The Tie Incident

September 10, 2008 - By 

I finally got the film developed that has been in my Olympus XA all summer. The shot on the left reminded me of a funny story about the short-lived life of my new tie.

I bought a new tie to wear to the Webby Awards in NYC. I almost never buy new clothes, but I thought I should buy a new tie for the swanky parties. See, I worked on the Titles and the Category Openers and my work sent me to NYC to go the the show and see my work on the big screen. While I was at the after party, I felt obligated to go up on the balcony and try to get a shot of the beautifully lit church. Of course, because it was so dark, and I had 100 ISO film in the camera, I had to lean over and set the camera on the railing to get a steady place to take a long exposure shot. So, while trying to keep the shot centered, the shutter down and the camera steady, I was interrupted by a girl tapping me on the shoulder. Not wanting to screw up the shot, I tried to ignore her until the shutter clicked shut. She tapped again and I turned around mid shot (note the light trails) to see what the big deal was. “Your tie!” she said as she pointed toward my shirt. I looked down to see my NEW tie dipped in a HUGE candle of melted wax. The dot above the wax stain on the tie is actually a burn from the flame. I guess I was so busy getting the shot, that I was unaware of my dangling formal wear. I went quickly to the Adobe Digital Photo Booth to memorialize the moment.

This is what I get for buying new clothes.

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  • that’s hilarious. sorry about your tie!

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