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Make Grass in Cinema 4D Using Hair 73 Comments

In this tutorial, Chris shows you how to make realistic looking grass using Cinema 4D Hair. Yep, Hair isn’t just for hair. Follow along to see how to make different types of grass and to learn about some of the Hair specific issues to look out for when rendering.


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  1. thanks guys. Cull tut. rmm!… who’s birthday is it?..

  2. It was Chris’ birthday just yesterday! I heard Nick got him a City Kit as a gift :-P

    • Awesome stuff, I feel like watching some Xpresso stuff all the sudden, Happy birthday Chris :D

  3. makosx

    Another great tutorial. Now, for me, this is a less “pretty unknown” module of Cinema. Thanx Chris.

  4. Hey Chris,

    I have used hair for grass a few times but with 2 sets of hair, one for base grass and one for weeds/dead patches etc, i found it useful to do it like this as i could have different dynamic settings for each when using wind or collision etc.
    Also, using real images to grab colours (or colors :D ) is a great idea, i take it the PC version has this?.
    anyway, thanks for another handy tute (and all the others btw)



    • There are lots of free “colorpicker”`s more or less advanced on the net to grab colors from any source.

      loved that tut btw

  5. Great tutorial and I maybe could use it for a project I am working on. But 1 question. You could add some wind to it at last the grass react on that right?

  6. rohit tyagi

    Wow…………..its gr8 tutorial…………..nd Happy Birthday Chris…………………………………. :)

  7. DeanG

    Nice tutorial, will have a play. would like some more guidance on how you achieved your final render.

    • if i remember well, the hair engine does not render in the physical render. I just read the R13 help file. I even failed to render with GI.

    • Amazing. Looks really good, and I think the sky you used balances the colors really well.

  8. Baris Oktem

    Thank you Chris…
    I just ask one thing if I’m open that hair shadow reflection refraction render takes to long about 5 min in small plane what is the reason for that?

  9. Hi Chris. Followed your tutorial and placed my company’s Logo in the grass with the sunset behind. Decided later to advance the image and put some grass on the top of the text as well. Cannot figure out how to apply the copy of the first grass to the selected top polygons of the text. Found out the way to make the whole text covered by the copy of the grass. But I want only the top to be covered with the grass. If I select polygons and apply new hair it works fine but I am not going to recreate this new hair again according to your tutorial, there should be easier way to just copy-paste-reassign of the first grass- right? Any suggestions?

  10. Chris (not Schmidt)

    Great rundown of the hair settings, it really helped with understanding how to use the hair to achieve different results. On a side note, I understand promoting plugins, but maybe not when Cinema 4d’s built-in Physical Sky looks leaps-and-bounds better, in this case anyways (unless you’re going for surreal), with virtually no setup time. Though, I’m not 100% that the Physical Sky comes with all versions of C4D.

  11. Crissy

    Great tut Chris! Could you do a tutorial of how to make some of the plants in the Broadcast preset?


  12. Paperstab

    I Need a way to render larger surfaces but wont crank the haircount up to 100million ;(

  13. Hi .

    I have a tricky question.

    How to make large area covered with grass. This type of grass form the tut is nice for small area, but when I want to make a grassy hill far to the horizon the hair shader is useless – preparing the scene and calculations lasts forever etc. I tried several optimizations – less hair in greater distance etc. None of the results were satisfying – usually when something finally came up (after long time of calculating etc) it looked crappy.
    Any ideas?


    • I would use real hair for the close up stuff but then use fake grass ( a more simple texture ) for the far away stuff.


  14. Thomas Nordén

    Thanks! Nice tut. For part two… There will be a part two, right… please add some dynamics like wind or objects interacting with the grass, maybe leaving some of the grass pressed down to the dirt?

    Two thumbs up for the tutorial!

    • How did you add the Iowa State logo on top of the grass?

  15. Gokhan

    Great tutorial Nick,you are really great man…man’s hand will be tightened ;)
    Thanks for the great tuorial,very useful my friend .

  16. Great tutorial Chris!

    I would like to make the grass even more realistic with clovers and those little yellow plants…
    In the Netherlands we call these ‘horseflowers’…. I guess it’s called different in english….
    I don’t know the name, but if you look outside and find some grass you’ll find these flowers…

    How can you make an extra layer with random small flowers in the grass?


    • DeanG

      you mean butter cup flowers. id reckon model it then use cloner and add a random effector, something like that . .there is probs an easier way

    • Jose Madrigal

      Yes… I know…. It’s onlu a word… but it’s a joke that we make in Spain

  17. Anyone know how the screen shots are done? Is it just an apple thing or can PC do the same?



    please that if you can make a tutorial of several ways to do or how to create a tree in Cinema 4D and as their options thanks

  19. This was so useful, thank you so much :)

    I’ve now wow’ed my friends over Facebook with my tree on a grass-ridden mound! :D


  20. Alan Clavo

    Hi, I was wondering, How can I put some football or soccer field lines?

  21. Neeraj

    Amazing as are the guyz I started learning more & more cinema these days…thank you…God Bless

  22. Virginia

    Thankyou so much for your help Chris!!!! <3 have a nice day

  23. Jimmy

    Love the tut. I am making a video for a friend who has a lawn mowing business and would like to know how to reveal his business name by getting a model lawn mower cut the grass to reveal his business name. any suggestions on how to do this.
    ps I’m a C4D novice.

  24. Kristof


    Thanks so much for this endless amount of help!

    One thing I find difficult to manage is multicolor hair.
    What if you want to make a furry character or object that has a very specific area in another color.
    An (ugly) example:

    Or let’s say you want the letter ‘B’ on a hairy sphere, in another color but in the same Hair object (no flat projection on top of the one-color-fur).

    I know it’s possible to put an image in the Color or Root, but it doesn’t seem very controllable (like you could control a normal material tag with Tiles, offset,..)

    Should be great if Hair can look at the colors of the ‘bald’ model and just grow hair in those areas in the same color..
    Or something similar that’s easy to adjust (without going into bodypaint/uv mesh… or without using different parts of Hair on each part of the model or selection tag)


  25. vyshak

    but i can’t find visualize kit dude ……..were is it is that plug in..

  26. Gery

    This technique is fine for small landscape, but what about extensive scenery where the same hair would have to be equally dense over vast area?

  27. Ghulammuhiuldin

    Hi, I want to make the same tree like that. Can you share that tutorial ????

  28. Sergo Brit

    Thnks for tutorial — it was really helpful to me. Now the grass seems more realistic.

  29. Andrej

    Awsome tut! It’s allways inspiring and helpful to watch you working. Thank you a lot!


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This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.