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Texture Light and Render an Iron Man Suit in Cinema 4D 150 Comments



In This tutorial, I show you how to texture and light an Iron Man Suit in Cinema 4D using Texture Kit Pro, HDRI Studio Pack and Light Kit Pro. We will go over a few different ways to add more detail to your textures and how to light the scene for a heroic look. You can follow along by downloading the free Iron Man suit model here.


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  1. Michael Amend

    Cool Tutorial !!!,

    but i find iron man looks a little bit to plastic and bubbly. i missing a little grunge metal look for more realistic maybe.

    Greetings from Germany

      • I tend to make things a little extra glossy. It’s my taste. But, you can tone it down with less spec and less reflection. Hope that helps.

        • acdesign

          Metal- more reflection, HDRI and less spec. It would make it look great + nice texture with some weathering

          • John Haley

            jealousy? I think everyones added advice is pretty spot on.

          • Fabian

            I agree, Morten. Everyone has something to complain about. The tutorial gives you ideas on how YOU could do texture your Ironman.

            Great job, Nick. Thank you for the tutorials.

  2. David

    Hahaha! Nice try!

    Anisotropy -> An – I – so – tro – pee. I thinks that’s the way!
    Great tut by the way Nick!

    Cheers from Spain!

  3. Hey Nick,
    I don’t mean to be rude, but this isn’t looking too great. Far from movie poster quality. Maybe redo the tutorial focus on UV unwrapping and creating custom textures? spec map, normal map, and maybe some global illumination

    • Yeah. It’s definitely not a movie poster. I wish I was that good. I was just playing with the free model and thought to record it and share it with you guys.

      • Thank you for posting the tutorial, I always learn something..

      • I hear you, and I really appreciate you taking the time to record these tutorials, they are great and extremely helpful! And you’re right there are still some tricks and tips you can learn from this video. Maybe this one’s just missing that magical “how does nick do it factor”…. But that’s just my $0.02.

        Maybe next time….

    • Benjamin Pedersen

      Why redo the tutorial? The point is not to make something perfect, but for Nick to show us the techniques, so that you and me can go: “I can do that better -let me try that” :-)

  4. Tuman

    awsome is awsome. B-) btw nick can you please go with minions of despicable me.scuplting it and texturing it to make it realistic.

    • Chances are slim. Nick isn’t the best modeller and tends to focus on complex models only if they’re free or if another member of the GSG team models it.

      Much like myself, I love lighting/composition/texturing/rendering, but modelling is my achilles heel

  5. Stephen

    Oh, and it’s pronounced “an – eye – SAW – tro – pee”

  6. Pelle / LogicDutch

    It looks very cartoonish , but awesome 😀

  7. Nick, you’re awesome but you have got to get those mouth noises under control. It’s like nails on a chalkboard.

  8. Muhammed Umer Zafar

    Iron Man looks sad on the texture job……

    …we still love you Nick!

  9. acdesign

    free Iron Man suit —this is 40% of the problem, how can you imagine a free model is poster quality, the model has bad proportions, low quality everything, probably even bad polys. I agree with everything else..that makes 60% (uv’s, normals etc.)

      • Bronco

        Hi Nick, thank you for your great tutorials. Apropos, maybe you can make a tutorial about box modeling with tips and tricks. By the way, I can not understand the agitation of some commentators. We´re here to learn and have fun … for free.

        • Remington

          For real… it drives me nuts seeing people complain about free training. It’s like they feel entitled to it or something. If you see a tutorial that doesn’t excite you, don’t watch it.. I don’t understand the need of some people to be so rude.

          • Chris

            Well, it’s KIND OF free. The whole tutorial is based off using his products that cost $$$, but whatever.

  10. Kevin

    We all have our own visions for things and how they “should” look.. I appreciate the unique difference of these visions.. we all can’t just render orange cubes!

    Great job Nick!

  11. Thx Nick for sharing your techniques on this one. I prefer the preview renders on the blog but the result of the tutorial looks cool for less than an hour. Greetings from Germany

  12. Thats cool Sir…
    you did a great job…. and thanks for teaching us freely….i dont have money to learn but sir you are my Hero…you are better than Iron Man….

  13. Carlo

    Wow, with the amount of things I’ve learned from you and the rest of the team at GSG over the years, it’s amazing to see this level of trolling.

    Dude, the site rocks, you guys rock, and I hope to continue learning along with! Actually last night, I was looking at one of your first tuts, with the lines and circles animation in AE, and I found myself yelling at the screen “radial wipe” & “circle” effects!!!

  14. I didnt really liked the render, sorry nick your awesom but that tut is more for beginners.
    And you must understand, HDRI lighting isnt the solution every time. 3 points lighting could be great here.

    • Andrea

      Exactly. HDRI is not magic. If the models and textures are not perfect, than its better to have a custom lighting setup, maybe side lights.. More contrast .. More highlights, more shadows…

  15. I wouldn’t take the comments too hard man, its a tough thing to shade. Especially as everyones comparing it to the film right now which would have been done by a number of veteran look devs over many months (and over 3 films). I think scratch textures would def helpl some, but also i think that even the c4d standard material is a bit limited for production quality work. True BRDF & anisotropy are missing. Even a car paint shader would be a good place to start, where you’ve got paint flecks and multiple spec/refl layers. Although i don’t think a good one exists for c4d yet (i might be wrong), even the vray one isn’t due till the next release.

    Keep up the tutorials man, i’d have probably not have gotten into c4d if it wasn’t for your shiny ball cloner tutorials : )

  16. mizzou

    I can’t believe people are actually telling NIck its not “that great looking” Why don’t YOU go create something instead of criticizing his FREE tutorials that YOU obviously need.

  17. Thomas Dheedene

    As always I learned a lot from this tut!
    The step by step way to go is just fine for me and a lot of othersm, Im sure of that…

    Nick The Gorilla, you are the man, for sure!!

    Hail from Belgium!!!

  18. Sanya

    I think your texturing blends well with the model. thanks dude!

    • Amen to that. People complaining because he puts out something imperfect, for free?!

      Sounds like a lot of people are just using GSG as a crutch because they suck and are getting mad because they can’t just whip up a movie poster quality render with little to no effort.

    • HeyJose

      so, just cuz its free, the man can’t have an opinion of it? people need to drop that excuse.
      I agree, it does look awful. I’m not saying Nick should kill himself or that he should give me some money.
      Maybe if the tutorial was about making a realistic brushed worn out metal texture and concentrating an a more simple shape, i think the final product would have been more convincing… but that’s just me

      • Remington

        Sure.. you are welcome to an opinion. The internet is full of people who unnecessarily voice their opinion.

        There’s a difference between constructive criticism (Which I know Nick appreciates) and “Ugliest thing I have ever seen “. There’s nothing constructive about that.

        If you don’t like it, don’t watch it. Simple as that. No one owes you top notch tutorials for free, no one on this site is paying a subscription fee to view these tutorials. I think the consensus is Nick had a miss with this one. He’s have plenty of others he’s knocked out of the park.

        Don’t bite the hand that feeds you… and good luck finding better free content out there.

  19. Hey Nick! I don’t care what people are saying this tut was very helpful. I learned something new as always. I’m not a pro yet but hope to be someday and I’ll have you and Chris to thank for it. keep up the good work!
    Two questions if you have the time.
    first i can’t seem to download the iron man file. I’m using a mac, any thoughts? Also maybe you can have chris or yourself do a rigging tutorial soon? something that us folks with broadcast can use.
    anyway keep on giving us the knowledge. you’re the best!

  20. satrya

    Hey nick,

    I tried gsg light kit once and that was awesome. For this case a custom textures in bodypaint with good quality textures gonna make this suite look good. Combine with GSG light kit gonna bring it to more realistic looks. Nice nick!!! Probably texturing iron man suite tutorial? Worth to be wait!!!!

  21. Andrew

    Is allways good trying until you get that good,but I think for more realistic look there Vray4d which we would tuts from gsg,also Octane render for just 100 dollar..good looking

  22. Josef Bsharah

    Hi Nick , thank you for taking time to make a tutorial as always . really appreciate it

  23. Peter Morshed

    Hiii Nick

    It is good Tut … There are always things we can learn here .. Maybe It is not the best of the best .. But For sure it is the start .. and for sure next time u have something amazing u will know it and share it as u always do … So i am appreciating your effort to sharing with us your Tut and taking time too to making them .. Thanks Nick And Keep it Up Bro :) +++

  24. Stanislav

    Why to make it look like a real Iron Man, when it is already done from proffesional team. I like your style and i learn something new in each of your tutorials. Great job again! Personally i think that the results from the tutorial are better than those which are posted here. Are they the same actually?

  25. Hey Nick,

    Thanks for your time and another tutorial. Ive learnt so much over the last few years from greyscalegorilla. Thank You!

    Manchester, UK

  26. Pretty saddened by some of the comments? It’s a free tutorial; the process, and things we never knew are more important than the outcome… GSG is not Industrial Light & Magic!?

    For the impudent ones here, consider UV Mapping, BodyPaint and a significant amount of texture creation in PS.

    Beeple’s everydays this month have been great texturing inspiration:

    Thank you for your awesome work GSG team!

    You can’t please everyone all the time…

  27. What have you done with the real Nick Campbell? Where are the premium tutorials? I have learned everything about C4D from GSG tutorials and thank you for that, but this tutorial is very poor quality.
    I am not a professional but I did all this in 20 minutes.

    Please Nick, once in your life, make a photorealistic rendering. Please!!!!!

    • Weavermedia

      Wow. You should ask for your money back. Oh, wait…

    • I wouldn’t say that your render is photorealistic either. But each person is entitled to their own opinion right?

    • Steve

      Hi Leo. What’s the URL for your site or link to your free tutorials seeing as you’re as good as (if not better) than the man you’re belittling? Come on man, don’t hide your light under a bushel, share your knowledge.

    • Carlos

      Leo, both your render and comment show that you are not a professional. Nick, I’m looking forward for some more animation techniques. Thanks.

  28. Benjamin Pedersen

    Excellent tutorial, Nick! Man, you are on fire! Never laughed so hard with one of your tutorials before! Big thumbs up!

  29. How about a GSG tut on Vray for C4D?
    Other than that–years ago I was a teacher (right out of college) and many have knowledge but few have the gift to share that knowledge in a friendly, inviting, and humble way. Nick has these talents. Compare his tuts to any on youtube. Nick is a natural born teacher and a fine artist. I, for one, am genuinely greatly for GSG tuts. Cheers!

    • He doesn’t use it. Nick’s videos are on a ‘he learns a cool new technique, shares it on the blog’ basis, so if he ever uses Vray i’m sure it will crop up here.

  30. sacul

    Nick! U r damn good man! TY for this and all the things in! for real! really thanks !

  31. John Savkov

    Great lesson Nick, but I think this is not the best of which you are capable. I know you can do better than this.
    The main problem I see is that the model is not the best you can find. I found quite good and real model of the same site.
    I took your article as a challenge and I’ve decided to see how good render I can do. With your permission, I’ll post a link to my project:

    (sorry it’s not in english)

    Kind Regards,
    John S.

    • Kenny Irfrandes

      hahaha thats my 3D model dude xD btw beautiful render that u made (Y)

    • michischwarz

      Cinema 4D has a built in capability of using HDRIs. A sphere with an HDRI texture will to the trick. Nicks product is only a very effective frontend using the built in features.

  32. Thank you for the tutorial. Cant understand why people are complaining about free tuts. Nick is not 3d artist for hollywood movies. He just shows fun techniques in C4D and is very good teacher. Thanks again for your tuts Nick.

    Greetings from Austria

  33. I think a lot of people just look at the final render and make a judgement based on that.

    The point of a tutorial is for you to learn something. The whole point of learning is so you can take what you’ve been taught, understand it and create your own stuff from it. If you don’t like the final render, fine, but the tutorial is your stepping stone to creating something you do like, and that’s why this is a great tutorial.

    I think it’s really generous of Nick to give up his time and share his expertise for free.

    Cheers man.

  34. Nick thanks for the tutorial. I’ve learned a ton of things from this site. You, Chris, and others on GSG do an awesome job explaining things clearly and with passion.

    Thanks again.

  35. Jorge

    Thanks a lot Nick!
    I learned very single thing I know about Cinema from your tutorials!

    Greetings from Hong Kong

  36. Reasons why it doesn’t look too great:

    1. The model is not very accurate
    2. 3d applications produce better photo-realism if there are actual real-world textures applied to objects.
    3. That bump mapping is argh!

    I’d def like to see a follow-up video Nick, would be great to see “how to add photo-realism” to materials.

  37. learnt a heck of a lot from this video. +1 for more help getting the most from Texture Kit. so much in there it’s often tricky to know where to start.

    also wouldn’t mind if you switched off comments on these posts. some people don’t deserve the voice you give them.

  38. Nice idea. I tried to make my version. I am not sure how it went but at least learned something new. Still not quite convinced of the material in texture kit. Perhaps too much scale in bump and needs to be smaller.

  39. rammo

    Hi Nick,
    thx for this one.
    U pointed out some good points.
    Some things u said are realy helpful.

    But really, i have never seen such poor final result coming from u.

  40. Thank you Nick for this tut and for all the time and effort that you put into making it and thank you for giving it away to the community.

    All the best, Mike

  41. Hey Nick
    Sorry if this has already been mentioned
    I found that when you wanted to replace the material of a bunch of objects at once, what you do is:
    -Select the Texture Tags of objects you want to change
    -In the Attribute Manager, drag your NEW material into the Material slot
    This will update all of the texture tags at once, and eliminate the need to duplicate tags and delete old ones :)

  42. Hi Nick Sir
    I Want Your Help I See Your All Tutorial We See You accepted The Request
    Please help me To Create Orb Destroy In Cinema 4D i Know Andrew Kramer Is Do This Tutorial In 3Ds Max But Its Will High pc requirements I Dont Have High Pc i Try To Do It In Cinema 4D But When We Uplay A Glass material Its Will Look Like Its Break So Please if You Have A Time So Please make A Tutorial For This And this Tutorial is Awsome Please Help Me thank You

  43. SioPio

    Hey Nick, you mentioned something about doing an IM3 title in the tutorial. I actually built the real thing if you want some breakdowns. I signed an NDA, so I can’t send layered files or models, but I’d love to return a favor for all I’ve learned from watching your tutorials. Hit me up in email if you get a chance.

  44. AnalogEight

    Hi Nick,

    Thank you for this tutorial. It might not be as cool or advanced as the others, but I sure as hell learned something. Your tutorials rock, because I never stop learning from them, and that’s what it’s all about in this sector.

    Thanks for all your efforts!

  45. Ivan van de velde

    Thnx for the model and tutorial Nick,
    building a rig from scratch takes time and a lot of tweaking on textures,
    the tutorial was about texturing not about movie posters, and al the tutorials
    are free, in my country they cost big money, anyway keep up the good work

  46. zaphod

    guys … if you’re running out of ideas for tutorials … I would love to see how you made the FX in the “Spy vs Guy” movie and how Chris achieved the effects of the robotic pigeon … great job by the way!!!

  47. Hi Nick,

    i love this tutorial and when i saw i instantly showed to my mates and we all went out to complete however. i think a quick tut on how to rig the suit would be a nice idea???

    speak soon pal….

    Ben from England

  48. Chris

    No offense at all, because I typically love your tutorials, but I will never watch one that has nothing but your product names in it. Light kit pro doesn’t teach me how to light and it costs money, texture kit doesn’t teach me how to texture and it costs money, HDRI Studio Pack costs money. I realize you want to sell your stuff, and that’s perfectly understandable, but this just seems like a tutorial entirely based around shameless promotion rather than educating people about 3d and the software. I would love seeing your tuts that teach about the program and techniques; I’ll probably never watch a tutorial about learning to use your plugins as shortcuts to that.

  49. It’s sad that we seem to live in a world where people only want to hear positive comments – that’s such a phony world. Sure it doesn’t feel good to hear that you suck, but it’s necessary to keep you humble and on top of your game. Also just because it’s free doesn’t mean you can’t critic either. And I would argue that these videos aren’t necessarily free either. Sure we don’t have to pay to watch them, but we know the game that’s played here. Nick provides free training in return for him pimping his products and us supporting him by buying them. Nick is not some guy in his mom’s bedroom posting videos on Youtube. He runs a business and has a name for himself so the expectations for quality are a little higher. It’s in his best interest to put higher quality stuff out to make his products look better. So he stumbled this time, I’m sure he’ll learn from it and work on improving.

    • Dave, I think you have it right for the most part. I agree that criticism should be encouraged and accepted. But I don’t think “you suck” helps anybody.

      Constructive criticism involves pointing out what specifically is wrong and maybe even offer a way to fix it. You don’t need to have a way to fix it in order to offer a critique, but I think the tone of helping is important. This goes for all critique, not just towards me.

      Criticism should be helpful to both parties involved. “I’m not sure what it is, but something looks wrong to me.” “Nick, that’s not your best render. I’ve seen better from you.” “I think it’s too shiny.” All of this is helpful and not rude. It’s part of putting my work out there for people to see.

      Saying “Worst render ever!” is just being mean and is not helping me or this community. Feel free to go write that on your own blog, but it will be deleted here.

      For those of you giving real feedback, thank you! I’m always working on making better looking stuff.

      • Nesha

        Nick, it is true that this very tutorial does not meet high criteria you established on your blog in the past. It is sort of a burden to be always under pressure fulfilling that level of art and wishes of your followers who always expect more. It happens even to the best. On the other hand, you helped this community in plethora of ways, I’m sure of it (me included). So relax, take a deep breath and keep doing this as you are very good at it. Hope to hearing you in new tutorial soon. Keep them coming.

  50. hi there!

    i think its a good tutorial, because i can learn a bit more about c4d, even if its just one simple step. but i also think that you have quite enough tuts where you discuss reflections and stuff. maybe you should concentrate more on animating and compositing. or even vfx for integrating into movies and not just motion design.

    but keep up the good work and the very good explaing on why you do a certain thing and not just how!


  51. Anthony Ricciardi

    Dude, you’re great. You have a “style”, which most people who want to be artists don’t have. It’s one thing to take a tutorial made by someone and make it look better, but the true artistry is figuring out how to get there. You help a lot of people and more than not the hate is fueled from jealousy of your situation, fame, and knowledge. They see you there in some sort of cool looking “office enviornment” where you just cinema all day. That is the dream of a lot of people not in that position. While I can say it’s not always glamorous, people will always hate it and be jealous. To me, being haggled and attacked by random internets people is just one step closer to the place we all want to be… supreme c4d overlord of the world. Or a custodian at Weta Digital… I’ll take either.

    • dude.. come on… im sorry but nick does not have “a style” he’s just not one of those guys.

  52. NiceBull

    It seems as though lots of people want the Gorilla to be somebody else. Some comments portraying the guy as some snake-oil salesman. It’s so absurd. Who cares if he’s using his own products in his tutorials, it’s his business and his right. So easy to criticize, but can many people put themselves out there and be successful like the Gorilla? No. The jealousy for the Gorilla is absolutely mind-blowing. Figure out how to create stuff on your own if you don’t like the tutorials, or look at another one on youtube… easy.

  53. Anthony Ricciardi

    Another thing to note is that monitors are not 100% unified across the world, what looks great on one may be poop on another.

  54. Rafael A. P Maduro

    Hi nick I only can say this: 1the training is free to watch, so it isn’t mandatory for anyone to watch it. 2 your style does not concerns no one else but the guys who are hiring you for gigs. 3 every single tutorial out there is good on a degree since we don’t always have all the knowledge. I lear sometimes tools or shortcuts from you that are even intended as part of learning the tut itself. Thank you for giving so much to the community and to the others strong opinionated persons just go and can create something for yourself and put it up for the world to criticize then comeback here and share your experience.

  55. Ivander Fieldes

    I’m sorry Nick, I don’t want to offend you in any way, but this tutorial has not the quality you’ve set yourself with other tutorials.

    The final product simply does not as good as your previous works, It looks (again, sorry to say) kind of amateurish. The only reason I’m posting is because I belive this particular tutorial detracts from your well earned reputation.

    Best of wishes and thanks for your hard work.

      • giangianni

        Hi Nick, though I did feel all this critique coming , your work is always appreciated.
        As for this particular one, I think a better model and some accurate compositing would’ve made the real difference. I happen to have a cool model and did a test with Vray. Here is what I came up with…I’m sure you can get very similar results with the physical render. Can’t wait for your next tut… expectations are going to be high next time! ; )
        Cheers man!

        • Robert F.

          I don’t think it’s the model, it’s a combination of factors, I think the texture+lighting, perhaps even framing was a little off this time, here’s a test using the same model and rendered in Element 3D inside AE:

  56. I really didnt think the tutorial was bad at all. My opinion is, in every tutorial there’s always something to learn, whether it’s something major or something as small as a keyboard short cut.

    As for Nick talking about his products in his tutorials, its all good. If people had them they would see they are very useful. If I had cool products to sell and I made tutorials, you best believe I would be talking up my products!!!

    • Chris

      While you’re right, the products are useful, they detract from the point of a tutorial…teaching someone how to use the program. Nick has always wanted to teach people how to use C4D. He’s made some nice shortcuts to be able to makes things pretty without knowing anything about lighting and texturing. That’s fine for someone who already knows how to do those things; it creates lazy people who don’t learn anything if they feel they need to have those things to do a tutorial that should be teaching them the already $4000 program.

  57. Kenny Irfrandes

    its look pretty much great btw (Y)
    this is the last month that i did in the cinema 4d from modeling and texturing that i made it from cinema 4d r14 studio and there is some quick tips that how i render the iron man mark 6… so check it out guys (Y)


  58. you cant win em over every time dude. i have to agree with the others.. though i did stil learn something from this one. cheers nick

  59. I am staggered at the negative comments on here. I go through the tutorials and choose the ones that I think will benefit me and my inspiration. Perhaps I won’t with this one as it’s not my style but jesus the amount I’ve learnt from Nick and Chris and other contributors on this site has been invaluable and inspirational.

    Yes they are running a business, they need to be paid, so why shouldn’t they promote their products in their FREE tutorials. I use them all the time, they save me time and thus money.

    Nick, I think you’re just too nice replying to some of these comments. Please keep it up, I know that I and plenty of others have a great deal of respect for you all and love and learn a lot from your tutorials.

    • Chris

      Nick and Chris usually do a great job at teaching how to do things in the program. It’s when the whole tutorial is based around shortcuts and things NOT in the program that bothers me. These people aren’t learning cinema 4d if it’s a tutorial about plugins. Other than this tutorial, I’ve never had a single complaint about previous tuts and I always appreciate them. I’m just hoping this isn’t the route they’re going to take from now on, “you can follow along with this free tutorial if you buy this, this, and this.”

      • Thanks, Chris.

        We will always have some tutorials that won’t require plugins. But, when it makes sense, especially when lighting, we will be using our tools. They were made to speed up our workflow and for others to do the same. This one was pretty GSG tool heavy, but you can expect many more that won’t be as much so. Thanks for the feedback.

  60. Nick:

    Thank you for having the intrepidity to post your all of your work, and to allow your viewers to see your own internal learning curve and process. It makes learning more accessible to know that everybody including yourself must take risks and experiment, and that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. But what’s important is the practice, practice, practice.

    Thanks for trying something new with the Iron man suit, and for putting yourself out there by refining one of your own self professed weaker skills (at the risk of exposing your jugular to haters) and sharing your own personal learning experience and results with the very difficult task of character modeling. Your work is always of high caliber. With your determination and motivation, your modeling skills will inevitably be as equally impressive in a very short order. Keep it coming. Kudos for tackling characters.

    A long time Gorilla fan.

  61. kristich

    its funny dat we critise and no 1 is putin up a tutorial of how they have done some super render……i have always wanted to start my ironman model but i didn’t know Nick had it also up he’s sleeves…..Nick i must say nice work….but to get more realistic looks from metals VRAY has a way of bringing out the best in HARD SURFACE texturing….you could have thrown it into photoshop also and do some photoshop tricks on it… not a good photoshop user so i tend to pull ma best in C4D and AE……nice tuts nick anytime any day…..From Nigeria……

    • Alex R

      Chris and Nick did a tut a while back on modelling a pin sculpture toy and the use of a video depth pass. I would imagine switching out the pin sculpture toy and customising a video depth map would go towards making something like that.

      As somebody who’s relatively new to this 3D melarky and C4D I can honestly say I found my feet watching Nick’s tut’s. Having gained work and a new direction in life because of that I have nothing but thanks and respect for him and the GSG team. While some aspect in this or any tutorial might seem obvious or “not of the same standard” to some I feel if I was starting out again this tutorial would of been really helpful. It’s not always about what can GSG give “me”.

  62. zafarsahel

    yeah that is it
    make a lot of tutorials for visual effects like this
    & bye the way thanks for this tutorial man

  63. Jack Donegan

    Thanks for posting this, I’m a complete beginner to Cinema 4D so I can barely follow along with your tutorials but I really enjoy watching You and Chris work and I always pick up a ton of stuff.

    On the actual outcome, I feel that the bump values you were applying weren’t quite right, I think it was a good idea to go with that scratched up look, but it was looking too grainy and uniform for my liking.

  64. Adam D

    First Nick….great tutorial once again…
    When I saw this I thought i would try it but I didnt want to do what a normally do and work and kind of follow along with your video. So I just watched it and used it as inspiration
    I started with the same model but did the materials from scratch my own way and did my own lighting. Then i just couldnt stop playing with it and did some more stuff in photoshop and a title in c4d as well…etc etc…

    Let me know what you think….

    Adam D

  65. Adan Currey

    Great tutorial :) looks really nice, and im just asking but is anyone going to continue the H.U.D tutorials with the city kit?

  66. Thanks for the nice tutorial. There´s some good material stuff explained.

  67. Haseel

    This iron man model is not detailed that much! like hands!

  68. Yes there’s definitely a problem with this final render. But i think the reason why some people react so sharply is simply because the subject is a so big icon. That’s your unluckyness here Nick : the usual easyness with which you make tutorials doesn’t work with such a monument, it clearly needs more work ! And this doesn’t mean the tutorial itself isn’t interesting and useful, IT IS (as usual). Thank you.

  69. I mostly didn’t liked the bump map in the render, but that is nog what this tutorial is for. It’s for learning. Nick is learning and at the same time he is teaching us. And that for me is very inspiring. Learn and teach at the same time, so everybody will gain from it.

    Anyway. Here’s is my attempt. Made a little animation with it.

  70. Oliver

    For anyone questioning the validity of this tutorial – Look at the community Nick has created. Photorealism may not be his strong point but the community he has created helps us all get better so instead of complaining why not tell or show us how you would do it better?

    Thanks Nick.

  71. Grégoire

    Am I the only one noticing that the “an – eye – SAW – tro – pee” effect was never done on the arm?
    Nick – You only applied it to the face material.
    Anyway I like what you do and I always learn something.
    Keep the good work.

  72. Shravit Sood

    Hey Nick, thanks for your tutorials . Thy are really awesome and helpful for a beginner and every other learners. I have learnt alot from you people ! Thanks again 😀

  73. Nathaniel Hammond

    I really enjoyed watching this tutorial…thanks!

  74. Brian

    10:24 add scratches to a texture (and the kit has a transparent folder)
    22:45 spec only lights
    24:00 about Lumas for metal textures

    Those are the 3 cool things I learned about, and what really matter to me about this tutorial.
    Thanks very much!

  75. Navindu Amarakoon

    yea yea.. you look like a gorilla with that hear however nice tuts

  76. Josh

    Nice work Nick!

    I love what you guys are doing at GSG. I’ve been in the interactive/UI design industry for 12 years and have been getting into C4D and AE lately largely due to what you guys are sharing with the community.

    Don’t let the h8ers bother you dude – keep up the great work and best wishes!


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