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Intro to Lighting – GSG Live Cast 47 Comments

I wanted to post this live cast I did last week all about lighting just incase you missed it. I want do dive more into the physics and science of light here on GSG, so I thought this cast would get the ball rolling. I explain the basics of a light studio and then show you how to set it up in Cinema 4D. I hope to do more videos about how to light soon. What are your thoughts? If you have questions about lighting, throw them in the comments and let’s talk.

Don’t forget, you can come watch the GSG Cast LIVE on most Wednesdays at 2pm central here.

Mentioned in the Cast
HDRI Light Kit Pro
The HDRI Handbook

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  1. Nice “Ctrl+Z” shirt from Threadless ๐Ÿ˜€

    Your tutorials are really helping me expand my Digital Design spectrum into the 3D realm. Thanks Nick!

  2. Ricardo

    Hi nick something wrong with the video USTREAM is not loading it, Do you have a vimeo link?

  3. Ricardo

    Sorry, I must to say thank you first. Gorilla tutorials are number one on the web.

  4. This is my current favorite post online! I love learning more about Lighting! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Also I have a friend i’ll bring over. a girl.. haha

    Your blog rocks!

  5. Hey Nick! Great live cast! Really good information in here about GI and AO, if u got 5 secs, please take a look at this video
    and tell me what u think. what’s missing?

    i guess it’s the AO thing, right?

    GSG Rocks!

  6. Hey Nick, How can I find you on this livecast?
    Is there a schedule too where you announce when you are on air?

    Also the player of ustream really sucks…
    Ill try ctrl + f5, hope this will fix it from not buffering…

  7. Itvteacher

    Ahhhhh, must mot be iphone compatible! Ahhhhh….. Lol. Guess ill have to wait

  8. Thanks Nick for this tut/explanation. Since I’m rendering for 59 hours now for a 500 frame project I think that IBL will be a good alternative on GI.

    When I watched the whole part you mentioned several times what wasn’t good for animation. So I still wonder: What is the best?

  9. Thomas Mandelid

    Btw, have you seen the video presenting the new tab stacking feature in Opera 11.

    I was watching it and suddenly… hey, that’s greyscalegorilla ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. David Hong

    Hi Nick

    I was wondering if you could help me with this?

    Have you noticed in C4D R12’s new Render Queue that you’re unable to see visual feedback for the GI Prepass when rendering a GI scene? Is there any workaround to this? I fired off a render recently and after 70 hours it is still in prepass mode and without any verbal or visual feedback, I have no clue when this will be done.. I know normally you don’t really get an ETA for GI Prepasses anyway but at least the picture viewer shows you which phase it is in (Prepass 5 of 12… etc.)
    Any insight you can give on this would be much appreciated. Thanks!


  11. Justin Eshelman

    Thanks Nick for posting up the video. My hectic college schedule prevents me from watching most of the live casts. It’s good to learn more about lights/lighting considering it’s probably one of the most frustrating things for VFX artists.

  12. CharlesG

    First of all Nick, all your tutorials are absolutely awesome!!!

    I think doing more lighting tutorials is a really good idea. What I think would also be great is to do a series of tutorials on creating shaders for photo real product rendering. This like accurate car paints, plastics, metal/steel etc. Shader creation goes hand in hand with lighting so that could be quite interesting

    As far as C4D goes we see a lot of cool experimental work but not much photo real product work and I think C4D would be great for that. Although it fails at handling heavy CAD data well which makes me stay in Maya specifically for that.

    I have seen few artists being able to achieve really good professional grade finishing results with C4D and Advanced Renderer without having to move to V-Ray.

  13. jelmen

    You say you’re also into texturing. Will you be posting any tips and tricks concerning textures and materials? I really love to make product renders that look as realistic as possible but can’t find a lot on materials in C4D on the web. (tried maxwell render but it takes ages to render a simple shot)

  14. robbysalz

    i think it’s funny that we can tell when the vodka starts to kick in

  15. MrMoo

    Oh might Grayscale Gorilla… can you bestow upon me the knowledge to get accurate backlight curtains in Cinema 4D? I’ve scoured the internet, i’ve fiddled with luminance channels, and i’m just about to wig out.

    I’m cracking upon accurate renders of fabric installations i design and i’m hitting a wall. Depending on the kind of fabric you use, you can get this glow… where you see the light source from behind the fabric AND you can see the light cast upon that same fabric… but lord help me try and get it within Cinema.


  16. MrMoo

    Whoopsie. False sense of accomplishment there. It shows backlighting… but for some reason i get horrible artifacts with more than one light on it.
    However, this could be a problem within C4D’s spotlight object. To me… it seems like a pretty weak light. Not the oomph i get with even the cheapest American DJ spots.
    Oh great Gorilla… what are your thoughts?

  17. thanks nick!
    can you teach us something about Vray?
    I’ve heard Vray is faster than mental ray..

    before i’ve tried to render an animation sequence with GI applied, render set to FULL animation, and result is still flickering frames… besides not using GI, what else can be done, for animation?

  18. Great tutorial, Nick. I like the way you explain how to adjust the white balance of the sources so that the light looks more natural.

  19. Hey Dude!
    thx really appreciate the tut about light. yet I have to say: this ustream is really boring. whenever I try to scroll back in the timeline it totally hangs up and I can`t even keep watchin from where I was. I use Windows and Firefox, tested a bunch of other configs and nothing worked for me. please no more ustreams!

    thx cheers! Hannes

  20. Jernej

    Great stream. Learned a bunch1
    Thanks and keep up the good work sir!

  21. Hi, Christian! Great book! And, thanks for watching the video. I have been getting more and more into IBL lately and your book and site were a huge help. Cheers!

  22. Anything without GI is better for animation than GI. There are a few tricks though. I hope to cover them soon.

  23. That is crazy. All those links are motion related. Looks like we have a motion graphics fan over at opera, eh?

  24. MrMoo

    *UPDATE* I finally figured it out. Using a combination of SSS within the cloth’s Luminance channel with Translucency… i’m able to get a fairly accurate translucent drape that can be backlit. thank god. that was two days of monkeying around….

  25. I haven’t used Vray or Mental Ray, actually. I hear good things though. I’m still working on perfecting AR.

  26. nick, i thought c4d standard renderer is mental ray? no?

  27. just found out standard renderer is actually Advanced Rendered, didn’t know it all this time, haha~ and that Vray “plugins” for C4D is already very advanced! nice~ ๐Ÿ˜€


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Comment Rules

This is a friendly community. Please treat everyone with respect. We don't all have to agree, but we do have to be nice. Criticism is fine, but rude comments and name calling will be deleted. Use your real name and don't be spammy. Thanks for adding to the conversation.