Super Mario World Explains Quantum Physics

March 4, 2008 - By 

Here is a link to the full article explaining the video. There is something about using Super Mario to explain quantum physics that really speaks to me. I was a huge Nintendo kid growing up and I also LOVED science. In another life, I would study computer science and do work with visuals and technology like this guy.

This Mario demonstration also works as an interesting view into game-play, problem solving, and routine. I would love to have this feature to record all failed attempts and play them on top of each other as a visual mashup of all my failures and triumphs. Or, to take this idea a step further, imagine having every version of your daily morning routine recorded and played on top of each other. You could see how similar many of your daily habits are, and how small changes in your patterns effect the whole morning from that moment forward.

(video removed from youtube for copyright reasons)

For the full explanation of the science behind the video, check out the full post here.

EDIT: I just found another video using this technique. Its so fun to watch.

Quantum fucking brambles! from Sartak on Vimeo.

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  • without having read the full post, i’ve never been more confused.

  • I just added a link to the full explanation of the science behind the video and what it represents. But, I also think the video can stand on its own as a piece of visual entertainment.

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