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Design: 37 Signals Highrise Signup Page

December 30, 2008 - By 

Jason from 37Signals shows us his design process for the new Highrise Signup Page.


2009: Year of the Gorilla

December 30, 2008 - By 

Photo by minipixel

Hello there fellow Gorillas: I hope everyone’s holiday was wonderful and relaxing. It was one year ago on a train home for the holidays that I made the plan to start a blog for creatives and creators. I launched it in February 2008. And now, I finally feel like I’m gaining momentum. I have started to post more and I have been growing into my writing style.

So, what’s in store for next year?

  • I am launching a photo based iPhone application in a couple months.
  • Simple online portfolio, Contrast, is in development and coming along quite nicely.
  • The Greyscalegorilla/Coudal Best and Worst contest ends on January 2nd. Show us your worst, we’ll give you our best.
  • Make sure to sign up for the new Greyscale Mail Newsletter. The first one will be coming out soon with details on new contests and ideas for creative projects.
  • Passionate about Creativity? Come hear me talk about “How to be creative and get paid” on January 21st at Columbia.

Thanks for visiting. Happy New Year!


Canon Vs Nikon: D700 Vs EOS 5D Mark II

December 29, 2008 - By 

Listed below are some articles comparing the low-light champ (and my favorite camera) Nikon D700 vs the new, long-named, Canon EOS 5D Mark II. The nikon definetly holds it’s own on picture quality and ISO performance. The Canon fights back with incredible resolution and the ability to shoot beautiful HD video. However, the black dot problem disappointed those who were hoping for a Knock out punch, Nikon Killer from Canon.

Here is some more hot Nikon on Canon action.

Post your favorite D700 vs 5D Mark II articles and your favorite camera in the Comments.

standard Launch: What do you hate?

December 26, 2008 - By 

Honorary Gorilla and new biz partner, Trevor, has launched H8ter. Too much happy holiday spirit going around? Head on over and tell the world what you hate.

h8ter is a service for malcontents, hostiles and haters to communicate and stay hateful through the exchange of quick, malicious answers to one simple question: What do you hate?


Command+Shift+L Saved My Life Tonight: And Other OSX Hidden Features

December 23, 2008 - By 

Tons of great hidden keyboard commands at howgoodisthat.

Command+Shift+L = Searches Google with the currently highlighted text. Works for any object containing text currently selected—even icons and non-editable text in dialogue boxes.


DIY: Ski Boot Cam

December 23, 2008 - By 

My Cam Jam post was pretty popular. Good to see all of you DIY camera mounters out there getting ready for the season. I wanted to share the first attempt at an action cam one year before the Cam Jam was invented. I call it Boot Cam. It’s not very comfortable to wear, but the low angle makes for some dynamic video. The process involves attaching your digicam to a very small tripod. I used a small Gorilla Pod. Then, shove the tripod legs down into the front of your boot leaving just the camera sticking out. Cover the lens up as much as you can with the bottom of your pants (usually elastic), leaving just enough room for the lens to peek out. You can also wrap up the whole rig in a ziplock before you head out to keep it dry. Edit between Cam Jam and Boot Cam shots to make a fun video of your winter trip.

Here is a Boot Cam shot of “Bananas”, one of my favorite carving runs at Snowbird.


Updates: About Page, Daily Photo, and Newsletter

December 22, 2008 - By 

I just added and updated some pages on the blog this weekend. Check out the newly cleaned up and linked up About page. I also added some buttons to the bottom of the Photo Blog.

Greyscale Mail
Brand new today is Greyscale Mail. An almost monthly newsletter about everything Gorilla. Sign up and get early invitations to contests, special deals for the upcoming store, and information about what I’m up to and in to. Just so you know… spam sucks, your email is never published nor shared.

RSS Readers: Click Through to See the Form.


Becoming A Creative Professional: Compare Yourself to the Best

December 22, 2008 - By 

Many students come out of school thinking that they are ready for a job, just because their teachers gave them praise. While it’s nice to get praise, let’s face it, being the best in your class or even your school isn’t saying much. Don’t let it get to your head. Compare your work to the BEST. Will your work be as good as something that fifty people worked on or a piece that was made by a professional artist? Probably not. But, by comparing your work to the best, you will be constantly asking new questions and learning new things that will make your work creative work better.

Compare yourself to your peers and prepare to be prematurely comfortable with your talents and become stagnant. It’s only when you compare yourself with the best that you have a chance to BE the best.

Want to learn more about becoming a creative professional? If you’re in the Chicago area in mid January, come check out my presentation How to be Creative and Get Paid.

More articles about becoming a creative professional:


Contest: Best and Worst Photos of 2008

December 19, 2008 - By 

This year has had it’s ups and downs. So has your photography. Of course you’ve taken some great shots this year but we want to see your worst as well. Juxtapose your best and worst photo next to each other and post it to the Flickr Group. Greyscalegorilla and Coudal Partners will pick our favorite and announce the winners on January 5th 2009.


The winner gets a whole year worth of prizes, including The Kit from Field Notes Brand, a 20 Pack Jewelboxing System and a signed copy of the Greyscalegorilla “Comics” Poster. Runners up get A Field Notes Kit as well. Show us your worst, we’ll send you our best.

Deadline is January 2nd 2009. One entry per person.
Post your entries here: Best and Worst Flickr Set


Cam Jam: DIY Helmet Camera

December 18, 2008 - By 

Are you excited about the ski/snowboard season coming up? I sure am. Helmet cameras are so cool, but pretty expensive. Want cool footage from your trip, without the cost? Worry no more. Thread the strap of a small digital camera (one that shoots video of course) around your goggles and shove it between your goggles and your helmet for a quick and dirty Helmet Cam. I nicknamed it the “Cam Jam” last year when I used it to make this video in Salt Lake City.

Don’t forget to link your videos if you use the Cam Jam this year.
Click here if you don’t see the videos.


How to be Creative (Make Stuff and Get Paid)

December 17, 2008 - By 

I will be speaking at the Chicago Motion Graphics Festival about how to become a Motion Graphic Designer and get a job in the industry. Some of the presentation will be specific to Motion Design, but much of the advice will apply to ALL creatives and creators. Hope to see you there.


Obama Logo Animation: The Secret to His Success?

December 17, 2008 - By 

[qt: 500 280]
Click Here if you don’t see the movie

Now that the election is over and we are less than a month away from our new president in the White House, I’d like to show you what really won Obama the presidency. You may think that it was his powerful presence at the podium or his promise for change that got voters to the polls. But, I’d like to think that it was this end tag that I made for the campaign. This custom logo resolve was Creative Directed by Camm Rolland and Animated by Jason Esser and yours truly. It was featured on most of the campaign web videos and on the Obama Infomercial that aired only one week before the election. The Daily Show even used it at the end of this bit about how Obama can help McCain.

It was an honor to to create animation for such an historic campaign. It was a wonderful experience to see it on air.

Update: Wow, even the Obama hate ads are using it.