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How To Make A Clover Field With Hair 49 Comments

Today, Chris shows you how to make a clover field from scratch using a really fun little technique with Cinema 4D’s hair tools. Great for just whipping out a whole bunch, or specifically placing each one in the perfect spot. Lot’s of uses!

Be sure to post anything you create!

Example Render

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  1. Chris

    Oh – I was hoping to see a hairy version of JJ Abram’s alien/mutant monster….this is still good though….just not as – monstrous.

  2. Note the small but significant difference between “Clover field” and “Cloverfield” ;D
    I cant see the videos by the way :( There is only a greyish field where they are meant to be…

  3. makosx

    Useful! For realistic dynamic nature environments, nothing to envy ecosystem Vue xStream tool! That use of Hair, for the first-level users as me, a whole discovery… Thanx Chris and Nick!

  4. Gokhan

    Awesome tut Chris,I never used before hair object like this,
    I say again;your tuts are very useful my friend,thanks for share :)

  5. Nibbi

    Thanks! I allways knew there was a way to “clone” things with hair, but coudn’t figure out how to do so! Thanks a lot!

  6. By the way Chris,
    If you want the roots of the hair not to be falling at tthe start of the animation, you can set a parameter in Dynamics tab -> Properties on the “Rest Hold” – maybe 40%.

  7. Chris

    When I apply the hairs, i see the clover model, but also a really thick hair – Like it’s mapping both the clover model and the hair material.

    Any idea what I missed?

  8. Why does all the new tutorials look like shit? Not what greyscale is about. Not inspiring at all….

    • Excuse me? Greyscale has incredible tutorials. Nick’s stuff sometimes concentrates on great lighting or getting your render looking great, but the newer stuff from Simon and Chris has really pushed me into new territory.

      I think Greyscale is just about top quality learning – for free I might add, and that flippant comment is uncalled for, incorrect and short-sighted. GSG offers the whole package now. Mind blowing technical stuff from Simon, dynamics genius from Chris and all round greatness on top of professional visual output from Nick.

      Mate, you’re an idiot.

      • Incredible tutorials – check
        Top quality learning – check
        Free – check
        Do I like GSG? – yes

        Technical and dynamics and so on doesn’t need to be boring visually. People will less likely click and watch if what they are about to build isn’t inspiring and not even rendered in the pre-tutorial video. It’s as easy as that, just good advice, so calm down.

        • Why people should always recreate what’s in a tutorial? For me, for example, it’s always about some new techniques and ways of thinking. And, actually, I never recreate anything according to a tutorial. What’s the point?

          And btw.. who are you to give an advice to Chris or whoever? :) If you’ve got something, that is better.. just bring it up. But what do others see instead? Another troll? :)

          Keep it up.

    • Kaiwai

      No doubt Nick makes better tutorials then Chris. Tend to get lost some time with Chris’s tuts. A practice run would no doubt help out a lot before actually posting. Otherwise – very helpful tips.

  9. Chris, great tutorial – thanks! Any tips on getting instance based hair to grow along a spline?


  10. Thanks Chris!! It was very interesting and I love your voice. You talk really fast and sometimes too much for a poor French like me. thank you again


  11. Maurizio

    Hi Chris, awesome stuff as usual. By the way, is it possible to have dynamics applied so the leafs don’t intersect?


  12. Steve From UK

    Hey Chris, great interesting tutorial!!

    U the man!!

  13. crouspix

    Very cool, I love your tutorials, excellent.
    Too bad: if you put the object in mograph, the dynamics of hair does not work when there is an instance ;(
    I can not extrude a polygon along a spline, it is possible that it does not exist in c4d?

  14. Lonnie Busch

    Another great job, Chris! Saw this also in a Maxon tutorial, but completely forgot about it since I hadn’t had an immediate use! I love to be reminded of how powerful all this stuff is and all the cool stuff you can do with C4d! And because I am still kind of new to C4D, it’s a lot to take in and keep in my head!

    I’m not sure what the commenter above was referring to, but I don’t find your tutorials at all “uninspiring” or whatever he said…as a matter of fact, I look forward to the new one every week. And your series on the Connectors inspired me to create an entire 35 second animation based off the “Ball and Socket” and a bunch of dynamics and emitters and all kinds of stuff! Would love to show it to you, but am not sure how to post work here.

    And thanks also to Nick the gorilla (you are awesome, Nick) for making all of this available to so many! I do worry that people’s insensitive comments like the one above will just make you say “f__k it!” and cause you to stop posting tutorials! I hope that doesn’t happen, because this is such a valuable and awesome resource!

    thanks again

    • crouspix

      Sorry,”excellent” is not understood by everyone. Your tutorials are great, our wonderful, incredible, supernatural, with inspiration coming from the beyond. I do not think my text was shocking. I allowed myself to make a comment and ask a question about a feature of c4d. I never post more notes: to the extreme sensitivity of some person.
      Bey and Your are the best!

      • Lonnie

        crouspix, sorry for the misunderstanding! By “above,” I meant “Mike” who said: “Why does all the new tutorials look like shit? Not what greyscale is about. Not inspiring at all….”

        Be well and prosper!

  15. palej

    Thanks Chris for spending your nights and thoughts with us (and not your girlfriend ;P 😉 )
    thanks for this great tutorial, now i can make my nature stuff for myself.

    have a nice day.

  16. Sweet!! Finally get to see a practical use for the bezier nurbs!

  17. Patrick


    I need some xpresso help! So i’m attempting to animate lights flashing on and off over time. I’m using two different materials to do this (one material representing the lights turned on and the other representing the lights turned off–i’m not using actual lights). How can I use xpresso to switch between the materials over time? or is there an overall better way to do this?

  18. I haven’t see a tutorial by Chris in a few weeks. Maybe it has do to the fact that some m0r0ns had to criticize him. If in fact he was offended and no longer provides tutorials here, it would be a great loss :(

  19. Vanessa

    Really great tutorial!
    I tried doing it so myself but the clovers seem to twitch every frame.
    The falling motion is perfect but its as if the clovers rotate every frame. Any idea why?

  20. Robbe

    Nice tutorial, but all the leaves of the different clovers are pointing in the same direction, is there a way to add some variation in the rotation?

  21. lik03

    hi . i try to cover an object with the istance in hair. but this instance overlap one in the other .. how i can resolve this problem ? i dont find the option to set the minimum distance between an object and the other.
    even if i use the cloner I have the same problem

  22. Great tute. I’ve got one issue when I follow the tute. My instance objects sit above? the surface geometry when I turn on my hypernurbs. Is there a way to sit the instances further into the surface geo?

  23. hans plast

    hi there,

    the hair material hast this awesome function to change HSV randomly – how can an effect like this be applied to instanced geometry in combination with the hair distribution?!

    would be awesome if anyone could help!

  24. Alexander Bley

    Hey Everyone,

    first thank you GSG for the helpfull, fun and wellmade tutorials,
    i guess im a bit late but that doesn`t change me havin a question. I need to create a clover field so i build a clover, i textured the leaves with pictures in the color, bump and alpha channel the rest is textured with a procedural material. As soon as i make the hair material generate instances the texture for the leaves(the one with the pics) isn`t shown the procedural works just fine. Is there a way to show textures with pics in instances, anyone any idea what i`m doing wrong if i`m doing something wrong, work around etc.??? thanx for the help!


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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.