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How to make a Simple Spin Logo Animation Part 2 79 Comments

In part 2 of this tutorial, we take our 3D render into After Effects to composite and finish the scene. I show you how to use glow, curves, blurs, and levels to color correct the scene and add some shine. I also show you how to make a fun stripe animation using Precomps and a Track Matte.

Final Animation

Watch Part 1 of This Tutorial

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  1. I really appreciate the effort you made in the end section regarding making your OWN shit. I see so many reels that are just very slight rehashings of tutorials I’ve seen online–usually with much worse art direction.

    Having said that, I’d like to see more reel critiques. They were really helpful and just interesting to see what you’re thinking about different designs and animations.

  2. I agree with you, i hate seeing reels made up of tutorials. Every so often I go strolling on vimeo through the motion reel channel and it’s inevitable that I find a tutorial on someone’s reel. Thank you for addressing this!

  3. i like your speech in the end ๐Ÿ™‚
    i never actually follow the steps in tutorials, i just watch them to learn techniques. but i’ve seen a LOT of andrew kramer copies (my stuff probably looks a lot like his too though).

    i’ve just started watching your tutorials but i already love them ^^

  4. hi gorilla u r now on my top 3 VFX websites i like you very much! oh im so happy i found you ur are so cool and what i like about this tutorial is you advises that you give’s us that you should not copie others projets cuz its not professional work we need to look up for some thing original but with the help of the tutorials (like yours) ๐Ÿ˜‰
    thanks again for the tutorials and all what i want to say is keep up the good work and bring some more tutorials lol bey bey

  5. Agreed! Sites like this should really be used as workflow studies, not cheap content generation. In the end though, people who use tutorials in a reel are really only hurting themselves; motion graphics as an industry is well connected.

  6. Renzo

    Hi Nick,
    Great tutorial! But..
    “The human genome project or some crap like that, you know what I mean.”.. Common dude!

    The wotate thing made me really laugh! Keep ’em comming, I love your vids.

    Greets, renzo (nl)

    • this would be after effects I’d think. Just lots of clever precomping and a lot of keyframes with some shiny floor reflections (there’s tutorials about, maybe Kramer has one I think)

    • suraj es

      yes..but see the rotating cube would you do that in ae?it has to be a 3d program.but i tried it in c4d by changing the axis and rotating the cube..but once the axis is shifted and keyframed..the second axis shift is altering my first key frame

    • suraj es

      how is hat going to help me with that “flipping and moving forward” cube?!

    • “flipping and moving forward” are actually basic skills in after effects,maybe u should get familiar with it at first.

      hm,it should help u to create a nice cube,then parent the layers to each other from the top to the bottom and change your anchor point to this position where u want to rotate it. I checked it out and works fine.

  7. You are the man Nick! I always pick up some new cool technique or idea when I watch your tutorials. Super!
    The words at the end are so true….I know I have been copying looks and techniques, but it is a great way to learn. And all the things I have learned has given me the tools to do exactly what you said…to do my own thang ๐Ÿ™‚

    So once again, thanks for all the help you provide!!

  8. Sweet like warm apple pie :).
    BTW i was at an Adobe conference yesterday because of CS5 and there was a guy from Maxxon. So I asked him the question why you have to put the text into a Null. Well, no surprise, he didn’t exactly know but his thought was that the text used from the mograph has some in-depth layers. The fracture object doesn’t know which one to take. So when you “group” the text into a Null the fracture DOES know what to do. Don’t know if this makes any sense…but that’s what he told me.

  9. CsmCastellar

    Hello Gorilla!! for when the tutorial of pblurb! KORB Style! Thanks ..

  10. Ramzes

    Nick, thank you so much for your tutorials, you are great teacher!I’ve learned a lot from you:) thanks man

  11. Its true what you say in the last part, people usually and always follow tutorials with fear and never experiment. I always try to think out the box, i feel thats what crativity is all about.

  12. Vladimir

    Hi, Nick…
    I followed your tutorial and find very handy to use cs_easyCAM2…But it will be very cool to use CS like setup for multiple targets…does it exist similar plugin? (I tried to play with cs_moCam, but it wasn’t successful)…Thank you for tutorial

  13. Andre Friedman

    Hey,Nick.I am monitoring smth like 10-15 compositing sites on a daily basis,watching tuts from motionworks,red giant,maltaanon,videocopilot you name it and I have to say,that your creativity surprises me more and more from one tutorial to another.Keep on doing that,dude.You’re really skilled compositor.You know,what you do and you do it right.Good for you,man!What’s the deal with the keyboard behind you?Do you play piano or just cubase looping ๐Ÿ™‚ ?

    • Thanks, Andre! That means a lot! As for the keyboard, I try to play as much as i can. I took lessons when I was younger. Music is my first passion.

  14. Ramzes

    Nick, can you tell us, what kind of sound effect we can use with this animation?))

    • You can use anything that makes you happy. Experiment and upload what you come up with. I would love to hear it.

  15. Magic

    hey hey, where are all the vimeo links?;)
    On previous tuts after a day they would start to fill this space.
    Allthough I totaly agree that a demo reel made up of followed tutorials issen’t much of a showcase for what one can do creatively, it merely show one can follow tutorials. And for a profesional motion designer that might not be what one wants.

    But for an amateur like me these tutorials are like following classes, I realy like learning new stuff, and I would like to show my teacher what I made afterwards.

    So here is my version ๐Ÿ™‚
    I already had done some AE after the first part and although I tried part 2 on the same rendering, I decided leave it as ait was before.

  16. nikita

    hey nick,
    I love your tuts and the way you explain things and get through problems! I did he spin tutorial and I’m wondering how I can use this techique to “morph” from one word to another… is it possible? thx a lot for all the stuff you post

    • have a search for pBlurp. It’s like an automatic TP thing (literally 1 node – I know nothing about TP and got it working when I was first learning c4d) You drop 2 shapes in and they cut up and morph into one another

    • James

      I really like how your outlines are still there and only the slabs move. Cool trick!

  17. kamal

    hi nick.. this is my first comment on watching the first tutorials of yours… I’ve a problem man.. when i render the simple spin logo animation it takes a lot of time.So when I decide to render the not rendered part for the next day. It gives me other results..Its totally different from the rendered Images of the previous day…can you help me with this.
    I’ve Maxon C4D 10.5

  18. lizardwizard

    hey gorrila wasup??
    first of all i gotta say im kinda new in the 3d buisness and you are such a big help man really i learned alot!
    i have a question bout the spin tut, do you think its normal that the final render in c4d took me 5:38 hours?? anti aliasing was best 2X2…
    im using a dell studio 1555 win7 64 bit
    lots of ddr a radeon HD 4570 graphic card…
    any thoughts bout that?
    your tuts rock man keep it up.

  19. Thanks nick. love the tutorials and I learn a lot. I’m beginning to love this c4d & ae thing, thanks to you.

  20. PEacedog


    Loved the tut! Tried to do a little something different with it, like you suggested in the reels video. Won’t be including this on any reels though! Great way to animate text!

  21. Felix

    Thank you Nick. Let’s make some cool shit mannnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!

  22. Victor Hagstrรถm

    I need help, I’m only doing a “one-frame-picture” instead of the whole animation. However my texture doesn’t become smooth or specially glossy, it looks dark, grainy and like a big fat failure. Please help me with the texture question!
    Awesome tutorial by the way.
    Friendly Greetings

  23. Michel

    Hey man! Iยดm spaniard. This is the very first time i am going to post in a foreign blog but iยดve been learning tips and tricks from your smoking tutorials and i just want to say THANKS MAN!!!!! You rule. Sorry for my english guys. And Nick, say hello to Jake!! (your dog, isnยดt?). Go on this way!

  24. JAMES

    ROCK!!! i Agree 1000% , theres so many clone from the tutorial in youtube ,especially video copilot.. people just follow the shit .. suckssss not creative.

  25. chris

    i think this tut was amazing and have been watching for about a month now. I am new to c4d and running an old 1 core processor so my renderings area long time coming to fruition but this was so cool i thought it would be worth it. I wish i had after effects to finish it off though. Can anything be done in Photoshop that would give the same glow effect?

  26. Peter

    Great tutorial, thank you so much! My first time I did anything in Cinema 4D, and with the help of you, I got a really nice spinning logo! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Nick, great job first. I discovered your site weeks ago, and what i`ve learned here… Thank you.
    I have one question. If, in the middle of transition animation, i want to change to another name.
    Starts with the SPIN text and change to something with 4 letters. NICK. for example.

    Thanks again, and keep with up your great job.

  28. Sorry bout the previous comment.
    I didn’t saw the the whole tutorial. And now i saw the final words of the second part (Grear words, btw) and i felling stupid right now.
    But, inspired me to find out my own. Thanks and sorry again.

  29. tawiah nyamekye kwasi

    i enjoy ur tutorials a lot. its just that i am a total novice when it comes to after effects. anyway, big ups buddy.

  30. Talking about overdoing stuff, I tend to leave the adjustments/colour corrections a little overdone, and ease off the opacity of the adjustment layers, so there is never 100% of an effect.

    Thanks for the tutorials, getting more and more into AE for compositing, discovering that after all these years of not daring to touch it, that I can bring my photoshop skills over and play with video ๐Ÿ˜‰

  31. NeroYoung

    Hey Nick Thanks for the awesome tutorial ๐Ÿ˜€
    I made a small video based on this tutorial but I missed to exclude the illuminated top floor from the ground floor xP and my PC is damn slow to render this, took more than 9 hours to render 4 second animation =.=

    Here is my work ๐Ÿ˜€

    Thanks a million !!

  32. LaXer

    Simply one word for you Nick Awesome. I really loved your tuts they really helped me to build up my base at C4D and After Effects
    Again Thanks

  33. Shawn

    These tutorials are amazing! Thank you for posting these and teaching people how to be amazing!


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This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.