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Welcome to greyscalegorilla.com/blog. I created this as an extension to my photo site. I constantly find ideas and techniques that inspire me in photography, motion-design, film, web, business, and advertising. I hope to be able to share these ideas and thoughts through greyscalegorilla/blog. Also, I tend to be a HUGE researcher when it comes to equipment, techniques and toys, so some people ask me what to buy because they know I did some serious work to come to a decision. Finally, if any of you have any questions about my photography (https://greyscalegorilla.com/photos/) or my motion work (creamyorange.com) feel free to send me an email. Also, with any new site comes little problems. If you see anything on the site that isn’t working or should work a different way, feel free to comment on this post. Thanks for visiting. come back soon.

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