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How to use Volumetric Lighting in Cinema 4D 102 Comments

In this short tutorial, I show you how to use Volumetric Lighting in Cinema 4D to make Light Rays. You can also use Volumetric Lights for glows, Shine effects and also for dramatic backlighting.

Thanks to Kai Pedersen and Rick Barrett for reminding me about volumetric lighting while I was at Siggraph

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  1. Goldfinch

    Wow, THX Nick for sharing this one! It is definitely what I was looking for.

    That would be very nice to have a tut from you on fogs, underwater atmosphere and all that stuff some day. (like this underwater effect in Robert Redman tut N19 “Easy animating with Mograph”)
    Because you can really make it dramatic like this one!

    (omg! one of the first comms:))

  2. Aidan

    Thanks a lot ! Ive got some nice ideas for this. Also you think its possible to cover a tutorial on faking liquid in cinema ?

  3. Seems like something I’d rather do in after effects – to have more control over, on the fly. Still cool though.

    Not being a c4d user I don’t know about this but I guess you could render the volumetric light as a separate element? That way you have a little bit more control over it.

    • Doing this in post with Shine does give you WAY more control. But, doing it in 3D will give you effects that aren’t possible in post.

  4. Made this test animation last year for a small personal project, playing with volumetric lights and wavy turbulence.

    the idea was to try and make the car headlights stand out, i think i even added an environment and enabled the fog to make it even more misty!

    • This one is cool,but I think animating text instead of camera would do a better job.

    • I like the rotation. I’d be great if there was a way to get a subtler effect with the “noise.” Right now the effect is so intense.

  5. Manuel Aguilera

    hey amigo nick you r soo hyper on this tutorial LOL! wath happened to you? what are you drinking? thanks for this tutorial is very useful

  6. Thanks for this one Nick, we are glad you’re back from Siggraph, looking forward to see you presentation for Cineversity…

  7. Suriel

    I am using volumetric lightning for letting a star explode. Whith lensflares switched on and some colour manipulation over time, this looks really good for me and helped me a lot to achieve a certain look.

  8. Nick,

    Did you know that when you put a Volumetric Light inside an object that has a colored transparent material, the light will take that color?

    This is a very good technique for making REALISTIC GLOWS on objects like lightbulbs or neon tubes. Waaaay better than using the crappy Glow post-effect (that Maxon should update/fix or remove in R12!), because it shows in reflections, through alphas and so on.

    Only downside is that if you have a few of these in your scene, the render time will go up. But I found that tweaking the Sample Distance in Visibility is a flexible way to speed the render up.

    I’m going to use that technique in a project I’m concepting now. Because it will have close to 100-200 of those lights, I’m doing lot’s of tests with it to get a reasonable render time. I’ll post a link when it’s ready.

    This effect is not limited to a single color by the way: when you use a multi-colored transparent material, you can greate dramatic colored lighting effects.

    What’s also very cool to experiment with is INVERSE VOLUMETRIC LIGHTING. In your example with the text that will result in the text ITSELF shining (That’s REALLY like Trapcode Shine :-). That’s not something that’s realistically possible, but it’s very handy in when lighting scenes, because you can create lights with very complex shapes. I used this a couple of times to make street lights. Like in this TVC:

    In this very old tutorial on the Maxon site that dates back to R6, it is used to make the sun shining though Stained Glass:

    Hope you find these tips helpful. Maybe you could do a Volumetric Light tutorial SEQUEL!



  9. Samuel L Roots


    Nice tuts Nick… From Venezuela πŸ™‚

  10. Suriel

    And btw: as always a great tutorial. Since I stumbled upon this webside, I watched a lot of your videos. Very fine indeed. Gives me a lot of input to generate more stuff and to experiment with things.

  11. Hi Nick

    Following you for quite a while now, some really impressive stuff you make and also always super dope tutorials! Its always a fun roller-coaster man!

    Anyways, Im doing a small personal project, did not want to show this crappy -in progress- image yet (only half way this project, haha), but I hope this shows yet another way of using volumetric lights.

    Keep up the super awesome work!


  12. Very nice! I never played with volumetrics in C4D before. I’m with a i5 and seems to run pretty fast. I come from XSI experience and volumetric lights run different and much slower. In fact, it was the heaviest pass in the entire piece.
    Still, it was done when I still was in college, and my Pc’s weren’t as much as fast.

    Still, here you’ve got the clip if you want to check it out:

    It was my first experience with Xsi, and it was done as a final project for Morphology class.

  13. Hi

    Here is my kick at the volumetric lighting theme:

    I’m not happy with the converted version of this video. The original is much brighter.

    The other thing that bothers me is global illumination. It does weird things. I works on smaller scale projects like type but when it comes to do serious scene rendering I just cant grasp the right settings for it. I was impressed with the “no keyframes” video but as i took it apart i saw that it has no globillum settings. Aixsponza did it without global illumination (fascinating). I would like to see Maxon enabling volumetric lighting on the luminance channel. That way animated textures could light the scene and have a cool foggy look.

  14. Tnx Gorilla! I just needed that for my new theatre project! Massive respect from Estonia πŸ™‚

  15. So I didnt do an animation, just didnt have time to render it so I just did one frame…

  16. exactly what I was looking for! your site is a gold mine, much thanks.

  17. Polo-

    i know this post is pretty old, but you maybe answer me here since my trouble is related.
    When i’m using volumetric with text and simple objects y never have any kind of problem (except when im cranking up the intensity)
    BUT, im having a problem with this render i came up:
    I tryed using GI, shadows, checking and unchecking everything. But I still can’t find a way to fix this :/
    Hope you can give me a hand.


  18. I loved this tutorial and it was exactly the effect I was going for. Now if I could just learn how to have brushed metal text with shiny metal pinstripes on it I would be SET!

  19. thompson

    please i will sincerely need this tutorials for my present work to go well. Thanks.

  20. Hey, Wow!
    I just started to think, it has to be easy! Eveyone’s doing that how is that?

    And you enlightened me! THANKS!

  21. A fascinating discussion is definitely worth comment. I think that you should publish more about this subject matter, it might not be a taboo matter but typically people don’t discuss these subjects. To the next! Best wishes!!

  22. Camila

    Wow! It’s amazing how the light changes everything!!

  23. vectorcinema

    Hi Greyscale GoRillaz,

    I just did a small space scene with volumetric lighting and all the do-dads associated.
    I like the effect and trying to stay out of AE so…new tricks help. The problem is when I add a planet to the space scene the volumetric light shines on the planet rendering the scene unrealistic. Adjusting the intensity of the light decreases the ill effect but I loose the dynamic look of the volumetric lighting. Any suggestions also can you do a TUT on space scene or water scene? – Cheers….vectorcinema
    ( AKA Horton aint never heard no Hoo )

  24. Jay Salomon

    Volumetric lighting is great fun to play with.

    Got the underwatery effect on this my Doubling up and adjusting the volumetric lights from the floaties rig on this

  25. Brett

    Awesome dude! Something that I wanted to do over a year ago, but search results did not yield anything. Glad I found this.

  26. Maximilian

    Thanks for the video it helped me a lot!!! I just have a question, at the end when it comes to render with the moving clouds effect you set how do I make that smooth effective loop that it keep going without restarting to first frame like continuous. Because when I Save it to png format or avi it works but effect not smooth as it restarts to frame 1 again. I feel as it has to do with time line and animation? With start stop?




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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.