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Posted purely for historical accuracy. It’s not the most useful of the CS Tools, but you may find a reason for it? Campfires? Candles? Disco Party? What are your ideas?

If you make something cool with Flicker, please post it in the comments will ya?

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  1. Stathis

    It might be cool for something like sparkles from a cut wire or anything like that.

  2. Longone

    The second i saw the lights i thought of the movie “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” where the little “ships” is flying over the road.

    I don’t have time to do more than this right now, so sorry about the bad tex and rendering. Maybe someone can make something better.

    Thank you Nick for all your great tut’s!

    Cheers Jakob.

  3. One could make a crimescene, indoors, then through the window comes the flickering of lights from police and ambulance?

  4. rt-studios

    or you can use it for dust particles like this:

    it’s just a quick test, so the lighning (of the particles) isn’t perfect yet.

    @Nick: Keep it up man! I’ve learned a lot in the last year!

    Greetz Roger

  5. Ben Carroll

    Have a really crazy idea! Will work on it after this project I’m on.

  6. victor

    Thanks! Been installing and checking CS Tools, real useful!!!
    Thanks again!

  7. andrea

    hi guys, i have a question, it’s a bit off topic though..

    in cinema 4D, i have an animated element, i can loop it, using the command “Functions” – “Track After” – “Repeat” , now, how can i “bake” this animation, so that i can change and randomize the keys (break the curve to create a more natural loop)


  8. Stefan

    If you export in after effect with an external compositing tag and applies particular to lights. I think you get something nice.

  9. Hi Nick!
    I was just watching one of your old Photoshop tutorials in which you mentioned something about ’8bit vs 16bit’… Could you elaborate on that? Basically: pros and cons of 16bit…!?

  10. hi again man i like your tutorials in special thinks bevel tutorial: year brazilian have a power!

    so i look the tutorial and i look some things in video “hdri lighting kit” hwere i download that? please help us!

    • andrea

      its cool..but the camera animation is so so..
      it moves too fast and those pannings made me sick :-P

    • Overall I like the work in it, I think that you should cut it in half and snap it up. Like Andrea said, those pan across moves could be toned down. Speed up some of the animations, Re-render the logo animation you have at the end and sprinkle a teaser of it through out. Just my 2 cents.

  11. Vishal Jain

    Thanks for the tips Nick.
    I know you did a tut on the installation of CSTools. Could you refresh the same for 11.5? That one is a bit tricky. Thanks :)

  12. What about using it to add some shine to your bevels? Or use it for a blair witch lights chasing you through a forest animation…

    • with I think. I’m still struggling to get it to work propperly.. Let’s see if it works with this comment! ;-)

    • Obviously yours (and mine) works now!! I’ve been having lots of confusion with it, but after setting the rating of the icon (changing it to.. PG or G or whatever) it just appeared.. Confusing. Still have problems at other sites though..

  13. Hey Nick, I have Just used the Flicker on this 3D animation for Kaplan as an ‘inspiration plasma sphere’.

    I also used a lot of other CS tools such Sine Null (of the sphere bobbing up and down), Spring Null (for the text) and MoCam (for the some of the camera shots) Love ‘em!

    Website link –
    Vimeo link –


  14. Hey Nick,
    I noticed in this tutorial that you have some additional icons on the left side of your C4D. Would you mind sharing with us what they are, what they do, and where you got ‘em?


  15. Hey Nick,

    something for you and the community to ponder on for these shot breakdowns…

    Quite curious how this could emulated in C4D
    1) Water droplets
    2) Ground break into a vortex

    • I wish it was mine ;)

      I came across this on a forum and thought i’d post it here for any feedback.
      Never really touched the software but heard the hype when matrix came out.

      I think for this perhaps REAL FLOW may be needed on water dynamics then imported back into C4D for further work.

  16. Shawn B

    Im thinking DIY Flash Frames, Ambient lights for more organic fluid type simulations to just add that extra bit of surrealness.

  17. Im using the CS_tool Cluster.. im replaced the figures with different items and now they wont render in the picture viewer.. any reason why this might be happing?

  18. I don’t think it is that stupid.
    It can be a time saving tool no?

    what about:

    * lightning flashes at night.
    * going medieval on it with torches etc.
    * old cinema projector effect dash retro stuff

    just thinkin’ out loud :-)

    great job gorilla!

    downloading your lighting toolz, 1,4 gig’s a big one :-)

  19. I used CS Flicker to create a flickering candle’s lighting in a project a few years back. It ended up winning a Bronze Telly. So, it’s got good uses.

  20. Here’s a little test I did that incorporated flicker, If you understand expresso, this has the potential to be an incredibly useful tool, the only problem being that to make it REALLY useful, you basically have to rewire the plug-in to suit your needs, but it’s a great starting point and can save considerable work with what is already created in the xpresso tag.

  21. Thomas

    Thanks for your time going through all of the CS-tools, this one included! Randomness is not to laugh away :)

  22. Sazarret

    Hey! This tool is actually very good. I wish I’d found it before for a inside club scene I made for a client a couple months ago where I had to animate all the lights by myself. Tedious!

  23. I’d really need the flickering of this tool but what makes it useless for me atm is that you dont have the usual light settings like visible light. Or maybe its just my inexperience and the solution is obvious.
    Any ideas Nick?

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  25. shahed

    I think it would be very very useful if Chris show us how he made it , I think it’s like after effect expressions right ?


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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.