I Hate Balloons

March 24, 2008 - By 

I Hate Balloons is a quick film I put together last night after hearing Alexia’s speech on how balloons are the worst gift ever. Alexia’s hatred for balloons is legendary. Here are some angry words straight from her mouth…

There is no reason to ever give balloons as gifts. What the hell is someone supposed to do with the balloons? And how are they supposed to get them home? Yeah, no, it’s totally fun and not at all annoying to have to jump on the bus with a bunch of helium-filled devil-balls. Then, you bring ’em home and do what everyone always does; you stick them in a corner of your house until they shrivel up like old-man balls and then you drag them out to the trash. Yeah, great present. Much better than something edible like a cake or something aesthetically pleasing like flowers. So, if you’re the kind of jerk who hands someone a bunch of balloons for their birthday/Mother’s Day/anniversary/bris, it’s really as if you’re saying, “I fucking hate you.”

This film acts as a warning to others who might consider giving balloons as a gift. Enjoy The mylar/latex violence.

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  • Haha, those were great! Great lighting and perfect music! I was worried she was going to stab herself in the second video. I bought my mom some flowers from proflowers for mothers day two years ago, and they came with a ballon. To this day it’s still inflated! It’s pure evil!

  • I was hoping that she would have a can of hair spray, and a match in the 2nd. Or better yet , recite that thing you wrote.It was quite cute though.

  • Death Cab for Eric May 19, 2008 at 11:47 am

    And you want her to watch my dog…

  • I don’t understand Balloons being evil, hate is evil, so maybe the person who hates Balloons is evil and projecting their evil into the object they hate. Flowers shrivel also. I have some Balloons in my Balloon room that are about 8 months old.

    The Balloon lover

  • Yes, flowers shrivel, but they are also attractive and smell good and can sit on a table and be admired. If nice-smelling, attractive balloons are invented, maybe I’d consider not hating them.

    P.S. You have a balloon room?

  • Some people may not like the smell of Balloons, but I love Balloons and they smell lovely. Balloons are not beautiful? Balloons are very beautiful.

    Yes I i have a Balloon room and have had one since 1971.

    Check out



  • May I suggest a punching balloon? Those babies are literally built to take as much abuse as you can muster (provided that you’re willing to put the knife away and just use your fists).

    By providing an outlet for your rage, the balloon plays a vital role in your cathartic release. Eventually, you may find the sense of collaboration creates a bond between you and the balloon, and the shared experience of abuse actually reduces your desire to partake in it. In this way, indulging your hatred for balloons becomes an appropriate avenue for eliminating it, paving the way for a fresh relationship with your rubbery new friend.

    I think it’s worth a shot; Nick said it worked like a charm when you guys first moved in together, and now you can barely even see his bruises anymore.

  • It’s just a gift idea and giving assurance to someone you love and admire.

  • haha?hello,gsy?i am a new student ….study c4d, see you video ,you teach very good,
    haha, you are a good man

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