Digital Kitchen Photo Shoot

February 28, 2008 - By 

I was hired by Digital Kitchen to take photos of the whole staff in the Chicago, New York and Seattle offices. The fact that I am a current employee of DK probably helped the decision though. It was a great opportunity for me to take more portraits and experiment with different lighting techniques. I constructed a homemade ring-light and a cover for my soft-box that emulates a ring light.

Lighting Equipment

  • Alien Bees 800 Strobe
  • Large Soft-box
  • Tota Hot Light
  • LiteLink Triggers
  • Homemade Fluorescent Ring-light
  • It’s was nice to try out so many different ideas and shots without being stressed on time. These shots took place over several days and post processing took over a week. The shots are published in Digital Kitchen’s new Reel packaging and they are used extensively on the Digital Kitchen Website. Here is the whole set from all the offices.

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  • Nick,
    Love your portraits. One thing did kinda bug me. That ring light leaves a weird catchlight on your subject’s pupils. Sorta reminds me of a tapeworm. Something that could perhaps be addressed in post-processing. That is, if it bothers anyone besides me.

  • nice, i liked it a lot. cheers

  • what glass did you use for this?

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