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  1. Ricardo

    This looks very useful. I will download it now. Thanx!

  2. vrutin

    Hello, Nick

    I wanted you to create a complete tutorial which has paint splashing and some cool shit… there was a tutorial by leah but she hasnt posted anything since 7 months and I tried googling and youtubin but couldnt find a tutorial which shows how to do paint splash basically that plastic kind of paint….

    Hope You Can Create….


    0-0— I could not send the email because of Hotmail being down,,, but please read this… I am in need of something similar its for my college project…

    • Realflow Liquid..
      then just put some material on it in whatever 3d app you are using…
      google/youtube whatever RealFlow!
      That’s your answer… that’s all :P

      hope you get it now :)

  3. vrutin

    forgot to mention I am talkiing about realflow and Cinema 4D.

  4. Such a useful tutorial! I downloaded CStools a month ago or so, but completely ignored the easycam treats! Instead, i’ve been fumbling around with the normal cam(s). That’ll show me! Thanks for the tut Nick!

  5. Hi Nick and everybody!

    I have just got my new homepage up and running this Friday, and today i posted my first tutorial, where we talk abit about Chromatic Aberration, and how to create this “effect” in After Effects without any Plugins, It is a very handy and nice-to-know technique

    Check it out! And remember to post critics or cheers in the Comments section for me to improve on future tutorials maybe even new tutorial ideas?

    note: there is not alot of content on the site yet, just wanted to promote the tutorial for you guys, some might like it ;)

    And btw Nick, please do remove this comment if i violating some “comment” rules :)

    Bondoman @

  6. Diescul

    When using MoCam I’ve noticed that Cinema4D cannot produce fields correctly when rendering. I believe this is because the camera motion is generated via xpresso and isn’t plugged into cinema4Ds world coordinates. This problem should also affect motion blur. Has anyone experienced these problems using the other Camera tools? Are there any known workarounds for this?

    • Diescul

      The fix for this can be found here:

      Chris goes through the process of baking the camera animation.

      The problem is caused because the camera animation is created procedurally therefore C4D doesn’t see the camera movement.

      I think this is something worth mentioning in the tutorials as I believe this effects motion blur as well. It could easily trip someone up at the later stages of a project.

      I think these camera tools are excellent, and I think Chris is going above and beyond the call of duty supporting these tools through his blog.

  7. MikeC

    Nick, thanks for all these tuts. You have a great way of explaining things.
    CS Action cam rules!
    I’d love to see you do a tutorial on Path Deformer Lite, I still don’t understand the concept of the Axis’ in that program.
    Thanks again

  8. I think the “PosRot Bias” on the bottom section of options let’s you choose which has more influence; position or rotation. The further you change the bias in one direction, the more of the respective transformation property you will inherit.

  9. Greetings Nick!

    I have been watching your tuts for a long time now and I have to ask. Over your left shoulder lies a design on the wall that is really interesting. What is the background story behind the design. I am guessing this is some of your personal work. An explanation for your inspiration would be appreciated.

    The Shammon

  10. Thanks so much for all the tutorials Saw you at SXSW but didn’t get to go to any of your discussions damnit!

  11. Mike Imken

    Thanks, your C4D tutorials are great.

    I’m relatively new to this, and have been trying to figure out how to get a smooth, circular camera movement. Like a camera that tracks along the outside of a record laying flat, for example.

    Is that possible with EasyCam, or do I need to keyframe? Stumped on this one…

  12. He Mike,

    I think you will have to put multiple easycams on your stage, and render different parts of your animation out and put it in After Effects together. I think easycam would be even more usefull if I could put several parts together.

  13. Andrew

    For some reason which is beyond me the easycam_CAM will not display the animation between the two cameras. I’ve followed all the instructions on how to setup the S and E cams but nothing seems to be working. Any ideas here? I feel like I’m missing a step but I can’t figure out what that is as there aren’t that many to begin with :s.

    Thanks for any help with this, peeps!

    • Andrew

      Well figured it out after some digging. For whatever reason the tools won’t work using the icon/olx method but if I merge them into the scene they work fine. Just a heads up to those users out there having trouble getting things to work: MERGE CS TOOL OF CHOICE INTO SCENE! :)

  14. Albert

    Hi Nick, is there a way to do the Camera ‘DRIFT’ with CS Tools CAM? by that I mean, after at the end of the cam move,the cam isn’t just completely stop, but still doing a slow move, drags. This is very useful to have a time at the end either to give some time for the talking head or revealing the logo. Any comment would be be help!thx!

    • Albert, I found I needed to do the same thing and the solution for me was this:

      1) Create a new camera and set a keyframe where the EasyCam movement stops.
      2) Create a new ‘drift’ camera movement – mine sort of dollies forward and around the focal point – and keyframe that
      3) Create a Stage Object (same drop down that the cameras in) and drag the EasyCam_CAM into the Object>Camera spot in Object Properties in the Stage object, then keyframe at the frame before the EasyCam animation ends.
      4) Advance one frame and drag the second camera into the Stage object and keyframe that again.
      5) Hit play and enjoy!

      Let me know if you have problems, hope I’m not too late :)

    • Could you please elaborate on your instructions? I followed them but I’m not getting the desired result…

  15. Nick,
    When using easy cam, how do you control the point of interest? I am starting inside a lightbulb on the filiment and traveling outside the bulb with a rotation, but bulb goes off frame with camera move.


  16. Is it possible to add in a sort of bezier curve “s” path by keyframing elements of this?

  17. Bob Perkerwicz

    Can you use easycam with a stage object, and so camera switches?

    • Bob Perkerwicz

      Ah… I did not set the frame start on the second camera!

  18. Hi
    I tried using easycam but couldn’t get results.
    On my Imac the camera movements are not rendered at all
    and on pc the End camera is locked! I can’t get to move, pan, tilt or… it at all
    can you help?

    • Oliver

      Make sure the EasyCam2_CAM (Under the ‘SubParts’ null) is selected and active as the render cam. If you have set the two cameras (S for Start and E for End) you should see the EasyCam2_CAM moving between each one.

      And for the PC side, maybe you have checked ‘Locke E to S’ (in the EasyCam2 User Data)?
      Make sure that is unchecked before setting the EasyCam2_E camera.

  19. Hey Nick,

    I can’t seem to download the CS Tools from sugarhousefilms. Is there an alternative link for this?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Dean Demetria

      never mind, got it working. thanks for the great tuts, nick!


    Hay Nick
    Please where can i find auto cam which ” Chris Smith ” made his presentation about in NAB 2012
    It looks great plugin .
    Thank u for ur all grate tutorials .

  21. Hi Nick, if I set my first waypoint1 (2 and 3) and after that I switch to MoCam, there are two diferent Views. How can I syc those views? Thanks for help.

  22. Charles

    How to increase unit threshold of the Frame Start for e.g. I wanna go pass 1000 units?

    • Any luck on this? I cant seem to work out how to get past 1000 frame start either yet the camera works just fine running through it.

  23. jason baker

    great tutorial!

    Quite strange- I noticed I was watching it at the same time it was made – wed, starting at 17:16..

  24. Gerald


    Great Scott! Man you’re the bestest, I’ve watched this three times trying to get my options up (new C4D R14 user) and well if I do what you do and stop taking my eyes of your tut everything works. Thank you for making perfect tutorials (hate the “oh that’s my dog in the background” tuts). It’s all about adjusting, adjusting, adjusting parameters until it’s all right.

  25. rashed

    You’re already doing a great job with the website and the blog. I love the content here and I’m always glad to come back and read some toughts on photography – be it gear, shooting or something else, loved the recent video for Samsung. I love that it isn’t a gear review site. I’d suggest you keep doing what you are and adding some odd piece of gear you found interesting and think people don’t know enough about or don’t use it enough or in the right way.
    If someone wants a review there are already sites that do them and are doing only that. This site isn’t that and it should never be.It’s not like it’s hard to find a review today for anything.


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This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.