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It was the coldest day of the year on January 19th when Brian, Benny and I walked in to Belmont Barbershop and got a straight razor shave leaving only a mustache. The rules were simple; grow the manliest beard in four months. Winner gets a steak dinner paid for by the losers. My buddy Jason also wanted in on the contest. He shaved with a Bic on the same day and we called it fair.


On May 17th, the three of us went back to Belmont Barbershop and had the barbers judge our progress. The judging was meticulous and thorough. I pulled ahead in the measurable Thickness and Length categories but fell behind in more subjective categories such as Swimsuit, Formal, Waviness and Wearability. The results came in; Benny got first, I got second and Brian got third.It was quite an upset, as I obviously had the longest/fullest beard, but I must concede as Benny looked like he was born with it. Brian had his own look as his uniquely curly beard streamed down like the King of Hearts. Jason, although not part of the official judging process, placed somewhere in between me and Brian making him unofficially third place. He was quite proud however, as this was his first time growing a beard.

BeardContestDay 10

The day was full of beard related activities including Root Beard; a tasty, home brewed, commemorative root beer brewed by Brian himself including handmade labels. Benny made the exquisite hand carved and burnished wooden trophies given to the winners and losers. (It will live on my mantle forever.) I was in charge of the Beard Photoshoot and documenting the occasion. As a way to document my own progress, I took a photo every day of my beard growth and made a short movie of the results.

It was quite the experience and I’m left knowing that I can grow one hell of a beard in four months. It’s also interesting to note that walking around with a large beard is a great way to start a conversation. People were always were asking about it.Congrats to Benny and thanks again to The Belmont Barbershop for shaving and judging. Special thanks to my girlfriend Alexia who ended up calling me Harry and the Hendersons for the last week or so.Here are some of the best shots from the contest.

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  • Great photographs & story! Thanks for sharing it.

  • As someone who wears a beard for the pure reason of laziness, I must say this is truly awesome.

  • Rematch, Next Year… I want in. Ya’all got nothing on these bright red locks of love.


  • you look insane nick. the richest hobo ever.

  • I’ve been watching your blog for some time. This post made me laugh so hard. Loved the video.
    One question. How do you feel about hair/women? (I know it’s a broad question)
    Because I like facial hair on men, most of the time. But as a women I dislike being scratched/poked by it, and I won’t rug burn from it either. So my argument is, you shave your face, I will shave my legs.

  • sure fair.. for the poor SOB that has to make that deal.

  • Dude, you are so retro!

  • ok this was a huge post. 2 weeks ago.

  • That was hilarious =D

    love the effect of the photo’s sliding like a movie even though it’s pretty simple.

  • that’s laugh out loud funny, hahaha.

  • I have to convey my respect for your kindness for all those that require guidance on this 1 field.

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