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Cheez-Its Falling From The Sky! A Cinema 4D Tutorial Series 67 Comments

In this two part tutorial series, Chris and Nick show you how to build, light and animate this tasty scene from scratch. First, by modeling and texturing a Cheez-It, then by lighting and animating the scene. Follow along with us to create this Cinema 4D animation. This tutorial is based on Cheez-It’s awesome Twitter background image.

Tutorial Part 1

In this first tutorial Chris Schmidt will teach you how to put together a simple Cheez-It model and texture it procedurally, eventually making several variations to add to the realism.

Tutorial Part 2

In this second tutorial, Nick Campbell will show you how to animate, light and render Cheez-It’s falling from the sky. First we will use a particle emitter to create the animated Cheez-It’s. Then, we will use Light Kit Pro to light the scene. Finally, we will use the physical camera, the new GI in R15 and Physical renderer to add Depth Of Field and finish the scene.

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  1. Hi,
    I have a question but it’s regarding the Introduction to Cinema 4D, I’ve almost done with it, but when I changed something in the lanterns, for some reason now, only 2 of them are falling/moving when the explosion happens. I almost gave up, not sure what to do after all of this work.

    Any ideas?

  2. Michael A.

    Nice tutorial, but i find that the cookies do not look very realistic.

  3. Jordan Miller

    Love it! Looking forward to sitting down and watching.

  4. Carlos Wallaberto

    Well, as a matter of fact. On c4d for pc you have an identical color picker: “choose screen color” 🙂

  5. Chris put your face on another part of the video next time! is imposible to see anything you are doing. Nice tutorial!

  6. Hi, nice tutorial but could you please not put your webcam stream where the settings are? thanks

    • Chris Schmidt

      Whoops! I inverted where my camera should be! Re-exporting.

  7. Benjamin Pedersen

    Another great classic tutorial by Chris and Nick! So great!
    BTW, I went on and modeled a cheez-it at it’s actual size and did not create a giant cracker at the size of 2 by 2 meters! Chris, I’m looking at you 😉

  8. Pettinotti Stephane

    Hello, and thx so much for this nice tutorial, i have one problem to solve, when i put my subdivision surface into my cloner all the cube disappeared ! can someone have some clue to help solving that issue ?


    • Chris Luehning

      same problem here. does that only work in R15?

    • James

      Same issue. R14.

      Anyone have a workaround? There must be one. Like a particle generator that randomly distributes on the surface, and has no velocity… Maybe simpler!

    • James (again)

      Ok, its easier… just make a duplicate of your Cheeze-it as a backup, then turn the Hypernurbs into an editable object (c). That is what you drop into the object selection inside the Cloner.

    • I have same problem too…
      Cloner object don’t work. I try to it over and over but didn’t work not yet!!!!
      anybody help me!
      I work c4d R13

      • Choose Connect object for Cheeze-it and then use it as ?bject in Cloner, it helped me.

  9. Jason Mettler

    “Are Cheez-its falling from the sky?”
    “Yes El Guapo!”

  10. Jose Madrigal

    Hey guys.
    You can tell you both are genius and masters of C4d.
    I really like this kind of tutorials.
    One thing, Nick. For changing the scale, if in your original proyect (where you have yours Cheezs) you change the sclae of your proyect it works perfectly.
    I do a lot of times with Characters rigged and no problem.

    Now…. I need your help.

    I’m tryin to do a new proyect mixing Soft body and Aerodinamics, and I think it does not work.

    I’m doing a ballon, that it’s inflating (I’m doing it with soft body), and when it is tottally inflated it starts to rise and with a cord it raise a little bucket. I’m trying to raise it with Aerodinamics, but it does not work.

    Any idea?, Any suggestion?…. Any tutorial Chris =;-) (I think this is a challenge for you. Is not it?)..

    Thank you, congratullations for theese totorials, and regards from Spain.

    • rich nosworthy

      Try using a custom gravity node from simulate -> particles -> gravity. Drag it into the force list in the softbody tag, and change force more to include rather than exclude. Make sure any other dynamics you don’t want it to effect are set to exclude.

      Then just negate the acceleration in the gravity and play with the settings

  11. Lyonnel

    Thank you for that nice tutorial.
    Both parts are great.

    Now, I want to eat some cheez-it….
    I hope Cheez-it will send to you a lot of packs for that free ad. 🙂

  12. Matthias

    Thanx for the tutorial.
    How to make this looping endless would be interesting, without blending 2 Layers in After Effects.
    Greetings Matthias

    • Chris Schmidt

      To do that I would clone onto a straight spline and animate it through the ‘Rate’ setting. Once they hit the end they jump back to the same start position and begin again. As long as the spline you’re cloning onto goes beyond the screen top and bottom you’d hide them popping in. Adding a random effector would allow you to spread them out, but you’d have to make sure it wasn’t an animated effector because it wouldn’t loop anymore. Depending on the spline length and the ‘Rate’ it would loop in different periods, but it would loop!

      • Henry

        Any chance we could get a tutorial on that?
        I’m working on a similar “stuff falling from the sky”, but I need it to loop and nothing works well enough…
        A general way to loop emited particles would be an interesting tutorial imho

  13. I can honestly say that I never thought that I would model a Cheez-It, not in this lifetime. But hey–I did. And it was fun. Thanks again.
    Tutorial request: Sculpting, and UV Mapping….

  14. Rodrigo Braga

    Hello “gorilla guys” I’m Rodrigo from Brazil, I’m learning C4d alone, through tutorials And I must say that you guys are amaaazing AAAnd C4D is an amazing software for motion graphics… I’m totally stunned.
    Congratulations on your tutorials, your voice intonation doesn’t let me fall asleep as many others do!

    • Jake V

      Excellent reel Colin. Thanks for sharing. Love the mix of styles and diverse projects.

  15. Kwame Unkklle

    i dnt know if this is de right place 4 this comment…b@…pLs i need an expert’s heLp…Nick, Chris, Mike, Simon, Alexia, anyone pLs…for instance, switchn’ 4rm topcm move 2 rearcm move 2 zoombackcm move 2 the maincm move has been my headache…i did a render out in de render queue for the diff cm moves b@ got stuck when combining the switchn’ of the various camera moves in the animation…expert’s aid pLeeeeeeease!!!!!!!

  16. Armando Vasconcelos (avt5000)

    hi everyone i follow you since ever and i,m working in 3dsmax but your tutorial are realy amazing and helpfull so i want to thanks all of you for the all great work you have. here is my video test but i use doritos instead of cookies hope you like.

    vimeo low the contrast of my video its a shame

    sorry my english i,m from mexico city

  17. Arn Sweatman

    Not getting any DOF effect. I have DOF checked on R14. Tried changing Focal lengths, too. Everything else is great!!

  18. Paul Manik

    Hi everyone! Great tutorial! Thanks a lot for this, Nick!
    But I have a qestion: when I put cookies into emitter, sometimes i see intersections . How can I solve this problem?

    • Try adding dynamics to the crackers and setting them to follow position and rotation. That should get rid of intersections.

      • Paul Manik

        Perdoname a million times, Nick. Is I correct understand you – I should use “Rigid body” from “Simulation tags”? If “yes”, then I can’t find there “Follow” parameters. If “no”, then, I’m sorry, I don’t know, where to find the dynamics you’re talking about.

        • Jack Daniels

          Yeah, use rigid body. This will make them bounce off. (I’m not nick though D:) I’m not sure about following rotation since I’m a noob at C4D, but you can probably look it up 😀

          • Paul Manik

            Jack, thanks a lot! It works! Great!
            Well, men, again, thanks a lot for your tutst, and for community – it’s all great!

  19. Ive got an un related problem.

    im running c4d r13 and after effects CC latest version.

    Ive brought my c4d file into after effects but my background now acts like its not got compositing background selected, if i render in c4d its fine…?

    anyone know what this could be?

  20. These Cheez-itz look so delicious i wanna lick my screen! ..i like tutorials like this, ive seen some similar in the past, but it reinforces what already know with a couple new tricks thrown in 😀
    I was hoping you guys could do a tutorial on Projectors and some projection mapping techniques? at least as far as C4D is concerned anyways, i remember you touched on it with an amazing tutorial with 3 garage doors opening and balls pouring out. Perhaps something similar? I love all your tutorials, keep up the good work guys!

  21. Kelly

    Hi Nick, I just wanted to ask for a request, could you guys show us how to model a snowflake, because it’s really becoming a pain in the neck for me -_-”’

  22. Jack Daniels

    Hey Nick and Chris great tutorial! I love you guys! I was wondering if you could make a tutorial on how to make a roller coaster in Cinema 4D. My theory is using a spline, cloner with 1 piece of the track and an align to spline tag under the object deformers, you could help us make a simple Roller Coaster! Thanks

  23. Helmut

    Chris, all your tutorials are great and I learn a lot.
    One question:
    You put 3 lights WITHOUT shadow. I see you struggling with the contrast and was expecting you turn on the missing shadow? Would that not improve the contrast?

  24. Mikotondria

    Thanks so much, Nick and Chris – another excellent tour through the features and as ever a life-affirming glimpse into the process.
    So after an hour and a half of watching and thinking about Cheez-Its in greater detail than ever – who actually went out and bought some, and studied them hard while eating them 🙂
    *raises hand.
    They’re like an old friend now.

  25. Diego

    Hey Chris,.. very well explained, thanks for the tutorial, it’s very useful for my

  26. Hi


    Very nice tutorial. I have learned a lot from this and from you both.(Nick)

    I am facing an issue with adding SALT on the Cheese-it. I am using R13 and when the FFD is on the SALT is not rendering, but if I OFF the FFD its rendering fine with salt. (SALT is applied on the HyperNURBS as said) I am not able to get the bumbyness with salt on the cheeze-it.

    Can anyone help me where I am wrong.

    Thx and looking ahead


    • Carl Espy

      Found a work around. If you go to later on in the video and do “Current State to Object” and drop that into the Nurbs. Then you can use that object to clone on without any FFD needed.

  27. My emitter objects disappear when I click “Show Objects” in the particle menu… any ideas how to fix this?

    • Kamaur

      Yes Paul it does do that. Just hit play and you will see them fall.

  28. Renatto

    HI, thereI would like to see tutorials on packaging.focus modeling, texturing, especially
    Thanks great team !!!
    greetings from Ecuador

  29. Sveva

    Hey there!
    Love this tutorial I’m trying to obtain the same result,
    only I wanna use fruit pieces!
    I’m trying to model and texture a banana slice,
    do you have some hints on how to do it ?
    I’m looking for a pretty realistic result,
    I was wondering if it ‘d be better to start from a spline
    or a cube for the banana slice shape.
    Also I don’t know if I should go for a banana slice texture
    or if I should ( as shown for the cheez-its) create the texture from layers and effects…
    Can’t wait to hear your suggestions!

    Thank you! 🙂

  30. Chase

    Quick correction to Nick’s tut. He said that you want to match your shutter speed to the frame rate. You actually want to double the frame rate. So 30fps should be a shutter speed of 60. Otherwise great work guys.

  31. Gabriele

    Where is the Part 1 tutorial?
    Both of the videos in this page are Part 2!

    Please answer me with a link to Part 1? Thanks!

    • Just checked the page. Looks like part 1 is working for me. Let me know if it’s still not showing.

  32. Gabriele

    Hi! What I don’t understand is that when I make the Salt … even though I follow every single step of the tutorial, it stays rounded. Its not a crispy salt as the one from the image. Any thoughts?

    I am using C4D R16.


  33. Hi guys,
    When I apply the noise shader to the cube (Chris tut 1) the uv´s are messed up. I don‘t get it. What am I doing wrong?


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This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.