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How to Use Sketch & Toon with Particles in Cinema 4D 60 Comments

This is a fun tutorial all about playing around with Cinema 4D’s particle system and using Sketch & Toon to create the final look. Here is what Chris has to say about it.

Tinkering around with the simple particle system in C4D. Very basic setups can give very cool looking end results. With just an emitter, a turbulence, a few deflectors, and a tracer we end up with this fun render below. – Chris Schmidt

Chris Figured out that setting from the end he promised, how to kill the funky clipping on the edges. In the S&T texture, enable strokes, then uncheck “clip strokes to screen” in Render tab.

Example Render

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  1. Very nice. Maybe just a Sketch & Toon tutorial is cool to do sometime. I recently tried Sketch & Toon ans it’s really cool to play with.

  2. That would be more great if we could use deformers (bend,twist etc) for deflectors. anyway, thank you for this amazing stuff chris. keep them coming.

  3. CollinBishop

    This effect reminds me of the Street Fighter intro… Clean on the eyes

  4. Kathlb

    I like the look of that. Thanks, you always keep me entertained while teaching me something. Good job! :-)


  5. Sascha

    Very cool! Thank you!
    I would like to see more about sketch and toon.

  6. Godmil

    In case anyone using R13 can’t find the ‘create selection object’ option, it’s in the menu under: Select -> Selection Filter -> Create Selection Object.
    Ok, back to this awesome tutorials.

    • Dean Mellis

      I don’t care that this was from a year ago. Thanks for the tip. This will be very useful.

  7. Ernest

    Thanks for often updates Nick. My all RSS feeds seems like freeze except you :)

  8. gonzojames

    Thank you Nick for all the cool tutorials and stuff you post.
    I’m wondering if you just could make one about rendering wireframes with hidden lines inside of Cinema.
    I know there’s a lot of ways to achieving that and i would very appreciate your help.Thanks

  9. Hi Chris,

    really neat tutorial here ! Smashing renders… And you remember those methods with so much ease !
    But I’m asking if those all settings made into the basic emitter system can be easily set into a TP system. Even with Sketch & Toon. You know, applying these particules behavior into other meshes, like pyramids or – maybe – onto extrude fonts ?
    Maybe you can give some advices with TP ?
    Anyway, great way to create new graphic design ! Thank you.

  10. Man grow your beard again, you looked better before :)
    nice tut. You can also do it with hair, not only with S&T. Stranger results because you can control speculars too.

  11. Ryan Roehl

    Im as big a fan as anyone else of gsg tutorials. But im not sure im getting the big picture of why this is cool. Can someone enlighten me? Maybe if I watched the tutorial id know.

  12. Thanks for this; I had some ideas for an effect I want and this helps with understanding the basics of particles and settings. :)

  13. Manny

    Hi Chris, thanks for anther great tut…. Question: Regarding the box of deflectors, couldn’t you have used a cloner to clone the deflector with the dimensions of the box? Thanks again for another Tut!


  14. CollinBishop

    @GonzoJames – You mean “cel renderer” in the rendering post options? Would be in the same category as GI. You just need to set it to edges… Hope that helps

  15. Wavne

    Why is it when I render to picture viewer I only get 5 lines rendering but in viewport get all of them?

    Awesome Tut as always tho!

  16. Wavne

    I found the answer…..Emitter/Particle/Birthrate Renderer was set to 10. In case anyone had the same thing.

  17. Briliant tutorial. The first part of the tutorial, give him an idea how to do a supernova explosion ^-^

  18. gonzojames

    @CollinBishop – Yes i already know about that but with the cell renderer i can’t see the “hidden lines” so it isn’t a proper wireframe.I know there’s others techniques such as atom array or something but i can’t figure it out an easy way to do that.Thank you though.

  19. Patricio Veloso


    I’m in studio R13 and cant find the file menu inside the Material tab. Then i couldn’t get the sketch material as you do.
    Can anyone help me?

  20. Jorge Goncalves

    Awesome tutorial!!!
    Godfrey, your screenshot is amazing!

  21. @Chris Schmid:
    You did that Cmd+N / Cmd+W thing to toggle between open docs very quickly. If you’re using R13 simply Press the V key on your keyboard and you’re able to select any open project from the lower menu.

  22. Robby Jacob

    Great tut. Love to see more on Toon&Sketch, but this is a great starter. Thank You.

  23. Love the tutorial Chris.
    Would love to have the same idea work inside Motext, is there a way?

    Thanks, Robert

  24. AndyDV

    I’m having problems rendering sketch/toon with splines. Everything looks fine in active view, and rendering single frames works, but if I try to render out a quicktime or img sequence, I only get exactly THREE lousy particles, not my expected 5000.

    Seems like a sketch/toon render setting that I am missing…anyone have a clue? It’s always the same three lousy particles, in the same lousy direction.

  25. Thanks Chris. A question though: I have a nice effect going and tried to copy and paste to a another composition. When I do this, it doesn’t retain the original settings. How come? Any solutions here? Thanks.


  26. Moog nooh

    Great Tutorial! It’s Real Fun to Play. Aroms with this. But I was wondering if you found The Button which switches These greasy lines Off, so that the borders look nice again?!

  27. Did anyone else notice he gave us a big F you at the end?

  28. Uh… I went nuts with this and added couple separate particle systems. Can’t figure out how to assign a particular sketch/toon style to each one. Got one to work, but the others automatically get the first system’s settings.. Any ideas? I’m thinking xpresso.


    • Figured it out! “Show Help” kinda pointed me in the right direction, so here’s the workout for multiple tracers/sketch and toon’d emitters:

      a) turn OFF auto settings in the Render Options window (along with default visible and hidden – the problem I was having was it was, by default, viewing and rendering the first thing I applied the settings on)

      b) drag your sketch material into each object you want sketched

      And a side note: if you’re throwing out multiple particle systems you can color-code each one in the object settings to avoid confusion before you render it out.

    • Arkady

      Sorry here’s a link to a better version on Vimeo
      Still Vimeo ate a lot of small particles during the upload.
      This one is really ment to be seen in HD.
      A good reason to make it on your own :) .super fun.

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  31. Very Nice tut as usual

    But I can’t manage to do one thing.
    Can the particles follow the shape of an object like going around a cap or a car shape.


  32. Zkywalker

    Really gr8 to learn some new stuff. I have tried the cloning method for the deflector on other shapes, but not so successful. You mentioned something about Simulation tags. I’m using R14. Can you tell me how to do that? I want a tracer to be captured within other more odd shapes(objects)… Thanks.

  33. Judy

    When i higher the scale in turbulence it does not give me the same effect :S how come? I would appreciate the help, i really want to achieve the same effect, and it is mesmerising indeed!

  34. Ulysses

    Awesome tutorial!!! I would like to see The particles animated like Explosions Of energy in alien versus predator. Big energy shock wave


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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.