Atari Video Game Manuals

April 7, 2008 - By 

I came across this awesome archive of Atari Game Manuals today. What a flashback for me to see some of this art again. The rainbow effect of the Activision titles is practically back in style now. But, it’s the beautiful illustration style of the Atari branded games that really stood out to me.

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  • Indeed- because the game itself was mainly composed of pixels the size of legos, the box, cartridge, and instruction art had to utilize the imagination more so than probably the art of today. And there’s a particular style that is also seen in posters for movies of that era (Star Wars comes to mind) in which juxtaposition of many elements gives the idea of motion or commotion to provide an initial mental image of what is going on on the screen, and allows the player to use their imagination even further.

    Love it.

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