 4D Lite stuff. Thanks for these great tutorials man, they are very well done and helpful. Smile face.

  16. Okay so a question and maybe I missing something here… How do we import the rendered multipass files with this new cineware in a stacked workflow like the old plugin would do? For a heavy job I don’t want to work with the cineware version I want the renders I did to show up in ae. When I hit extract it only gives me the camera data and lights/obj buffers. Then I have to manually import all the renders put them in the right order etc. There has to be a way to just use the old way right?

    I looked for an updated plugin for AE cc on the maxon site with no luck. So in the mean time I’m using the one for cs6 which works but i get 3 error messages every time I launch AE. So just curious if I’m missing some trick with AE cc to basically do what the old plugin would do import all the scene data and renders? Any one having this issue too?

  17. Lauren Nuran

    Hello everyone, recently I’ve finished a project in Cinema 4D, and wanted to import to After Effects CC to polish it up. However, I’m not able to see tracer object in After Effects, although I tried all the settings in Cineware. I’d appreciate your help if any of you knows the solution. Thanks in advance…

    P.S. I posted this question on GSG facebook page as well. Some friend asked me if I used sweep nurbs, yes, I did…so I’ll really appreciate your help on this.

  18. Ben Hanbury

    Excellent tutorial! Thank you very much – feel like a Cineware master now, what a great new feature

  19. Brian Williams

    I’m not seeing the tracer object either although I see all my clones. I’m using a sweep object to create a pipe between clones.

  20. newbie

    Hi thank you for your work :) I’m a new big Fan
    but this time it is quite difficult to set-up this scene…. for newbie.
    I will not give up ;)
    and i will make it.. in the end, but maybe for other’s like me – if you could just open all parent-child in object window ;p

    and explain a tiny bit more about the scene.
    I’m trying figure out this set-up for a 30minutes, like a “blind men”
    an I would like to start doing this tutorial all ready.. but scene is still not the same :/

  21. Dinesh


    The tutorial was very nice. But I’m facing problem with importing solids and also making track mattes with cineware.


  22. So… i’ve been taught over the years to put a Camera in a null and animate the Null instead of the Camera…

    The camera’s Null in Cinema (i’m actually using a Camera Rig setup) won’t translate into After Effects using Cineware. is there a workaround or something i’m missing?

  23. David

    I just installed After Effects CC and wanted to try cineware. I import a really simple c4d file made in c4d lite ( it’s just a cube), but i can’t read more than 5-10 frames.
    I tried to clear my preferences, to stop my firewall, reboot my computer, clear the cache… but nothing happens, i can’t preview it. I got the last update of After Effects.
    Could you please help me ????

    Thank you.

    windows 7 64bits
    Intel Xeon E5-2650 v2@2.6 GHz ( 2 processors )
    64 GBram
    GTX 780 Ti AMP Edition

  24. DaveO

    Hi Nick,
    Love everything the Gorilla puts out. I’m having an issue where I have Sketch n Toon creating arrow lines through a thinking particle system and I see them through the software renderer in AECC but when I go to final they disappear. I’ve tried object buffers, and other Multi-pass presets but I can’t seem to get them to show up. Any thoughts?


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This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.