Dear Apple, Let Us Use Nikon D700 Raw Files With Aperture!

September 9, 2008 - By 

d700raw.jpgAs many of you know, the D700 RAW files aren’t recognized by our favorite photo manager and editor, Aperture. I found this article on how to convert your D700 NEF files into an application agnostic DNG file using the Adobe DNG converter. You can then bring those files into Aperture and do your photo editing thing. It’s a simple work around, but come on, Apple! Can you update Aperture so we can all just use our D700 files directly with your product without having to go through Adobe?

With Lightroom being your obvious competitor, why would you let Adobe beat you to the RAW-recognizing gate by over a month? Why would you force us to use Adobe products to convert our files into usable images? Your market of customers buy new cameras and expect them to work immediately.

Please update soon.

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  • Not to be sarcastic (more feceious), but: Umm, you have been following the news, right? Apple is a little busy right now to tend to the needs of, what, 0.000002% of it’s market. This is not to say that pro photographers using Apple products should expect to be ignored, but, considering the shear girth of what they are trying to do right now, it is hardly surprising that (truly) little things like this are delayed.

    Besides, shouldn’t you be more pissed that Nikon created yet-another-proprietary-RAW-format? I understand the necessity of these formats to a certain degree, but I definitely see the onus being on Nikon et al. to create file formats that work with all professional level editing suites; should it really be Apple’s job to jump every time someone releases a new camera?
    And if you actually think it is, do you really expect the exceptionally difficult engineering solutions to these new formats be dealt with in under a month, every time?

    I love this blog, by the way 🙂 I’m a subscriber to your feed, and really appreciate what you’re doing here. I just like to argue, so don’t mind me.

  • I am with you here. I switched to Lightroom when Apple took forever to update the previous version of Aperture to work with the D300. When they upgraded to 2 they said it took so long because they rewrote the way it worked so this would happen again. Guess what Apple, it has happened again! I have been converting to DNG and importing but I am seriously considering switching for good. If it wasn’t for the iphone and mobile me connection I would be gone.

  • Funny… they work in iPhoto.

  • I have to agree with Allan on this, I am more frustrated that Nikon has created yet another proprietary file format. For all the talk of open source software, I get a lot of flak over advocating open standards and file formats so it does not matter what tool you use, you can simply use the best one. I really, really hope that DNG can do this.

  • I was hoping they would add it to 10.5.5 but upgraded last night and just tried a NEF file from a D700 and nothing. Dammit.

  • Well guess what. They are out. so the tears cans stop.

  • you need to import after the update. thats what it looks like. Hope this helps GSG

  • I generally convert my raw files anyway so I don’t have to worry about this. I wish the industry would create a standard. You would think this day in age formats would be standard. It’s all about the greenbacks…

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