Got My D700

July 28, 2008 - By 

I got my D700 from Calumet on Saturday. It is a HUGE leap from the D70. Nothing but great image quality and fun shooting so far. The FX sensor is exactly what I have been waiting for. The bad news is, neither Photoshop nor Aperture can read the RAW files. Looks like I gotta wait for some updates before I can really go crazy. Meanwhile, I have been shooting RAW and JPG together and just use the JPG for viewing and playing. I also posted my first D700 photo on my photoblog. I will be posting larger images now; partly because of the larger format, but also because many of us are getting larger and larger LCD screens that can handle larger images.

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  • Solution is to convert the RAW files to Adobe’s DNG. I look forward to seeing the next level of excellence.

  • I look forward to seeing the results. I’m still lumbering along with my D70s, and will probably upgrade to a D300 later this year, but to be honest I have the most fun with my Rolleiflex.

  • Congrats — I’m very jealous, but hoping to upgrade my D70s to a 700 in the spring. Looking forward to seeing some shots from it here.

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