“I’ll Have Tap Water Please”

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Great Anti Bottle Water spot. Found Via: Coudal

This reminds me… am I out of my mind or is it practically criminal to hand me a dixie cup full of water when I ask for tap water at a place of business? At the AMC Cinema, they give me a small paper cone half way full when I ask for tap water with my $8 popcorn. And, at Six Flags, they literally gave me a small dixie cup after I refused their $4 bottled water they wanted to sell with my $10 Cheeseburger. I understand that these places make a lot of their money on selling overpriced drinks with their food, but my only options shouldn’t be bottled water or almost no water. Just give me a cup of tap water please.

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  • Yeah! I’d even be ready to pay a reasonable price for it.

  • The theory is that these companies pay for the cups, not the beverage (which is why you can usually get free refills at fast food joints). A local movie theater last night wanted 50 cents for a cup of tap water, by the way. It makes sense from a business perspective but it certainly seems like a rude gesture to loyal customers. My recommendation is to bring your own cup and fill it up in the bathroom… stick it to the man!!!

  • If you’re paying top dollar for “the experience” like say in a MOVIE theater and, you’re already paying top dollar for other goods the company policy should be to offer other non-essential services to you INCLUDING WATER at a discount or free.

    I hate this policy in all service industries, movies, sporting events. At most we should not be paying for water in a bottle or if we are it shouldn’t require a 1000 percent profit. Most restaurants and bars now provide an iced self-serve water pitcher so it doesn’t bother wait staff.

    Its bad for the environment to continue to distribute plastic water bottles and its bad policy in general to repeatedly rape customers when you’ve already got them bent over.

    yeah, you can tell this issue really irks me!!

  • yea, this really pisses me off too. It’s like they are trying to discourage people from drinking water. I do not feel obligated to spend 4 bucks on water that isn’t even regulated as well as tap water.

  • I have been avoiding buying bottled water for some time now. It’s really uncalled for to spend so much money on something that you can have almost for free.

    More on tap water here:

  • Time have changed and not for the worst. This, among other things corporate, really get under my skin. It’s insulting to ask for a cup of water and they give you a Dixie cup worth a sip. I could say more, but I think I’ll stop…

  • I don’t think folks, especially in America, think about the amount of blood that has been shed in Iraq and around the world, just so they can have the “security” of their bottled water. Plastic is made from oil, and so is the gasoline it took to get all those little tiny water bottles to the store, or the $4 Six Flags or movie house, rip-off, use-your-children’s-education-fund-to-buy, concession stands.

    And here’s the kicker of the whole thing, I used to work at Giant Foods in Maryland and saw the building where they bottle “spring water”, which tasted amazingly like the city tap water at the distribution plant.

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